Discover the power of meditation to awaken your consciousness, accelerate your growth and contribute to our greater evolution – with a unique month-long guided meditation program from one of today’s most inspiring spiritual teachers.

Dear Friend,

Meditation offers enormous benefits—for the mind, for the body, for the spirit, for greater consciousness and clarity.

No doubt you’ve heard about some of these benefits, and may even have been inspired to try meditation as a result.

If you’re already meditating, chances are that you’ve found meditation to be enjoyable and rewarding. But have you ever sensed that there is a much greater potential to meditation, beyond anything you’ve glimpsed up until now.

The fact is that even though most us know meditation is a valuable practice—with new data emerging all the time about powerful positive effects on behaviors, awareness, and the very core of our ability to deal with life—most of us aren’t experiencing the truly liberating power of meditation.

If you’re intrigued to experience the authentic, life-changing impact of meditation, then Journey Into Freedom is the profound, accessible meditation system you’ve been seeking—whether you’ve been curious about meditation, trying to reinvigorate a lapsed practice, or meditating for years.

This is not a step-by-step course, but a meditation system that provides direct access to meditation’s most profound benefits (such as presence, clarity, equanimity, access to spontaneous wisdom, and higher awareness—just to name a few). It provides context and support for establishing your practice and deepening it over time, with both immediate and ongoing results. And it can be used again and again, as your companion on an unlimited journey into freedom.

Most of today’s popular meditation techniques aim to reduce stress and tension by focusing our attention on a gentle, repetitive process such as our breathing or a mantra.

The meditations in Journey Into Freedom aim far beyond mere relaxation–taking us directly into a deep experience of our “true nature” beyond the mind and ego. This profound, enlightened consciousness not only holds the keys to our spiritual liberation—it unleashes a host of “supercapacities” enabling us to meet the challenges of life with remarkable presence, equanimity, creativity and inner strength.

Ultimately, this type of meditation is really a practice of enlightenment. It’s not meant merely to bring us to some enlightened moment in the far-off future, but rather to practice an enlightened relationship to the mind, feelings and thoughts—NOW.

As we become more adept at this stance, it bears instant fruit in terms of a more empowered, awakened experience of life. By practicing this “enlightened relationship to life” directly, regularly, we naturally begin to relate to the complexities of the rest of our lives very differently.

Why meditation may not be working for you:
The six most common meditation detours

If you’ve tried meditation but become frustrated either with maintaining your practice or with a lack of results, you’re not alone.

The promise of meditation remains sadly unfulfilled for so many people because of a handful of extremely common “detours” that derail even the most sincere aspirations to practice.

Many are rooted in typical, fundamental misunderstandings about meditation’s purpose. These can take you off track despite the best of intentions.

The good news is, the meditations in this series—and the way they are presented—sidestep these common “detours” entirely, giving you a far more reliable and enduring experience.

Even better, the supportive material provided in this collection offers in-depth insight on each of these common detours, and builds a foundation that will uplift your practice into a realm far beyond these diversions.

Have any of these happened to you, or do they reflect your expectations? Do you recognize your own meditation “block” in any of the following scenarios?

MEDITATION DETOUR #1 — “I’m trying to quiet my mind.”

Many of us have been taught that meditation is about having a still mind; it’s possibly the most common assumption about meditation. Countless people have conceded “failure” or “not being good at meditation” because they were unable to quiet the mind.

A still mind is something we may experience in moments of meditation, but it’s not the ultimate goal, and it doesn’t necessarily give you better results outside the meditation.

Practically speaking, having a quiet mind in meditation does you little good once you’re back out in life where you need to think and engage. What’s far more valuable is achieving a deep inner stillness that’s present regardless of how unruly your mind is—a capacity that’s developed with the practice of the meditations in Journey Into Freedom.

MEDITATION DETOUR #2 — “I’m just trying to feel better—peaceful and open—during the meditation.”

Peace and relaxation are often promoted as the primary purpose of meditation. Meditating can produce positive, relaxed feelings and sensations, and many related benefits. It just won’t always do that—nothing always does that! Yet many people end up believing they’ve “failed” at meditation because the practice doesn’t feel calm, peaceful and good every time, every minute—and they miss the greater opportunity that a regular practice offers to life.

Something much bigger and more powerful—and useful—is possible through meditation. It’s a  cultivation of steadiness in the face of every changing life experience. That’s a calm that is deeper and more enduring—superior to the superficial and fleeting “peace” that may or may not occur in meditation. It’s real liberation, and the best kind of feeling better.

The meditations in Journey Into Freedom offer a series of practices that build this kind of steadiness “off the cushion”—while encouraging an openness to any kind of experience during the meditation.

MEDITATION DETOUR #3 — “I’ve been doing the same practice for months or years.”

Even regular, experienced meditators make mistakes. Rote repetition of a single approach can drive you deep into a “meditation rut,” where the practice has lost any vitality and dynamism it once had.

If you’ve been meditating for years but aren’t even sure why you’re doing it any more, can’t name a benefit you’re experiencing, dread the practice, or simply treat it like a habit, this is probably your issue.

Meditation for your mind and spirit is in some ways like exercise for the body. If you perform the same exercise repeatedly at the same level, it will cease to challenge you or produce results. This robs you of the benefits you could gain from stretching yourself.

Journey Into Freedom teaches a variety of approaches that require you to use your awareness in different ways—in effect, a “cross-training” for the mind and spirit. This eliminates the potential for getting “stuck in a rut”—and turns your meditation practice into an ongoing journey of deepening awareness and curiosity. There is literally no end to where you can go with this kind of meditation.

MEDITATION DETOUR #4 — “I’m trying to reach a fixed, heightened state of consciousness.”

Achieving a specific, exciting or “ideal” feeling state is not the point of authentic meditation, nor are flashy “spiritual fireworks”—and chasing these kinds of experiences is actually counterproductive to meditation’s real purpose.  So is trying to “hold on” to the ideal if a glimmer of it happens to pass by.

It’s not possible to reach a fixed or static state of consciousness, because all states naturally come and go, and always will..

Meditation is about the practice of liberation from all states—an equal relationship to everything that arises or ever could arise. The meditations in Journey Into Freedom will help you cultivate this capacity.

MEDITATION DETOUR #5 — “I use meditation as an escape from the challenges of life.”

Some people may use meditation as a refuge or “spiritual bypass.” They escape into meditation to avoid facing or dealing with uncomfortable feelings or issues.

Using meditation to avoid reality won’t produce the kind of results most people want. In a way, it’s not even really meditation. Such avoidance can lead to less, not more, ease and capacity in dealing with life.

Real meditation is about being fully present with everything that is—including discomfort and challenges. Meditation empowers and strengthens you to face truth and reality without hiding. The ability to confront whatever is in front of you without evasion is a life-changing result that Journey Into Freedom can support.

MEDITATION DETOUR #6 — “I’ve spent years trying to get back to ‘that peak experience.’”

Meditation may occasionally and spontaneously involve unusual sensations, visions, or other phenomena, as well as glimpses of truth, wisdom, ecstasy, or oneness—even though pursuing these isn’t advisable. These don’t hurt (and may be pleasant, interesting, or even informative), but neither do they help us in any sustained way on the path or in our lives. Such dramatic experiences are not required or even a given—and they can be detrimental if they turn meditation into a striving for particular states.

Such experiences cannot be fixed, and usually can’t be reproduced either. Focusing on them as if they are the holy grail takes you off track from the real practice of meditation—the consistent practice of letting go no matter what kind of experience you’re having.

If you’re meditating in an attempt to reproduce a “flash from the past,” you’re not letting go at all—and thus missing the point and all its benefits. You can give up that quest—and your meditation will be enriched for it.  The meditations in Journey Into Freedom will guide you to approach each meditation completely fresh with a beginner’s mind.

Yet another reason many widely available meditation practices don’t work so well for us is that they were invented for a time when the world and life were radically different from our complex modern society.

The ancient traditions offer meditations to which people gravitate precisely for their longstanding status—but they’re showing their age. While they were crucial in their time, employing meditations designed for the monks of yesteryear is like trying to fit into old clothing that doesn’t suit the complex nature of human beings today.

The meditations in this collection reflect contemporary sensibilities, up-to-date language, and a psychological sophistication that is far more appropriate to our modern ways of relating to inner life.

If you’ve tried meditation before and struggled, this could be the key that opens the doors to meditation, as it has done for many others.

Many people find that even if other forms of meditation have been hard to sustain as a regular practice, this method is more approachable and compelling.

“I find Craig’s skillful guidance a great doorway to accessing deeper states of being.”

“I’ve studied Buddhism for ten years and probably have tried every form of meditation under the sun—following my breath, staring at a candle flame, chanting a mantra, etc., but I’ve found no more powerful meditation than these practices that Craig offers. Craig’s approach is simple but profound. His multiple-meditation approach means that you will definitely find one that works for you. I find his skillful guidance a great doorway to accessing deeper states of being. By practicing these meditations daily, I am able to remain consistently more centered and serene during the day, much more than I had with any of the meditations I’d done prior.”
Jeff Sullivan, New Hampshire

“Probably one of the best things I have ever done for myself and for the world.”

“These meditations have opened up a whole new world for me. My mood is typically elevated and bright (often causing others to joke about wanting some of whatever I am “on”), and I continuously experience a sense of ’roundedness’ which allows my responses to be more measured, appropriate and clear. Probably one of the best things I have ever done for myself and for the world.”
Susan Friese, Virginia

“I have a command of my relationship to my thoughts/mind/feelings that I never imagined possible.”

“The difference these meditations have made in my life is profound. I have a command of my relationship to my thoughts/mind/feelings that I never imagined possible. On the rare occasions that I begin to skip or get lax with my meditation, I can now see the outcome in my life, in stark contrast to the results of regular practice. I see meditation as essential now, like good food, exercise, and sleep—and the best part is, I love the practice.”
Simone Thailer, New York

“No other approach has had such a powerful impact on my spiritual growth.”

“Without any trace of hesitation I can tell you that in all of my years of study, no other approach has had such a powerful impact on my spiritual growth. I am actually developing. I am actually changing. And that’s the whole point. Spirituality in action.”
Dr. Marc W. Ross, Calgary, Canada

“Craig’s teachings are rich, practical, and very, very compassionate and loving.”

“What a journey and experience–this course blew my mind. Craig is so poetic, compassionate, connected, and on the ball all the time that I could not wait to either dial in or listen to the audio recordings. His teachings are rich, practical, and very, very compassionate and loving. He is a true role model, living and teaching every moment from his authentic self.”
N. S., Boulder, CO

“I have noticed increasing calmness, less reactivity to others, and more focus.”

“As a result of engaging these practices, I have noticed increasing calmness, less reactivity to others, more focus, and an almost natural desire to continue to deepen my connection with reality.”
Judy Voruz, Oregon

“Craig is a gifted, trustworthy and loving guide.”

“Life-beyond-awakening is challenging terrain, with many paths, obstacles, loose rocks, quicksand, vertical climbs—and some great views. I’d still be at the Information Booth perusing the tour bus schedule if it hadn’t been for the course I took with Craig Hamilton. Craig is a gifted, trustworthy and loving guide. He takes you by the hand and leads you gently along, encouraging and sympathetic but also firm and uncompromising.”
Jocelyn Stevenson, London, UK

This package brings together the most accessible yet potent meditations Craig teaches into a system that can be used as a kickoff for a new meditation practice, or as a bracing wakeup to new depth and dynamism that your existing practice needs.

The complete package includes 35 audio recordings plus supportive written guidance and companion material.  The core meditation sequence is framed by a thoughtful selection of written and recorded instruction to explain meditation in a clear and compelling context. This background creates a foundation of support to ensure your success with the program.

Each 30-minute meditation in the 28-day series features a unique guided instruction by Craig at the start of the practice.  After the first 15 minutes or so, you’ll hear further guidance from Craig before continuing for the next 15 minutes.

During the two 10-minute periods of silence, you’ll be meditating according to the instructions given. Occasionally, depending on the specific meditation, a period of silence may be punctuated by further coaching or encouragement.

The guidance and direction itself varies in length, ranging from about three to nine minutes per meditation.

Each of the 28 meditations (plus three bonus meditations, making a full 31 days or full month) is unique, but explores a particular theme.  Weekly, there is a rotation of six new themed practice approaches.  Each explores a different aspect of relating to the mind, thoughts, feelings, the self, the moment, and presence. (The seventh meditation each week is a special form that differs from the six recurring themes.)

While exploring different paths and “angles,” most of these practices are subtly different routes to the same place.  When consistently practiced, any and all of these meditations leads to similar capacities and insights.

Having made some space between our thoughts and our selves, when we step “off the cushion” and go into the world to actually change things, we have increased the likelihood that we really are acting from our deeper enlightened nature and not the conditioned fears and desires of the ego or “false self.” We have increased our ability to discern what’s real, what’s true, and what’s needed—and our strength of will to respond to the clarity we see.


Craig Hamilton

Craig Hamilton is a pioneer in the emerging field of evolutionary spirituality and a leading voice in the movement for conscious evolution. As the guiding force behind Integral Enlightenment, Craig offers spiritual guidance and teachings to a growing international community spanning 50 countries around the world.

His introductory and advanced courses have more than 11,000 graduates to date. These courses are designed to support people who are committed to evolving themselves and our culture, yearn to make their greatest contribution, and seek to develop themselves to embrace this calling.

To provide effective support for these pioneers, Craig created the Academy for Evolutionaries, offering practical spiritual tools and training that are in step with our times and informed by an up-to-date understanding of the human condition. In this unique training ground, Craig brings together core insights and approaches based on decades of on-the-ground research at the leading edge of spiritual practice and inquiry.

Craig began his spiritual journey in the ashrams and monasteries of the East, but ultimately found himself at the forefront of consciousness research in the West, playing a key role in two contemporary laboratories of conscious evolution. It was in these cutting-edge spiritual experiments that the key insights that inform his work took shape. He has personally logged over 17,000 hours of meditation, including multiple intensive retreats, the longest of which was six months in duration.

Craig’s programs integrate his decades of intensive spiritual practice with insights gleaned during his eight years as Senior Editor of the award winning What Is Enlightenment? magazine.

He is a founding member of Ken Wilber’s Integral Institute, a member of Deepak Chopra’s Evolutionary Leaders Forum, and was a participant in the Synthesis Dialogues, a 35-person interdisciplinary think tank presided over by His Holiness the Dalai Lama. He is considered by many to be a “teacher of teachers” and counts several of today’s leading spiritual luminaries among his students.

Here’s What Some of Today’s Leading Luminaries Have to Say About Craig

Marianne Williamson

Author of Return to Love, Everyday Grace and Tears to Triump

“Craig Hamilton is a premier teacher of meditation and transformational wisdom. His work is among the best.”

Barbara Marx Hubbard

Author of Conscious Evolution, Emergence and The Hunger of Eve

“If I had to pick one teacher to take a deep dive with around conscious evolution and evolutionary spirituality it would be Craig Hamilton. He is attuned to the frequency of the Impulse of Evolution. He empowers us to make the shift from ego to essence, and from essence to emergence as an expression of the Impulse itself. This is very rare. To be one of his students in depth is a great privilege. Besides all that, he will care about you and stay with you for the long haul of your self-evolution.”

Gay Hendricks, PhD

Author of Conscious Loving and The Big Leap

“Craig Hamilton is the kind of meditation teacher we most need in the twenty-first century: clear, wise, heartfelt and free of dogma. His approach is dedicated to helping us bring forth the part of us that is already harmonious and happy, the natural wellspring of creativity that bubbles within us all. Craig’s deep understanding of the evolutionary process provides a foundation for the specific techniques he teaches. Beyond any technique, however, is the rare quality Craig brings as a living example of the centered clarity his teachings assist us to develop. When you learn from Craig, you know you’re in the hands of a master teacher.”

Jean Houston

Author of A Passion for the Possible, Jump Time and The Possible Human

“Craig Hamilton is a living example of everything he teaches: one who combines passionate commitment to the evolutionary path along with dedicated practice of the core integral ways that expand and deepen the human mind, heart and soul. His superb and sensitive teaching gives the participant both inspiration and potent methods to pursue the path of enlightenment and thereby to profoundly make a difference in both self and society.”

Geneen Roth

Author of Women, Food and God and Lost and Found

“Craig Hamilton is a beautiful meditation teacher. If you want to learn meditation from a seasoned, wise teacher, you’ve found him, here, now”

Michael Beckwith

Author of Life Visioning and Spiritual Liberation: Fulfilling Your Soul’s Potential

“It is rare to find a spiritual teacher who imparts the depth, the clarity, the humility, and the wisdom that Craig Hamilton does. Craig’s transmission of the very spirit of evolution reaches right down into the core Self, awakening his students’ desire to reach their highest evolutionary potential. If you have the good fortune to learn from him, I wholeheartedly encourage you to take advantage of it.”

Ken Wilber

Author of The Intergral Vision, A Brief History of Everything and Intergral Spirituality

“Craig Hamilton is a genuine pioneer in evolutionary spirituality and its application in practical wisdom. I highly recommend you check out his work at your earliest opportunity!”

Arielle Ford

Author of The Soulmate Secret, A Brief History of Everything and Wabi Sabi Love

“After years of trying to do “mantra-based” meditation, and failing miserably, I gave up….until I found Craig Hamilton. Craig’s wisdom, guidance and frequency has opened a spiritual pathway for me that I had heard about but never before experienced. He truly is a master teacher.”

Michael Dowd

Author of Thank God for Evolution, Earthspirit

“Craig Hamilton is an insightful and engaging teacher whose artful blend of spiritual insight and personal experience all delivered with a disarming warmth and humor will leave you challenged to question and inspired to act. I highly recommend his work.”

Claire Zammit

Creator of the Feminine Power Global Community

“I am humbled, awed and inspired by the depth of wisdom, clarity and integrity that shines through Craig’s remarkable teaching work. He provides a rare portal through which any sincere seeker can gain access to authentic spiritual illumination.”

Terry Patten

Co-Author of Integral Life Practice: A 21st Century Blueprint for Physical Health, Emotional Balance, Mental Clarity, and Spiritual Awakening

“Remarkably poised, flexible, dynamic and passionate, Craig Hamilton is a wise voice in the emergence of integral enlightenment—a new spirituality deeply committed not just to awakening, but to action—furthering human evolution and sustainability.”

Dr. Brian Thomas Swimme

Author of The Universe Story and The Hidden Heart of the Cosmos

“Craig Hamilton is a fresh, original voice calling for nothing less than the reinvention of spirituality for the 21st century. If you want to discover what it feels like to be the very impulse of evolution, spend some time with Craig. His inspiration is contagious!”
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  • 28 live guided meditations led by Craig Hamilton: one full month of detailed daily practices, carefully selected for accessibility and potency, and meticulously arranged in a progression that maximizes both understanding and practice.  In this rotation of practice approaches, each theme explores a different aspect of relating to the mind, thoughts, feelings, self, the moment, and presence—and each week introduces variations on those themes.
  • Track sheet detailing the full series: lists meditations by week and title/type, so you can follow along with the sequence and anticipate which “theme” you’ll be investigating each day, and which unique variation on that theme will be explored.


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  • TWO special-event guided live meditations with Craig Hamilton that begin with extended introductory discussions about meditation
  • An exclusive, special-release excerpt of a live Integral Enlightenment course session with Craig Hamilton that discusses meditation in depth and in the context of an evolutionary relationship to life
  • “Start Here” full-color guide/booklet, with complete background on what to expect, instructions, options, tips and more

In addition to providing introductory instruction and practice, these audios and written materials explain more about this type of meditation—its purposes, its effects, and how it differs from other types with which you may be familiar. This foundational understanding will ground you in greater context for your practice as you move into the Essential Series.


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  • Three special meditations that differ in content from any in the 28-day series: each of these meditations offers a distinctive, singular approach that departs from the consistent themes of the Essential Series into new or deeper territory
  • A live meditation recorded at one of Craig’s meditation retreats: experience the power of an intense meditative collective field, where the energy and intention of hundreds of evolutionaries meditating together is palpable


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