The 5 Spiritual Myths That Sabotage
Your Conscious Evolution

When was the last time you were inspired to change your spiritual life in a truly meaningful way?

Perhaps you had a profound experience at a workshop, or read a book and connected deeply with the message of a spiritual teacher.

Perhaps you witnessed a friend make a leap in their own spiritual growth, and realized you wanted that, too.

Regardless of what inspired you, you made a change of some kind and started meditating, or attending regular yoga classes, or seeing a therapist, or following specific teachings…

And for a while after making this change, you felt great, because you were finally making progress.

But then, after several weeks or months went by, maybe you got busier at work, developed an illness, or started a new relationship and no longer had as much free time, and never went back to it with the same consistency as before.

Or, even if you’ve continued with this change you made, maybe it’s been with less passion and commitment than you felt at first, and it may even seem at times like you’re just going through the motions without feeling a profound connection to something sacred or the sense that you’re actually moving forward on your path.

This is a very common experience many of us fall into in our spiritual lives.

We talk about “Enlightenment,” “Awakening,” and other beautiful ideals, but when it comes to actually living an inspired, meaningful and fully awakened life, we’re all too aware of how far we are from the heights we aspire to reach…

And because we tend to be pretty hard on ourselves for not making more consistent progress, that only further impedes our ability to get back on track.

But the real problem may be rooted somewhere deeper, because as you move along the spiritual path, you are often affected by one or more of the 5 subconscious myths about spirituality that have been perpetuated by almost every corner of the spiritual community for many years.

These myths cause you to create unrealistic expectations of yourself that you can never live up to and that ultimately hold you back from reaching your spiritual goals.

The Power of the 5 Spiritual Myths

There’s probably nothing wrong with your ideals, intentions or practices, but if you’ve fallen prey to any of the 5 myths about spiritual life that abound in our modern world, they can undermine all your efforts to make real progress on your path.

These myths about spirituality, spiritual practice, and spiritual experience are often very subtle.

Most of the time, you may not even be aware of them or how they’re affecting you…

But they act kind of like the emergency brake on your car. If you leave it on by mistake and step on the gas, you either won’t be able to move at all, or your progress will be painfully slow.

The good news is that these myths are not difficult to dispel and overcome.

By simply knowing what these 5 myths are and then paying attention to how they operate in your consciousness throughout your day-to-day life, they will quickly begin to lose their power over you, and you’ll be able to easily release that “emergency brake” holding you back, so you can begin your forward motion again.

Transcending the Myths that Sabotage Your Evolution

For over 35 years now, bestselling author and renowned spiritual teacher Terry Patten has been researching transformative practice and exploring the highest possibilities of human potential.

He is widely regarded as one of the world’s leading experts on Integral and Evolutionary Spirituality and co-authored the bestselling book Integral Life Practice with world-renowned teacher/philosopher Ken Wilber.

Terry has worked with thousands of students around the world, paying close attention to the subtle barriers and “real-world” issues we all face when it comes to living an engaged and awakened spiritual life.

Based on the insights he has acquired over his many years of teaching and personal practice, Terry has created this powerful and inspiring online event to help you get back on track in your spiritual life:

“The 5 Spiritual Myths that Sabotage Your Conscious Evolution”

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  • Experience the incredible value in connecting with others who are on a similar path, so you can support and challenge one another to reach greater levels of advancement