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Mastery (D) (Gold/Plat)
MASTER FEMININE POWERMaster the Power Centers as you step into your new story of power and possibility. Master creating with a Feminine system and magnetize the support and resources you need to live your largest life.
Mastery (D) (Gold/Plat)
ACTIVATE YOUR DESTINY CODESFrom your Feminine Power Center, you can activate and realize your potential for true love, authentic confidence, radiant health & self care, true purpose, values-aligned prosperity, spiritual power, creative self-expression, impact & success.
Mastery (D) (Gold/Plat)
BECOME WHO YOU WERE MEANT TO BEWith the support of Power Partners, Mentors and Guides on your journey, you stay the course, walk your destiny pathway, become resilient in the face of setbacks, and become fully self-actualized.

Mastery (DEV)



It’s Time to Get Your Wings and
 Soar into Your Largest Life!

Introducing The Most Accelerated Program in the World Today Designed Especially for Conscious Smart Women to Master Feminine Power, Manifest Something BIG, and Make a Huge LEAP forward.

If you’re reading this page, chances are you already know that unlocking your Feminine Power is the key for you to grow into the woman you came into this world to be.

And it’s likely that you already know it’s time to make some big, positive changes in your life.

You have received an inner signal that now is the time to step up to the next level of your impact, prosperity, relationships, health and more…

And you know you can’t do it alone.

Joining my Feminine Power Mastery program is an opportunity to gain the deepest level of support with a structure of accountability and mentoring from me personally as well as the inspiration, motivation, and training to apply the teachings of Feminine Power to create something in your life that will be a huge catalyst to your larger destiny unfolding.

In 9 Months I’m going to guide you through the deepest level of transformation possible, where you release the old core structures that have been the true blocks to your greatness so you can grow into the authentically powerful, magnetic, creative, visible, confident woman you have the potential to be.

You’ll finally and permanently break free of patterns of invisibility, lack, isolation, not feeling enough, and step into your brilliance, power, boldness and courage.

From here I’ll show you how to become a Master Creator with your Feminine Power and to manifest something BIG that will be a game-changer and catalyst for your highest destiny unfolding.

You’ll discover and master creating from your Feminine Navigation System, aligning with the truth north of your destiny and magnetizing all manner of resources and opportunities for you to live your largest life.

Imagine what it would feel like to finally meet your soulmate, to expand your income, to discover your life’s purpose, to launch or grow your business or transform your health so that you finally have the unshakable foundations of self-care you need to thrive.

Even if these things might feel out of reach for you right now, or if you’re not even sure how to get started, we will guide you step-by-step through the process of clarifying your vision and then support you as you work through the research-based 12 step destiny system.

You’ll discover and set a powerful “Destiny Intention” as your focus in Mastery and gain the support to create something specific as a focus for your time in the program.

The kinds of results women regularly create include:

  • Launching a successful, value-aligned business
  • Attracting a soulmate and/or creating the relationship of your dreams with your existing partner
  • Stepping into visibility and leading projects with global impact
  • Breaking through the six-figure barrier in a soul-centered business
  • Authoring internationally bestselling books
  • Making a dramatic improvement in their health, and creating self-care structures for life
  • Creating a thriving life after a divorce and/or a major career transition
  • Breaking free from isolation and learning to give and receive genuine support from others
  • Moving into a new dream-career aligned with an inner calling
  • Connecting with a spiritual center and living a purposeful life
  • And more!

There has never been a more significant time than NOW to prioritize the inner work that will catalyze the outer changes in your life that you most desire.

This year’s MASTERY Program has many exciting LIVE elements with me, including a Virtual Retreat where I’ll be sharing the most leading-edge inspiration and practices related to the modules you’ll be engaging in the core program.

Discover the 12-Step DESTINY Process &
Mastery Community

The Most Potent Process and Transformational Learning
Community in The World Today Designed for Visionary Women.

My Feminine Power approach and the 12-Step Destiny Process I teach in Mastery is what I’ve found provides the fastest and deepest solution for those I like to call “high growth potential” visionary women.

That’s you if you see, feel and sense a greater possibility for yourself, others and our world! You’ve been on a path of growth for many years, and you know you have gifts and talents that are needed. You feel an impulse to reach higher and actualize your potential in all areas of your life.

And yet, in spite of all the potentials, work on yourself and accomplishments to be proud of, you feel you’re not yet expressing the full spectrum of your power and possibilities.

The reasons you’ve been struggling are likely not what you think they are.

In my twenty years as a coach and mentor, as well as my decade of doctoral research on women power and self-actualization, I’ve discovered that millions of women are being held back by invisible and unnamed barriers that the majority of personal growth work, spiritual practice and traditional coaching do not identify or address.

There are THREE HIDDEN “POWER BLOCKS” that may be preventing you (often in very surprising ways) from manifesting your vision: Shame, Lack & Isolation:

  1. Shame: an underlying belief about WHO you are that limits your power and potential in a given area of your life, e.g. “I’m not good enough, I’m too much, I’m not valuable, I’m not seen, I’m not safe,” etc. (there are 21 KEY BELIEFS for women that I’m going to share during the workshop)…
  2. Lack: a feeling of being disconnected from a higher power and the support of a loving universe that’s organizing around your success. This can cause the experience of deep insecurity, fear and scarcity, and a sense of it being too late, or that there’s not enough, or the need to control things to feel safe…
  3. Isolation: even though you’re a caring woman who gives a lot to others you likely feel alone when it comes to manifesting the deeper yearnings of your soul and igniting the higher possibilities of the woman you sense in your clearest moments you came here to become…

These invisible barriers are embedded in, and reinforced by, the Masculine Power system that’s operating largely outside our conscious awareness and manifesting in very specific, tangible ways in KEY life areas.

Even the most accomplished and gifted among us are held back by these hidden barriers—these old stories about our lack of value, feelings of being unsupported by a higher power and the false belief that we need to know all the answers ourselves to be worthy of having a voice and taking up space.

And those of us who might not identify as being accomplished may feel like we’re not enough or not valuable as a result of having prioritized caring for our families or our spiritual and personal development over material “success.”

Unless you identify and release these blocks and barriers it will be difficult, if not impossible, to manifest your potential at the level of destiny…

You can’t step forward into your higher purpose on top of an old story that you’re not good enough…

You can’t transform your health and become radiant, vital and alive on top of a belief that other people’s needs have a higher priority than your own…

You can’t magnetize the resources you need to unlock your genius and gifts and make a prosperous living on top of a feeling that life doesn’t support you…

And you can’t make the leaps that will have you on the course of your destiny and service to the world at the highest level if you believe you need to do it all by yourself…

This is what is different about the Feminine Power approach and the 12-Step Destiny process compared to anything you’ve likely experienced in the past.

Mastery is a proven process, method and structure to address these barriers and transform every area of your life to match and mirror your true possibilities.

You’ll gain access to my most potent tools and training, you’ll come together with an extraordinary group of brilliant women along with myself and our team of senior coaches, and together we’ll go on a journey over 9 months designed to facilitate the deepest, permanent whole-self and whole-life transformation.

By going through the 12-Step Destiny Process, you’ll not only awaken your Feminine Power, you’ll Master using all 3 Feminine Power centers forging an empowered relationship with yourself, a higher power and others.

You’ll become an unstoppable creator of your future with everything you need to create the next level of your vision for the rest of your life.

Being part of a supportive, like-minded community that can help you more quickly and easily catalyze your dreams is worth far more than the tuition.

And the best news is, you won’t do it alone! In addition to my support, you’ll be uplifted by a diverse community of creative, gifted, powerful, caring, passionate women with so much support to offer one another…

The Mastery community is filled with trailblazers, game-changers, activators, loving, caring women and change-makers committed to igniting our own divine spark of greatness and amplifying each other’s brilliance.

Women joining are healers, teachers, real estate agents, consultants, physicians, psychologists, yoga teachers, actors, filmmakers, professors, artists, judges, psychotherapists, retirees, sales people, copywriters, marketers, city planners, accountants, dentists, nurses, students, and so many more!

One of the things that’s remarkable is how many women are dedicated to impacting and serving with their gifts and genius.
Some are working on developing their gifts, others on having a greater impact, improving their health, strengthening their relationships, and more.

What unites us is a desire to reach higher and unleash our gifts and greatness.

The relationships that get forged in this program frequently develop into life-long friendships, collaborations and more.

NOTE: While I created Feminine Power Mastery especially for my 7 week course graduates, no previous experience with Feminine Power is required to gain the most from this program.

I will be with you on each step of the journey, ready to stand with you and provide the mentoring, structure, and support that will propel you right into the center of that destiny!

It’s my joy and privilege to invite you to join us in our 2022 Feminine Power Mastery Program!

To your greatness,

Become The Confident, Brilliant Woman You Were Born To Be, Master Manifestation and Create The Life Of Your Dreams!

The Core Mastery Program is a proven
12 Step Program

Here’s an Overview of the GOLD Program:

The Mastery Destiny Process

The Feminine Power Mastery Destiny Process Designed by Claire Zammit, Ph.D.

(Value $5,000)

In the core Training sessions, with Claire as your guide, you’ll master the Destiny Process and cultivate the new skills, tools and capacities that will enable you to create from your Feminine Power for the rest of your life.

Mastery (D) (Gold/Plat)
Mastery (D) (Gold/Plat)
Mastery (D) (Gold/Plat)
Mastery (D) (Gold/Plat)
Mastery (D) (Gold/Plat)
Mastery (D) (Gold/Plat)
Mastery (D) (Gold/Plat)
Mastery (D) (Gold/Plat)
Mastery (D) (Gold/Plat)
Mastery (D) (Gold/Plat)
Mastery (D) (Gold/Plat)
Mastery (D) (Gold/Plat)

Activate Your Destiny Codes

DESTINY COACHING with Claire Zammit, Ph.D.


An Overview of the 12 STEP DESTINY PROCESS Mastery Training Modules

Both GOLD AND PLATINUM DESTINY Tracks will receive access to the following:

The Feminine Power Mastery Destiny Process with Claire Zammit, Ph.D.

(Value $5,000)

In the core Training sessions, with Claire as your guide, you’ll master the Destiny Process and cultivate the new skills, tools and capacities that will enable you to create from your Feminine Power for the rest of your life.

Key Training
Module Overview


Becoming A Master Creator

Discover the Master Keys to Feminine Power

The best way to predict your future is to create it! During this training session you’ll discover the master tools and keys to go all the way to living your highest destiny. You’ll connect with your deepest desires and greatest vision for your time in the Mastery program.

Whether you have a clear and powerful intention or you feel like you don’t know where or how to get started, during this session you’ll discover how to cultivate the conditions through which your greatest possibilities will come forth as a Master Feminine Creator.

What Our Graduates Say


Bogota, Columbia

“Since doing the Feminine Power Mastery Program, I’ve become an entrepreneur—a businesswoman. I used to be a university teacher. I took the risk to jump into a bigger world and started my own company, and I’m building a transformational learning center. Now I understand that expression “beyond my wildest dreams,” because 7 years ago I couldn’t imagine the woman I am today!”


Los Angeles, California

“After my first Feminine Power course, I wanted to continue the experience of deep self-discovery in an expanded life context, working with women serious about full self-expression and pushing the edge of evolution. In Mastery, I opened up for a deep, honest connection with other women, experiencing true self-care and receiving care from others. Now I have choice in all areas of my life. As a result of learning to make choices from my true self, an enchanted love is possible, a successful career, and real, long-term relationships. You will find the woman you have always wanted to be in this course.”


Miami, Florida

“When I started learning from Claire, I had just ended a relationship so I was doing some work to call in better, healthier men for me… Looking back, I was not being my true self. Being in Feminine Power helped me solidify a new vision for my life and I started showing up in ways I never had previously. Shortly after taking Feminine Power Mastery, I met Robert. We’ve been together 2-1/2 years and we just got engaged. We’re just so in sync, and we really see each other. I realized that was something I was always yearning for, really being fully visible and seen and known.”

Trine Jensen

Los Angeles, California

“After having done the Feminine Power Mastery program much has changed in my life, primarily on the inside but the effect is beginning to ripple outwards into all the other areas. I had done work on myself for two decades and great strides have been made along the way. Therapy compiled the basic composition; bodywork added some color; and meditation brought perspective. Each new thing adding a few pieces to a messy puzzle that had me confused for years. But with the completion of Mastery this past spring it seems the few missing pieces have been added to finally make the picture — and me — whole.”

Manifestation Mastery

Discover Your Destiny Blueprint
& Activate Your Destiny Code

During this session you’ll be guided to discover your “soul actualization needs” and which of the 8 Key Areas of Feminine Actualization are most fertile, so that you can get the most traction with the least effort (this is the KEY to creating with a Feminine System).

You’ll also create your personal DESTINY BLUEPRINT for your time in Mastery and get clear about the specific, tangible things you most want to create in your key life areas.

What Our Graduates Say


Austin, Texas

“I’ve created a business-coaching company that I love, working with change-makers and leaders around the world to actualize their missions. And I’m finding ways to raise awareness about education and entrepreneurship for women and girls there and worldwide through the organization I founded, World Changing Women.
I have seen that it is truly possible to dream your future into existence now. Through the Mastery Program, I became the woman that is capable of making a difference in people’s lives.”

Debra Hockmeyer

“I saw the transformation in a few of my friends who were in the Mastery program. And when I took the first course, I felt a pull, a call, and had an intuitive feeling that this is what I needed next. I transformed my relationship with myself, and that allowed me to open up in so many other areas! I learned how to be more feminine without sacrificing any strength or power. I now understand the degree to which I contributed to and created the very circumstances I feared most. If you join us in Mastery, take note of where you are now, because your life is about to change in an amazing and beautiful way.”

Jana Smith, PhD

Denver, Colorado

“It wasn’t so much about changing my life as it was about changing my relationship with life. Understanding how I had stayed invisible and unsupported led me to make the choice to be self-revealing and extend myself outside my comfort zone. What is possible now is deeper personal connection and the experience of being supported rather than always being on my own.”


Wellington, New Zealand

“Prior to taking the course, I was struggling with the death of my husband. Since participating in the Mastery Program, I have created a completely new and inspiring life.
I discovered that I really wanted to work to make the lives of women better, especially women who have been abused and marginalized by patriarchal cultures. I decided to do the Bachelor of counseling degree as a result of thinking about what skills I needed to achieve my goal. Everything has confirmed I made the right choice and my life has unfolded in ways that have been amazing.
I feel that my skills are being used fully in my work and I have been so appreciated by my clients and colleagues and agencies that I have worked in that I am very overwhelmed and grateful to receive such acknowledgements.
I now have a really supportive group of amazing women I have met through my counseling degree and work [and] have been able to buy a beautiful house that I share with my fiancé who is an amazing man, a true feminist and aligned completely with my values and truly supportive of everything I do.”

Clarissa Bell

Miami, FL

“I wanted to express myself authentically, to allow others into my inner world, and to become more visible in the world. With Mastery I was able to transform old identities, and deepen my relationship with the Greater Field of Life. I have a foundation of being unconditionally loved and supported, empowering me to step into a bigger life. I became a Coach, and I stepped into leadership with my family. I’ve also developed collaborative partnerships with some of the women in the Mastery community and have become more visible in life and more fully self-expressed.”

Fully Become Yourself

Mastering Your Ability to Evolve
Beyond the Patterns of Your Past

Did you know that the way you think about, talk to, and listen to yourself and your beliefs about what is possible, can either liberate or limit your power?

In the weeks ahead, you’ll learn how this self­-perception has kept you from being as great as you know you can be. In the process, you’ll discover the patterns that have been keeping you stuck, in spite of all the psychological and spiritual work you’ve been doing on yourself. Importantly, you’ll also learn how to release these patterns.

What Our Graduates Say


San Francisco, California

“When I signed up for Mastery I was just coming out of a tragic financial loss. I lost my retirement, my home, and my savings—a total of more than $1.5 million. I learned about taking true responsibility and recognizing victim behavior. I learned how to calm myself whenever I was triggered. I experienced powerful insights and had conversations with other women like I had never experienced before.
And I went back to the career that I had always wanted: photography. My work is better than ever and I am getting calls from national clients. Last year I won a huge job that paid $30,000 for a week of shooting!
I’m attracting in new clients, and I have lots of new friends. I have a new look, I lost weight, and at 60 I look 50! And just recently, I met the love of my life.”


Oakland, California

“Feminine Power Mastery brought passion and deeper connection to my marriage.”


Mexico City, Mexico

“I used to think I needed to work in the nonprofit world to make a difference. But I found that I can contribute on a daily basis with everyone I meet, and it doesn’t matter where I am working. By being myself and speaking up for the things I love and believe in, my new boss at Microsoft offered to let me start looking into options of how my whole team and company could get more involved. I live life with a sense of purpose now, being myself and inspiring others to do the same.
Through Mastery, I was able to finally see myself through loving eyes. I was able to go deeper and see that life doesn’t happen, I am responsible for creating it, and the possibilities are endless.”


Los Osos, California

“I took a course on manifesting love with Claire, and related so much to the equality and love exuded by Claire. When Claire told me Mastery would be a life-changing event, I said “yes, yes, and yes!” I now trust my intuition and embrace uncertainty. I trust my vision and my ability to turn my vision into reality. The life-long friendships of deep, mutual understanding have enriched my life so much.”

Becoming Your Own Best Friend

The Practices of Emotional Alchemy

In this session you will discover how to go from being your own harshest critic to being your own best friend, and by doing so, unlock the inner foundation from which you can create a successful outer life.

Creating an empowered relationship with yourself, however, is not just about taking spa days or being less self-judgmental. It’s about forging an empowered partnership between the conscious, mature parts of ourselves and the unconscious, emotional, less-developed parts that tend to trip us up time and time again.

What Our Graduates Say


Los Angeles, California

“I was struggling to merge my authentic self with what I did professionally, who I am with my vocation. Since then I’ve up-leveled my career into UX (user experience) design and facilitation. I also realized that the gap I had been experiencing, was something that other women who want to make a difference were also experiencing. So I started a monthly networking group, which led to my co-creating four conferences for women.
When I began, I had no idea how my intention and the unleashing of my skills, potentials, and capacities would translate. In other words, I never imagined that I would produce and lead women’s conferences!”


Anchorage, Alaska

“Since participating in Mastery, I built my own business and get to work with the most amazing clients and support them in feeling amazing in their bodies and getting great results that feel easy, effortless and enjoyable to sustain. I get to work from home and am in the best shape I have ever been in.
Prosperity and abundance have increased in my life in an amazing way giving me time freedom to be able to enjoy the most incredible natural beauty hiking, running and climbing in the mountains of Alaska, meeting and becoming friends with the most awesome Olympic/elite athletes and quality people that inspire, uplift me and make me grow, as well as getting to spend quality time with my family and feel healthy, happy and free!”

Becoming Visible, Radiant & Seen

Unlock The Power of Your Presence
& Find Your Unique Voice

During this session, you will free yourself from your old patterns and create space for the truth of who you are to come to the forefront. You’ll finally break free from the old story in ways that enable you to show up in the world as your most authentic self, and by doing so, catalyze your greatest destiny.

What Our Graduates Say


Venice, California

“I must categorically say, this work is the best thing I’ve ever done for my life. It helped lift me out illusion and false beliefs, brought me back into self-knowledge and back to my authentic self. Dang that’s good! One of the great treasured moments in the course was when I realized, at last, I was home. Truly home, Home within myself. The tears flowed it out of me and my heart opened up and expanded into pure joy.
The world is growing softer and bigger because of this work and, each one of us in it. I am so happy and thriving and shining as I never could’ve imagined.”

Laura R.

New York, New York

“I feel like a flower that has just started to bloom. I’m starting to really get a bodily sense of what my purpose is in life. I’m also aware of my impact on the world, which is something I never really thought about before. Don’t walk – run – to sign up. The world is depending on you!”

Barbara Bramwell

Los Angeles, California

“I felt sad and depressed and knew I was unhappy, but did not know why. I was not in touch with my feelings and did not know how to express myself. When I attended an introductory Feminine Power course that introduced the Mastery program, I felt in my gut that I needed to take this course. Now I can truly say that I found my voice! I feel very secure with myself and can say I love who I am. I am much more open and expressive. Communication with my husband of 25 years has changed. I am so happy now. The support of the other women in the program was a unique experience for me. I feel I now have friendships for life with the women in my Mastery program.”

Step Into Your Highest Destiny

Mastering Your Ability to Manifest
in Partnership with the Universe

During this session, you will discover how to forge an unshakable connection to the energy and intelligence of life that will become a source of authentic confidence and power in your life. You’ll be able to instantly “plug into” this higher power in ways that will enable you to access your inner wisdom, guidance, creativity and flow.

What Our Graduates Say


Washington, D.C.

“I had low-level anxiety, and I felt paralyzed in many areas of my life. I would go to a business meeting and feel like I wasn’t enough, and that I couldn’t have a relationship. I was really stuck, and my life had not changed for 10 years despite being a spiritual seeker. I’d read self-help books, and done workshops, courses and therapy. And then a friend recommended Mastery…
After doing Mastery I have tools to empower my life and the choices I make — I now feel like a grownup. My interior life has completely changed. I am free of anxiety. At work I am now motivated to collaborate. Now, there’s so much I want to do. My family can truly be healed, and my love will be able to find me.
Having the support of the other women in Mastery makes all the difference and makes this program unique. I changed because of the uplift and the support I got from these women. We knew who we were at the start of Mastery, and we know who we are now after so much change. I’ll have this safe space with these women for the rest of my life.”



“Since participating in the Feminine Power Mastery Program I have come out of my shell. I trust myself. My life has been an awakening process from reclusion and withdrawal. I used to live through my teaching career. I now live through my connection with Life. Waking up to my false beliefs has been a huge gift. I love being a member of a wave of women waking up. Feminine Power has been the most integrating therapeutic experience of my life!”

Lynne M.

Orlando, Florida

“I wanted to feel more connected with myself and to have the life of my dreams. With Mastery my relationship with myself has transformed. Now I know what I truly feel, need and desire. I have a grounded feeling of what is possible in my life, especially financial stability and abundance. If you’re considering Mastery, my advice is to make the investment in yourself – you’re worth it! And if you don’t value yourself or invest in yourself, who will?”

Unlocking Your Inner GPS

Mastering The Magnetic Power of Your Desires,
Intuition & Inspired Action

In this session you’ll discover the secrets to accessing your intuition. The good news is that your intuition is already fully developed—what needs cultivating is your ability to distinguish and trust it. You’ll move through the barriers you’ve had up until now to deeply listening to and trusting your own knowing, and in ways that will give you access to the confidence to make the choices and take the actions that will ensure you manifest your destiny.

What Our Graduates Say

Carol M.

Phoenix, Arizona

“I was empty, lonely and looking to make a change in my life. I was also disconnected from myself. After Mastery, I am now happy, confident, and deeply inspired to live my life. This is the most important work any woman will do in her life. Mastery is the best decision I have ever made, and I strongly recommend it to every woman.”


Pacific Northwest

“I felt I was mired in a dark, swirling muck and didn’t know how to get out of it. I used to be completely closed off, polite rather than authentic, and not transparent at all. With Mastery, I have moved into a generative, co-creative existence with the Greater Field of Life. The course got me out of the muck, and into potential and full flourishing. The deepening of relationships has been such a joy and I am so profoundly grateful. It wasn’t finding my voice that I needed, it was sharing it. Mastery will give you the tools to make deep, lasting shifts. Forever. You will not recognize yourself. Embrace this opportunity!”

Making the Bold Leap
Into Your Greatness

Unlocking The Power of Courage, Risks & Resilience

One quality that directly unlocks the power to fulfill our higher destiny… is courage. Courage is what allows us to take actions based on a deep inner knowing, to take risks, to step into leadership, and to navigate our way to a future that, right now, is largely invisible to us. Building upon the previous modules, you’ll discover how to make the big, bold leap into your destiny with “eyes wide open” vs. blind faith, and why this is critical for your success.

What Our Graduates Say


Los Angeles, Califonia

“Mastery is a profound step to the next level. I had so many AHA moments throughout this experience with Claire. With their loving guidance, I really got in touch with the places where I was stuck based on secret victimizations created in my past. Those stories are no longer true and no longer useful. Now, I can see with great clarity the flourishing of my life. It taught me that there is love where I thought there was no hope for love.”


Chicago, Illinois

“Since taking Feminine Power Mastery, I’ve lost 83 pounds of excess weight!”


Prescott, Arizona

“Before I started Feminine Power Mastery I knew something was missing. I had always felt drawn to being a part of a personal growth and spiritual community, but never felt comfortable being a member of the communities I was familiar with. So I practiced within the small context of my friendships and on my own.
I came to Mastery from both Claire’s program on manifesting love and based on the suggestion of a dear friend who attended a three-day Feminine Power event. I decided to join the year-long Feminine Power Mastery Program literally days before it started — and arrived one day late as my 50th birthday party was already planned for the first day of the course! Claire wove a space for me on the first day. so that when I arrived on day two I was immediately scooped into the most transformative experience of my life.
As a result of participating in the Mastery Program, I now have amazing, beautiful, powerful, co-creative sister partners all over the world. I am experiencing walking in my power in deep connection with myself, the greater field of life and my community. I have deepened into my relationships with my children and within my local community. I am an evolutionary leader and am actively working on a book/curriculum about interpersonal effectiveness with the support of my sisters.”

The Power to Play Your
Biggest Game

Unlock The Power to Generate the Support
You Need to Step into Your Greatness

Self-realization and self-actualization, and going for the biggest possibility of who we are, is not something we can do by ourselves.

The core shift that unlocks the power of partnership at the highest level, which is  necessary to realize this larger destiny, is a shift into a consciousness of interconnectedness.


Becoming a Master Collaborator

Recognizing Synergies & Forging Power Partnerships

Imagine having the power to make connections and forge partnerships with others to support your greatest vision. Whether you are manifesting something on a personal level or seeking to get to the next level of your career or success and prosperity, the ability to create these kinds of “Power Partnerships” is essential to realizing your destiny.


Power Communication Skills

The Secrets of Generative Communication

Reactive communication is focused on the past; the who did what to who and who’s to blame. Generative communication focuses on the future, and creates new possibilities that support relationships to realize their potentials.

In this session you’ll learn the keys to generative communication—these are especially critical to navigate tension and breakdowns in ways that deepen trust, alignment and support.


Influence, Impact & Wild Success

Mastering Your Power for All You Are Creating
For the Rest of Your Life

You have the power not just to manifest your heart’s desire but to profoundly influence and impact others for the better with your gifts. In mastering Feminine Power, you will also master the power to catalyze your family members, your friends and your community into their highest potentials.

It starts by you having generated a transformation in your own possibilities. It starts by leading and modeling your own experience of transformation and really holding another possibility for someone else. What the world wants most are the things that we’re really good at.

8 Destiny Code Activation Masterclasses in All Areas of Self-Actualization:

Health & Self-Care, Prosperity, Life-Purpose, Creativity, Spirituality, Love & Relationships, Confidence, and Impact (Valued at $4,000)

During this series of 8 x 90-minute Masterclasses—only available to women in the Mastery training—you’ll gain access to The Feminine Power Destiny Codes & Master Application Keys to realize your potentials in all 8 Areas of Self-Actualization.

Gleaned from over two decades at the forefront of the human potential movement and coaching over 40,000 women to awaken their Feminine Power in key life areas, Claire will how you how to make the specific mindset shifts and cultivate the habits, super skills and strategies, new ways of showing up, Feminine Power Practices, life hacks, and resources that will enable you to fast track (saving you years, decades and even lifetimes!) the process of creating the love, prosperity, purpose, health and more that you were born to experience and express.

You’ll also be supported by our team of Feminine Power coaches in weekly Power Circles, as well as energizing and fun weekly application missions, to apply what you discover to create huge life transformations each month of the training that you can sustain and expand for a life-time.

The Confidence Codes Activation and Masterclass – Be Visible and Present, with Unshakable Self-Trust & Courage
In this session, you can gain the power to break free from invisibility, lack, self-doubt, insecurity and living a lesser version of your life. You’ll tap into the source of authentic confidence and courage you need to generate your full presence, gain comfort with being seen, shining your light and expanding to playing your biggest game.

Imagine what’s possible when you deeply believe in yourself, being free from worrying about what others think and trusting that life supports your success…watch out world!

The Love & Intimacy Codes Activation Masterclass – Experience Extraordinary Connection and The Happiness of a Loving Committed Partnership

In this session, you can discover how to break free from old painful relationship patterns (such as rejection, not being seen, feeling alone, overgiving, and more) where you don’t get your needs met to create the ecstatic intimacy, happiness, joy, closeness, friendship, emotional support and deep soul nourishment that comes from being met, seen, unconditionally loved and championed from a committed partnership.

Imagine what’s possible with this kind of loving support in your life!

Note: This session will offer additional special tools to support you to attract a new romantic partner, deepen the relationship you’re already in, or create more intimacy in your platonic relationships.

The Calling Codes Activation Masterclass – Discover Your Genius, Gifts & True Vocation
During this session, you can release the deep pain, frustration, confusion and even depression that comes from being disconnected from your gifts and having no place to make the contribution that you were born to make. You’ll discover how to find your “Zone of Greatness” or life’s mission and true vocation. You’ll experience the radical aliveness that comes from connecting with who you truly are. You’ll discover how to harness your unique genius, along with the life-experience and professional expertise you’ve gleaned, and contribute it where it will be most valued, received and rewarded by others.

Imagine what’s possible with this clarity about your gifts and your specific purpose is in this life!

The Prosperity Codes Activation Masterclass – Achieve True Financial Freedom & Empowerment
During this session, you can discover how to transform your old money story and release any shame, guilt, stress, scarcity, insecurity and limitations that have barriers to the creation of lasting wealth in your life. You’ll discover how to activate the 4 pillars of true and authentic financial freedom and empowerment as you expand your earning power, bring your spending into alignment with what truly nourishes you, bring clarity and new awareness to your practices of saving and investing and giving as a source of wellbeing creation for yourself and others.

Imagine what’s possible with the financial resources you need to live your dreams and support others you care about to live theirs!

The Health & Self-Care Codes Masterclass – Heal, Thrive, Come Alive & Radiate Wellness
During this session, you can discover how to release patterns of self-neglect and disconnection from yourself that have been the root cause of unhealthy patterns, health issues and body shame. You’ll discover how to create deep unshakable pillars of self-support and experience joyful and pleasurable self-care as you create the structures for the nutrition, exercise, self-care, sleep, and mental and emotional health you need to thrive. As a result you’ll have so much more energy to give to others, love and joy in your heart to freely share and self-confidence to shine your light bright into the world.

Imagine what’s possible with this rock solid foundation of self-support. With roots this deep, your wings can soar high!

The Spirituality Codes Activation Masterclass – Experience the Miracle of Awakened Consciousness, A Connection to the Sacred, and Tap into the Source of Your Creative Power
During this session, you can discover powerful short practices that will guide you to step back from the swirl of your mind and emotions and tap directly into the source of awakened consciousness—the part of yourself that has never entered the stream of time, who is already whole, complete, free, wise, empathic, compassionate, loving and present. From this profound shift in awareness, you can break free from feelings of worry, stress, disconnection, lack and fear, and instead forge an unshakable connection to your own inner knowing and higher power. As a result, you’ll be able to directly access deeper levels of your own intuition and source deep creativity.

Imagine what’s possible feeling whole, free and complete and at one with all manner of intelligence, creativity and support in the universe…

The Creativity Codes Activation Masterclass – Generate brilliant ideas, projects, Products and More that Move, Inspire and Activate the Soul of Others
Whether it’s envisioning a project, expressing yourself through your clothing and decor ,or coming up with a solution to a problem, sourcing from the realm of deep creativity is an essential superpower to have as a self-actualizing woman. You’ll free yourself from over-thinking and second-guessing, and know the exact questions to ask and places to shift your attention to tap into the limitless source of creative power within you and the universe.

Imagine what it will feel like to create things that move and inspire others and create tremendous value in their lives.

The Impact, Influence & Success Activation Masterclass
During this session, you can discover how to finally stop spinning your wheels or making heart-breaking mistakes by giving energy, time or financial resources to things that don’t end up getting traction and generating success. You’ll gain access to the impact codes, successful mindsets and sequencing super-strategies that today’s most successful self-actualizing women apply to serve and succeed at the highest level. Whether it’s finally being able to financially support yourself in your business, expand your reach or create a project that receives acclaim and support, when you make the shifts in this Masterclass you can finally step into being the influential change-maker you always sensed was within you.

Imagine what it will feel like to have the clarity about how to move forward with confidence that you can and will succeed!

Live Monthly Coaching Immersions

LIVE Destiny Coaching with Claire Zammit, Ph.D.

(Value $10,000)

Monthly LIVE retreats with Claire and your Mastery community via video, where Claire will guide you through her most impactful practices related to the modules you’ll be engaging in the core program.

These LIVE video retreats will be scheduled in order to accommodate schedules in as many time zones around the world as possible!

You’ll also receive access to an extensive video archive of Claire’s previous Destiny Coaching Sessions that you can access on demand to help you integrate the concepts of the training.

Live Power Circles

LIVE Power Circles with Mastery Coaches

(Valued at $4,000)

Power Circles are LIVE, small breakout group Zoom meetings facilitated by Senior Certified Feminine Power Coaches and take place typically 3 times per month.

Power Circles are designed so that you’ll be in your circle with your Mastery Coach and Mastery Sisters with a primary area of intention for what you want to manifest during your Mastery course, such as creating a loving life partnership, career and purpose, and more!

  • Offered at different time zones and different schedules
  • Calls are not recorded
  • You get to choose and move about those Power Circles however you like — based on which area you are currently needing support in — with a coach whose expertise is this niche!

Conversation Cafes

Conversation Cafes After Power Circles

(Valued at $2,000)

After the LIVE Power Circles, you’ll have the opportunity to join together with other women in the Mastery training to have what we like to call “Conversations That Matter.” We’re in all kinds of conversations throughout our day and life, and occasionally we drop into a space of presence and deep listening to ourselves and one another where we can awaken, integrate, transform and ignite our potentials through soulful sharing, witnessing and mirroring one another. The spaces for these kinds of conversations and connections will be created in an ongoing way with the women in this program. Participants say there’s nowhere else in their lives where they can access this kind of support and sisterhood.

Coaches Masterclass

Recorded Coach Masterclasses

(Valued at $2,000)

The Masterclass Sessions are designed to fully support you to integrate the Feminine Power Mastery practices and principles that you are discovering in our Training Sessions. Each of our Masterclass Sessions will focus on going deeper into one of the training topics and will be hosted by one of our Senior Certified Feminine Power Coaches.

Destiny Codes Workshop

Destiny Code Activation Masterclasses with Claire Zammit, Ph.D.

(Value $4,000)

During this series of 8 x 90-minute Masterclasses—only available to women in the Mastery training—you’ll gain access to The Feminine Power Destiny Codes & Master Application Keys to realize your potentials in all 8 Areas of Self-Actualization.

Gleaned from over two decades at the forefront of the human potential movement and coaching over 40,000 women to awaken their Feminine Power in key life areas, Claire will show you how to make the specific mindset shifts and cultivate the habits, super skills and strategies, new ways of showing up, Feminine Power Practices, life hacks, and resources that will enable you to fast track (saving you years, decades and even lifetimes!) the process of creating the love, prosperity, purpose, health and more that you were born to experience and express.

Program Materials

PDF Transcripts, Recordings and Practice Guides
for every Module Training Session

(Value $500)

You’ll receive Recordings, PDF Transcripts and Practice Guides to help you quickly integrate the material and fast-track your learning. They’re great resources to go back to and quickly reference key concepts and find answers to questions as you step fully into the Feminine Power Mastery teachings and principles!

Private Online Community

Destiny Sisterhood

(Value Priceless)

You’re going to be inspired by the growth and the leadership of a vibrant online Facebook community with brilliant, committed, caring women who have a shared commitment to greatness from around the world at any time. This is available to you 24/7 so that you can tap into it whenever you need it.

**EVENT-Only Bonus**

Fast-Track Your Success in Mastery
With a One-to-One Private Coaching Session

“Destiny Blueprint”
Coaching Session with
A Certified Feminine Power Coach

(Value $200)

During your Destiny Blueprint Coaching Session, your Senior Certified Feminine Power Coach will give you individualized support to:

  1. Activate your potentials in a safe space where you can feel seen and championed.
  2. Clarify your vision—and identify which area is most “in season” for you to focus on to manifest something BIG in your life during your Mastery journey.
  3. Pinpoint the exact core pattern you need to break through to succeed.
  4. Identify your needs for growth and structures for support to succeed in creating your vision and becoming unstoppable.

There are only a limited number of these bonus private coaching sessions available, so we can only offer this opportunity to those who register to join our Summer 2022 Mastery program by Midnight Pacific Time, Monday, July 18th!




In addition to accessing the core Mastery program, when you join at the Destiny Accelerator level, you’ll gain access to these additional program elements:

Destiny Accelerator Manifesting Pod (Maximum of 8 Participants)

(Value $10,000)
Group Manifesting Mastermind for Amplification, Inspiration, Support and Accountability

Imagine having seven 7 women fully invested in your success, reflecting to you your brilliance, power and possibilities, as well as extending practical support, thought partnership, encouragement, and resources to partner with you on fulfilling your vision!

This is exactly what it’s like to be in a Destiny Accelerator Pod! This is the most potent, no-fail structure of support you can give yourself to manifest your vision in nine months in Mastery.

You’ll have the opportunity to forge deep bonds with your “Podmates.” Many Destiny Pods from former Mastery trainings have continued to meet weekly for years and have become life-long friends and collaborators.

You’ll also gain the support of a senior certified Feminine Power coach to guide your group’s journey, as well as provide group coaching. Read on below for more details!

Dedicated and Personalized Destiny Coaching

(Value $8,000)
10 Small Group Coaching Sessions, PLUS 3 One-on-One 50-Minute Private Coaching Sessions

Each Destiny Accelerator Manifesting Pod will be supported by a Senior Certified Feminine Power Coach who will offer group and individual coaching.

You’ll also connect with a Certified Feminine Power Coach who has already navigated this path for three One-on-One 50-minute private coaching sessions throughout your Mastery journey! This is an incredibly rare opportunity to get direct, personal support on your Destiny Intention!

Each of our coaches is a Mastery graduate, and they’ve all gone on to transform the outer structures of their lives to reflect their inner potentials. They’re living examples of what it looks like to embody Feminine Power.

They’ve also spent hundreds of hours coaching and mentoring self-actualizing women like yourself through this process, so they’ll be able to meet you where you are and support your vision for where you are going.

Support to Create a Destiny Project to Accelerate Manifesting Something BIG in your Life!

Includes 3 Masterclasses with Claire, Project Templates and Manifesting Resource Guide
(Value $3,000)

Amplify your manifesting power tenfold by taking on a Destiny Project! This Masterclass series and handouts gives you the step-by-step blueprint to turn a yearning or vision into a manifest outcome.

Women have used this system to launch businesses, create events, write books or take on a project that has helped them to attract love, transform their health, and more.

$2,000 Tuition Credit

to apply to Coaching, Facilitation and/or Leadership in Fall of 2021, LAST TIME THIS CREDIT WILL BE OFFERED!

(Value $2,000)

If you are interested in joining our Coaching, Facilitation and or Leadership Certification Tracks, you’re in the right place, as Mastery is the foundational Feminine Power Training for all of these pathways!

When you register for Mastery, you will be able to apply a $2000 tuition credit* upgrade to any of our professional trainings and will gain VIP priority status and support in your enrollment process.

*The Tuition credit is valid for our 2021 programs.

Note: There is no refund of your Mastery Tuition when you enroll in Coaching, Facilitation and/or Leadership, as that is the purpose of this tuition credit.

In Summary, Your Platinum Destiny Accelerator Package Includes:

  • Weekly Destiny Small Group Coaching for Support, Inspiration, and Accountability (Value $3,000)
  • Private + Small Group Coaching with a Senior Certified Feminine Power Coach (Value $6,000)
  • Support to Create a Destiny Project: Vision, Create & Harvest Masterclasses to Bring Forward Something BIG in Your Life! Destiny Project (Value $3,000)

PLUS! The Core 9-Month Mastery Program:

  • The Feminine Power Mastery Destiny Process with Claire Zammit, Ph.D. (Value $5,000)
  • LIVE Virtual Destiny Activation Retreats with Claire Zammit, Ph.D. (Value $7,500)
  • 3 LIVE Power Circles with Mastery Coaches each month (Value $2,500)
  • Conversation Cafes After Power Circles (Value $1,500)
  • Feminine Power Coach Masterclass Recordings (Value $2,000)
  • Destiny Code Activation Masterclasses with Claire Zammit, Ph.D. (Value $4,000)
  • PDF Transcripts of every Module Training Session (Value $500)
  • Destiny Sisterhood Private Online Group – Priceless!
  • BONUS $2,000 Tuition Credit to Upgrade to Certification Tracks—Coaching, Facilitation, and/or Leadership (Value $2,000)

About Your Destiny Coach & Mentor

Realizing your destiny is like winning a Gold Medal at the Olympics. Having the right mentor and coach is the key to success. The most valuable mentor is someone who succeeded on the path ahead of you, can see and reflect back to you your potential as well as give you the tools and guidance to fast track your journey, along with a structure of support and accountability to motivate you to show up and follow through.

Your destiny coach and mentor for Mastery, Claire Zammit, Ph.D., is the guide you’ve been seeking. She is known as the mentor for smart, conscious, gifted women because she has been exactly where you are and has gone through the process herself and guided tens of thousands of women to create extraordinary lives.

Many of today’s leading luminaries say that there are few women alive today who have done more to empower conscious women to actualize their potential and realize their destiny than Claire.

In her two decades as a transformational teacher and leader, Claire has shared her life-changing Feminine Power principles and practices with millions of women around the globe.

Her groundbreaking doctoral research on the underlying obstacles blocking intelligent, conscious, women from stepping into their greatness has been praised as a seminal contribution to the advancement of women in this century.

As a result of the exact same process she’s going to guide you through in Mastery, she herself has:

  • Created a fulfilling (decade-long and counting!) marriage and partnership with her beloved husband Craig.
  • Developed the support of an amazing network of other powerful women leaders to help make her greatest contribution.
  • Founded her dream transformational education company that was recognized by Inc. magazine as #83 on the list of the fastest growing companies in America, employing an extraordinary team, generating over $50 Million in revenue, and reaching 500 million people.
  • Trained over 40,000 women in her Feminine Power programs.
  • Trained hundreds of coaches and facilitators in her professional Feminine Power Coaching, Facilitation and Leadership academy, including women from more than 40 countries.
  • Become a dedicated philanthropist giving more than $100,000+ to help fund a leadership and self-esteem training program that’s now set to impact a million girls in the developing world.

Claire’s primary focus now is to pass on what she’s learned and train the most impactful and successful transformational leaders, coaches, facilitators and change-makers in the world today.

Claire believes that the future of humanity cannot be realized without YOU becoming who you were meant to be, giving the gifts you came here to share and making the contribution that ONLY you can make.

Claire is also an active member of Jack Canfield’s Transformational Leadership Council and was the recipient of its Achievement Award, and is also a participant in Deepak Chopra’s Evolutionary Leaders Forum. She is also the recipient of the Just Like My Child Foundation Women’s Leadership Award.

She holds a Ph.D. in Transformational Learning & Change from the California Institute of Integral Studies and lives in Lake Tahoe, California.

Your Time Is Now – Join Us!

Mastery (D) (Gold/Plat)

The total value of all of the elements of this 9-Month Training and the exclusive bonus is over $27,500:

What You’ll Receive
The Feminine Power Mastery Destiny Process designed by Claire Zammit, Ph.D. (Value $5,000)
Live Monthly Coaching Immersions (Value $10,000)
LIVE Power Circles (Value $4,000)
Conversation Cafes after Power Circles (Value $2,000)
Recorded Coach Masterclasses (Value $2,000)
Destiny Code Activation Masterclasses with Claire Zammit, Ph.D. (Value $4,000)
PDF Transcripts, Recordings and Practice Guides for every Module Training Session (Value $500)
Destiny Sisterhood Private Online Group – Priceless!
Total Value: $27,500
Regular Tuition: $5,997

Join Claire and Our Global Community of Brilliant Women for the Training, Tools, and Support You’ll Need to Make the Leap Into Your Destiny

9-Month Advanced Training

There’s still time to register! FIRST LIVE event
with Claire is on Saturday, August 6th.

Dr. Claire Zammit is leading!
Join us to receive deep, LIVE support, coaching and guidance to become a MASTER CREATOR of your future, manifest something BIG, and become the confident, courageous woman you were born to be…

…Even if you don’t know what to focus on next
or have tried in the past without success!

We are committed to providing the highest level of satisfaction on all of our programs, products and events. You can find our Terms & Conditions below.

Terms & Conditions

You can also email us at mastery@femininepower.com and we’ll be glad to assist you.

Marianne Williamson

Author of Everyday Grace,
A Woman’s Worth, and
Return to Love

“Claire is a woman whose work I deeply admire and a friend who I myself turn to for wisdom and counsel.”

Jean Houston

Author of Jump Time and
A Passion for The Possible

“Claire’s work empowering women is masterful and her training offers the key at this critical time in human history.”

Marci Shimoff

Author of Happy for No Reason: 7 Steps to Being Happy
from the Inside Out

“Unique, original and inspired, Feminine Power catapults a leap in our collective consciousness, offering insights and brilliance from the leading edge!”

Alanis Morissette

Grammy Award Winning Singer/Songwriter and
Record Producer

“Claire’s message-as-movement, at its core, is one of activation, responsibility, humanity, compassion, service, integrity, nurturance and excitement. She unceasingly holds the vision for women at the highest version of ourselves possible, for this I will be forever inspired by and grateful to her.”

Kris Carr

New York Times best-selling author of Crazy Sexy Cancer and wellness activist

“Claire’s approach is so simple and straightforward, like a powerful sigh of relief. It reaffirmed my own sense of motivation, creativity, desire and inspiration.”

Nick Ortner

CEO of The Tapping Solution and New York Times best-selling author of The Tapping Solution:
A Revolutionary System for
Stress-Free Living

“Claire has such a deep knowledge and brilliant insight on how women can create the lives they desire using Feminine Power. I highly recommend her course.”

Craig Hamilton

Spiritual Teacher and Founder of Integral Enlightenment

“As Claire’s husband, I’ve had the chance to witness firsthand the profound, life-changing transformations that occur for women who engage the Feminine Power process—and I’ve seen them emerge as powerful leaders, coaches, and agents of change.”

Barbara Marx Hubbard

Author of Conscious Evolution and The Hunger of Eve

“Claire Zammit is leading the way in the evolution of the feminine for our time. In the midst of so much work on behalf of women, Claire is of prime importance. She is offering the largest possible context to encourage us to give birth to the feminine co-creator, the woman who is expressing the process and power of creation itself. She has been blessed with a mysterious piece of the ‘holy grail’ of feminine leadership toward the evolution of a new humanity within a co-creative society.”

Michael Beckwith

Author of Spiritual Liberation and Star of The Secret

“What my dear friend Claire skillfully transmits and teaches is what the feminine is, and how every woman can activate its energy within her, thereby releasing her authentic gifts into her own individual life and into our world, and contributing to a cultural shift of literally cosmic proportions.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I want to join Mastery?

Mastery is for women who want to make a BIG Leap forward and create something that you haven’t been able to create yourself.

The 9 months of the program is focused on creating something BIG and concrete that would be a game-changer in your life that you haven’t been able to create by yourself…

For example: launching your business, increasing your earning power, attracting your life partner, transforming your health

The second outcome of joining Mastery is that you’ll learn how to become a MASTER Creator with your Feminine Power — confident, aware of your value, living your highest purpose and destiny and creating the future of your dreams!

Who is Mastery for?

Breakthrough events and courses create openings for change and empowerment that need to be grounded in at least 9 months of consistent practice and support in order to make lasting life changes.

  • Mastery is for you if you joined us at Feminine Power LIVE! or you are currently participating in, or a graduate of, our 7-week Essential course.
  • Mastery is for you if you are brand new to Feminine Power!
  • It’s also for you if you’re in our certification programs or a graduate of those programs and looking for the optimal structure of support to create something BIG and life-changing.

The MASTERY process is designed for making the deepest level of change and creating breakthrough results in key life areas, including your prosperity, purpose, relationships, health, visibility and influence, career, creativity, spiritual life and more.

Is Mastery a good fit for me at this time?

Mastery is especially for you if:

  • You don’t want to leave this world with your gifts still inside you
  • You are a coach, leader, author, change-maker, creative, therapist, healing and helping professional or you have an impulse to use your gifts to empower others
  • You are feeling a sense of urgency to get on track for your greater purpose
  • There are BIG, BOLD CHANGES or things you want to create – or wonder if you could – that you haven’t been able to create by yourself
  • You’re willing to get outside of your comfort zone and grow
  • You resonate with the Feminine Power approach or you’ve taken a program with us previously and gotten great results
Do I need to have a clear intention or area of focus to join Mastery?

No! 50% of women joining come without a clear vision and discover an intention and area of focus during our foundations month.

Do I need any prior experience with Feminine Power to be successful in Mastery?

NO! You’re in the right place to register for Mastery even if you are brand new with us. The way that you will master Feminine Power is by applying it to create specific things in your life, and Mastery has been designed to support you to succeed at this.

I’m currently taking, or I’m a graduate of, the 7-Week Course… do I need to finish or fully integrate that first before I join Mastery?

No! Mastery was originally created to support graduates of the 7-week course and apply the insights gleaned to create deep and lasting change in their lives. We’ve found it takes 9 months of repetition and practice to thoroughly integrate and apply this work to create lasting changes in your life. We go at much deeper and slower pace than the 7-week course — for example, the work we do breaking through old patterns is covered in one week in the 7-week Course, in Mastery, we take 2.5 months to break down each step and apply the steps to key areas we’re manifesting in along with support from Coaches in LIVE Power Circles and monthly LIVE Destiny Group Coaching Immersions with Claire.

We can’t underscore how powerful Mastery is when it comes to the integration and application of Feminine Power to your life.

I’m a graduate of Mastery or a Feminine Power/Woman-Centered Coaching, Facilitation and/or Leadership program… how will Mastery support me?

Mastery is a process you don’t just take one time but can use to get to the next level of your own self-actualization, impact and success.

Mastery graduates and women in our professional training programs rave about the value they get from joining and going even deeper.

And joining Mastery can help you make a huge leap professionally, as well!

In addition to unleashing the full spectrum of your untapped potentials, Mastery also serves as a professional development accelerator that can give you:

  • Deeper insights and confidence about coaching through being coached personally and witnessing others be coached by Claire.
  • The ability to show up as a role model of empowerment and magnetize your ideal clients.
    I am already super busy. How much time do I need to devote to make the program worth it?

    Are you 100% on track for the things you want to create in your life? If you want to create prosperity, success, love, or some larger potential, it requires intention, time, energy, focus, and attention to be able to manifest it and create it. Most women who join Mastery also recognize that they need a clear program, coaching and accountability to succeed. It’s challenging to stay on course through this process without this kind of support. If you want to get to the next level of your life or create something extraordinary, it will require an investment of time and resources.

    Mastery is really about the optimal way to spend that time to get the greatest impact for your intentions. It takes a minimum of 3 to 5 hours each week of focused, inner work to be successful at transforming your life, and Mastery gives you the training, mentoring, community, and container you need to make sure you do this every week.

    What if I’m not sure I can afford the Mastery tuition?

    This is really about investing in yourself, and investing in your destiny path. Most women who are seeking to make a big change in their lives know that investing in a structure with a coach, accountability and support is the key to success. If you look back on your life, you’ll see places where you made investments that got you to where you are now. Claire has stood in your shoes, too, and made this same commitment to herself.

    Private coaching with Claire is now a six-figure investment. Mastery is designed to give you the same benefit and is our most affordable premium training with a value of over $25,000 in program elements.

    If I register using your payment plan, will I still get the new bonus?

    YES!! Register on either plan, and the bonus is yours!

    Why is it important for me to be part of the Mastery community, and how will I know if I’ll fit in?

    As your destiny coach, Claire says “you absolutely need to connect with other women to realize your destiny. Even if you don’t like this, you actually have to do it! You haven’t been able to do it alone up until now.” There is no safer or more supportive environment than the one we’ve created in the Mastery program, and we’ll train you in Mastery on how to ask and receive support that is vital for you on your destiny path. There are so many different ways to connect in the course that you’ll definitely find women you resonate with.

    What if I need extra support beyond what is available during the Q&A calls?

    There is plenty of support available in the program! There are monthly LIVE Destiny Group Coaching Immersions with Claire, LIVE Power Circle sessions with Feminine Power senior coaches, support with your Mastery sisters in your Conversation Cafes if you choose to join one, and support in our online community.

    Will Mastery be all new material?

    This year’s training offers many exciting new elements including a fully updated curriculum of training modules recorded in 2021, LIVE MONTHLY Destiny coaching sessions, LIVE Power Circles and brand new pre-recorded modules that guide you through the Destiny Process, so you can cultivate the new skills, tools and capacities that will enable you to create from your Feminine Power for the rest of your life.

    I live in a challenging time zone or have a schedule conflict that makes it difficult for me to attend the calls live. Will I still get the value from the course?

    Yes! Don’t let your schedule stop you. The materials and access to the community and journey we’re going to take you through will be effective even if you never attend a live event! 🙂

    Also, if you aren’t able to make our live events, all training sessions are recorded for you with the exception of the Power Circles. It’s your commitment to listen to the training calls and to do the practices that really matters, along with engaging your Mastery sisters in our online Forum for support and encouragement.

    Power Circles with Woman-Centered Coaches are also scheduled for alternating days and times of day, to accommodate women in different time zones around the world.

    How can I connect with other women in Mastery, especially those who might speak my language?

    In our private online community site, you can connect with other women in your area, or who speak the same language you do—24/7, 365!

    I am interested in becoming a Woman-Centered Coach. Can you tell me more about how to do that?

    Mastery is a great way to move forward on your path and a fantastic foundation for becoming a Woman-Centered Coach, as the best way to transform other women is to become a role model of Feminine Power and self-actualization yourself.

    When doors open for our programs you’ll also have priority to apply to join. Our certification programs focus on these three areas that will ensure the success of our Woman-Centered Coaches:

    • World-class training in woman-centered transformational work where you are supporting clients to go through core shifts in their beliefs inside of the principles of Feminine Power.
    • Business development in the fundamentals of entrepreneurship, including positioning, marketing, and sales, that is generated from within the context of Feminine Power principles.
    • Being a part of our Global Leader community of women in our certification trainings who are on a similar path as you to continue to support you in your development.

    If you are interested in becoming a Woman-Centered Coach, and/or Facilitator, please let your Advisor know or email us at training@femininepower.com with “Interested in becoming a Woman-Centered Coach” in the subject line.

    What’s the difference between the Destiny Accelerator Group Coaching Program offered at Feminine Power LIVE! and the Mastery Gold Program?

    The Mastery GOLD program includes everything in the Destiny Accelerator program except the small Pod Group of 8 and private coaching with a senior coach.

    The Mastery GOLD Program is designed for women who want to access the deepest level of personal breakthrough training, accountability and support at a fraction of the TIME and FINANCIAL commitment as the Destiny Accelerator program.

    Included in the Mastery GOLD Program are:

    • The CORE Mastery training modules – brand new and updated in 2021 by Claire
    • LIVE Monthly Coaching with Claire – the last time she’ll ever be offering this!
    • LIVE Power Circles 3x a month with our senior coaches, where you can get your questions answered and get personal coaching
    • PLUS! We’ve just added back in our Destiny Project bonus so that you can get great support to bring something into the world during your time in Mastery.

    Included in the Mastery DESTINY ACCELERATOR Program are everything included in Mastery Gold, PLUS:

    • A peer group of high-level women who will be holding your personal intention with you
    • 10 group coaching sessions
    • 3 personal private sessions with a senior coach

    If you’d like personal, one-on-one support to determine which level of Mastery is right for you, schedule a conversation with our Feminine Power Advisor (and Mastery graduate!) Dianna Hankin here now.

    Still got questions?

    Schedule a conversation with Dianna, our senior Feminine Power Advisor, to get personal support to discover if and how Mastery is right for you.

    Join Claire and Our Global Community of Brilliant Women for the Training, Tools, and Support You’ll Need to Make the Leap Into Your Destiny

    9-Month Advanced Training

    There’s still time to register! FIRST LIVE event
    with Claire is on Saturday, August 6th.

    Dr. Claire Zammit is leading!
    Join us to receive deep, LIVE support, coaching and guidance to become a MASTER CREATOR of your future, manifest something BIG, and become the confident, courageous woman you were born to be…

    …Even if you don’t know what to focus on next
    or have tried in the past without success!

    We are committed to providing the highest level of satisfaction on all of our programs, products and events. You can find our Terms & Conditions below.

    Terms & Conditions

    If you have any questions about this program, please email us at mastery@femininepower.com and we’ll be glad to assist you.

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