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You are here on the Earth for a reason.

At this very moment, millions of people just like you are longing to find ways to align themselves with a higher calling and create a deeper sense of purpose in their lives.

If you feel that way, too, then you are part of a passionate global awakening that is happening on a scale that’s never been seen before…

And the reason it is such a struggle is because no one ever taught you the skills you need to be able to infuse your daily life with that more profound sense of meaning....

The good news is that Dr. Jean Houston has developed proven methods she wants to share with you at no charge that will not only help you to live a more fulfilling life of deeper meaning, it will also help you to begin to activate your full human potential and discover the true purpose of your life, the reason you are here on the Earth at this particular time in history.

The FREE Discovering Your Life’s Purpose Online Training with Dr. Jean Houston, including an 85-minute online seminar and a 5-part introductory training series.

In this short-but-intensive training, human-potential pioneer Dr. Jean Houston will share with you what she has learned in her 50 years of research into human capacities and our relationship with the Universe itself.

What she has discovered will not only change your life profoundly, it will change your whole experience of life itself, making it more fulfilling and meaningful than you’ve even imagined possible.

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"The 3 Keys To Discovering Your Life’s Purpose"
Audio Seminar

In this 85-minute audio presentation, Jean will be sharing remarkable stories from her life and offering her unique insights into how to find your true purpose in life and then align everything—from your job to your friends to your community—around that singular calling. She’ll help you turn the inspiration you feel within you into powerful, purposeful action.

The 5-Part “Discovering Your Life’s Purpose”
Introductory Training


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