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Here’s The Radical, Surprising Truth
About How To Actually Get It

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Money doesn’t have to be a struggle…

Having wealth can be an incredibly liberating experience when you’re free from feelings of fear and confusion around money.

As a conscious, generous person who cares about the world, imagine how much you could blossom creatively if only you had more wealth. Imagine what additions you could make to your lifestyle. Picture the positive impact you could make on your family, community, and even the world.

All of this is possible for you.

And since you’re here right now, it probably means you’re ready to unleash your fullest potential and experience the abundance you so deeply deserve.

It probably also means you’re willing to do the work to clear away your money blocks and develop better financial tools, practices, and skills so you can finally have an empowered relationship with money.

The problem is that you’re probably experiencing a frustrating gap between the lifestyle you want to have and where you are financially right now

For example, you may…

  • Experience prosperity in some areas of your life, yet still struggle in other key areas where you can’t seem to escape lack and limitation. (So many spiritually minded people struggle with money – you’re not alone.)
  • Feel somewhat anxious or depressed about your financial future. (“What if I become a bag lady?”)
  • Get annoyed with yourself at how much you overspend. (And on stuff that later seems so useless and out of alignment with who you really are.  Look in your storage closet.)
  • Find yourself short of money at the end of the month in spite of working longer, harder hours. (Not being able to provide for yourself and family can get so deflating after a while.)
  • Feel burdened by the weight of what seems like an endless pit of debt, in spite of trying to be good and pay it down.
  • Feel ashamed to admit to friends and family how little money you actually have (or how small your savings are).
  • Feel pulled to travel more with your family, but have no idea how to budget for it.
  • Feel guilty you aren’t saving more for your children’s education, in spite of being a good parent.

Everybody — you, your family and friends, the wealthiest people on earth, and those who have the least amount of financial resources — we all swim in a cultural condition of money that disempowers us. It’s debilitating. It makes us feel wrong and at fault. (If you feel good about money, you’re kind of a mutant in today’s society!)

Lynne and Tammy call this “Scarcity Consciousness.”

Most people feel a lot of tension around their relationship with money. Maybe you can relate…

  • Maybe you feel you should have done something better in the past around money.
  • Maybe you feel bad that you lost money because of some silly mistake.
  • Maybe you wish you didn’t overspend so much.
  • Maybe you feel like you’ve missed the boat.

(By the way, money issues affect people at every income level. Lynne and Tammy have worked with people of enormous wealth, and they are often just as deeply entrenched in money issues as anyone else.)

There’s no doubt that having more financial resources can make things better, but until your underlying, inner issues around money are addressed, having more money may only amplify your problems.

The simple truth is that you struggle with money because of a cultural condition that exists around money itself.

You’re trapped in a consumer culture that constantly pummels you with messages that say, “If you acquire this or that, or do this or that, your life will be better!”

This cultural condition is never going to go away. But you have the opportunity to free yourself from its hypnotic grip. You can reconnect to that deeply human, true part of yourself and see this cultural condition as something you can successfully navigate rather than something that consumes you.

Yes, you’re responsible for the choices you make. But it’s important to realize that you are actually living in a consumer culture that tells you that you must have and be more in order to even be okay.

And that tsunami of messaging is very skillfully designed to hook you, to make you think that you’re not good enough… unless you accumulate more.

As long as you’re trapped by scarcity consciousness, you will continue to experience behaviors with money that are unhealthy for you, your family, your community, your nation, and ultimately the world.

(The environmental crisis, the social justice crisis, and the spiritual crisis have all been caused by our unhealthy relationship with money.)

An unhealthy relationship with money can destroy the things that matter most, on a global scale, and in your personal life. We know you don’t want that…  And the good news is that you can do something about it.

According to Lynne and Tammy, there are only two things you need to do to turn your financial fate around forever…

  1. Free yourself from this tragic, heartbreaking cultural condition of scarcity.
  2. Learn the skills, practices and tools of wealth-building.

It’s simple. You can do this. But here’s the problem—there are also two things standing in your way…

  1. You likely never learned wealth-building practices or how to master money in school (or at home).
  2. Scarcity consciousness is so prevalent, so strong, and so hypnotic that it’s virtually impossible to escape it without expert guidance and others to support you.

Here’s the good news…

For over 40 years, Lynne Twist has had a unique and beautiful insight into people’s relationship with money and life. She’s helped people in dire poverty. She’s worked closely with Mother Teresa. And she’s spent decades working with global billionaires and their families, as well as with regular people throughout the world.

Tammy White is a wealth coach and mother of five. The first business she launched and eventually sold was a widely respected mortgage company based in Northern California. She reviewed thousands of financial statements and worked with people on the largest financial transaction of their lives: buying a house. This gave her unique insights into people’s emotional struggles around managing their money.

Lynne and Tammy are leading experts at helping people break free from scarcity consciousness and master the simple wealth-building practices that create True Prosperity.

Bottom line… There are very few people on the planet who can help you truly make sense of money, and Lynne and Tammy are two of those rare people.

They’ll help you find peace with your financial history, develop a beautiful relationship with money, and ultimately learn to deeply enjoy what really matters most to you in life.

Lynne and Tammy’s Students Share Their Experiences

“In the time that I worked with Tammy and Lynne, I redesigned my career, created new offers that I love delivering, significantly increased my income, expanded my philanthropy, and gained clear direction with my investments. Their wisdom, clarity and positive approach made it easy for me to shift my old habits and establish new money practices with ease.”
—Marci Shimoff, New York Times bestselling author of Happy for No Reason and Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul

“Working with Tammy & Lynne completely transformed my whole relationship with money. When I started, money was an immense source of anxiety for me. As a result of working with them, I am now spending significantly less, saving more, and I am truly peaceful about money for the first time in my life. They are masterful!”
—Rayona Sharpnack, Founder: Institute for Women’s Leadership

“Since working with Tammy I have totally changed the way I manage my finances. I now have a budget and can easily keep track of how much money goes in and out of my accounts. What’s more, I completely got myself out of $28,000 in credit card debt (in less than a year). Working with her was one of the most significant financial decisions I’ve ever made. My health is better because of it, too.”
—Tatiana Tilley, Operations Director

“Tammy & Lynne have a visionary and strategic approach to finances. My income has increased and my spending has decreased. They continue to add value to my business, not only because of their financial acumen. They are contagiously fun and deeply caring. I am always inspired and ready to maximize my finances in new ways after being with them.”
—Meta Mehling, Executive Leadership Consultant

“Out of working with them, I stopped arguing with my husband about money, stopped wondering and stressing out about what was in my checking account, and got some piece of mind. And best of all, I figured out a way to get paid for doing work that I absolutely love.”
—Amy MacClain

“Working with Tammy has impacted both my husband and I in very practical ways. We were able to gain a very realistic view of our financial situation for retirement years and see how we could actually make that happen. We stopped incurring credit card debt, something we would have thought impossible. And we saw that we could afford to buy a house! We began our search and were in a condo within months after working with her.”
—Pat & Dave Usner

“Tammy & Lynne have a delightful style of teaching. They are clearly masterful around money and the money culture. And they have an amazing ability to make transformation available without any experience of guilt or embarrassment. I laughed at myself and quietly shifted my habits. It was truly miraculous. Who knew taking on my financial well-being could actually be fun?”
—Debbie King, Debbie King Consulting

And two of the wisest teachers of our time are here to help you.


Your 8-Week Journey to Lifelong Wealth

The BRAND-NEW Online Course
with bestselling author Lynne Twist
and renowned wealth coach Tammy White

Here’s what you’ll discover in this powerful 8-week program:

  • Why wealth has been an elusive force in your life, and why it’s been such a struggle to ask for the money you deserve, honor the money you do have in your bank account, and keep adding to it, so you can feel secure.
  • Why you don’t need to be a math whiz, or love financial speak, in order to become a master of your finances.
  • The 7 simple steps you MUST follow to transform your relationship with money, so it becomes an ally and a source of empowerment, rather than a trigger for guilt and confusion.
  • Practical exercises to help you dissolve the dark cloud that has been hanging over your head for years around money, so you can enjoy a pure relationship with money that helps you attract it, and grow with it.
  • Step-by-step systems and tools that will empower you (and your bank account), so you can begin to build sustainable wealth, and feel more confident in your money choices.
  • What your unique relationship with money looks like right now, how it’s holding you back—and what specific areas you need to repair in order to build personal and financial wealth.
  • How real people from all economic levels have overcome their core issues with money, and now live a wealthy life, both financially and emotionally, where fears around poverty and success, and shame and confusion around money no longer call the shots.
  • How to stop living your life on autopilot, ruled by others’ expectations of you, so you can begin to live a life of your design, where earning money feels natural and connected with your one-and-only unique value.

Completely new ways of thinking that may turn your current reality upside down, as you break down old inner workings and discover a counterintuitive, yet more enlightened way to think about money and your place in the world.  


Prepare for Your Journey to Lifelong Wealth & Freedom

No matter your current circumstances or past experiences with money, your current income or net worth, you’ll enter your first week with a clean slate, so you can prepare for the powerful transformations ahead. As Tammy and Lynne illuminate the path to True Prosperity, you’ll finally understand why you have been struggling with money for so long. You’ll know you’re in the right course.

In this introductory session, you will…

  • Get a clear map of the 7 steps you must take in order to create lasting prosperity in your life.
  • Enjoy an immediate sense of relief knowing that you now have access to the tools you need to address your money issues at the very root of the problem.
  • Be empowered and prepared to explore this area of your life with curiosity and excitement, instead of fear and blame.
  • Feel your anxiety lift right away, as visions of what’s possible begin to come to light.
  • Be committed to a new path and headed towards a lifelong experience of wealth and freedom.

Your eyes will be opened from this first week onward, and the transformation will become more real and powerful as Tammy and Lynne guide you deeper into this journey, step by step.


Step One: Break Free from Your “Scarcity Blocks” to Wealth

In Session 2, Tammy and Lynne will hold your hand as you bravely break down the cultural structures that have become a part of your internal psyche. This is a mainstream consciousness that imprisons most of mankind, and you’ll discover tools to remove yourself from its grip, intentionally and consciously.

By the end of Session 2, you will…

  • Uncover hidden stories and unconscious, unexamined beliefs through guided meditations and exercises.
  • Bring the toxic myths that have gripped your mind for decades out into the open, and become aware of how they have held you in a state of scarcity for far too long.
  • Start to dissolve your guilt and shame around money and the sense of not-enoughness, and begin to feel whole and full with your life as it is right now.
  • Be internally cleared so your new Prosperity Consciousness has a pure space to anchor and grow.

Of all the steps on your path to true prosperity, this is the most fundamental. It’s key to creating a fertile foundation so you can turn endless possibilities into the rich, prosperous life of your dreams.


Step Two: Align with the 3 Natural Laws of Wealth

Once you have unhooked from the scarcity mindset that plagues the consciousness of so many others, Session 3 invites you to connect with a new, expansive Prosperity Consciousness—one that will transform your life from the inside out.

In Session 3, you will…

  • Discover the 3 Natural Laws of Wealth that are key to transforming your relationship with money. (Some find these laws counterintuitive to anything they have ever learned, but this new core system of beliefs is absolutely essential to making the shift.)
  • Be able to see why the old way has kept you swimming upstream on a path that feels unnatural and unrewarding, and how remarkably different the 3 Natural Laws of Wealth work, and why they are so essential to this process.
  • Receive real-life examples of how others have put the 3 Natural Laws into practice, so you can learn from their experiences and insights.
  • Finally understand the necessary adjustments you must make in your own life, so you can create with success and ease, take action on your life plans much more effectively, and begin attaining wealth in an authentic way.

The 3 Natural Laws, as you’ll find out in this week, will give you a sense of freedom, joy, and strength. Making them a part of your very being will help you transcend the cultural consciousness of scarcity, and stay on your true path to wealth and prosperity.


Step Three: Create Your Personal Prosperity Map

Whether you have been building your life around someone else’s expectations of you—a parent, your community, a peer group—or you are living a life on automatic pilot, rather than a life of design, it is impossible to create prosperity from someone else’s idea of what you should be doing.

Prosperity awaits you when you create from your own core. And this leads to the focus of Session 4, where you will design your path to Prosperity with intention and focus.

In Session 4, you will…

  • Feel a sense of relief as you begin to see that you have a clear direction and purpose in your life that is centered around your true nature and deepest desires.
  • Begin to create your Personal Prosperity Map, a long-term plan that can guide you for days, months, and years towards more wealth and fulfillment.
  • Feel a sense of empowerment as you look at your time, money, and energy in a completely new light—one that is centered around the 3 Natural Laws of Wealth, rather than toxic scarcity.
  • Have daily, intentional practices clearly mapped out that will activate your Prosperity Consciousness and bring enthusiasm and purpose to each day.

There’s nothing as freeing, exciting, and confidence-building as deciding to pursue your own direction. This step is absolutely critical to True Prosperity, and will reignite passion and clarity in your life.


Step Four: Make Friends with Your Money by Taking Your Personal Wealth Inventory

No matter what level of income you enjoy, if you don’t know your spending habits and where your money is coming from, you are creating a sense of anxiety that is simply unnecessary. In this week, Tammy and Lynne will share the good news which is that it’s quite easy to take a full, honest look at your spending and history, and make friends with your money.

In Session 5, you will…

  • Understand why you have been so afraid to look at your money in the first place, seeing it as an enemy and a force of oppression, when it truly is a source of expansion.
  • Examine the history of your spending, and the current nature of your spending, so you can use money as your ally.
  • Receive simple budgeting and cash-flow tools created by Tammy and Lynne, so you can easily author your spending practices.
  • Feel like you have a sense of ownership over your life and finances, and the power to choose a new direction that is focused on prosperity.
  • Discover a sense of integrity around money that you’ve never realized was possible, as you align your spending with your highest goals and values.

This week will shine a light on your unconscious money habits and behaviors, which could be very eye-opening. Prepare for many “aha”s as Tammy and Lynne guide you through this powerful session.


Step Five: Activate Your Wealth-Building Power Skills of Planning, Saving & Giving

In our culture, there is no formal training on building wealth habits. We learn about the planets, about the stock market, and even how to play kickball, but we never learn real and simple skills to manage money. Until now!

In Session 6, you will…

  • Begin to speak the same language as any master of financial literacy, understanding your time value of money, your financial net worth, how to manage risk with your money, what it means to leave a legacy, and more.
  • Gain basic power skills around wealth by using Tammy and Lynne’s extremely simple system for saving, planning and giving.
  • Hear real-world examples of people who were able to activate their wealth-building power skills, no matter how much they hated math or financial speak.There is a way that works. Tammy and Lynne will show you how.
  • Understand that this is not just about improving your financial net worth, but elevating your personal net worth, your skills, your social life, your causes, so you can make the impact on the world you know you were meant to.
  • Have a pool of resources, tools, and teachings to refer to again and again, as you plan financial and personal wealth that will span your entire lifetime.

Many people, especially creative and spiritually-centered people, think that focusing on finances seems too technical. But by the end of this week, you’ll feel confident that even if you have difficulty with numbers, or cringe at the idea of using rigid software, you can become a master of your finances.


Step Six: Amplify Your Earning Power & Impact

Tammy and Lynne have witnessed tremendous income leaps in not only their own lives, but the lives of their clients. In many cases, people have tripled their income—not by scrambling for “more,” but rather by realizing what gift they already possessed, and bravely putting it out there to grow and thrive.

This is the week where you’ll explore your unique gifts, skills, and interests, and give them the attention they deserve.

In Session 7, you will…

  • Examine the unique gifts and talents that you already possess, so you can expand your income authentically and easily.
  • Uncover hidden opportunities, things available to you right now that you may not see, and begin to connect these opportunities with an exchange of value — mainly your time, skills, and experience — for compensation.
  • Understand the frustrating, dead-end cycle, that keeps getting perpetuated in your life because you are pursuing the wrong solution, usually more income-instead of ways you could express your unique value.
  • Identify distinct ways you can get compensated in a generous way by embracing your unique life force, and bringing that force into the world.

Tammy and Lynne consider this week the pinnacle of the path to True Prosperity. This is where you are literally converting your inner wisdom into outer action that can impact your surroundings in a real and powerful way.


Step Seven: Establish Your Daily Wealth Lifestyle

When most of us experience the signs of transformation—the “aha”s, the insights, the revelations—it can be a challenge to hold on to the new paradigm unless we anchor all that we’ve learned. This is the final step on your path to True Prosperity.

In Session 8, you will…

  • Anchor in your daily wealth lifestyle, so you can face the scarcity culture that is still pervasive everywhere you turn, and still build wealth in an authentic way that feels right to you.
  • Identify daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly practices that you can turn to for guidance and direction, so you can reinforce this experience of true prosperity over and over again for the rest of your life.
  • Commit to implementing your wealth-building practices, and start embodying your Prosperity Consciousness in your very being, and through your daily behaviors.
  • Start to see how all the work you’ve done up to this point has put you on a path to making irreversible and deep shifts toward a fully empowered Prosperity Consciousness.

Once you have examined your toxic beliefs around money, and see the scarcity consciousness arise in its many forms, it will never be able to grip you in the same way again. You really can free yourself from it, by committing yourself again and again to the tools and practices that Tammy and Lynne will share with you.

Are you ready to experience money in a new way—as a source of authenticity, empowerment, freedom and joy in your life?

When you decide to take this journey, and make this shift, you’re saying YES to a whole new possibility…

YES to nurturing the things in life that matter the most to you.

YES to your talents and treasures, for which you deserve to be compensated.

YES to taking responsibility for your money and designing simple, empowering practices to do that.

And YES to gaining confidence and clarity around the resources available to you, so you can move forward on your journey to wealth.

It’s time to move away from a scarcity culture that devalues human life, makes money more important than people, and creates so much sorrow and suffering.

This is your time to be a guiding light, a reflection of what’s possible for everyone—an active, engaged culture that honors people and leverages money in a way that serves the highest good of humanity.

Take your first step on the path to True Prosperity now…

Exclusive True Prosperity Course Bonuses

Money & The Sexes: How Money Impacts Men & Women Differently (Valued at $297)

A Special 2-Session Audio Series With Claire Zammit and John Gray

claire-zammit_130x175 john-gray_130x175

Even the most progressive men and women are guided in some way by unique, gender-based ideas of worth, earning power, and potential. In this 2-part audio series, you’ll hear from Claire Zammit, pioneer of the Feminine Power movement, and John Gray, best-selling author of the Mars and Venus book series, as they offer their unique insights on wealth and the sexes and how we can stop unknowingly sabotaging our incomes and relationships, and attain the level of wealth we’ve always dreamed of.

Session 1: Women, Power, & Money with Claire Zammit, Ph.D.c

When it comes to opportunities available to women, especially in the Western world, the ground is shifting beneath us, brimming with movement and change. But many modern women still haven’t been able to embrace a new definition of femininity—the old, oppressive narrative that reigned for centuries all over the world still has a strong hold on us, whether we realize it or not. In this riveting audio, Feminine Power pioneer and founder Claire Zammit will illuminate your inner barriers around building wealth by sharing her unique insights, research and experiences helping women across many generations, and continents. You’ll discover the keys to owning your earning power, and how crucial your feminine is to finding your true path to prosperity.

Session 2: Loving Wealth: Mars & Venus in Play with John Grey

When two people come together, each with their own complex ideas around money, it can create a tangled web of fears, frustrations and misunderstandings, making it impossible to walk hand-in-hand on the path to True Prosperity. In this audio, John Gray, bestselling author of the famed Mars and Venus book series will break down the extraordinarily unique nuances between the ways men and women experience financial stress and financial goals. You’ll discover specific exercises you can try immediately with your partner that will improve your communication and understanding, and open a channel of trust to not only wealth, but joy and generosity in your relationship.

Tapping Exercises To Release Financial Stress and Overwhelm And Unlock Your Personal Power

A Powerful Seminar with Nick Ortner (Valued at $147)

nick-ortner_130x175Money fears, insecurities and anxieties are the #1 cause of stress in America and create health challenges and psychological blocks to making big, positive changes in your life.

Stress around money can cripple your best efforts to earn more and get out of debt.

Regardless of the reason behind your own stress as you embark on your journey to lifelong wealth, one technique we’ve found to be incredibly fast and effective in relieving stress is EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) also known as “Tapping.”

That’s why we’ve added this special bonus with New York Times bestselling author Nick Ortner.

Nick is one of the world’s leading experts on using this technique to relieve financial stress and overwhelm, and has had over 60,000 paying students in his programs over the past few years.

In this session, he’s going to teach you his top techniques that contain the summation of his core teachings.

This bonus seminar will help you…

  • Instantly overcome overwhelm about your current financial situation.
  • Release the “stress response” in your body that’s blocking your authentic success.
  • Learn power practices for believing in yourself.
  • Liberate yourself from disempowering beliefs around money and success.

Add these exercises to your daily practice and you’ll gain the confidence to ask for what you want, the skill to manage your fear, and the knowledge of how to set your life up for wealth and financial security.

About Nick Ortner

Nick Ortner is CEO of The Tapping Solution, LLC, a company with a mission to bring simple, effective, natural healing into the mainstream through Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) or “tapping.” Tapping is a healing modality that combines ancient Chinese acupressure and modern psychology.

Nick’s goal is to empower people to create healthy, financially abundant and stress-free lives through his books, films, CDs, online events and speaking engagements attended by participants from all over the world.

His NY Times bestselling book, The Tapping Solution: A Revolutionary System for Stress-Free Living, was published by Hay House in 2013. Prior to that, Nick created and produced the breakthrough documentary film, The Tapping Solution, which follows ten people who used tapping to overcome tremendous challenges, including 30 years of chronic back pain, fibromyalgia, insomnia, devastating grief and more. Both Nick’s book and film document real and extraordinary results that have inspired tens of thousands to follow suit by successfully applying tapping to their lives.

How to Start Your Journey to Wealth from Ground Zero

An Exclusive Workshop with Jack Canfield (Valued at $147)

jack-canfield_130x175One of the biggest questions many people have is…

“Can I create wealth and success even if I’m starting with nothing (or even if I’m in debt)?”

This means that many people are very eager to take the journey to wealth, but wonder if it can be done when they have next to nothing to begin with?

In response to this question, we’ve included an exclusive bonus workshop to the program with Lynne’s good friend, legendary Chicken Soup for the Soul co-author and America’s #1 success coach Jack Canfield…

Jack was in that very situation himself, starting with nothing, and has gone on to become one of the most successful authors of all time!

And he’s going to show you how to find the fastest way to get traction to expand your earning power and wealth in ways that are fully aligned with your strengths and skills.

Jack is the perfect person to learn this from, because he took this very same journey himself and figured out the shortest path to success.

He’s helped hundreds of thousands of people develop self-esteem and other personal growth skills, along with giving them the tools to achieve their dreams.

This workshop is your chance to be mentored by Jack, and it may be the most valuable addition yet to your True Prosperity experience!

In this exclusive workshop, you will discover how to…

  • Clarify your vision and goals
  • Identify what you can offer to the world (and what the world will pay you handsomely for)
  • Manage your fears as you step into wealth
  • Confront your unconscious behaviors and old patterns
  • Stay focused on what strategies will earn you the most

About Jack Canfield

Jack Canfield is best described as an understanding, compelling, empowering and compassionate coach who has helped hundreds of thousands of people achieve their dreams. He is a skilled trainer in the development of self-esteem and peak performance, personal growth skills, organizational development, management effectiveness, holistic education, counseling skills, and trans-personal psychology.

Now with over 70 million copies sold to date, 38 titles in print in the United States and translations in over 32 languages, Chicken Soup for the Soul has made international publishing history. One or more titles in the Chicken Soup for the Soul series have been on the New York Times bestseller list consistently. And at one time or another there have been at least eight Chicken Soup for the Soul titles simultaneously in the top fifty on the USA Today bestselling books list.

Here’s What’s Included With Your True Prosperity Course:

Eight 60-minute Course Sessions with Lynne Twist and Tammy White

twist-white_247x125In the course sessions with Lynne and Tammy, you’ll learn the principles and practices of releasing your scarcity consciousness, taking control of your financial future, and living a life of True Prosperity.

You’ll receive unlimited access to all of the course session audios (listen online or download the mp3 file to your iPod or audio player).

Seven Recorded Group Mentoring Sessions with Lynne Twist and Tammy White

In these rich sessions, Lynne and Tammy dialogue with people from around the world, answering questions, helping people solve their unique challenges on the Journey to Wealth, and deepening into the course sessions. They also address common questions about the course sessions to further support you in integrating your learning. It’s a great way to tune into the collective intelligence of the True Prosperity community, and many participants report that these Group Mentoring Sessions are an invaluable resource.

You’ll receive unlimited access to all of the course session audios (listen online or download the mp3 file to your iPod or audio player).

Practices and Reflections for Each Course Session

To guide and support you through these transformative processes, Lynne and Tammy have created weekly practice and reflection assignments that will empower you to experience money in a new way—as a source of authenticity, empowerment, freedom, and joy in your life.

They will allow you to take what you’ve discovered in each session and apply it to the way you look at and live your daily life, in very specific ways, so you can integrate the learning much more quickly.

PDF Transcripts of Each Course Session

PDF transcripts are a great resource to go back and quickly reference key concepts covered in the course sessions. If you prefer to follow along with a written format, you’ll love these downloadable transcripts.

guarantee-30-day_200x177Our 30-Day Guarantee!

We are committed to providing the highest level of satisfaction on all of our programs and products, and fully stand behind our programs. If you find within the first 30 days of the purchase that you are not satisfied with the program for any reason, you may request and receive a full refund of your payment.



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