Take the Next Step on the
Ultimate Adventure of Your Life

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I am honored to have been your guide on the remarkable journey we just took together in the Awakening To Your Life’s Purpose 7-Week Course.

It has truly been an inspiring and life-changing experience for me to work with so many conscious and committed individuals, to help them to realize their highest personal and collective destiny.

Throughout these past 7 weeks, I’ve had the privilege of witnessing you activate the miraculous hidden potentials within you.

I’ve watched you expand into new dimensions of your being, cultivating a deeper connection with your true purpose and learning to live an exceptional life aligned with your soul’s calling.

Indeed, you have much to be proud of and excited about, as you have come a long way to reach this place where you now stand, poised at the edge of a new birth, ready to pass through the gates of possibility, make a difference, and live your highest destiny!

And like so many others who have embarked on this journey of awakening to their life’s purpose, you may also . . .

  • Feel called to delve even deeper into the potentials you have activated so you can maintain your momentum and ensure you won’t slip back into old habits and outmoded ways of living
  • Be uncertain and overwhelmed about trying to design and sustain a daily practice rooted in the new tools and exercises you have learned, and all while still meeting the challenges of everyday life
  • Feel alone in your endeavor to integrate these new skills, mythologies and vast inner resources into your life, and wish you had more support and connection in that area
  • Be concerned that you won’t be able to maintain the discipline or motivation to stay focused on the new vision you have begun to create for your life
  • Want to continue to develop new transformative habits that you can easily weave into your day without disrupting the delicate balance of family, social life, and work

In essence, you find yourself faced with the next daunting challenge: integrating the new possibilities of your purpose into how you live day to day.

And while these challenges may sometimes cause you to feel a little afraid, please recognize that this is actually an encouraging sign of your new emergence!

Feeling that way is a reflexive response to change—to the unknown—and it is a positive indication of your growth and progress.

You have undeniably begun . . .

A New Stage of Metamorphosis

After over five decades of helping people awaken to their life’s purpose, I have observed an emerging pattern from this process.

In workshops I’ve conducted across the world, I have consistently seen the awakening process in the participants to be like the metamorphosis of a butterfly. And like the butterfly, the former caterpillar emerging out of its cocoon suddenly needs to process an abrupt change—not just in regard to the new physical and sensory self, but also in habitat and behavior.

While a few are able to instinctively take off and fly on the wind of their destiny, for most, this abrupt change is understandably not quite so easy.

In fact, it can be downright frightening and sometimes even overwhelming.

Sadly, far too many of those who feel overwhelmed by such abrupt change, simply end up sliding back into their cocoon—not because they lack motivation or a desire to live their highest purpose, but because they lack the tools and support to help them get off the ground and into the air.

After observing this for many years, I realized just how imperative it was to have more advanced tools and further community support during this most critical stage of metamorphosis for those who want or needed it.

It will help you to attend to and nourish the changes that are still unfolding within you, until the day you are truly ready to spread your wings and . . .

Rise into Your Supreme Destiny

In the Awakening To Your Life’s Purpose Course, I introduced my understanding of the three levels of destiny:

  • Level 1 – Small Destiny
    The first level is the small and frustrated level that I like to call the “schlock.” Those who are stuck in this level live in a state of self-sabotage and victimization, which in some ways is like an invisible prison cell that blinds them to their true nature and obstructs the flowering of their deeper capacities and potentials.
  • Level 2 – Ordinary Destiny
    The second level is what I call “Ordinary Destiny,” which is where most people tend to live their lives. We chase the mirage of the “American Dream” and settle for a simple life of creature comforts and a conformed mediocrity. As you may already know, ordinary destiny although sometimes pleasant, leaves us feeling deeply unfulfilled, haunted by a longing for a life we know in our hearts is possible.
  • Level 3 – Supreme Destiny
    The third level is what I call “Supreme Destiny.” This stage is the birth of a mythic life of true inspiration and passion, lived in alignment with our highest purpose.  When we begin to live from our supreme destiny, the Universe rallies to support us, and we are able to call upon a vast reservoir of inner powers and abilities to bring forth our unique gifts and create profound change in ourselves and in the world.

During the 7-week course, you may even have caught a glimpse of your own supreme destiny.

Now that you have connected with your High Self, your “Entelechy,” you have begun to discover who and what you really are. You have unlocked new capacities, awakened new skills, and gained access to your inner crew of experts.

And most importantly, you have begun to awaken from the slumber of your ordinary destiny to boldly rise and choose, instead, your supreme destiny.

But just like that caterpillar emerging out of the cocoon, everything is still brand new.

You perceive a new lightness of being, where gravity doesn’t feel the same anymore. You’ve got new wings. And with hundreds of flowers and opportunities spread out in the vista before you, you face an unfamiliar and exciting territory.

While these new perspectives, new potentials, and new modes of being are extremely liberating at first, once you actually begin to step into them and try to live in your new form outside the comforts of the warm cocoon you were used to, it can prove to be challenging in many ways:

How can you best integrate your new abilities into your life, while at the same time still continue to cultivate your emerging potentials?

Who are your trusted allies and  evolutionary partners in this new space you inhabit?

And most importantly: where should you go?

The Key Lies in Integration

Before you can step fearlessly into your supreme destiny, you need to skillfully and seamlessly integrate your new ways of thinking, living, and collaborating in this new ecosystem of being.

This skillful integration needs to be so ingrained into your muscle memory that it becomes second nature.

Once you achieve this, you will find that you can effortlessly call upon your new abilities, and you’ll know exactly how to take flight and where to go.

So how do you achieve this state of skillful integration and embodiment?

Throughout my experience, I have found that the fastest path to integration and embodiment comes from exercising and strengthening the “4 Realms of Being” that you were introduced to you in Awakening To Your Life’s Purpose:

  1. Sensory-Physical Realm: Developing your imaginal and physical bodies, and tapping into the cosmic forces to empower inner and outer change
  2. Psychological Realm: Training the creative imagination and mastering the practice of deep happiness
  3. Mythological Realm: Becoming the conscious creator of your mythic adventure and finding your mythic tribe to help you co-create it
  4. Spiritual Realm: Being ecstatically and completely transformed as a person and living from a more deeply connected place

What I have developed and refined over five decades of research is an in-depth 6-month process of advanced tools & techniques that deeply integrate the “4 Realms of Being.”

I’ve found that the 6-month structure allows the optimum time and attention necessary to achieve a full grasp of each realm.

It also allows me the time to provide you with a range of tools and exercises that can be easily integrated into your daily life, and that can even be accessed amidst the sometimes hectic pace of the modern world.

When these advanced tools are combined with the support of a conscious community of fellow practitioners and ignited by a shared passion for living from our highest potentials, something spectacular emerges . . .

An Invitation to Step Out of Your Cocoon and Into
A Sacred Container to Live Your Supreme Destiny

Like a new trail blazed through the forest, the path we choose must be traveled often before it becomes useful and familiar. So only by consistently traveling the path through your “4 Realms of Being” with truly integrated practice and support, will these tools become so ingrained in your heart and mind and soul, so that you can confidently take flight into your highest destiny.

And so I invite you to join me for my 6-month advanced training, Living Your Supreme Destiny, where you can continue to integrate and embody the “4 Realms of Being” with the advanced tools and practices I’ve designed, while being deeply supported by the conscious companionship of others who are dedicated to the same path as you.

Now that you’ve awakened to what is truly possible, I urge you to not let yourself slip back into your cocoon.

Coming out of the Awakening To Your Life’s Purpose course gives you a remarkable opportunity to take advantage of your momentum toward profound change and make a commitment to yourself to live the life you’ve sensed in your deepest heart is possible.

Your supreme destiny awaits you . . .


A Special Message From Jean

To listen to Jean’s “Kickoff Celebration” audio for training participants, simply click on the play button below.

To register and join Jean and a worldwide community in this 6-month training now, go here.

What Graduates of the Course are Saying

“A fantastic, life-changing journey! It has given me the opportunity to take control of my thoughts and emotions, the awareness and clarity to look beyond the first impression in daily outcomes, and the opportunity to tap into the infinite depth of knowledge and understanding of what ‘is,’ along with a much deeper awareness and understanding of who I truly am!”—Rocco, Australia

“I was at a crossroads, depressed, not knowing where and how to move on in life. In the course I learned to connect again with my true self and with making things happen. I learned/remembered tools I had as a kid and that I’d forgotten, and acquired many I had no idea existed. I have started a Teaching/Learning Circle and I am learning, learning, learning!”—Andrea, Buenos Aires

“The course offered me new perspectives in thinking, feeling and moving, so I can birth my creativity out into the world. I also discovered that I am recommitted to my transformational coaching practice and am currently working on ICF certification!”—Mari, Colorado

“Jean’s six-month course was fascinating, full of variety: psychology, the spiritual path, mythology, the brain, the cosmos, and more. And she ties it all together. It’s a rich meal for the mind, body and spirit!.”—Kate, New South Wales

“My passion is creating and I always have multiple projects in process at any given time. I was able to complete several major creative projects during the course and I am currently selling some of them. I just seem to have a stronger direct connection to energy source now!”—Donna, Washington

Living Your Supreme Destiny

A 6-Month Advanced Training to Integrate Your
Newly Activated Potentials and Embody Your
Highest Calling in All Areas of Your Life

What You’ll Learn In This Training


Module One From Activation to Embodiment – The Art of Living Your True Purpose in Daily Life

  • Understand the role of your true purpose in the personal, cultural  and evolutionary context
  • How to become the director of your life as a conscious agent of change, even amidst the complexity and uncertainty of our times
  • How to unlock and express your unique gifts to make a profound difference and impact in the world
  • Discover how to shock the future rather than continually being shocked by the future
  • Exercises to call forth the “possible human” within you to co-create the possible society
  • Awaken your unique vision to create your “Supreme Destiny Roadmap” for the mythic adventure ahead.

Module Two Crossing the Threshold – Releasing the Hidden Barriers to Embodying Your Possible Self

  • How to release the hidden barriers so you can achieve integration and step out of the cocoon to embody your new way of being
  • Answering the demand of present times complexities to deepen our nature so that our future survives
  • We were born with an intimate connection to our entelechy, yet over time, we may develop “brain cataracts” that cloud our knowing and create mental and emotional delusions. Through powerful physical and mental exercises we will remove these cataracts so you can live each day with powerful clarity and vitality
  • A thorough investigation of the forms and practices of the inner life to prepare you for your supreme role as impassioned champions for the better of all, whether as bridge builders or magnets for solutions, as peacemakers or pathfinder

Body-Sensory Realm

Module Three Becoming Fully Embodied – Developing Your Imaginal & Physical Bodies

  • Engage the powerful process of creating new muscle memory to achieve integration and embody your highest purpose
  • Polyphrenia is the orchestration of our many selves within an expanded self. Learn how to embrace polyphrenia in your daily life by exploring how to live deeply in your expanded body
  • Learn advanced exercises to further develop your new capacities so that they become second nature to you
  • Prepare a “Sensory Material Library” of 5 objects for the 5 senses that anchor you deep within each exercise, helping you reap maximum benefits from every exercise, even if you have limited time for practice
  • How to cultivate your somatic awareness and control, from self-regulation skills to regenerative relaxation, performance trance and other kinds of creative functioning
  • Discovering a different level of orchestrating your inner energies for healing, for the activation of different states of focus, and for higher creativity
  • Easy practices that help you quickly enter your inner sensory library—wherever you are and in whatever you are doing—to train and strengthen your latent physical capacities for higher states of body functioning, health and well-being

Module Four Archetypal Shape-Shifting – Tapping Cosmic Forces to Empower Inner & Outer Change

  • The secret to becoming an evolutionary agent through a symbiosis of cell and soul to powerfully empower both inner and outer change
  • How to call upon and reconnect with your inner archetype to connect you with the energy and direction for your larger life; to develop a deeper, more intimate relationship with your entelechy
  • Dissecting the “Five Inner Sensings” so you can gain instant access to a deep exploration of mind, body and soul that will relinquish—for good—your limited and limiting patterns
  • How to sharpen your proprioceptors, the antennae that form your inner sensing system, so you can unlock the potential magnificence of your five senses and evolve their use and capacities
  • How to frame new habits and practices so you can live the evolutionary life embodied with higher physical and sensory realities

Psychological Realm

Module Five Training the Creative Imagination – Calling Forth Your Latent Powers, Talents & Abilities

  • How to call forth your inner spirit power and become boldly polyphrenice, so you can move out of out or your ordinary destiny and into your supreme destiny
  • The art and practice of reconstructing and redesigning your “Interior Landscape” so you can consciously recreate yourself to become what you need to be
  • The secret to intense creativity. Strengthen your creativity muscles with advanced, customized exercises so you can achieve greater and more lasting creativity
  • Activate your “Imaginative Memory Circuits” and open up to creative magic—awaken your inner genius
  • How to apply creativity to escape the traps of tunnel vision and enter a broader landscape that can reveal potent opportunities for growth
  • PLUS – Calling upon the “Yardstick of Time”:  Inner imagery exercises that help you overcome the busyness of life; make time your friend, so you can experience as much in a few minutes as might normally take an hour, a day, or even longer

Module Six The Art & Practice of Happiness – The Practice of Deep Happiness and Intense Well Being

  • How to cultivate passion for every day and break the bonds of habitual unhappiness; tap into the natural abbodanza of happiness embedded in the dancing rhythms of cosmic joy
  • How to activate the biology of joy within you and stimulate the chemistry of ecstasy through experiencing states of creative breakthrough
  • Advanced exercises to help you expand into ever deepening practice of spiritual loving and connection to Source
  • Processes to deepen your relationship with your Essential Self that will open you to a state of amplified being, allowing a growing identity between the personal particulars of your human existence with the personal universals of mythic heroic existence
  • Advanced tools and processes to unlock a symphony of extended happiness, to provide you with the fuel, the energy, the patterns, and the knowledge to stay on track with your purpose and fulfill your supreme destiny

Mythic Realm

Module Seven Your Heroic Journey – Powers of the Universe as the New Archetypes

  • How to integrate your new skills into your new mythical story so you can transition from the imaginary to the imaginal
  • How to use the power of cataclysm to invent, create, and look for Source so you form new psychic habits to prevent you from falling back into your old, outmoded ways of living
  • Learn how you can participate in the “11 Powers of the Universe” to receive guidance from the archetypal helping powers of your mythical story
  • How to be in clear communication with the deeper shaping energies that are trying to arise within you; experience real joy by breaking free of the social forces of conformity
  • What it means to harvest the deep wealth of your highest individuation and embrace new centers of individual centration, and why this is an important ingredient to fulfill your highest purpose

Module Eight Paradise is Here – Finding the Mythic Tribe to Co-create Paradise

  • How to turn your heroic myth into reality by gaining a deeper connection to yourself as a universal mythic being in a constant state of transformation
  • How to integrate with the mythic identities of your inner landscape and co-create paradise with your mythic tribe
  • Advanced tools to deeply encounter the archetypal world within you, allowing you to form strong partnerships with your mythical identities
  • Advanced exercises for a deeper participation with the “11 Powers of the Universe” that will strengthen the muscle memory of your emerging purposeful self and the future supreme destiny which awaits you

Spiritual Realm

Module Nine Search & Discovery of the Spiritual Beloved – Journeys in Mythology & Sacred Psychology

  • How to build an internal ladder of archetypal and spiritual evolution in the imaginal body
  • How to gain powerful insights into our own metamorphosis with an advanced exercise to decode Psyche and Eros, an age old myth that tells the story of the awakening of the immortal soul into time
  • How to participate in the actual living journey of metamorphosis through a potent exercises that draw from two great scenarios of the journey of the soul
  • Advanced practices of connecting to Source that will allow you to quickly and easily enter a state in which the barriers between you and the archetypal world are broken

Module Ten The Lifting of the Veils – Finding that You Are Godstuff in the World

  • How to cross the final threshold, come back to who you really are, and live the rich experience of your highest purpose
  • The 8 stages of moving from Godseed to Godself and entering new fields of being
  • Getting through the “Dark Night of the Soul” where you overcome the remaining shadows of old forms and habits of the lesser self, so that you can enter the final stage of becoming
  • How to exist in a state of union with the One Reality at all times to become powerful agents for Life, centers for energy, and partners and guides for spiritual vitality in other human beings
  • Advanced processes that help you integrate Godstuff into every aspect of your life, so that you may experience it in an everyday equivalence form


Module Eleven Mastering the Game of Paradox – Uniting the Finite & Infinite Self

  • Advanced tools and practices that help you recognize ways in which your infinite self shows up in your life, so that you may amplify these states in your path of higher purpose
  • How to enter a deep maturation process that brings your potentials out into the world, so you can accomplish your spiritual purpose and profoundly contribute to the evolution of our planetary civilization
  • How to use your integrated skills and 4 Modes of Being to activate “Partnership Spirituality” where you are not dependent upon, but instead become a partner with the Divine Purpose, the Universal Planner

Module Twelve Embodying Your Higher Self in Daily Life to Co-Create Our Future

  • How to achieve permanent integration of your new body, new mind, new spirit and new story
  • How to embody your higher purpose in balance and harmony with all aspects of life—work, family, relationships, and friends
  • The art and science of manifestation and how to deeply internalize your purpose so that it manifests in every aspect of your life
  • How to create and participate in new teaching-learning communities, to become creative, loving stewards of life during this most important time in human history

What You Will Receive

Twelve 75-minute Course Sessions with Jean Houston

Jean HoustonIn each session we will explore a new dimension of your supreme destiny, as Jean supports you in making the next step in the process of your inner & outer transformation.  The training begins June 4th and your transformative learning journey will unfold. You will be invited to participate in a scheduled community broadcast of the recorded course session followed by a LIVE facilitated interactive session approximately twice per month for six months.

You will also have unlimited access to all of the recorded course sessions (listen online or download the mp3 file to your iPod or audio player).

Course sessions will take place on Wednesday evenings at 5:00pm Pacific Time and occur approximately twice per month.

The course calendar is as follows:

  • Wednesday, June 4th
  • Wednesday, June 18th
  • Wednesday, July 2nd
  • Wednesday, July 16th
  • Wednesday, July 30th
  • Wednesday, August 13th
  • Wednesday, August 27th
  • Wednesday, September 10th
  • Wednesday, September 24th
  • Wednesday, October 8th
  • Wednesday, October 22nd
  • Wednesday, November 5th

LIVE Q&A Sessions To Answer All Of Your Questions

Jean has set this time aside specifically to answer the questions that are most relevant to you. You’ll have the opportunity to ask Jean questions about what’s coming up for you on your journey to live your supreme destiny.  If you are needing any answers along the way, Jean will be with you to personally guide you through the entire process.

LIVE Q&A sessions with Jean will take place on Monday or Tuesday evenings at 5:00pm Pacific Time, unless otherwise noted, and occur approximately twice per month.

The Q&A calendar is as follows:

  • Tuesday, June 10th
  • Tuesday, June 24th
  • Monday, July 7th
  • Saturday, July 19th at 8am Pacific Time
  • Monday, August 11th
  • Monday, September 15th
  • Tuesday, September 30th
  • Tuesday, October 28th
  • Monday, November 3rd
  • Thursday, November 13th

Twenty-two LIVE Interactive Sessions with Your Learning Community

Every Wednesday evening, at the end of each community course session broadcast, and after every LIVE Q&A call with Jean, you can join a live 30-minute interactive session where we will break you out into small groups to discuss the content for that week. You’ll have the opportunity to interact live with other members of your learning community as you dive deeper into the practical step-by-step approach to discovering and living your true purpose.

Digital Workbook with Practice & Reflection Exercises for Each Session

Practice & Reflection exercises are a great way for you to start to embody the lessons of the training in your everyday life. The exercises are designed to help you to learn the powers of association where you collaborate, co-create, and understand your higher purpose in very practical ways. You will be encouraged to think about what you are doing in images as well as words, and to run it through different states of consciousness, drop it into your meditations, work it through your different persona of the self, as well as from archetypal friends and identities.

Access to Our Custom-Designed Exclusive Online Community Forum

Living Your Supreme Destiny Community SiteYou’ll be able to engage LIVE with other students to help support you in the transformative process of living your supreme destiny.  As you go through the training you will be able to join with new friends online to share your successes and insights, and watch as they open themselves up to their highest calling along with you. Through this collective engagement, you will experience the exciting connection that comes through doing deeply transformative work in a community of deep learning and practice.

PDF Transcripts of All Course Sessions

PDF transcripts are a great resource to go back and quickly reference key concepts as you step into living a life of purpose
and higher calling. The power of your learning will be integrated even more deeply as you refer back to your course sessions in print.

Monthly “Integration” Bonus Seminars

In addition to your weekly course sessions and LIVE Q&A calls with Jean, you’ll receive a series of monthly “Integration” Bonus Seminars with some of today’s leading spiritual teachers and practitioners—who also happen to be some of Jean’s dear friends and colleagues. Each 60-minute audio seminar will be followed by a LIVE 30-minute interactive session with members of the Living Your Supreme Destiny community. These sessions will help you further develop the specific skills, tools, and perspectives you’ll need to be able to live your true purpose and fulfill your destiny in every moment you live. (Valued at nearly $600)

Bonus Seminar #1 – June

Debbie FordDebbie Ford
How to Use the “Shadow Process” to Dissolve the Hidden Obstacles that Prevent You From Living Your Highest Destiny (Value $97)

Are you ready to unveil your true power to live the life of your dreams? Debbie Ford’s “Shadow Process” will help you address and heal the issues that keep you from experiencing the brilliance and peace of your authentic self. When you let go of the past and forgive, the true joy of your highest destiny can emerge. In this seminar, you will learn how to uncover the shadows that keep you joyless and holding on to the past, as well as how to own the parts of yourself that continue to rob you of living your highest destiny. You’ll also discover how to embrace the power of your authentic nature, rediscover your passion for life, and acquire proven techniques to move beyond your fears to live the life you were meant to live.

About Debbie Ford
Debbie Ford was an internationally recognized expert in the field of personal transformation and an expert guide to emotional freedom. A New York Times #1 bestselling author, her eight books include The Dark Side of the Light Chasers, Spiritual Divorce, The 21-Day Consciousness Cleanse and The Shadow Effect, which she co-authored with Deepak Chopra and Marianne Williamson. A transformational coach, speaker and teacher for more than 20 years, Debbie created the renowned Shadow Process Workshop.

Bonus Seminar #2 – July

David MeggyesyDavid Meggyesy
The Man’s Perspective on Body, Mind and Consciousness (Value $97)

David Meggyesy transformed himself from a former NFL linebacker for the St. Louis Cardinals into a renowned teacher of human consciousness. In this powerful seminar, he speaks of sports and consciousness, as well as ways of bringing “new mind” to the creation of optimal states of physical and mental health and transformation.

About David Meggyesy
David is a former professional football player, and for many years the head of the Western Division of the NFL Players Association. The author of Out of Their League, he has conducted more than 200 workshops and seminars at colleges and universities in the United States and Canada. He now offers teaching and coaching to businesses and individuals who want to deepen collaboration, self-confidence and awareness, as well as contribute to social change.

Bonus Seminar #3 – August

Gay LuceDr. Gay Luce
The Nine Gates of Human Transformation (Value $97)

Virtually without ego, Dr. Luce takes no credit for her profound discoveries in the field of human possibilities, beginning in her childhood and continuing into Sage-hood. Together, Gay and Jean created the Mystery School in New York in 1984, and then Gay started her own, Nine Gates, in California. In this seminar, Gay guides us into an awareness of these gates in our own bodies and minds, and offers us insights into what is needed for us (and our world) to thrive.

About Dr. Gay Luce, Ph.D
Gay is a transpersonal psychologist, the author of five books, and three-time recipient of the American Psychological Association award for journalism. During her spiritual initiations, she spent a month in India with Gopi Krishna, joined Claudio Naranjo’s Seekers of Truth, and worked extensively with Rinpoche Tarthang Tulku and other Tibetan masters. She is a long-time friend and associate of Jean Houston.

Bonus Seminar #4 – September

Craig HamiltonCraig Hamilton
The Future of God: A Call to Consciously Evolve (Value $97)

Once we learn how to awaken what Integral Enlightenment founder Craig Hamilton calls “The Evolutionary Self,” instead of spending a lifetime making slow and steady progress on our spiritual path, we can take a radical leap into a completely different experience of being alive. In this seminar, Craig reflects on the purpose of life in the 21st century and calls us to wholeheartedly embrace a path of conscious evolution, not simply for our own happiness, but as our contribution to the further evolution of Life and Spirit in the world.

About Craig Hamilton
As the guiding force behind Integral Enlightenment, Craig offers spiritual guidance and teachings to a growing international community of thousands of students in nearly 50 countries around the world. The former Senior Editor of the award-winning What Is Enlightenment? magazine, Craig is a founding member of Ken Wilber’s Integral Institute and a member of Deepak Chopra’s Evolutionary Leaders Forum, and was a participant in the Synthesis Dialogues, a 35-person interdisciplinary think tank presided over by His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

Bonus Seminar #5 – October

Donna EdenDonna Eden
Energy Medicine (Value $97)

Able from childhood to clairvoyantly see the body’s subtle energies, Donna not only works with those energies to further health, happiness and vitality, she has made a career of teaching people who do not see subtle energies how to work with them—joyfully and effectively. During this seminar, with surprising candor, she tells of her own healing from life-threatening disease through her discoveries of the body’s natural curative systems. She then offers insights and powerful examples of how to work with the body’s energy systems to reclaim health, vitality and resources few people know they have.

About Donna Eden
For more than three decades, Donna has been teaching people how to work with the body’s energy systems to reclaim their health and natural vitality. Her abilities as a healer are legendary. She has taught more than 80,000 people worldwide how to understand the body as an energy system. Her alternative health book, Energy Medicine, is a bestseller that has been translated into nearly 20 languages, and her latest book is Energy Medicine for Women.

Bonus Seminar #6 – November

Claire ZammitClaire Zammit, Ph.D(c)
She: Unleashing the Newly Released Power of Women (Value $97)

As women’s leadership becomes an increasingly important theme in our world, many of us are feeling called to step into leadership roles, inspired to contribute our unique gifts on an ever-larger scale. During this seminar, Claire and Jean will guide us toward the fulfillment and cultivation of our own limitless leadership potential—enabling each of us to make our highest contribution to the future of our world.

About Claire Zammit
Claire Zammit, Ph.D(c), is the co-creator of the Feminine Power courses for women, a thriving community of thousands of women throughout the world. She is an expert in the field of transformative education and is currently completing her doctorate in Transformative Learning and Change at the California Institute of Integral Studies. She is also co-authoring the forthcoming book, Feminine Power: Awakening to the Creative Force of Life, and is co-creator and co-host of the internationally acclaimed Women on the Edge of Evolution teleseries.

An Unprecedented Opportunity for Awakening

Studying with Jean is a unique experience, different from anything you may have done before. Even if you’ve studied with other spiritual teachers and guides, working with Jean is certain to move you forward on your path in an uniquely powerful way.

That’s because Jean’s 6-month system is unlike any other. She has drawn upon her own vast experience as one of today’s leading authorities in human development, to help you to grow and integrate your newly activated capacities.

Your engagement with Jean will take place in the course sessions, in follow-up exercises between the sessions, through live Q&A calls, and through a members-only online community.

It’s more than a training—it’s a community!

Integrating and embodying new potentials is the critical challenge of our time . . . with many questions and challenges arising all along the way. To get the most out of your work with Jean, you not only need training, but the ongoing support of mentors and the rich connection with your peers.

When you register for Living Your Supreme Destiny, you’ll become part of an inspired, vibrant community of individuals who share your unique passion for the possible. You’ll be interacting online with Jean and also with your fellow students from around the world through a private social network created exclusively for the participants in this training. This will be a lively home filled with purpose-driven, inspired people. As a part of each module’s curriculum, you’ll be given simple and clear exercises for contemplation and reflection, and invited to post your responses on the community forums.

Luminaries Speak About Jean

Deepak Chopra“With elegant simplicity, Jean Houston shows you how to unleash the genius that lies in the depths of your being.”—Deepak Chopra, M.D., author of The Soul of Leadership

Marianne Williamson“Jean Houston plays midwife to the next phase of our evolutionary journey. We are literally drawn from the smaller, personal self to the larger, universal possibility.”—Marianne Williamson, author of The Age of Miracles

President Bill Clinton“I learned so much from her.”—Former President Bill Clinton

Barbara Marx Hubbard“Jean Houston is a mighty guide at the very frontier of our conscious evolution, awakening the creative potential of us as individuals, as society, and really as pioneers at the very frontier of Life itself.”—Barbara Marx Hubbard, author of Conscious Evolution

Wayne Dyer“Jean Houston is a national treasure.”—Wayne Dyer, Ph.D, author of The Power of Intention

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an online training?

An online training delivers curriculum to you on a session-by-session basis which gives you the control to determine your best time to do the work. Whether your best times are mornings or evenings, you’ll be able to participate in the advanced training at your convenience. The course sessions with Jean are recorded in advance, but the Q&A sessions will be live, scheduled for approximately twice per month (with recordings posted afterwards). Between sessions, participants are also invited to post reflections on our special online Community Forum and to interact with other participants. You can also join in weekly interactive sessions over the phone or Skype.

Do I need any special equipment?

The only equipment you’ll need is a computer with an internet connection and a phone or Skype line to participate in the interactive sessions.

What if I miss a session or live Q&A?

Don’t worry, there will be recorded audios available for you to download from the online community forum after every session. In fact, many people who take the training are unable to attend all the sessions live, and they report that their experience is just as powerful. You may also post your questions in advance for Jean to answer on the live Q&A calls. You’ll feel very much a part of our community and enjoy the camaraderie of sharing the journey with other participants.

About Jean Houston

Jean Houston Dr. Jean Houston, scholar, philosopher and researcher in human capacities, is one of the foremost visionary thinkers and doers of our time, and one of the principal founders of the Human Potential Movement. Jean has worked intensively in 40 cultures and 100 countries helping global state leaders, leading educational institutions, business organizations, and millions of people to enhance and deepen their own uniqueness.

She is a prolific writer and author of 27 books including A Passion for the Possible, The Possible Human, A Mythic Life: Learning to Live Our Greater Story, Jump Time, and The Wizard of Us: Transformational Lessons From Oz.

As advisor to United Nations agencies in human and cultural development, she has worked to implement some of their extensive educational and health programs. Since 2003, she has been working with the UN Development Program, training leaders in developing countries throughout the world in the new field of social artistry. Dr. Houston has also served for a year and a half in an advisory capacity to President and Mrs. Clinton as well as helping Mrs. Clinton write, It Takes A Village To Raise A Child. She has also counseled leaders in similar positions in many countries and cultures.

More From Course Graduates

“Jean is a well of inspiration in unfolding our possible potential, and she is an igniting guide in the many ways that enable us to put our own dreams into practical manifestation. She is amazingly funny and enthusiastic in a deeply inspiring way. And it’s such a gift that she honors, respects and uses resources and tools from cultures all around the world!”—Sibila, Denmark

“The course changed my internal frequencies—turned them up to a higher vibration to match where I needed to be. I finally finished and published my book after 7 years and the responses are not only powerfully favorable, it is taking off!”—Suzanne, Oregon

“Meeting participants from all over the world in this class, dialoguing with them, looking up their home countries, learning more about them, and being inspired by Jean’s dynamic destiny journey, brought me from isolation to dynamic, inspired optimism! My project was to be the change that I wanted for the world—a possible human. Every morning I used to awaken and ask: ‘Is it the hundredth monkey yet?’ Now I awaken every morning and say ‘I am the hundredth monkey!’”—Dona, Ohio

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