New Year, New You!
Audios to Awaken To Your Life’s Purpose

If you want to activate your deeper wisdom and experience your higher self consciously and at will, in more than just those fleeting moments when you sense the greater intelligence working through you, then you can do it through these practices from Awakening To Your Life’s Purpose with Dr. Jean Houston.

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Take 5 minutes to get in touch with your essential higher guidance, or “Entelechy”:

Tap into new intelligence, new capacities and new fields of possibility with this exercise:

Listen to or download the full audio recording of “The 3 Keys To Discovering & Living Your Life’s Purpose”:

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Introducing a Proven, Time-Tested Path for
Discovering and Actualizing What You
Were Meant to Do in This Lifetime

(Even if You Think it’s “Too Late” to Really Live a
Life Overflowing with Passion and Purpose)

After five decades of working with world leaders and change-makers, Dr. Jean Houston, a principal founder of the human potential movement, reveals her uniquely transformative process for finding and living your life purpose.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve gotten stuck in a rut . . . if you feel alone in your desire to make a difference . . . if every force in the Universe seems to be working against you . . . or if the possibility of truly living a life of meaning and purpose just seems “unrealistic” in this complicated world. Jean’s methods are so effective that they completely change the lives of nearly everyone who applies them. (Click here to continue reading . . . )