Plus, You’ll Also Learn From These Artful Couples As They Reveal Their Marriage-Tested Strategies For Keeping Love Alive, Passion Sizzling, & Intimacy Continuously Unfolding

Whether you’ve been married for decades, or are still in the first few months of a romantic relationship, there are challenges that come up that make us wonder if we’ve somehow gotten off track….

Maybe for a long time you’ve both been settling for just “good enough,” all the while thinking back to the beginning of your relationship when you couldn’t get enough of each other.

Or, it could be that your hectic life exhausts and depletes both you and your partner, so that by the end of the day, you just don’t have the energy to connect…

Or, if you’re really honest with yourself, maybe you have needs that are going unmet. You have unspoken desires you don’t know how to express.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to know easy, energizing, and joyful ways to speak your heart to your partner—so that you’re both fully heard, cherished and understood?

Wouldn’t it feel so good to know that no matter what financial mishap… insanely crazy day… or unexpected event comes your way, that you and your partner’s love for each other is unshakable, soulful and forever passionate?

Here’s the thing I want you to know: it’s possible.

As our Valentine’s Day gift to you, we’ve brought together the world’s leading relationship experts, scientists and love geniuses to teach you key techniques and strategies that are designed specifically to re-ignite your passion and awaken the love of your dreams!

This momentous event is vital for anyone who harbors unanswered questions, doubts or frustrations in their relationship.

For example, perhaps you:

  • Enjoy a comfortable relationship, and you both did all the right things… yet some part of you still desires more passion, vibrancy and soul between you
  • Find life’s little frustrations, money problems and daily grind are chipping away at your relationship, in spite of your best efforts to rise above them
  • Feel alone, misunderstood or under-supported in your relationship even though you believe you’re with the right person
  • Have awakened to needs and desires you can’t seem to communicate, in spite of the healthy communication you share in other areas of your relationship
  • Feel called to greater growth, awareness and mission in your own life, and it’s creating a gap between you, in spite of your best efforts to stay connected
  • Yearn for the way your relationship and love was in the beginning, and you don’t know why it changed or how to get it back
  • Or your relationship has gotten to the point where it’s not quite bad enough to leave, but it’s no longer good enough to stay…

Why is it that a relationship can look fine on the surface, and you can do so many things so right together, and yet in spite of all your efforts you’ve started feeling dissatisfied, numb or resigned?

These are the questions we hear every day from tens of thousands of women and men. If any of the above resonates with you, you’re not alone.In fact, according to Marriage Confidential:

“One-third of all marriages are semi-happy, low-stress, low-conflict and ambivalent.”

That means they aren’t quite bad enough to leave, but they’re not good enough to make us want to stay either.

Want to know what the identified missing element is in these and other troubled relationships?

There Are 5 Major Areas Where Couples Can Lose The Ability to Find Deep Fulfillment Together

Surprisingly, very few relationships fail due to intolerable or unhealthy situations. Instead, most troubled couples simply fall victim to general dissatisfaction and unhappiness. Life happens. They grow apart and stop communicating.

Or they maintain communication about most things, but certain areas of the relationship have become no-talk zones or off-limits.

Many couples encounter obstacles to fulfillment, connection and love in one or more of the following areas:

  • Financial Challenges & Changing Power Roles
  • Sensuality, Passion & Sex
  • Spirituality, Inner Growth & Walking Different Paths
  • Remaining Partners While Parenting
  • Conflict Resolution & Maintaining Positive Communication

If you find any of these areas troubling your relationship, don’t lose hope. Any dissatisfaction, numbness or longing you may feel is not because you’re doing anything wrong.

The real problem is that you’ve been taught misleading things about relationships that simply aren’t true… and you’ve never been taught the proper skills: the keys to creating a truly magical, healthy, and enduringly passionate relationship!

How would you like to now discover these powerful communication solutions and enduring love skills that you can begin using immediately?

Even if you’re currently single or still experiencing that delicious honeymoon period, we invite you to learn these priceless techniques and strategies for sustaining and growing love.

This is a comprehensive and immersive training event designed to create a love that lasts… a love that remains forever passionate and deeply soulful.

This Valentine’s Day Weekend

Join Us for The Art of Love Relationship Series
A Free 48-Hour Full-Access Online Event

Are you ready to experience the kind of deep, passionate, supportive and loving relationship you’re really longing for? You can, and you will, when you join us for The Art of Love Relationship Series—a free 2-day online event.

You’ll hear from 45 of the world’s most celebrated experts who have spent decades and even lifetimes studying, testing and teaching the keys to rich, rewarding and lasting relationships.
Along with their latest research and most innovative insights, they’ll present what my recent, in-depth interviews with these “masters of love” revealed…

There Are 7 Keys to Deeper Connection & Lasting Love, and You Will Master Them at The Art of Love Relationship Series

In The Art of Love Relationship Series, each of our 45 experts will speak to at least one of these keys so you’ll discover how to:

  • Master effective communication skills to get your needs met with ease
  • Restore trust and heal from betrayal so you can finally get past your past
  • Explore creative new ways to deepen intimacy and connection—even amidst the busyness and distractions of our modern world
  • Have a more soulful, satisfying sex life
  • Deepen friendship through fun and play
  • Navigate parenting and sharing a household, while still keeping passion alive
  • Create a truly authentic partnership with the one you love (or the one who’s on the way!)

If you’ve been feeling unacknowledged or misunderstood by your partner, like when the two of you talk your words just “come out wrong,” this series offers powerful exercises to help you communicate with clarity and ease.

If you’re struggling to find a common ground when you and your partner discuss financial issues, the kids, or even taking out the trash, you’ll discover unexpected and easy ways to come together on those (and other) sticky subjects.

Or, if you just want your relationship to be more passionate and fun like it was when you first came together, there are surprisingly simple steps you can take to bring back that spark.

From truly getting your needs met . . . to finally being heard . . . to navigating rough financial waters . . . to getting what you’ve been craving in the bedroom, you’ll walk away with everything you need to experience more connection and intimacy in your life right away.

I’m so excited about this amazing series, and I can’t wait for you to soak up all this wisdom to experience an incredible transformation in your life!

Here are just some of the enthusiastic responses I’ve received from people just like you who’ve participated in past series:

“Arielle, This series was wonderful. As usual, you over-delivered. I picked up more pearls of wisdom than I could have imagined, and I’ve recommended your series to many friends. Thank you for all you do. You’re making a big difference!”
—Naomi S., Wichita, Kansas

“I was in a pretty new relationship when I attended the Art of Love, but the most major thing has been to learn about sex differences. My boyfriend has teased me that he has to keep me a big secret from his friends because if they knew how well I understand the differences between men and women, they would all try to steal me! It is truly amazing and we are so happy together and it is very peaceful and harmonious.”
—Alexandra D., Sacramento, California

“Before participating in the Art of Love Series, I was conflicted about what I really wanted in a man. I have since clarified more specifically the character qualities that inspire me to be fully myself in a relationship. These include the art of handling conflict, attending to my feminine qualities and being more in touch with my feminine self among many other issues that came up for me.”
—Mercy P., Sydney, Australia

“I am so grateful for this course Arielle. You have brought together so many different speakers bringing many different perspectives for us to learn from. I feel a big shift inside myself and if others are feeling this then maybe we can actually feel a global shift! Listening to these talks is bringing a new sparkle to my marriage.”
—Alex B., Boston, Massachusetts

Is It Possible to Make Changes In Your Relationship Using This Series If Your Partner Doesn’t Participate?

It is! While you are welcome to participate as a couple, I designed this process for you to create change as an individual. So even if your partner is reluctant or unwilling to participate, this special event will be a turning point in your relationship. Or, if you are single and anticipating a partner it will lay a solid foundation for your next relationship.

And though this series is mostly focused on women who are in relationships with men, much wisdom here will also apply to women of all sexual orientations. Everyone is welcome!

So whether you’ve been married for ages, are in a new relationship or are still looking for “the one” with whom you’ll create the perfect relationship, please join us. And when you start to experience shifts in your relationship and your life that you never imagined possible, I know you’ll be glad you did.

With love and laughter,

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