Evolving Wisdom Presents
The 3 Keys to Unlocking Your
With Dr. Jean Houston
After more than 50 years as a world-renowned spiritual teacher and researcher of human capacities, Jean is ready to unveil the most important discoveries of her career.

These are the 5 Quantum Powers Jean will be Exploring During This Powerful Free Online Event

  • 1

    The power to expand time so you can do more in less time than ever before without adding stress to your life.

  • 2

    The power to experience “sustained fire” to keep you operating at your highest energy level throughout even the most challenging days.

  • 3

    The power to partner with the energy of the Universe to more easily accomplish your goals and fulfill your dreams.

  • 4

    The power to expand and express your creativity without sacrificing your daily responsibilities.

  • 5

    The power to attract the money, people and resources you need to move your projects forward and achieve success the level of success you’re striving for.

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