The Economy of the Soul


Below you’ll find a special audio excerpt from the recent first session of Neale Donald Walsch’s Living From The Source 12-Month Masterclass Mentorship Program.

The first session of Neale’s new program focused on “Wealth Mastery,” and this short audio excerpt specifically addresses what Neale calls “The Economy of the Soul.”

It will give you a new kind of clarity about all you’re doing (and could be doing) to increase your income, and it will profoundly shift your perspective, allowing you to more easily make decisions about what to do next.

While Neale’s Masterclass Mentorship Program has already begun, if you enjoy the post you still have the option (for a limited time) of registering here!

We hope you enjoy the excerpt, and feel free to leave a comment beneath reflecting on it.




  1. Money has become an issue in every thing. Because we value evrey thing we learned when it is converted to monetary. Hope we would lately understand why we are here. We are here to give out not collecting in a greedy way. To be alive is not computed with monetary value it is beyond.

  2. more like a question
    I work as a massage therapist at a spa and in a few months started to rely like the job.
    I felt I had something to give and learned a lot about myself and how I function.
    Today i was told that many (?) people have complaints about my services and I am devastated.
    Nobody told me anything along the way, what, why or how and I feel horrible working there.
    They have not giving me a lot of clients and now I know why. I hope someone will answer this, I am very disappointed and upset

    • Recently the same thing happened to me at my annual evaluation. 15 years with the same company and 13 with most of the same people. The said I was direspectful, hateful, treated customers badly, etc . I decided to dig deep as a result and i would like to suggest a book by Dr. Joe Dispenza as well as his meditation program for unlearning and unmemorizing emotions that are holding you back. This could be the greatest thing to happen for you, as it was for me. His book is titled ‘Breaking the habit of being yourself: how to create a new mind and lose your old one’. I wish you amazing experiences on your journey.

  3. I kept listening over and over to this thinking I didn’t get this concept of money and then it struck me I already have it. I have always had it. Money has always been there throughout my life. What I was trying to do was putting all my energies into attracting money and then despairingly feeling I was a failure because I couldn’t do this. All I have to do is love being me, the me that God and I co-created, no matter what my situation and then love what I am doing with joy. A joy that thrills in the spirit of others.
    Thank you Neale.

  4. Neale, you have and you continue making such a difference in my life through your books, newsleeters, speeches, through what you are (using your own words!). Thank you so much and thank god for his blessings to you and to all of us.

  5. What wonderful words of spiritual wisdom. I was touched by your honesty and integrity, Neale.
    I have read some of your books and appreciate their messages/lessons, which I am always trying to incorporate into my life. I am unable to join the course at this point of time but will be with you in spirit,
    Thank you so much, ‘ for being you,’

  6. When I first came across CWG, it was Book3 and the only copy sitting midst an assortment of books and items on a clearance promotion table at my favourite local new thought book store. I had never heard of the book, or its author. In fact the title irked me somewhat. I guess that’s why it caught my eye, I guess that’s why I picked it up and I guess that’s why I bought it. hmm???
    I now have all 3 books and each time I read them it is like coming home, listening to your dialogue Neil reaffirms that, thankyou