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The Feminine Power Success Codes

With Claire Zammit, Ph.D.

Discover how to make the mindset shifts and access the tools you need to create your most extraordinary life… in just minutes a day!

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  • Self-Care, Health and Wellness

  • Values-Aligned Prosperity

  • Activate Your Soul’s Potentials

  • Discover Your True Genius

  • Radiate Your Brilliance

  • Deep Spiritual Connection

  • Give And Receive Genuine Love

You can RISE and meet these uncertain times with Courage, Power, Grit & Grace…

If you’re reading this page, I know that you are a conscious caring woman who is committed to fulfilling her heart’s desires and soul’s potential and lifting up others around you.

I also know that what’s happening in our world right now was certainly not on your vision board or in your plans for the start of a new decade!

You might be feeling disoriented, stressed, anxious, and uncertain about where, or how, to focus to navigate the challenges and opportunities ahead that will ensure you make it through—let alone ensure you’re on track for the larger life that’s calling you.

On my own journey, and in coaching and mentoring women from all corners of the globe, I’ve seen firsthand that what makes the greatest difference in times of crisis and in the face of setbacks, challenges, and uncertainty, is having access to the mindsets, power practices and support that will ensure you respond and expand into creativity, connection and power, rather than react and contract into scarcity, despair and isolation.

Having access to the tools to make this shift couldn’t be more critical to not only thriving, but surviving this moment.

When you unlock, ignite and create from your Feminine Power, you can access the kind of authentic power that will ensure you RISE in response to all that’s ahead.

Now is the time to get the support you need to uplevel your physical, mental, and emotional self-care practices to have the energy you need to rise during this time.

Now is the time to forge an unshakable connection to your own inner strengths, gifts, genius, and inner resources.

Now is the time to ground into the practices that will connect you to your inner knowing and higher power.

Now is the time to expand into connection and loving support from a community where you can access valuable emotional and practical resources.

Now is the time to move into radical preparation and service to share your greatest gifts and genius with the world and be ready to step forward.

And here’s what I know for sure: your heart’s desire and soul’s greatest possibilities can be made manifest through this time ahead, regardless of these circumstances.

You can use this time ahead as a catalyst for unprecedented growth and positive change…

You can step forward into being and becoming who you were meant to be in this life…

And you can seize the tremendous opportunity that’s here for you to RISE and be a LIGHT for others and for our world.

Extraordinary possibilities await you when you can make the shift into your Feminine Power:

  • Break free cycles from depression, anxiety, and stuckness and move into flow, connection and an inspiring vision for your future.
  • Release financial fears and insecurity and move into resourcefully creating the prosperity you need to thrive, care for your loved ones and build lasting wealth.
  • Turn overwhelm in response to the demands on your time and energy into clarity about the most empowered actions you can focus to create success.
  • Turn any setbacks in your livelihood into an opportunity to pivot away from aspects of your career that have been unfulfilling and off purpose, and finally step into the great work you were born to contribute.
  • Break free of patterns of overgiving to others, even in this time of crisis, that have left you exhausted and depleted so that even in a few minutes a day you nourish and energize yourself first.
  • Finally tap into all the creativity and gifts within you that you haven’t had time (or known how!) to unleash.
  • Release any feelings of not being worthy or being unsupported by life, and access the authentic confidence, self-valuing and belief that you need to manifest your true desires, dreams and vision.

In 20 Years of Personal Practice, Research and Experience Coaching & Mentoring Over 40,000 women personally, I’ve discovered first hand the kind of support that conscious smart women need to Unlock and LIVE from their FEMININE POWER:

  • A Guide Who Is Both A Coach and a Mentor

    You need someone who is both a coach and a mentor, who can ask you powerful questions that connect you to your inner wisdom, disrupt your limiting beliefs and expand your vision with a clear pathway of inspired action. She needs to be someone who can hold an even bigger possibility for your life than you can see yourself and shares powerful motivation, tools, strategies, and shortcuts from having navigated the path herself that can save you years—if not decades!

  • The Winning Mindsets That Create Authentic Success

    You absolutely need success frameworks that are aligned with what you truly value and care about. Traditional “just do it” success principles alone don’t give self-actualizing women access to the mindsets that support them to step into their largest life and fully become themselves. This is where Feminine Power is so key, because it’s only with this approach that you can tap into your highest potentials and create the things you most deeply yearn for.

  • Feminine Power Success Principles

    Women who are authentically successful, living creative, self-actualized lives with thriving relationships, flowing prosperity and vibrant wellbeing, live by a different set of principles. How they talk to themselves, listen to themselves, make decisions, and respond to challenges is the key thing that separates your current life from the one you desire. Getting access to these new ways of orienting and creating your life are key to fast-tracking your success.

  • High Impact Tools & Life Hacks

    Most conscious, smart women are busy and overextended, with little time to themselves. That’s why having access to tools you can implement in a few minutes a day—that will create the most dramatic shifts in the shortest amount of time—can make all the difference. You CAN make HUGE breakthroughs in a very short amount of time with the right high-impact tools and life-hacks.

  • Feminine Power Practices

    These simple daily practices support you to quickly reconnect to your Feminine Power centers and give you access to the superpowers of authentic confidence, courage, intuitive knowing, creativity and the inner resources from which you can navigate life in your power and generate all that you need to succeed.

  • Daily Motivation

    It’s important to start each day with an anchor, such as a “Power Statement” that supports you to believe in yourself and plug into the limitless support of God/Spirit/The Universe, so that you can effortlessly show up as who you truly are, in your power.

  • Community

    Research shows that we become as conscious or successful as the aggregate of the six people we are closest to—and this is shown to be even more true for women! If you’re reaching higher in your life, it’s critical to surround yourself with a community of women who are true peers, to encourage, mirror, and support you. They’ll cheer you on when you succeed, and stand by your side with empathy, compassion and a helping hand, when you’re rising after a setback.

Success Codes Membership is Currently closed.
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The Feminine Success Codes!

I’m excited to invite you into a coaching and mentoring relationship with me, as well as to join a supportive global sisterhood and community I’ve created especially for conscious, smart gifted women who are committed to stepping into their greatness.

Each month I’m going to be creating brand-new content that’s relevant to what’s happening in your life and our world right now, along with high-impact actionable tools that will support your success.

In just minutes a day, you can access inspiring, energizing and easy-to-access tools and guided practices on your computer, tablet or phone.

And it’s my honor, joy and privilege to invite you to sign up for your first month to experience the power of this new program at no charge, with no credit card required.

I can’t wait to get started.

With love,

Claire XOX
Claire Zammit, Ph.D.
Founder, Feminine Power

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What You’ll Receive

The Feminine Success Codes Membership Elements

  • Monthly Success Codes Sessions

    Claire will share her latest Feminine Power keys on timely topics and practices to guide you to live your destiny no matter the circumstances.

  • Monthly Power Practices

    Each month, you’ll receive a guided Power Practice to support you to apply the month’s theme to the area of your intention.

  • Weekly Laser Coaching Video

    Each week, Claire will leave you a short message supporting you to move into your week with a winning mindset.

  • Weekly SMS Power Statements

    Each week, you’ll receive a motivating Power Statement that will support you to show up in your Feminine Power in your life.
    *Note: you can choose to opt out, if you prefer.

  • Feminine Power “Life Hacks”

    Every month, you’ll receive a brand-new Feminine Power tool—the one little shift that can lead to dramatic results in areas such as confidence, wealth, self-care, purpose, love, and more.

  • Power Circles with Senior Coaches

    Every month, you’ll have the opportunity to receive laser coaching from our awesome team of Feminine Power coaches, and be supported and inspired by other members of our community!

  • LIVE Virtual
    “Activation” Retreats

    Four times a year, you’ll have the chance to reactivate your Feminine Power as you join Claire and your global community for 2-hour Virtual Retreats around different Feminine Power Topics.

  • Private Online Community

    You’ll join brilliant women from all corners of the world who are reaching higher in their lives. Together we’ll celebrate our WINS, offer support though our growing edges, forge Power Partnerships, and share resources.

  • Exclusive Program Discounts

    You’ll receive exclusive discounts on Feminine Power courses, live events, advanced and professional trainings, as well as partner offers.

Exclusive Bonus

Empowering Women Codes

Brand new high-impact actionable content and tools you can use to empower, support and seve the women who are your clients or community members as we navigate this time of great challenge, uncertainty and opportunity.

Are you a coach, therapist, workshop leader, changemaker or a caring woman who is called to help ignite, inspire and catalyze transformation in other women?

Get valuable tools and resources to support the women you’re serving by joining the Feminine Success Codes in 2020! You’ll gain exclusive access to “behind the scenes” brand-new bonus content such as interviews, coaching demonstrations, guided exercises and Empowering Women “Power Practices” that you can use with clients or the community that you’re serving and leading through this time. Claire will share some of her most valuable content gleaned over two decades of coaching and mentoring women as an exclusive bonus to members of the Feminine Success Codes this year.

About Your Coach & Mentor

Dr. Claire Zammit, Founder, Feminine Power

Claire is the guide you’ve been seeking. She is known as the mentor for smart, conscious, gifted women, and has been exactly where you are now. She has gone through the process herself, and guided tens of thousands of women to create extraordinary lives.

Many of today’s leading luminaries say that there are few women alive today who have done more to empower conscious women to actualize their potential and realize their destiny than Claire.

In her two decades as a transformational teacher and leader, Claire has shared her life-changing Feminine Power principles and practices with millions of women around the globe.

Her groundbreaking doctoral research on the underlying obstacles blocking intelligent, conscious, women from stepping into their greatness has been praised as a seminal contribution to the advancement of women in this century.

As a result of the exact same process she’s going to guide you through in The Feminine Success Codes, she herself has:

  • Created a fulfilling (decade-long and counting!) marriage and partnership with her beloved husband Craig.
  • Developed the support of an amazing network of other powerful women leaders to help make her greatest contribution.
  • Founded her dream transformational education company that was recognized by Inc. magazine as #83 on the list of the fastest growing companies in America, employing an extraordinary team, generating over 50 million in revenue, and reaching 500 million people.
  • Trained over 40,000 women in her Feminine Power programs.
  • Trained hundreds of coaches and facilitators in her professional Feminine Power Coaching, Facilitation and Leadership academy from more than 40 countries.
  • Become a dedicated philanthropist giving more than $100,000+ to help fund a leadership and self-esteem training program that’s now set to impact a million girls in the developing world.

Claire’s primary focus now is to pass on what she’s learned and train women to become highly influential and impactful transformational leaders, coaches, facilitators and change-makers specializing in the empowerment of women.

Claire believes that the future of humanity cannot be realized without YOU becoming who you were meant to be, giving the gifts you came here to share and making the contribution that ONLY you can make.

She is also an active member of Jack Canfield’s Transformational Leadership Council and was the recipient of its Achievement Award.

She is also a participant in Deepak Chopra’s Evolutionary Leaders Forum and the recipient of the Just Like My Child Foundation Women’s Leadership Award.

Claire holds a Ph.D. in Transformational Learning & Change from the California Institute of Integral Studies and lives in Lake Tahoe, California with her husband, spiritual teacher Craig Hamilton.

Monthly Topics Include

  • Confidence in the Face of Uncertainty
  • Spiritual Tools for Challenging Times
  • Prosperity Power Practices
  • High-Impact Creativity
  • Vulnerability For Deeper Intimacy
  • Conflict to Connection
  • Getting To “YES” In Any Conversation
  • The Art of Impactul Communication
  • Unshakable Self-Care Structures
  • Valuing Yourself and Value Creation
  • Dealing with Grief and Heart Healing
  • Creating Deep Bonds with Others

Every Month You’ll Receive:

Feminine Power Tools
That You Can APPLY to KEY Areas of Self-Actualization:

  • PROSPERITY – Release the struggle around money

    Receive tools to practice financial self-care so you can earn what you’re worth, spend consciously, build lasting wealth aligned with your values, and give generously.

  • LOVE – Create the intimacy and love you long for

    Create a deeper connection with your current partner or get the support you need to magnetize and manifest your soulmate and finally experience the love you deserve.

  • HEALTH – Uplevel your self-care and unleash radiance

    Release old patterns of self-neglect, stress and overgiving, and step into thriving in your health, body-confidence, and overall love for yourself, and enjoy being alive.

  • CALLING – Discover your unique gifts, talents and genius

    Gain clarity about how to get started (or get to the next level!) in giving your gifts in ways that impact others deeply and are valued and celebrated.

  • CONFIDENCE – Show up to LEAP into your largest life

    Gain the courage to let yourself be seen and known in all areas of your life. Deepen self-belief so you can invest in yourself and follow your greatest dreams.

  • CREATIVITY – Become fully self-expressed

    Gain the power to amplify your gifts and express them fully through creative projects, artistic expressions, and the beauty and magic you express in all aspects of your life.

  • SPIRITUALITY – Plug in to the source of all creative power, wisdom and grace in the universe

    Step into an experience of awe and wonder as you reconnect to a higher power and unlock your intuition.

  • INFLUENCE – Uplift and empower others with your gifts

    As you RISE into your own power, you’ll ignite others, stepping forward as a woman of influence and impact.

Your Exclusive Bonuses

Bonus 1

The Feminine Power Breakthrough Starter Kit

Regular Price $197

In this never-before-offered 7-day video series, you’ll gain access to the most potent practices from our flagship Feminine Power Essential Course that will support you to begin to manifest your heart’s desires and ignite your soul’s potential. NOTE: This series is highly recommended for both graduates from our Feminine Power course and also those who are brand new to Feminine Power.

Bonus 2

“Living Your Destiny” Key Life Area Seminar Package

Regular Price $700

As a member of The Feminine Success Codes, you’ll gain access to an exclusive collection of seminars will support you to make powerful shifts in key areas that self-actualizing women struggle with most, such as self-care, releasing barriers to wealth, sourcing authentic confidence, self-love and more. This collection of seminars has only been available to exclusive members of a private graduate community paying $100 for each session.

Bonus 3

The Feminine Power Success Mentors

Regular Price $1,200

As a member, you’ll have access to inspiring recorded mentoring sessions with many of the most influential and inspiring women thought leaders, change agents and artists in the world today as they share stories of how they developed authentic success on their own terms, as well as practical tools that will support you to step into your brilliance so that you can experience the authentic success, love, power, creativity and impact you were born for.

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JOIN US FOR ONE FREE MONTH of this groundbreaking new membership program.

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Women say Claire’s mentoring and Feminine Power tools and resources were the KEY to their success:

“I lost 70 lbs, traveled solo in foreign countries where I didn’t speak the language, and celebrated my new body by riding elephants, zip lining, and hiking to the Tiger’s Nest in Bhutan (+12,000 ft)!”
Carolyn, Camano Island, Washington

“I went back to the career that I had always wanted: photography. My work is better than ever and I am getting calls from national clients. Last year I won a huge job that paid $30,000 for a week of shooting!”
Rose, San Francisco, California

“I have been able to buy a beautiful house that I share with my fiancé, who is an amazing man, a true feminist, and aligned completely with my values and truly supportive of everything I do.”
Rachel, New Zealand

“I now have the passion and deeper connection I always wanted in marriage.”
Carol, Oakland, California

“I am no longer just existing, I am truly living.”
Julie, El Dorado Hills, California

“I have a job in my field that pays me more than I have ever earned!”
Annabella, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

“I lost 185 pounds and have kept it off for more than a year now! I discovered the tools to care for myself in the same way I care for others.”
Angela, New York, New York

“I have never experienced this kind of trust and support. The support I give and receive from the women in the Feminine Power community is life-changing. It is life-giving.”
Jen, San Francisco, California

“Now I understand that expression, ‘beyond my wildest dreams.’ I couldn’t have imagined the woman I am today!”
Carolina, Colombia

What Luminaries are Saying About Claire Zammit, Ph.D.


Author, Everyday Grace, A Woman’s Worth, and Return to Love
Claire is a woman whose work I deeply admire and a friend who I myself turn to for wisdom and counsel.


Author, Happy for No Reason: 7 Steps to Being Happy from the Inside Out
Unique, original and inspired, Feminine Power catapults a leap in our collective consciousness, offering insights and brilliance from the leading edge!


Wellness activist and New York Times best-selling author, Crazy Sexy Cancer
Claire’s approach is so simple and straightforward, like a powerful sigh of relief. It reaffirmed my own sense of motivation, creativity, desire and inspiration.


Grammy Award Winning Singer/Songwriter and Record Producer
Claire’s message-as-movement, at its core, is one of activation, responsibility, humanity, compassion, service, integrity, nurturance and excitement. She unceasingly holds the vision for women at the highest version of ourselves possible, for this I will be forever inspired by and grateful to her.


Author, Conscious Evolution and The Hunger of Eve
Claire Zammit is leading the way in the evolution of the feminine for our time. In the midst of so much work on behalf of women, Claire is of prime importance. She is offering the largest possible context to encourage us to give birth to the feminine co-creator, the woman who is expressing the process and power of creation itself. She has been blessed with a mysterious piece of the ‘holy grail’ of feminine leadership toward the evolution of a new humanity within a co-creative society.


Star of The Secret and author, Spiritual Liberation
What my dear friend Claire skillfully transmits and teaches is what the feminine is, and how every woman can activate its energy within her, thereby releasing her authentic gifts into her own individual life and into our world, and contributing to a cultural shift of literally cosmic proportions.


CEO of The Tapping Solution and New York Times best-selling author, The Tapping Solution: A Revolutionary System for Stress-Free Living
Claire has such a deep knowledge and brilliant insight on how women can create the lives they desire using Feminine Power. I highly recommend her course.


Author, Jump Time and A Passion for The Possible
Claire’s work empowering women is masterful and her training offers the key at this critical time in human history.


Spiritual Teacher and Founder, Integral Enlightenment
As Claire’s husband, I’ve had the chance to witness firsthand the profound, life-changing transformations that occur for women who engage the Feminine Power process—and I’ve seen them emerge as powerful leaders, coaches, and agents of change.

Have More Questions?

Q: What is The Feminine Power Success Codes program?

The Feminine Power Success Codes brand-new monthly membership program for graduates of our Feminine Power courses, as well as women who are new to Feminine Power who want to create an extraordinary life. You’ll gain access to Claire’s personal coaching, along with her latest and most effective Feminine Power tools and practices that are instantly actionable in key life areas such as your relationships, finances, life-purpose, health and wellbeing, and more.

Every month, Claire will be creating brand-new, exclusive inspiring content to lift you up and keep you on the path to success in creating your vision. Through weekly power statements and coaching videos, Claire will guide you to make the smallest shifts that can lead to dramatic results in the areas of self-care, prosperity, love, impact, and more. You’ll connect with our supportive global virtual community during this time of social distancing and you’ll have the opportunity to be coached LIVE on monthly Power Circles by Claire and Certified Feminine Power Coaches who will help you integrate and apply each month’s practices. Plus, you’ll get quarterly LIVE Activation Retreats with Claire, and even exclusive discounts on other Evolving Wisdom programs!

Q: What happens after I join?

As soon as you register, you’ll get an email inviting you to your special FREE MONTH of membership. You’ll get instructions on how to get started and where you can access your materials.

Q: How often will new content be released?

If you choose to stay in the membership in an ongoing way, you’ll gain access to brand-new, exclusive, leading-edge content designed by Claire to support you to REACH HIGHER! Each month, you’ll also get WEEKLY laser coaching videos and power statements to keep your momentum going!

Q: How much of my time will it require each month?

One of the key benefits of this program is that you can create huge changes in your life in just minutes a day! This is not a course that requires hours each week. We’re giving you the smallest amount of daily, weekly, and monthly tools and mindset shifts to have a massive impact. To really have a breakthrough and see the greatest results, we recommend you listen to the one Success Codes Session each month whenever it’s convenient for you, and then engage with the practices when you need them. This can even be just 5 minutes a day with your morning coffee!

The monthly Power Circles with Feminine Power Coaches and the quarterly Virtual Retreats with Claire are opportunities to go deeper, but are not required for you to experience success.

Q: What is the schedule each month?

Claire will release her brand-new Success Codes Session on the first Tuesday of every month. The first month will kick off with a video series on activating or reigniting your Feminine Power.

The monthly Power Circle with Senior Feminine Power Coaches will occur on an alternating schedule, to give women in different time zones all over the world the opportunity to participate LIVE. Each month’s schedule will be posted inside your membership portal.

Q: How do I access the materials each month?

All of your materials will be available to stream or download in your Success Codes membership portal. We’ll email you your login details, and each month you’ll have the Feminine Success Codes Sessions, power practices, life hacks, bonuses, and all other materials at your fingertips, whether you’re on your computer, tablet, or smartphone. You’ll also receive an email reminder with access details to join any live calls with Claire or our coaches. To be sure you can receive those emails, please add the following address to your email contact list: successcodes@femininepower.com.

Q: What if I don’t have time every month?

Claire created The Feminine Success Codes to make accessing your connection to your Feminine Power EASY, fun, and uplifting each month. It’s not another thing on your to-do list… it’s the thing that will ground you in your power and make your to-do list possible!

But don’t worry! All of your Success Codes materials will be saved for you in your online portal to access at your convenience.

Q: What do I need to be able to participate?

To access all your materials, you just need a device such as a computer, smartphone or tablet, an internet connection, and a browser such as Chrome, Firefox or Safari.

You can join our LIVE video sessions by downloading the Zoom app to your computer or smartphone (we’ll send you instructions when you join!) or you can dial in by phone.

Q: Is there an app for the Feminine Power Success Codes?

Not yet! But you can access your portal easily from your phone.

Q: What kind of support does the Feminine Power Success Codes offer?

Joining this program is the closest thing to having Claire as your personal coach. Each month you’ll be inside a circle of support that you’ll experience in the following ways:

  1. Claire will be supporting you through her inspiring Feminine Power Success Code video sessions, monthly LIVE group coaching, power practices and “Feminine Power Life Hacks,” as well as weekly laser coaching videos. She’ll even send you weekly text messages for encouragement along your journey!
  2. Senior Feminine Power Coaches will host a Power Circle once a month to give laser coaching and support you to integrate that month’s Success Code into your life. They’ll also be posting inside the online forum!
  3. You’ll have the wholehearted support of a global community of brilliant, self-actualizing women who are ON FIRE to break through their own patterns and reach higher in their life. Our private online community will be a true sisterhood to cheer you on, forge power partnerships, share resources, encourage you through your growth edges, and most importantly—celebrate your WINS!
  4. And finally, our rockstar Feminine Power support team will be inside the private online community and available at successcodes@femininepower.com to answer your questions along the way!
Q: Do I need to be a graduate of any other Feminine Power programs to get the most out of The Feminine Power Success Codes?

Absolutely not! The principles Claire will be sharing in The Feminine Power Success Codes are vital for any self-actualizing woman who wants to experience a massive breakthrough and get to the next level of success in her life in the areas of love, career, creativity, self-care, etc. You do not need to have taken any prior Feminine Power courses to experience results.

And if you are a graduate, you’ll get support to apply Feminine Power to manifest and create your vision in your life.

Plus, if you’re new to Feminine Power or it’s been a while since you took one of our courses, we’re providing the bonus “Feminine Power Starter Kit” as a way to jumpstart your connection to your Feminine Power!

Q: I loved other Feminine Power programs… How is The Feminine Success Codes different?

Many Feminine Power graduates experience massive breakthroughs and create stunning results while in our programs—but becoming who you were meant to be in this lifetime is a marathon, not a sprint!

Many of these graduates share with us that ongoing mentorship and the support of an active community of like-minded women is the exact support structure they need to keep the momentum they experienced in their courses going!

The Feminine Success Codes includes ongoing mentorship from Claire and her most senior coaches, so you can stay grounded in your Feminine Power every day and use it to create profound results in all areas of your life.

Your weekly motivational text message could be the one thing that makes all the difference in how you show up in your relationships, your work, your financial decisions, your self-care, and more!

Q: I’ve tried other programs promising success. Will The Feminine Power Success Codes have anything to offer me?

There are many excellent programs by top success coaches, but sadly, none were built specifically to serve self-actualizing women! Chances are you tried a program that was created for “achievement” in the masculine sense, and it just didn’t serve what you’re up to in the world.

We hear this all the time!

Claire created The Feminine Power Success Codes as the solution. It’s designed as EXACTLY what self-actualizing women need to succeed!

Q: Are the practices exclusive to The Feminine Power Success Codes?

Yes! Each month Claire is creating brand-new content you won’t find in any other program!

Q: Is Facebook a necessary part of membership?

Unlike other programs, the community in The Feminine Success Codes will be located inside our exclusive online portal. You just need one login to access your materials, as well as your vibrant virtual community of women from all over the world!

Q: What if I’m still not sure?

Please use the customer service live chat (icon on the bottom right of this page), or reach out to successcodes@femininepower.com and let us know your questions or concerns. We’d love to help!

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