Evolving Wisdom Presents
Living From Your Soul
Evolving Wisdom Presents
Activating Your
Soul’s Code
Discover the 3-step process to forge an unshakeable connection with your inner compass and create a life that reflects who you really are.
During this free event, Neale will share his 3-step process with you that will show you how to follow the guidance of your inner compass and live every moment from your soul.

Let Neale show you how to…

  • Walk through your everyday life with a deeper sense of why you are here and what you should do moment to moment
  • Enjoy more freedom to be creative and fully appreciate the world and the people around you
  • Say what you think and feel without fear of judgement or conflict
  • Experience a steady stream of exciting opportunities for growth and change
  • Feel a deeper sense of security about how you fit into the world
  • See more clearly all the ways you can help yourself and others to flourish
  • Be more relaxed, confident that whatever is happening in your life is providing you with opportunities for growth

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