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This page includes all of the basic information you need to fully participate in your Conversations with God Interactive Online Course.

You can read through the entire contents of the page or scroll through the topic headings to locate the specific piece of information you are looking for.

Course Sessions
Live Group Coaching Sessions
Live Interactive Session
Practice and Reflection Questions
Transcripts of Live Calls
Registering for your Unique Maestro Conference PIN
How To Dial In By Phone
How to Participate Via Web
Tips for Troubleshooting Audio Quality
Get the Most Out of Your Live Question and Answer Sessions with Neale
How to Ask Neale a Question

About the Online Community Site
Privacy and the Online Community Site
Accessing the Online Community Site
Getting Started with the Online Community Site
Navigating the Online Community Site
How to Access Recordings of the Calls
Overview of Equipment Requirements


Your Conversations with God Course Includes:

Course Sessions

Conversations with God has 7 Course Sessions. In each Course Session, you will be guided step-by-step through the 7-Week Conversations with God process. The Broadcasts of each Course Session will be held on Thursdays at 5:00pm Pacific time and can be accessed by phone, by web or as a recording if you are unable to attend live.

Conversations with God Course Session Broadcasts will take place on Thursdays at 5:00pm Pacific time on the following dates. Please note we will have breaks for the Thanksgiving Holiday in the U.S. and the December holidays.

Each session is approximately 75 minutes, with an Orientation Session on Tuesday, November 11th at 5:00pm Pacific time.

Use our Time Zone Converter to find your local time.

Course Sessions: All sessions take place at 5:00pm Pacific time

Thursday, November 13:
Step 1: Recognize What’s Missing in Your Life
Thursday, November 20:
Step 2: Explore The Vision For Your Best Life
Thursday, December 4:
Step 3: Discover The System of The Soul
Thursday, December 11:
Step 4: Complete With The Past
Thursday, December 18:
Step 5: Finish Unfinished Business
Thursday, January 8, 2015:
Step 6: Affirm The Deepest Truths Of Who You Are
Thursday, January 15, 2015:
Step 7: Re-Unite With The Divine

Live Group Coaching Sessions: All sessions take place at 5:00pm Pacific time

There will be Live Group Coaching Sessions for Conversations with God. These Group Coaching Sessions provide an opportunity to ask questions directly to Neale. Each Group Coaching Session corresponds to the Course Session material from that week. Live Group Coaching Sessions are held on Tuesdays at 5:00pm Pacific time. They can be accessed by phone or by web or as a recording if you are unable to attend live.

Conversations with God Live Group Coaching Sessions will take place on Tuesdays at 5:00pm Pacific time (except where otherwise noted below) on the following dates. Please note we will have breaks for the Thanksgiving Holiday in the U.S. and the December holidays.

Each session is approximately 90 minutes.

Use our Time Zone Converter to find your local time.

**UPDATED** Wednesday, November 19
Live Group Coaching Session #1
Tuesday, November 25
Live Group Coaching Session #2
Tuesday, December 9
Live Group Coaching Session #3
Tuesday, December 16
Live Group Coaching Session #4
Tuesday, January 6, 2015
Live Group Coaching Session #5
Tuesday, January 13, 2015
Live Group Coaching Session #6
Tuesday, January 20, 2015
Live Group Coaching Session #7

You are welcome to attend these Live Group Coaching Sessions, and will be invited to post questions in advance for Neale on the Online Community Site.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Live Group Coaching Sessions with Neale

The Live Group Coaching Sessions are one of Neale’s favorite parts of the course. During these sessions, Neale gets to take questions from you LIVE about the material and teachings covered in that week’s Course Session, and to interact directly with the entire global community.

Here are the guidelines for getting the most out of these calls:

  1. Please only ask questions related to the course content for the current session.
  2. In order to be seen and considered for the Live Group Coaching with Neale, written questions need to be submitted prior to the call. The deadline for submitting written questions is 4:30 p.m. Pacific Time on the day of each Live Group Coaching Session.
  3. We ask that you submit a question in advance of the call so you can put some thought into framing it in a way that will support not only you, but others listening, to get the most out of Neale’s response.
  4. Please keep your question brief. Longer questions may be difficult to fit into the session.
  5. Try your best to keep your question succinct, focusing on your key point to allow Neale to pointedly respond to your inquiry.
  6. Please do your best to frame your questions in a way that supports the whole group’s learning experience. Your personal experience is very welcome, and is best when you relate it to the learning that we are currently engaging together in the course.

These guidelines allow you and the rest of our community to maximize our time together with Neale, and enable him to meaningfully respond to your question. We appreciate your cooperation with making these calls beneficial to the whole Conversations with God community.

We’d also like to remind you that Neale will respond to as many of the questions as he can LIVE on the call and will likely address questions and concerns that are very similar to yours, even if time constraints prevent him from getting to your specific question.

And remember—the earlier you submit your question, the more likely it is that Neale will be able to address it during the Live Group Coaching Session.

How to Ask Neale a Question

Neale always appreciates hearing from you, so be sure to submit your question in one of these two ways:

  1. Visit the Ask Neale a Question page on the Online Community Site.

    Reminder: The deadline for submitting questions is the day of each Live Group Coaching Session, at 4:30 p.m. Pacific Time.
  2. If you join the call by phone, you can ask Neale a question by pressing 1 on your keypad during the call as a way of “raising your hand.” Neale will remind you of this during the session as well.

    Neale will provide coaching that addresses as many of the questions and topics as he can live on the session.

**Important Note**
The Ask Neale forum discussion is designed for course-related questions for Neale only. We ask that you do not interact and engage with other community members on this particular discussion thread.

Live Interactive Sessions

After each broadcast of our Thursday Course Sessions, and Tuesday Live Group Coaching Sessions, you’re invited to participate in a 30-minute LIVE Interactive Session. During the Interactive Session, you will have the opportunity to engage and integrate the material in small groups with other community members under the guidance of Neale or our Community Director. You must be dialed in by phone to participate in a Live Interactive Session.

Practice and Reflection Questions

Each Course Session is accompanied by a set of Practice and Reflection Questions that are designed to help you integrate and deepen into the teachings from each Course Session, and learn to live your truest self and grandest life. The Practice & Reflection Questions will be made available to you as a downloadable PDF document on the Course Session Materials Page of your Online Community Site after each Course Session, and will be posted in a Practice and Reflection Questions discussion.

There may be additional materials associated with the week’s Course Session. These materials will also be posted on the Course Session Materials Page.

Transcripts of Live Calls

Each Course Session call is transcribed and posted in the Conversations with God Online Community Site as a downloadable PDF file. Transcripts are typically available within 2 hours of the Course Session.

Transcripts will be posted in the associated Course Session Materials box on the right side of the Online Community Site.

Course Session Participation

Here’s How to Participate LIVE on Calls by PHONE using Maestro Conference

For all our calls, we will be using Maestro Conference, a dynamic conference service that functions like a live classroom. This technology enables us to see when you have a question, and also to create small discussion groups of community members who can engage with each other directly.

In order to participate on these calls, you will need to register for a unique Personal Identification Number (PIN). PLEASE NOTE: You only need to register ONCE to generate your personal PIN for use in each Course Session.

  1. Follow this link to visit the telephone PIN registration page for the Conversations with God Course hosted by Maestro
  2. Enter your name and email address.
  3. Click on “Register.”
  4. You will be taken to a page with the call time and date, the phone number, and your own Personal Identification Number (PIN). This PIN is the number you will use throughout the whole course. You will also receive a registration confirmation email from Maestro containing the same information. Please save this email for future reference.
  5. When you receive your confirmation and PIN number email from Maestro, you may also be provided with a DIFFERENT DIAL-IN PHONE NUMBER from the one we provide. You can use either dial-in number. As long as you enter your PIN you will get to the correct conference.
  6. ***IMPORTANT NOTE** The call duration times displayed on the registration page are for production purposes only. We schedule calls on the phone lines for extended periods to ensure that we have extra time if needed.
  7. ***REMEMBER*** You only need to register for your PIN once for this course. You will use the same PIN throughout the entire course for every session.
  8. ***PLEASE ALSO NOTE*** if you are dialing in by phone, using the main access line that we will provide in our day-of reminder emails and you experience low sound quality during the call, please hang up and dial in using the alternate dial-in number Maestro sent to you when you registered for your unique PIN. Or, alternatively, please see Maestro Phone Numbers for a list of other dial-in numbers.

When it is Time for Your Course Session, Here’s How to Dial In by Phone:

  • Dial the phone number indicated on your Maestro email confirmation when you registered for your PIN or included in the email we will send you each day there is a Course Session. **Please note the number on your email confirmation may be DIFFERENT than the one included in your day-of email reminder. Don’t worry, either dial-in number will work.
  • Type in your PIN. (Please see the instructions to register for a PIN above) You should use the same PIN each and every time you dial into one of the Course Sessions.)
  • If the call hasn’t started yet, you might hear “hold” music. Don’t worry, you haven’t done anything wrong.
  • Once the call starts, you will hear the instructors addressing you, but your line will be muted by the audio engineer for the call. You will not be able to speak directly to anybody during the call unless you are participating in the Live Group Coaching Session or the Interactive Session in a small group.
  • You may be prompted to “raise your hand” by the instructor during the call. To “raise your hand” press the number *1* on your keypad.

Tips for Dialing In:

We recommend dialing in from a landline rather than from a cell phone to ensure the best connection and quality of the call.

SKYPE: You can use Skype to dial into a Maestro Conference Call provided you have purchased a Skype calling plan that allows you to dial phones using the Dial Pad. You will proceed exactly as you would by dialing-in by phone but using the Skype Dial Pad.

If you get dropped from the call for any reason and dial back in, there might be short delay before you hear the instructors speaking. Please wait on the line for 10-20 seconds, rather than hanging up if you don’t instantly hear speaking.

To participate in the LIVE Interactive Sessions, you must dial in by phone using Maestro Conference and your Maestro Conference PIN using the instructions above.

Here’s How to Participate via Web

Participation via webcast will allow you to listen to the presentation in its entirety. Click the link provided in the access emails or posted on the Online Community Site. It will take you directly to a webpage that allows you to listen to the session. The link will be the same for all events, and the event info will update once the most recent session has ended.

Here is the link you will use for all course events. You will also receive this webcast page in every day-of reminder email we send.

The webcast event link for every course event is:


PLEASE ALSO NOTE: If you are listening on the web and would like to participate in the Live Interactive or Live Group Coaching Sessions, you will need to dial in on the phone and enter your PIN using the instructions for registering for a Maestro PIN.

Tips for Troubleshooting Audio Quality

As with any technology being broadcast over the Internet or telephone lines, the quality of our Course Session audios will vary from individual to individual based on their own personal setup.

We suggest taking the following steps if you are having difficulty hearing the audio during one of our Course Sessions or Live Group Coaching Sessions.

    • Whether you are listening by phone or by webcast, make sure the volume on your phone or computer is on and raised sufficiently to hear clearly.
    • We recommend using a headset or headphones/earbuds when listening to the web broadcast as audio quality is typically better on the headset, or through headphones, than on the computer speakers.
    • If you are having a hard time hearing on the phone while dialed in by Maestro, try switching to the webcast, and vice versa. You could also try dialing in from an alternate Maestro phone number. Here is a list of alternate dial-in numbers to choose from.
    • Email us at conversationswithgod@evolvingwisdom.com or click on the yellow Support tab on the side of this page to receive one-on-one assistance from the Conversations with God Support Team.

Your Conversations with God Online Community Site

We have created the Conversations with God 7-Week Online Course Community Site to give you the opportunity to engage with fellow community members and as a place where you can access all of the information and course materials that you will need to support you throughout your course.

The Online Community Site is a private online social network and discussion forum that supports developing connectivity and exploring evolutionary community building.

Your Online Community Site is now open.

For your convenience, we have included some of the basics about getting started with your Online Community Site below.

Privacy and the Online Community Site

Our desire is to offer you a safe and protected space while you are on this journey. Our forum is private and for participants of Conversations with God only.

As always, you may email our support team at conversationswithgod@evolvingwisdom.com if you have any questions.

Accessing the Online Community Site

Please note: if you have already been a member of another Online Community Site hosted by Ning you can just use the same login information to access this site. Follow the first 2 steps and then skip to “Getting Started.”

Joining the Site starts with a simple sign-up process:, described below in our instructional video.

  • Click on this registration link, which is your unique to your Conversations with God Online Community Site:
  • You may also copy and paste this link into a new browser window.
  • When you click on it, you will see a sign-up page that looks something like this:


*Please note* To avoid confusion we ask that you use the email address you used to register for the course.

**Please also note** You are creating your own unique password for this site and once created we have no ability to access your password for you if you lose it or forget it. Please be sure to keep this password along with your login email address in a safe place so you can return to your Online Community Site easily each and every time you want to access it.

Next, you will be brought to a page that asks you to create your profile, including where you live and a photo. It will look similar to this:

*Please note* You are welcome to use a pseudonym or just a first name to protect your identity. You are also NOT required to post a photo. We respect your privacy and these are NOT required to participate on the Online Community Site.

Please be sure to click on “JOIN” at the bottom.

Welcome! You are now a member of our Conversations with God Online Community Site! You will be immediately directed to the Online Community Site and be able to start participating right away. For instructions about “Getting Started” scroll to the next section.

We have created a couple custom video tutorials to help you get started navigating the site, and getting to know other students. You can watch these videos by clicking on the word “Tutorials” in the gold bar at the top of the home page.

If you receive an error message when you click Sign Up, please carefully re-type the password you chose in both places where the password is entered. A typo here will prevent your sign-up from completing

Getting Started with the Online Community Site

To access the site directly, copy and paste this URL into your browser and save it to your bookmarks or favorites!


**Please note that you must register for an account, including creating your own login and password prior to being able to login. Details about creating your account can be found above. Please keep both your login name and password handy and in a safe place so you can return here easily.

To get started, we invite you to do the following:

Upload a Photo

If you haven’t already personalized your profile by added a photo, you can do so by clicking on the “settings” link in the upper right corner of the screen.

      • Inside “Settings” you will see the option to select “Profile”
      • Once inside “Profile” you will have the option to add a photo at the top (middle) of the screen.
      • Click on “Choose File” to browse your computer for the photo file you would like to post as your profile photo.

**IMPORTANT** Even after you see your thumbnail sketch appear on this page, the photo will not appear on your Profile Page until you scroll down to the lower left corner of the page and click on “SAVE.”

Add a profile picture

Update Your Privacy Settings

You have the option to control how much of your information is displayed to other members. You can allow ALL members to see what you include on your MY PAGE or indicate that only those you have “friended” can view the content posted here. You can create even more privacy by allowing your blog and photos to only be viewed by you. Whatever you select is perfectly okay and can be changed at any time.

      • From MY PAGE, click Settings (top right)
      • Click on Privacy (top left)


privacy settings

Update Your Email Settings


TO AVOID THIS – we recommend that you update your email settings to turn OFF following everything on the site and turn on notifications ONLY in the discussion threads you wish to follow.
To Turn OFF E-mail notifications:

    • From MY PAGE, click on Settings (top right)
    • Click on Email (top left)
    • The fifth section down is called Activity. To the right, click on Stop Following All
    • See instructions below for following individual forum discussions


email settings

Post an Introduction to the Community in the “Start Here! Introduce Yourself” Discussion Thread.

To post your introduction, scroll down to the “FORUM” section beneath the “Announcements” in the middle column of the Main Page.

      • Click on the discussion thread entitled “Start Here! Introduce Yourself.”
      • Once inside the discussion thread, a large empty text box will appear. Place your cursor in that text box and begin typing your response.
      • When you are done typing, be sure to hit the “Add Reply” button at the bottom right corner of the screen and your response will be added to the discussion.
      • If you’d like to read what others have written, scroll down the page.
      • To respond to a particular person’s post, you can hit “reply” in the lower left corner of a particular person’s post.
      • After you’ve posted your response, please read the posts of at least 3 other people reflecting back to them what moved, touched, inspired or opened up for you in reading their reflections.



To turn on notifications for individual forums:

    • Click on FORUM in the top navigation bar
    • Select the forum you wish to follow
    • Under the text edit field, click on Follow – Email me when people reply

Navigating Other Aspects of the Online Community Site

The home page contains important and useful information about navigating the Online Community Site and getting the most out of your course. It is where you will be taken each and every time you log into the Online Community Site and is the central space within the virtual community.

Everything you need to access for your course you can get to FROM the home page.

Here is an overview of each section:

Your Home Page

In the Center Column:

      • The Welcome Section is at the top in the middle column of the page and where you will find a welcoming message and helpful tips on how to get started on the Online Community Site.
      • The Community News & Updates Section is just below that, and where you will see current highlights on the site and updates on what’s next in the program.
      • The main Forum Section is also in the middle column of the page beneath the Community News & Updates Section. This is where you will find discussion threads designed for the whole class to participate in. You can access Forum Discussion Threads here or via the Forum Tab at the top of the page.
      • The Chat Section is located in the bottom right corner on any page on the Online Community Site. You can chat in real time with other members who are signed in. To chat privately, click on the member’s photo and choose Start Chat from the drop down menu. Type in the open box at the bottom. To chat with anyone who is signed in, type in the Main Room box. Hitting “return” after typing in the open box will send your message instantly.

In the Left Column:

      • The Groups Section is at the top of the left column. This is where you will be able to access all groups each and every time you return to the site.
      • The Course Schedule Section is beneath the Groups Section and has all of the upcoming events included with your program. Please note you can click on each of the individual events for a time zone converter for your convenience.
      • The Members Section is beneath the Upcoming Sessions Section. In this box you will see a small sample of photos and names of our community members. To see all members, click on the “View All” at the bottom of this section or on the “Members” Tab at the top of the page.

In the Right Column:

You will find a box with your name on it where you can access your inbox, invite people within the community to be your friend, and change your settings.

        • Your “Inbox” is where you find messages sent from inside the Community Site. The Online Community Site allows you to send individual emails. To send an email, you must be “Friends” with the recipient(s).
        • Your “Friends” will link you to a page that will list all of your friends, or those who have requested to be your friend within the Online Community Site. To invite someone to be a Friend, just go to their member page by clicking on that person’s photo or name. On the left side of the page, near the top, you’ll see a link “Friends – invite.” You can add a personal message to the invite or just click Send. You won’t be notified that someone has accepted your Friend request, they will just show up on your Member page under “Friends” on the lower left side of the page. If you click “View All” under the “Friends” section, you”ll see tabs for “My Friends” and “Requests Sent” (people who have not yet accepted the invitation).
        • Your “Settings” is where you can adjust privacy and email settings for the Community Site, including indicating whether you want to receive email notifications each and every time new content is added to the site.
        • The Course Information Section is where you will find links to the information about your course, including the Shared Agreements for the course, the Course Orientation Page and Step-by-step Instructions for Navigating the Site.
        • The Orientation Materials Section is where the recording of your Kickoff & Orientation sessions will be archived and listed for you to download as you’d like. The recording of the events will be added to ther section as they become available.**Please Note** Materials for future sessions will not be available until they take place.
        • The Course Materials Section is where all of the recordings and transcripts for your course will be archived and listed for you to download by Course Session Number. Recordings of all calls and their transcripts will be added to this section as they become available.**Please Note** Materials for future Course Sessions will not be available until that week of the course and the date under each Session name.
        • The Bonus Materials Section is where all of the bonus seminar materials are located.

Your “My Page”

Your “My Page” is a place for you to fill out details on your profile, add or change your photo, and keep a blog – you can be as creative as you like. Whatever you enter here will be visible to everyone in the course and they will be able to respond to you. If you would like more privacy on your page, you can adjust your privacy settings by clicking on “Settings” on the right side of your page. Once you click on “Settings” you can click on “Privacy” to adjust your privacy settings.

IMPORTANT! Please note that this section is where you can select which type of email notification you’d like to receive about activity on the site! Click on “Email” to turn off the email notification and be sure to hit “save” at the bottom of the page.

The “Forum”
The Forum is the location for all full-site discussions. The discussions are sorted by topic. The topic title appears in bold text that you can click on to take you to the page where you can enter your thoughts and responses. To respond, go the bottom of the initial written text instructions to a text box under the words “reply to this.” You will want to move your cursor into that box and type in your response to the questions. Remember to click on “Add Reply.”

If you would like to reply to an already submitted post, find the “Reply” link located directly below their posting. Click that link to the reply box.

You can also choose to subscribe to a particular forum discussion if you’d like by clicking on the subscriptions post and selecting the check box. You will be notified when people add to the forum. Please remember to participate according to the Shared Agreements within all forum discussions.

Here’s How to Access Recordings of the Sessions

access materials 1

Recordings of our Course Session and Live Group Coaching Sessions are made available to you shortly after the live course call on the Online Community Site. To download a recording of the call, follow these step-by-step instructions.

  1. On the right side of the site home page, you’ll see a box labeled “Course Materials” which has each Course Session listed in it. Click on the Course Session you wish to access.
  2. Once inside the Course Session page, scroll down and you’ll see audios and handouts posted. You can either click on the “mp3 Download” button to download the audio (or PDF file) directly to your computer, or you can click on the audio player’s play button to stream the recording without downloading it.

access materials 2

PC users: Click on the “download” button to the right of the audio player. Then select “Save link” or “Save link as” to download to your computer.
Mac users: Click on the “download” button to the right the audio player. Then select “Save link” or “Save link as” to download to your computer.

Overview of Equipment Requirements

There are certain equipment requirements for participation in the Conversations with God Online Course, depending on where you participate by phone or via webcast.

Requirements for Participation By Phone:

You must have a phone, of course, but we strongly recommend that you call the conference line from a landline if you have the option. Our experience has been that connection stability and sound quality for landlines are significantly better than for cell phones.

Requirements for Participation via Webcast:

You must have a computer that is capable of running the latest version of Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome.

You also need a reliable Internet connection of at least 1 mbps. If you have a wireless Internet connection (Wi-Fi), make sure you are in a spot with a strong connection.

Optional Webcast Equipment:

You may find that having a headset with earphones can enhance your listening experience when listening to the calls online.

Optional Participation via Skype:

If you’d like to use Skype to call in from your computer, you must have a microphone or a headset that has one. Please also make sure you have enough minutes on your Skype account so that you are not disconnected during a call.


If You’re Needing Additional Support…

Simply click the yellow Support Tab on the right side of this screen to contact a team member.

The Support Tab also appears on every page inside the Online Community Site, and can be used to submit a support request at anytime.

**PLEASE NOTE** When you click on the yellow Support Tab, you are essentially writing an email to a member of our Customer Service Team.

A member of our team will typically respond within 24-48 hours.

support tab

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