We checked in with leading experts in the law of attraction, intuition and relationships to find out what it takes to manifest the love you desire. Here’s what they said.  

Step #1: Get clear

First and foremost, connect with and identify, What do I want? Why do I want this person in my life? What is he or she going to bring to me? What is the feeling you want? If it’s a feeling of connection and love, your job is just to stay in that space of connection and love. And anytime you’re pulled from it, figure out, “What are the thoughts that are pulling me from this? What is the underlying fear here? Is it rooted in lack?” Do your inner work, paying attention to your thoughts, change the vibration, and feel and sit and connect to that feeling as if it’s already manifest in your life.

Christy Whitman

Knowing that the greatest gift that you can give to anybody is a fully healthy you, the focus from the moment you get up to the moment you sleep is on, “I want to be great.  I want to live a life of purpose.” And in that journey, as I follow my path and take that inspired action, miracles unfold and the right people and soulmates reveal themselves automatically.

Christian Pankhurst

Step #2: Know what you want, and then let it go

The world is abundant in every possible grouping or scenario that exists everywhere all the time. We are incapable, as human beings, to see it all. It is essential to first connect to that knowing, that state of being. And then, to release your attachment to what you desire. It’s always about the detachment of it and allowing yourself to be in that fluid state of energetic allowing and radical acceptance of what is possible.

Collette Baron-Reid

If there’s negative emotion and anxiety—“When is he coming?” and “How is he coming?” —there is restriction in your energy, and you are attached. And that’s where you want to be detached. Have the vision of what you want. Have that priority in your life. But the process on how to get there: that’s where the detachment comes in.

Sonia Ricotti

Step #3: Listen to your intuition

Often, the universe sends us in different ways that require you to take action in order for you to reach the goal that you want to achieve. So, meeting your soulmate might look like, “I’m supposed to go to this party, but I’m so tired, I don’t feel like going.” But something tells you that you really should go. And then you do, and lo and behold, Mr. Right is right there.

Sonia Ricotti

Anytime I have ever, ever, ever manifested anything, it’s because I followed my inner voice. Don’t sit at home if something is telling you to go. We can’t sit at home waiting for somebody to knock on the door.

Collette Baron-Reid

Step #4: Know it before you see it

Connect with whatever you want to attract. We are souls. There are ways to literally connect with the soul of the person that you want to bring in your life. That’s exactly what I did. When I would go to bed at night, I would literally connect and transmit my thoughts to his energy. Had conversations with him. He was already in my life before he came into my life.

Christy Whitman

Step #5: And trust in the law of attraction

It works all the time, for every single person, whether you’re aware of it or not. It works whether you’re sending a signal about something you want or something you don’t want. It’s like gravity. It’s just us that need to know how to navigate our inner beings and feelings and thoughts to draw to us what we want.

Christy Whitman

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