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Jean Houston 7-Week Digital Course

session_2You long to live a life of purpose. You feel a pull from within—a persistent inner voice that won’t go away.

You yearn for meaningful work, deeper relationships with others, and a chance to share your unique gifts to help make the world a better place.

You also feel an urgency around activating your full potential and living your life’s purpose.

And while you know that the world needs your contribution, the challenge of “changing direction” sometimes feels like it’s just too difficult . . . like you may never reach your goals.

Perhaps, like so many others, you feel . . .

  • Ready to serve the world with your unique gifts, but you just don’t know how to take the next step
  • Like you’ve struggled for so long to actualize your purpose that it might not really be possible
  • A longing to discover if you even have a unique purpose in life
  • Called to begin a new project or career that is deeply fulfilling and would make a difference to others, but don’t know exactly what it might look like or how to support yourself in pursuing it
  • Alone and under-supported to take your life in a truly new and positive direction, despite having close friends who are there for you in other ways

Whatever your present situation, you probably know there could be more.

More meaning. More purpose. More passion. More impact.

You know we’re at a major shift—in values, in consciousness, in economics—and you know you want to help make that shift happen, while still creating a life of financial independence and prosperity.

You’re Not Alone

Far from it. In fact, millions of people right now are experiencing this same yearning, this same burning desire to awaken to their unique gifts and offer them in service to the world—while living a life of joy and fulfillment.

It’s a surging of the human spirit, a virtual global awakening, on a scale that no one has ever seen before.

Simply put, people are longing to finally feel fully alive.

From doing work that is both meaningful and financially sustainable . . .

To activating their latent human potentials in order to lead the way into the future and leave a powerful legacy . . .

To realizing a permanent sense of connectedness with all that is, and living from that place of higher wisdom and true depth.

But if our world is obviously ready for a shift, why is living a life of meaning and purpose so difficult?

Why So Many Are Stuck

The fact is, we’re in unknown territory. And we don’t yet have the roadmap for the new terrain. Our current social systems have not been set up to prepare us to live a life of purpose.

That’s because today’s culture exists not to nurture our highest aspirations, but to ensure our basic survival.

Our educational system is designed to create good workers who will slot into jobs and careers later in life—not to empower fiery, creative people who are forging the path ahead together.

Our social contracts exist to perpetuate the status quo—not to encourage our highest potentials to blossom.

Is it any wonder why so many people’s best attempts to evolve themselves and our culture fall short of the goal? We simply haven’t been trained in how to bring the possible future into the present.

Fortunately, there are a few very rare individuals who are charting the path for human beings to make this shift—personally and globally.

Indeed, a handful of experts have been decoding the secrets of how to activate our higher human potentials in order to make a very big difference in the world.

Make the Shift With Jean Houston

Jean HoustonPerhaps no single person has more experience helping individuals live their unique PURPOSE NOW in life—no matter how “hopeless” they may think their situation is—than Dr. Jean Houston.

For over 50 years, Jean has been working full time to discover the underlying codes of how to live a truly remarkable life.

Through her unique and intuitive 7-part system, she
awakens and activates dimensions of people they may not have ever known existed.

Her process is simple, with three main steps:

  • Activating our multiple intelligences and unique gifts
  • Opening ourselves to our important role in the world
  • Aligning our local “self” with our unique destiny code

People who study with Jean and put her process into action have achieved remarkable results. In fact, her 7-part system is designed to give anyone—beginners and experts alike—a step-by-step process that will help you . . .

  • Increase your creativity—both to create more and to create at a higher level
  • Discover deep sources of emotional healing, and even physical healing
  • Access multiple forms of intelligence and knowing, helping you experience life with greater richness and dimensionality
  • Hold a perspective that fills you with empathy, patience, and wisdom—no matter how challenging the situation
  • Tap into sources of ancient wisdom that help you navigate life today
  • Discover methods to see the sacred in each moment
  • And much, much more . . .

Over the course of her career, Jean has worked with individuals in over 100 countries and 40 different cultures, helping hundreds of thousands of people infuse their lives with vitality, creativity, and purpose.

Her close relationships read like a who’s who of people who have shaped today’s world. She’s known and worked closely with Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, Buckminster Fuller, Margaret Mead, Joseph Campbell, Eleanor Roosevelt, President Bill Clinton and Hilary Clinton, and the list goes on and on.

A New Training for a New Era

As you can see, working with Jean truly is a unique and valuable opportunity for anyone who wants to live a life of PURPOSE NOW. Indeed, training with her could very well be exactly what so many of us today desperately need in order to make the momentous leap we’ve intuited that our culture needs to make.

That’s why we’re thrilled to announce that Dr. Jean Houston is presenting a 7-week course on how to activate your full potential and live in alignment with your higher calling.

You’ll engage directly with Jean and discover how to activate your full capacities to finally live your higher calling.

Entitled Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose, the seven week course will immerse you in Jean’s work, and connect you with thousands of like-minded souls around the globe.

During your time together, Jean will guide you through exercises and experiences that will result in your being able to live your life “on purpose” from then on.

What past participants are saying . . .

“I started a new job and began working on a pediatric oncology unit. I have always wanted to do this type of work, but the opportunity had not arisen. I opened myself up to my greatest destiny and trusted that the Universe would bring me not only one but several incredible choices. This is the one I chose. I feel so blessed being able to spend time with these children as they are some of the most incredible souls I have ever met.” —Laura Z., Art Therapist, Asheville, NC

““I’ve lost 20 pounds. I’m lighter, not just physically, but emotionally, mentally and spiritually—happier, more upbeat and optimistic about my own future and the future of the human race on the planet. I’m also less likely to feel angry or judgmental, more likely to choose loving responses. I more quickly shift to ‘What is the gift for me in this situation?’ I’m also making connections with like-minded people, and for the first time in my life, I’m not trying to ‘make something happen.’ I’ve given up struggle and am loving this peaceful, serene way of being in the world.” —Bonnie H., Consultant, Edmonton, Canada

“I have experienced significant behavioral changes. They include: losing 15 pounds, exercising regularly, eating healthier foods, the ability to jog some again and even sleeping more restfully. Probably the biggest change I have experienced is an increase in the confidence I have regarding my own abilities, as though I can achieve whatever I set my intention toward.” —John R., retired, Dunedin, FL

“I found my life in flow and moving in directions that I can only describe as serendipitous. For example, I took the plunge, signed up for the course at a very low ebb. Debts and other problems—nothing was working out. Shortly after the course ended, I received a call from the BBC. My son had sent 2 photos of me in response to an open request for a 70-year-old Caribbean woman to play the aged version of a younger character in a very prestigious TV drama. I am 67 and have never acted. I got the part!” —Marina M., Transpersonal Self-leadership Coach, East Sussex. U.K.

“Since attending the seminar, I started drawing! I have always wanted to learn but in the past would always discount that desire by saying, ‘I can’t draw’ or ‘My drawing is terrible’ or whatever other excuse to not actually just do it. I am now finding myself being a ‘doer’ instead of an excuse-maker. I don’t even think: ‘I wish I could draw that fountain.’ Instead I gather pencils, erasers and paper and go sit in front of the fountain and draw it.” —Karen M., Customer Advocate, Tucson, AZ

Join Jean for her
Awakening To Your Life’s Purpose
7-Week Digital Course


Session One Preparing to Live a Miraculous Life

In your first session with Jean, you will discover . . .

  • The rich history of people coming together to illumine the mystery of existence. Over the ages, sacred schools have existed in Egypt, Greece, Persia, India, Tibet, Ireland, Hawaii, and the Americas. Now you can join Jean in that hallowed tradition, carried on in the virtual domain.
  • How to harvest the ancient knowledge of these sacred schools and imbue it with modern discoveries in science and culture, cosmology, metaphysics and innovative ideas so as to activate powerful new ways of being and doing in your own life.
  • How to engender the passion for the possible in our human development while discovering what that “possible” is. In so doing you will discover ways to transcend and transform what Jean calls the “local self” so that extraordinary life can arise.
  • How to become an artist of destiny, capable of decoding the patterns, clues, and relationships that point you to a mystery that cannot be known directly.
  • The four great levels of human consciousness—the sensory-physical realm, the psychological realm, the mythic-symbolic realm, and the spiritual or integral realm—and how to gain new capacities with each.
  • How to align yourself with your highest purpose and live fully primed in its power, moving toward it with excitement, joy and panache.

Session Two Activating Your Physical Systems to a New Order of Operation

In session two you will discover . . .

  • How to enhance your sensory acuity—including your sensory and physical life—in order to use your body, mind, and heart in ways that directly aid the discovery of your deeper purpose.
  • How to activate your capacity to think, feel, and understand things in multiple ways.
  • Embodied exercises that will illuminate your purpose or project with all senses alive and a fresh infusion of passion.
  • How to enrich your conceptual and imaginal life so that you can take any problem or project and solve it in ways that will seem magical and miraculous.
  • How to use imagery as a force of nature to affect your own health and help your body to restore itself to its more optimal condition. As your condition changes so too will your mood, along with your sense of life’s possibilities and your own deeper purposes.
  • How to train in increasing your creativity through thinking in multiple imagery formats.

Session Three Calling Upon Your Limitless Field of Inner Intelligences, Personalities, and Capacities

In session three you will discover . . .

  • The different kinds of intelligence that you have within you, such as emotional intelligence, different states of consciousness, accessing creative states, and orchestrating various members of your “inner crew” or extended personalities as needed to help you achieve things you literally had no idea you could do.
  • The miraculous creativity that is bubbling just beneath the surface of ordinary reality, and the phenomenal techniques to tune in to this creativity whenever you wish to.
  • How to improve your memory and to play with time in such a way as to take five minutes and experience it subjectively as hours—these are “hours” you’ll be using to learn a skill or even move a project forward.
  • How to access “inner experts”, willing helpers or personas that will help you navigate the complexity of life with confidence.
  • How to harvest and integrate the hidden knowledge from your inner experts to accelerate your learning in any area of life.

Session Four Discovering the Nature of Your Own Mythic Life and Aligning With Your Destiny

In session four you will discover . . .

  • How to call upon the power of myth to never again see your life as a trivial story. This will help you get back on your feet and move forward despite any setbacks you may experience.
  • How to travel beneath the surface of your everyday life to access the surging power of myth that is your birthright.
  • A new and deeply positive way of seeing the mid-life crisis, turning your challenges into sources of strength and empowerment.
  • How to “frame” your life in such a way that every moment is luminous with purpose and radiant with destiny.
  • How to join your life with those of mythic characters to inherit their wealth of experience to illumine and fortify your own.

Session Five Revealing the Spiritual Realm and Coming Home to the Infinite Within and Without

In session five you will discover . . .

  • How to realize and cultivate your true nature as God-becoming. Through engaging with the spiritual practices in session five, you will turn your latent spiritual potential into a fully matured expression of Spirit in action.
  • How to connect with your own Essence, also called your Entelechy, that will help guide you into the realm of spiritual teachings.
  • Ideal practices for developing your soul strength, which vary from culture to culture and from person to person, and include yoga, meditation, contemplative prayer, mindfulness, and others.
  • How to unleash inner powers such as joy that passes understanding, immense surges of creativity, and instant up-rushes of kindness and tolerance that make you a peacemaker, a bridge builder, a magnet for solutions, and a pathfinder.
  • How to live so that other people feel enriched and nourished simply by being around you.

Session Six Gaining the Power of Far Seeing and Deep Seeing

In session six you will discover . . .

  • How to activate your creative imagination in order to touch into the world of limitless possibility.
  • How to decode the emerging patterns and paradigms in the world so you can sense what is trying to become and take action to aid its becoming.
  • How to gain breakthrough insight on important tasks by running them through varied states of consciousness, accessing different personas of the self, dropping them into your meditations, and much more.
  • Other more advanced tools and practices that allow for an unfolding awareness of the greater designs of your life, and the lives of others with whom you live and work.
  • How to track the great positive fractal themes of your life which recur time and again to discover the major purposes of your life; and how to work with them so they manifest in higher and more successful ways.

Session Seven Aligning Your Local Self in Service of the Higher Limitless Self, and Unlocking Your Higher Destiny

In session seven you will discover . . .

  • How to differentiate between your highest desire and what you merely want.
  • How to speed up the path of your own destiny by quickening the destiny of others.
  • How to evoke the higher purpose in any situation with grace, love and charismatic charm.
  • How to not only think out of the box, but think “into the depths,” into the very source places of creation itself which lie deep within you.
  • How to practice the path of joy—where you sing, dance, make up new songs and stories, and become a source of laughter and happiness for those around you.

What You’ll Receive

Seven 75-minute downloadable audio course sessions with Jean Houston

Jean HoustonIn each session you will explore whole new vistas of possibility and potential!  All the course sessions are fully available for immediate access as audios to stream or download anytime you want.

Seven 60-minute downloadable audio Q&A sessions with Jean

You’ll be able to listen to Jean answer the most Frequently Asked Questions for each of the 7 course sessions, recorded during a semester when the course was offered live. Listening to the Q&A digital recordings is a great way to tune into the collective intelligence of the Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose community.

PDF Transcripts of each Course and Q&A Session

PDF transcripts are a great resource to go back and quickly reference key concepts as you step into living a life of purpose
and higher calling. The power of your learning will be integrated even more deeply as you refer back to your sessions in print.

Practice & Reflection Exercises for Each Course Session

Practice & Reflection exercises are a great way for you to start to embody the lessons of the course in your everyday life. The exercises are designed to help you to learn the powers of association where you collaborate, co-create, and understand your higher purpose in very practical ways. You will be encouraged to think about what you are doing in images as well as words, and to run it through different states of consciousness, drop it into your meditations, work it through your different personae of the self, as well as archetypal friends and identities.

Exclusive Bonus Audio Seminars

BONUS #1 – Exclusive Audio Seminar

Self Evolution, Social Evolution: How You Can Make a Difference in the World Through Your Vocational Calling with Barbara Marx Hubbard ($79 Value)

Jean Houston Barbara Marx HubbardConscious Evolution is the worldview that has arisen precisely at this moment in history to deal with the new human condition. As Einstein admonished, humankind cannot solve its problems from the same place of consciousness in which we created them. A new place of consciousness is required.

Self-evolution, then, is the process of becoming a co-creator with the impulse of creation itself. Social Evolution is a vast field designed to guide ourselves through this “crisis of the birth of a new humanity” such that we can co-create a future equal to our spiritual, social and scientific potential.

In this 60-minute seminar, Barbara will explore how you can have a profound impact on the world through discovering and passionately pursuing your true vocational calling?

About Barbara Marx Hubbard

Barbara Marx Hubbard is a social innovator, speaker, author, educator, and leader in the new worldview of conscious evolution. In 1990, Barbara co-founded the Foundation for Conscious Evolution through which she developed the Gateway to Conscious Evolution, a global educational curriculum enrolling participants in the developmental path toward the next state of human evolution.

BONUS #2 – Exclusive Audio Seminar

Living Your Destiny: How to Use Your Feminine Power to Fulfill Your Life’s Purpose with Claire Zammit ($79 Value)

Jean Houston Claire ZammitThose of us who are here to fulfill on a higher calling are sensing that something needs to shift in a big way in order to be living our destiny—however, we haven’t quite known what to do to birth the potentials of who we are as women in order to bring our contributions into the world.

In spite of our years of personal and spiritual growth, we’re unprepared for the task at hand, as the power we’ve been cultivating over the last fifty years as women isn’t the kind of power that supports us to create those things our hearts most yearn for.

We’ve also been extremely isolated from each other. We haven’t known how to create the kind of supportive partnerships with others that are critical to be able to grow and develop ourselves in those ways that matter most when it comes to living the greatest possibility of our lives.

In this 75-minute seminar, Claire will teach you how to activate and awaken the power of the co-creative Feminine to unleash the power to realize your highest potentials and make your greatest contribution.

About Claire Zammit

Claire Zammit is the co-creator of the Feminine Power courses for women and co-leads a thriving community of thousands of women throughout the world. Claire is a highly trained specialist in transformative education with a unique gift for designing and delivering dynamic, leading edge programs that give participants access to life-altering worldview shifts that lead to embodied and lasting change. Claire is currently completing her doctorate in the field of Transformative Learning and Change at the California Institute of Integral Studies. She also holds a Masters degree in Social Ecology. Claire is the author of the forthcoming book, Feminine Power: Awakening to the Creative Force of Life and co-creator and co-host of the internationally acclaimed Women on the Edge of Evolution teleseries.

BONUS #3 – Exclusive Audio Seminar

Becoming the Possible Human, Creating the Possible Society: How to Activate the Skills Needed to Answer the Call of Our Heroic Journey with Terry Patten ($79 Value)

Jean HoustonTerry PattenWe are, each of us, being urgently called to birth powerful, creative and resourceful responses to the social challenges we face today. To begin showing up in ways that reflect our own unique brand of brilliance, gifts and talents in service to the bettering of our world, and the creation of a brighter future for all. By awakening to the rare and irreplaceable contributions we each have to make, we can lead the way toward transforming and liberating humanity to the next stage of our collective evolution.

About Terry Patten

Terry Patten is a leading voice in the fields of integral evolutionary practice, leadership, and contemporary spirituality. A community builder, entrepreneur, and author of four books, he works as spiritual teacher, activist, and coach. He is a co-author with Ken Wilber of Integral Life Practice and host of the Beyond Awakening teleseries.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a digital course?

A digital course delivers curriculum to you in a downloadable digital format, which gives you the control to determine your best time to do the work. Whether your best times are mornings or evenings, you’ll be able to listen to the recorded sessions with Jean at your convenience.

Do I need any special equipment?

The only equipment you’ll need is a computer with an internet connection.

About Jean Houston

Dr. Jean Houston, scholar, philosopher and researcher in human capacities, is one of the foremost visionary thinkers and doers of our time, and one of the principal founders of the Human Potential Movement. Jean has worked intensively in 40 cultures and 100 countries helping global state leaders, leading educational institutions, business organizations, and millions of people to enhance and deepen their own uniqueness.

She is a prolific writer and author of 27 books including A Passion for the Possible, Search for the Beloved, Life Force, The Possible Human, A Mythic Life: Learning to Live Our Greater Story, Jump Time, Manual of the Peacemaker, and The Wizard of Us.

As advisor to UN agencies in human and cultural development, she has worked to implement some of their extensive educational and health programs. Since 2003, she has been working with the UN Development Program, training leaders in developing countries throughout the world in the new field of social artistry. Dr. Houston has also served for a year and a half in an advisory capacity to President and Mrs. Clinton as well as helping Mrs. Clinton write, It Takes A Village To Raise A Child. She has also counseled leaders in similar positions in many countries and cultures.

Praise for Awakening To Your Life’s Purpose

Deepak Chopra“With elegant simplicity, Jean Houston shows you how to unleash the genius that lies in the depths of your being.”—Deepak Chopra, M.D., author of The Soul of Leadership

Marianne Williamson“Jean Houston plays midwife to the next phase of our evolutionary journey. We are literally drawn from the smaller, personal self to the larger, universal possibility.”—Marianne Williamson, author of The Age of Miracles

President Bill Clinton“I learned so much from her.”—Former President Bill Clinton

Barbara Marx Hubbard“Jean Houston is a mighty guide at the very frontier of our conscious evolution, awakening the creative potential of us as individuals, as society, and really as pioneers at the very frontier of Life itself.”—Barbara Marx Hubbard, author of Conscious Evolution

Buckminster Fuller“Jean Houston’s mind should be declared a National Treasure.”—Buckminster Fuller, author of Critical Path

Margaret Mead“Jean Houston is the great producer of events and new possibilities as she orchestrates the voices of the new consciousness.”—Margaret Mead, author of Male and Female

Joseph Campbell“I think that Jean Houston has broken through to a new understanding of the sense and uses of inward-turned contemplation—an understanding that leaves the Freudian schools of technique and theory far behind. The accent is not on the curing of disease but on the enlargement, rather, of our health.”—Joseph Campbell, author of The Power of Myth

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