Let It Be


Here’s a great tool that I want to invite people to use.

The tool is gratitude, and it’s the single most powerful tool I have ever come across in my life, given to me in my Conversations With God.

God said to me, “If you will just turn everything around in your mind with regard to those areas of your life that you say are “not working”…they are actually working. They are working in a way that will take you to where you want to go.

“But if you declare them to be not working, not part of a perfect process, you will get stuck at that level of the process and never get out of that level of the process.”

So I said, “How do I not get stuck in that level of the process where I’m still working it out?”

God said, “I’m going to give you a tool—Gratitude. To go to sleep every night and move through your every moment of every day, being grateful, and moving into the full expression of gratitude for exactly what’s happening right now.”

Gratitude changes anger, frustration, resentment and resistance into openness to accept the next step in what it is you’d like to express and experience in your life.

So I have learned, in my life, that when something is not going the way I think it should be going, when I am not experiencing the outcomes I would like to experience in any area of my life, to just allow myself to move into gratitude, to be grateful for it.

Then a miracle happens.

When I find myself being grateful for that which I was resentful about just a few moments ago, or at least frustrated about for a few moments, when I just sit down and say, “Okay. Thank you, God. Thank you, life. I am grateful for things being just the way they are right now,” then a transformation occurs in my whole being.

It’s a chemical transformation—that is, I’m suddenly more at peace just as I was when I walked into my math class in fourth grade suddenly feeling okay with the fact that I wasn’t getting it right in that exact moment, and that was okay.

The teacher was making it very not okay, but it really was okay with me. My father said that it was.

So the same thing now, metaphorically, is this: that Your Father in Heaven says it’s okay that there are certain areas of your life that are not the way you’d like them to be…

And you just relax into the nowness. Relax into the present circumstance of beingness, and, in fact, relax into it so much that you can be grateful for it, and the peace that will overcome you is the peace that passes all understanding.

From that place of peace, you will metaphorically loosen up the energy. The energy will just loosen up. You won’t be all tightened up. You won’t be all glued down.

You won’t be all stuck in the place that you had been in, and you will allow yourself, by accepting what’s true now, to be open to accepting the next miracle that comes along to make it even closer to that which you would truly desire and wish to call forth.

That’s the answer that I give to people who say, “You know, it’s working in four areas of my life, but I just can’t get this relationship thing working, or I just can’t get this career thing working.”

I want to look at them and say, “Stop making that problematical.”

It’s a condition: You can’t deny that it’s happening, and I’m not saying you should pretend it’s not happening. It is a condition in your life, but stop calling it problematical…

Rather, call it part of a miraculous process that is getting you exactly where you want to go.

I want to give you one more metaphor around that…  

There are times when I’ve driven down the highway in a place I didn’t know very well, late getting somewhere, but I see a sign ahead of me on the road that says detour. “Oh, no. Oh, not now. I only have an hour to get there. I gotta confront this detour?”

Now it doesn’t feel like I’m getting where I want to go as rapidly as I want to get there.

But, of course, I have no choice. I have to take the detour. The government didn’t put that detour sign there, the state or the county, for no reason.

So I go ahead and I take the detour, only to find out that, if I hadn’t made that detour, I would have been three hours late. The detour actually got me exactly where I wanted to go when it was perfect for me to get there.

So you know, if you’re confronting a little detour on the path of your life, let it be. They had it right—The Beatles had it right. Just let it be.



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  1. Fantastic tool. I was not being aware that everything IS ALWAYS working and is helping me move towards my dreams. Thanks Neal

  2. As always…..what a blessing. Gratitude sent forth to all for your teaching. It works, works, and works again. It just takes practice, practice, and more practice. With that it becomes as easy as taking the next step with you feet to reach a destination. We did not start out upright, but learned to crawl. Some slower at times then others yet after learning we stood and took that first step. And just look at where that first step has taken you too. Had you never taken it where would you be? Trust in this message and begin the most powerful practice known and taught. It will change your live and the perspective of such in a way that cannot be described with the mere words of human language. “I Am” grateful for “ALL” things. In Proverbs 3:5 it instructs to “trust with ALL heart, lean not on your understandings”. The word “ALL” encompasses exactly what it says. For if anything is left out of “ALL” it no longer is what it says, just several pieces of picking and choosing what to be grateful for.

  3. I read “Conversations With God” book 1 about a year ago. It was a worthy read, (although my childhood (abandoned) Quaker sensibilities got tweaked a bit).
    Your recent word about moving on in mind from the perpetual ‘seeker’ mindset to considering self as ‘source’ of what is sought resonated with me in similar manner to above Expressing Gratitude for exactly what is, being ok with considering it all a perfect part of a perfect process unfolding on this journey of experiences to what’s next.

    I am feeling acutely that life-long need to get clear on why I am here, currently in transition between ‘careers’ — a matter of spiritual and physical survival, it felt.
    Your program will doubtless benefit all who participate. Thanks for sharing.
    John D.

  4. I told my 2nd oldest daughter about you. She said you do not actually talk to me, that you are a computer generated message and you don’t know me at all. I wonder who read my personal letters. How embarrassing! Love, Katha

  5. Thank You Neale,
    Just had a fender-bender. Gratitude that it was just me involved. I wasn’t hurt and no one else was involved. Everyone wanted me to be upset about it-I wasnt. Just Thankful.

    Be Blessed and Live in Gratitude(to everyone)

  6. Always great to be reminded to be grateful! I love the perception here which helps increase my perspective on the value of gratitude

  7. Powerful reminder! It’s so easy for the mind to reject this with lots of “buts”, and if we just simply PRACTICE this wise principle, it will all be shown to us. Thank you! I will make this my main practice for the week, and it should become more second nature and bring more peace.

  8. A couple years ago Oprah, said some ways I was unaccustomed to using space of gratitude. Now use it often as possible. You saying gratitude a tool now expands gift Gratitude is for us! Thanks so much!

  9. This month I’m practicing “patience” to accept things (to let things be) the way they are with gratitude, and wait for miracles to unfold. Thank You Neale for this inspiring post.

  10. Thank you! You know, even though I know this, things happen that bring me back to remembering it. This short clip came at just the right time to reinforce and confirm what it is that I “already know”. God is Good! Blessings Neile and thank you again. 🙂

  11. Love your wise and insightful perspective. Reminded me of the song blessings by Laura Story. Adding gratitude seems so obvious ..but,I never would have seen it unless you shared this with me. Truly grateful and inspired.