Something really big is happening for women. There’s an energy, a momentum that’s building, and it’s driving us to want to step into new roles, to play a bigger part in influencing the future of our world, and to actualize all the possibilities we sense within ourselves.

As the traditional roles for women have changed, and we’ve been freed up, for the first time in history, to care about our own self-realization, a dormant energy has been collectively ignited.

Create. Inspire. Impact. Connect. Grow. Rise. Shine bright.

These are the whispers from our soul that we hear in our clearest moments. But we don’t know what to do with these yearnings.

How? we ask ourselves. What would this look like? How can I make a living thinking this way?

In this new world order, there is no map. There are no models to follow. Women are truly on the frontier of a new stage in human evolution…

We’ve been trying to find our way utilizing a navigation system that doesn’t even recognize this new landscape.

That’s the situation women all over the globe find themselves in. We have more options and the ability like never before to be whoever we want to be, but we lack the tools to navigate our way there.

I know because this is my story. And it’s the story of every woman I know. For more than a decade, I’ve dedicated my life to understanding this new world order. I’ve worked with and coached thousands of women experiencing this exact same phenomenon. We feel something alive, something so important waking up inside of us, but we don’t know what to do with it.

And that’s how Feminine Power got started. It was formed out of necessity, for women just like me, and you, who long to honor the yearnings and whispers of our souls but don’t know how.

And what came out of this exploration is nothing short of astounding. We discovered that by honoring the very qualities and energy that make us women, we unlocked a source of power unlike anything we’d ever known.

Actually, we discovered three power sources—channels, if you will—that together provide everything we need to not only navigate our way through life but to our highest potentials. Nothing short of our destiny.

Yeah, I know, it’s big.

Just note as you read the following statements whether any (or many) of these apply to you:

You long to…

  • Create a career that honors your calling to make a difference.
  • Attract an intimate relationship where you can be yourself.
  • Build on the success you’ve already achieved to impact people on a larger scale.


  • Are sick of doing it alone, yet struggle to let yourself be supported.
  • Feel a burning desire to express your gifts and talents in ways that will make a difference, but you don’t know what that looks like. You might not even know where to start.
  • Have a sense of what you’re here to do but don’t know how to make the transition and also support yourself financially.
  • Have good friends or belong to a community yet still have the inner experience of feeling alone, and that your calling is your problem to figure out by yourself.
  • Find yourself over-giving and over-doing, constantly running at a support-deficit.
  • Yearn for a romantic partnership with someone who matches your values and vision, or you want deeper intimacy from a relationship you’re currently in.

Or perhaps…

  • Despite all the personal growth work you’ve done, you still sense a barrier in your life that you just can’t seem to break through.
  • You’re concerned about the state of the world and you want to help make the world a better place, but feel totally overwhelmed about how to even get started.

If you identify with any of the above, first off, know that there’s nothing wrong with you and that you are not alone. Millions of women are feeling this exact same way.

Women from all walks of life are having these experiences, including personal coaches, mothers, artists, entrepreneurs, teachers, authors, judges, producers, and performers. I met one woman who is a rocket scientist, and she checked everything on the list!

Something so big is happening for so many women across such a broad spectrum, we can no longer ignore it.

These emotions, these feelings of restlessness and dissatisfaction, are symptoms of the awakening to a new stage in our evolution. American psychologist Abraham Maslow called it “self-actualization,” and later, “self-transcendence.”

And it makes sense. We are among the first and second generation of women to be freed up from the tasks of just having to survive and put food on the table.

For the first time in history, as a woman, we are free to pursue our own self-actualization, our destiny.

Something so big is happening for so many women across such a broad spectrum, we can no longer ignore it.

As the glass ceilings that have held women back for so long shattered, and the opportunities to participate in the world expanded, we (rapidly) ascended to this new stage. And now, a critical mass of women, from all over the globe, is awakening to an altered landscape.

From this vista, we feel the profound impulse to express ourselves: our creativity, our vision, and our voice.

We don’t just want a nice house or a nice car. As wonderful as those things are, we’re yearning for something that can’t be acquired.

And we don’t want to just succeed where men have succeeded—the traditional way that success has been defined in our world.

We’re yearning for something that can only be created through us: The higher possibility of who we are.

We yearn for an experience of intimacy that’s deeper and more real than what our parents had. We long to have our creative gifts impact others. We want belonging, self-expression, aliveness, meaning and contribution.

None of these things can be created with a masculine power system. Don’t get me wrong, that system is great if you want to achieve, accomplish, acquire—it’s what has built civilization, made advances in technology and science, taken us to the moon.

But the nature of our destination has changed. The nature of our aspiration has changed. This is why we keep hearing about the need for a feminine power system to be the operating system for the 21st century.

Women still struggle for equality in many important ways. We make less money; it’s up to us to figure out how to balance career and family, and in many places, we may even fear for our safety.

Yet we are leading the way for this new stage of humanity. That’s why we are the majority in self-help programs, why we start businesses at higher than the national average and why we are catalyzing the flourishing of organizations all over the world.

I firmly believe that this awakening not only holds the keys to our personal fulfillment as women, but also to our planetary potential. We literally have the power to shape the future of our world.

A powerful thing is waking up inside you, inside each of us. It’s a deep signal that you—we—are being called.

What’s Possible in this New Stage

It’s a wholesome, life-positive thing that’s happening for women. The problem is we can’t unlock the potentials we’re sensing with the same power system we’ve been using to get here. That’s why we feel so frustrated and under-realized: we don’t yet have the power to step into the opportunities right in front of us.

But when we consistently work with the 3 Power Centers, which this eBook will outline, the gap between the possibility that you sense for yourself, and how life actually shows up, rapidly disappears.

  • You become organically connected to the deeper truth of who you are.
  • You start living into and discover your higher purpose.
  • You feel a sense of authentic confidence in your ability to attract and generate the resources you need to thrive.
  • Your relationships begin to mirror and match your value.
  • You express your gifts not for just self-expression’s sake, but in ways that are received, valued, and go on to impact others.
  • You begin to feel spiritually connected and attuned to your own inner compass.
  • You empower your family, partner, children, and community to show up, flourish and thrive.

When you Unlock Feminine Power, the gap between the possibilities you sense for yourself and how life shows up rapidly disappears.

The one thing I know for sure is that the possibilities you sense in your clearest moments, for who you are and what your life could be – they’re real. In fact, your destiny is bigger than you can imagine.

The opportunity you have for success, for impact, for connection, for intimacy, for legacy—it’s never been greater.

How This Book Works

This book is broken down into four chapters. Each chapter builds on the last and provides stories and, in the Power Center chapters, exercises so that you can start living more and more from your Feminine Power.

My Story

This chapter shares the origins of Feminine Power and tells the remarkable story of how these teachings came to be birthed into the world.

Power Center One: The Power to Break Through Your Inner Glass Ceiling

Want to build a solid foundation in your feminine power? This chapter shows how you can forge an unshakable connection between the weaker parts of you and the part of you that is wise and has access to perspective and resources.

Power Center Two: Unlocking Your Inner GPS and Forging an Unshakeable Bond with Your Inner Wisdom

With the natural limits of the masculine power system, we have mostly become disconnected from our intuitive guidance. With this power center, you’ll reconnect to the deeper wisdom inside of you, and to the energy and intelligence of life.

Power Center Three: The Keys to Manifesting Your Destiny

Discover how we can free ourselves from the double bind put on women around asking for support, helping us begin to make requests and generate the support we need to play our biggest game.

Take the Next Step: Join Claire and a Global Tribe to Unlock Your Feminine Power

In this final chapter of the eBook, you’ll be invited to join an upcoming FREE Event where you can apply your new discoveries and make the leap into your Destiny.

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