Bonus Virtual Workshop

Manifesting Miracles: Creating a Life of Inspiration and Wonder

with Marianne Williamson & Jean Houston

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We often resolve to make changes in our lives. Changes that affect our health, or our finances, or our relationships—or all three.

And while following through on those changes can sometimes be a challenge, what if you knew exactly how to be sure you could make all of those changes happen in your life?

One of the keys to making those kinds of changes has to do with seeing miraculous real-world results in your life and being inspired to stay on track to keep the results and inspiration coming.

With the fast pace of our world, it’s easy to miss the opportunities that surround us for opening up to the miracles (both small and large) in our lives, miracles that will provide that inspiration to live as our highest versions of ourselves and ensure our greatest fulfillment, as well as our continued flourishing on the planet we all share.

In this workshop, world-renowned spiritual teacher and bestselling author Marianne Williamson will sit down with Jean, and together they will share their insights and wisdom, and give you unique tools and strategies, along with a powerful, step-by-step approach to living a remarkable, miracle-filled life!

During this workshop, you’ll discover . . .

  • How to look at the world around you, and at your own life, and see the miracles that are unfolding at almost every turn, inspiring you to be more centered, focused, compassionate, aware and “awake”
  • How to set the kinds of goals that lead to greater awareness and fulfillment
  • How to use the power of visioning to create a new kind of life for yourself in the present and in the future, where your actions are on purpose and your eyes are ever open to new possibilities
  • How to maintain this “miracle” awareness so you can consistently make positive and productive changes in your life for years to come!
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