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In Neale’s Global Online Seminar, You Will Discover How To . . .

  • Engage each day with renewed purpose, energy and excitement, because you’ll now know exactly who you are, why you’re here, and how much you matter
  • Experience deeper, more authentic and fulfilling relationships, because your new clarity and awareness will attract and create positive interactions with everyone around you
  • Almost effortlessly awaken to a happier, more centered and fulfilling life
  • Communicate with Divine Guidance in every moment of your daily life, always feeling supported by and connected to God

These might seem like far off “miracles” from where you are now, but remember that Neale was a man who’d been broken by loss, was homeless and wandering without purpose when he at last came through his despair and into his profound relationship with God.

And now his clear, simple, and gentle words have led millions out of their own darkness and into the light of their connection with the Divine.

Please know that no matter how different, lost, or hopeless you think you are, you can absolutely experience this same kind transformation in your life that Neale and those millions of others around the world are living proof is possible.

Here’s what others have shared about the impact
the 3 Secrets has had on their lives:

“Prior to attending the ‘3 Secrets’ event, I was struggling with divorce, unemployment, and starting my life again from zero. I have now learned to take responsibility for myself and my actions, to understand Oneness, and see others with love. I understand that the purpose of my life is in how many lives I touch. I now know where happiness comes from—within!”
—Helena, California

“I was struggling with loneliness and trying to find meaning in life. Since then, I’m putting myself first, listening to my body and soul more often, and not doing things that don’t feel right. I feel freer to do things I wouldn’t have done in the past, like dreaming of starting my own retreat!”
—Line, Norway

“When I attended the ‘3 Secrets’ event, I was living a fear-based life. Although I had experienced a Divine Spiritual experience, I was unable to release patterns of self-limiting behavior and egoic decision making. I’ve now found my purpose for being here and discovered the beauty of who I truly am!”
—Nancy, California


Visit the “Conversations with God” Course page