Happy International Women’s Day!

Thank you for being part of our Feminine Power global community and for everything that you do in your life to make the world a better place—and to uplift the women around you.

Today we celebrate the world-changing brilliance and accomplishments of all women.

We also recommit to standing for the potentials that have yet to be realized for all women and girls on the planet.

It’s our time to rise into visibility, express our voice and contribute our gifts to shape the future of our world.

In two decades of coaching, mentoring and leading women to step into their greatness, I’ve seen firsthand that to have a world where women can rise into the fullness of our power, visibility, creativity and voice, we need to create a culture between women that supports, celebrates and amplifies each other’s power.

Adrienne Rich, the famous poet and writer, points out that some of the biggest constraints that we have to coming into the fullness of our potentials are the internal and invisible barriers that keep us living small.

She writes:

The most notable fact our culture imprints on women is the sense of our limits. The most important thing one woman can do for another is to illuminate and expand her sense of actual possibilities.

We need to link arms and create a space between us that makes it safe for us to step forward. We need to be mirrored, supported, challenged and championed by each other to come to unleash our brilliance.

We can not become ourselves by ourselves. 

Let’s commit on this day to creating a new sisterhood.

Let’s go out of our way to support each other.

When we see a woman stepping up, let’s stand behind her.

When she stumbles, we can be there to help her up. 

When she is challenged, it’s up to us to fight for her.

And when she triumphs, we should celebrate her wildly.

Are you with me? 

To celebrate International Women’s Day, reach out to a woman in your life and tell her what you appreciate about her—reflect back those qualities that she might not fully see about her own brilliance and power!

And take it one step further—reflect a possibility for her life that’s perhaps even bigger than she can see for herself… 

And then commit to standing with her to realize it!

Together we can change and uplift the world.

To our greatness,


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