Spiritual Survival Skills
for a World in Chaos
Accessing the Strength, Wisdom and Equanimity to Meet the Challenges of our Moment

Isn’t it astonishing how rapidly life can change?

In this 80-minute workshop, Craig will guide you on a journey of self-discovery designed to help you tap into a profound source of inner strength, resilience, clarity and compassion that can enable you to navigate the upheaval and uncertainty of this time with grace and wisdom.

You’ll learn:

  • The four “spiritual survival skills” that will help you stay centered and grounded in the deepest part of yourself, no matter what life brings your way.
  • How to live your entire life from a center of profound equanimity that will enable you to find unwavering inner peace at any moment and not be thrown off course by the ups and downs of our global crisis.
  • Why letting go is the key to meeting even the most challenging times with courage, clarity and unshakable confidence.
  • How to be comfortable “not knowing” in the face of uncertainty–and why living in the unknown actually opens the door to profound intuitive wisdom and spontaneous creativity.
  • How to meet each moment of life with a “beginner’s mind” and discover the expansive freedom and inner strength of not needing to know.
  • What it means to surrender to a deeper source of wisdom without giving up your sovereignty over your own life.
  • How to short-circuit the ego’s relentless insistence that there is something missing from this moment and discover the profound depth and fullness that is always already here.
  • Why finally embracing reality as it is is the key to a life of unimaginable meaning, purpose and contribution.

Over 24,000 people have already tuned in to this workshop in the past week and we’re receiving a wave of comments from people around the world sharing how supportive and transformative it was to be guided through the four timely practices Craig shared.

What Participants are Saying…

“This whole thing was incredibly fantastic (A+++) and so perfect for me at this time after almost 50 years of meditating. All of the content you have freely given in recent months has had a profound effect, but today was off the charts!”
James K.

“Thank you for your time and teachings. This was so helpful for myself, as a first responder, and my family!”
Mary G.

“My gratitude to Craig and all of the team for making this amazing workshop possible. I really appreciate the generosity, and it inspired me to do it more myself.”
Paula P.

“I found this to be very helpful for finding my center in this turbulent period! Thank you and much love to you, Craig!”
Bob P.

“Thanks so much! What a huge contribution to the planet and humanity.”
Margaret L.

“The way and manner in which you presented the workshop helped me to shift into a new awareness – what a gift!”
Heidi K.

“I have been listening to your wonderful live audio workshops for years, but it was so great to actually see you.”
Charlette E.

“There is a lot here to help us all rise to the current needs of the world and to give and grow into the future. Thank you, Craig.”
Mark W.

“The webinar was a lovely interlude of peace—thank you so much for your help!”
Angela S.

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