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During the seminar, Jean made a special announcement:
the Live Your Quantum Destiny
9-Month Advanced Training starts Tuesday, August 23rd.

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Crossing the Quantum Threshold

During this event, Jean celebrates the progress you’ve made on your life’s journey so far, and shares how you can further integrate all you’ve learned from her into every aspect of your daily life.

She also shows you how to best take advantage of your momentum to carry you forward in leaps and bounds on the path to your Quantum Destiny, allowing you to more fully embody your highest potential and manifest your greatest gifts for the greater good of the world.

Over the course of the event, Jean explores the 3 Levels of Human Destiny, the Four Realms of Being, and the truly Heroic Journey you have embarked on. She also shares about an opportunity for you to continue working closely with her in the months ahead to create a profound and lasting legacy for your life.

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