Attn: Heart-Centered, Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurs

The Inspired Visionary’s Roadmap to Success: Monetize your Mission, Contribute your Gifts & Create a Wildly Successful Business

Discover the Ultimate Visionary Roadmap for Heart-Centered, Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurs That Will Lead You to Explosive Success, Greater Abundance and Contribution

**Especially for coaches, therapists, workshop leaders, healers, change-agents, and transformational teachers who are ready to harness the power of online marketing for more impact, influence and income**

You have a mission and a message.

You know you’re here to make a difference (in fact you’re already making one!).

And no matter how many people you’re reaching in your work, you probably realize that if more people knew about you, you could have a much more significant impact.

You’ve also heard that the world of online marketing is by far the best and fastest way to do that, but every time you look into making the leap to having a bigger or first-time online presence, you just end up feeling overwhelmed by all the options and confused about where to even start.

You don’t want to sell-out, you want to stand out.

No more staying the world’s best kept secret. Now more than ever we need you and your gifts!

Whether you’re breaking out of being the best kept secret in your field, are just discovering your gifts, or want to get to the next level of your contribution, join me to discover how to monetize your mission and learn the skills and strategies you need to succeed, and all in ways that are authentic and congruent with your heart-centered values.

You don’t need to be rescued, you just need to learn some new skills (it will be easy, I promise!)

I know so many talented people who keep waiting for a fantasy business and marketing partner to show up and free them to ONLY have to do their thing (healing, coaching, writing, etc.)

Well, guess what? It’s not going to happen…ouch, I know! (I honestly only know of two people it happened for, and that was only after they’d taken their business to multi-six or seven figures on their own!)

I’ve been right where you are, and I’m here to tell you that you can do this!

Creating a successful, impactful business you love that fuels your soul and your bank account IS absolutely possible for you.

You simply need to tap into your own Inner-CEO and learn some new skills and strategies—and create a winning mindset.

I’d love to show you how!

During this 90-Minute Training, you will discover…

  • How I went from barely surviving as a Life Coach to being a Multi-Six-Figure Life-Coach and rubbing elbows with my heros in under a year (and making a difference in the lives of over 53,243 women!)
  • The Ultimate Business Roadmap for Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs that will open your eyes to your own possibility and potential. (Private clients pay me tens of thousands of dollars to walk them through this.)
  • How to identify the #1 block that almost every single purpose-driven entrepreneur has that keeps them from getting to six-figures and beyond in their business. (When I released this block, my impact and income soared.)
  • The secret to scaling your business from “one to one” to “one to many” so you can have the impact you long for. (It’s way easier than you think.)
  • The power of surrounding yourself with a like-minded and like-hearted tribe of visionaries so you can STOP doing it alone (and so much more!)

Here’s the truth: most business trainings these days are taught by people who’ve only been successful as business coaches.

And while those kinds of trainings might work for people in some fields, they often aren’t right for life coaches or teachers who are trying to be successful in the fields of Relationship, Prosperity, Spirituality, Health, Women’s Empowerment, and many others, because the people who are interested in Self-Development don’t respond to the same kinds of marketing approaches that work for business & marketing offers.

If you want to learn from a visionary teacher who has generated millions of dollars by contributing her own gifts in the areas of self-love, self-compassion, motherhood, personal growth and spiritual growth, then this event is for you!

**Warning: when you participate in this event you’ll leave feeling…

  • Connected to your authentic gift, your power and your value
  • The realization that it is a disservice for you to not shine your light and market yourself to the people who need you
  • Grounded into a real, true, tested Heart-Centered Roadmap that you can take action on immediately
  • Motivated to master online marketing in a way that aligns with your values
    Inspired and awake to how possible it is for you to create the multi-six figure business of your dreams
  • Hope, possibility and inspiration!!

Call #1

Activate Your Energy

How to work with energy to make your whole life work

What’s the ONE big idea of this step/module?

Working with energy makes your WHOLE life work.


You’re not working with energy. You haven’t yet awakened to the awareness that energy is THE foundation that guides all of your life.


Become aware of and learn how to work with energy.


During the call

  • The cloud meditation: An experiential to change their state fast
    • Take a baseline. Notice how your feel before, during and after.
    • This is an energy demonstration in application.
  • Result: You notice you feel better really fast because you worked with energy.


  • Notice your energy throughout the week.
    • Observe and get present to your energy – good and bad – throughout the week
    • Notice how your mood actually does affect the world around you. For example, if you’re in a good mood and checking out at the store, your mood affects the checkout person.
      • Before they were tired. If you simply make eye contact and say “thank you” see if you notice a shift in her.
      • If you had a hard day at work and your spouse comes home also tired, notice how it affect you and them. How the tired energy affect you and your partner.
    • Don’t do anything about it, but observe it. Realize “what could it be like if I could change my state on a dime?”
    • If you could work with energy, notice how it could affect your life and the lives of those around you. Global affect.
    • This exercise prepares you for the upcoming modules.

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