Quantum physics suggests that you, the observer, are intimate and entangled with the universe in ways that affect the reality of what is observed. To put it another way, As viewed, so appears.

How we observe anything – and that includes your beliefs, prejudices, habits, and hopes – is how things will come into being; or, everything is in a state of possibility until it is perceived.

That is why you have to clean up your act so that your perception is not haunted by old, outmoded thoughts and moods, but is, rather, fresh and new and vibrant with possibility and new beliefs.

My student, George, said to me that he had clear intentions, and actively did visualizations, acted out as if these things were already in his life, felt and tasted them—and they would appear, sort of. Some semblance of his intention would show up, but usually accompanied by entanglements and complications that complicated matters. In fact, it was the same “stuff” that he always carried with him and worried about in the back of his mind.

What I told George is what I’m sharing here: When life keeps delivering the “same old same old,” and your efforts to create something new fall short, it’s time for an inner housecleaning.

Every single day you must effort to clear away the old, useless weeds of your mind. Give heed to what you think, and banish sorrow and dismay. Do not allow yourself to dwell in failure. Give up your notion of obstacles. Think instead of open doors, opportunities, and paths unfolding under your feet leading to marvelous events and fulfilling happenings.

This is the new habit you must adopt to replace old mental and emotional patterns that keeps delivering the same results. You brush your teeth; do you brush your mind? Or do you let it go stale and flat? But when you brush your mind and cleanse your emotions and habits, it’s as if the universe woke up to who you really are and said, “Hot dog! We’ve got a live one there! We can work with her.”

My student, George did this, diligently, every day—and it worked. Within several weeks his positive, creative intentions came into being, clear and fresh without the added unwanted, old games that were tripping him up.

A clearer mind brings a clearer field of possibility and accomplishments.

The Habits of Inner Housecleaning

  1. Believe. Believe mind, heart, and gut that you can have what you intend to because you now know how the universe works.
  2. Exude joy. Be present in every moment and celebrate your very being. Every single moment you are signaling to life what’s possible for you. When you raise your awareness and raise your vibration, you tell the universe that you are available to partner in ways that assure a very different outcome than the ones in which you felt trapped.
  3. Realize that every moment, every breath provides a fresh opportunity.

Inhale, and breathe in new life, new possibility.

Exhale, banish all the old stuff that no longer works.

Inhale deeply and breathe in deeply new life, new possibility. Feel this new life, this breath, moving through your entire body/ mind.

Exhale fully as you expel any toxic, old thoughts.

You breathe in new life, new possibilities, new energy, what you truly wish to intend to bring into manifestation.

You breathe out all the dregs and toxic worries that no longer are part of you.

Jean Houston, PhD, is one of the foremost authors and visionaries on the topic of transformation of our time. Learn more about her Quantum Powers teaching here.

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