Accessing the Intelligence of the Universe


This 10-Minute audio comes from Session 4 of Dr. Jean Houston’s 7-Week Unlock Your Quantum Powers Training Program, hosted by Evolving Wisdom.

Session 4 is called “The Power of the Quantum Mind,” and in this short excerpt, Jean will guide you through an exercise designed to help you prime yourself for an accelerated learning curve.

Once you’ve completed the exercise, scroll down and share your experience of it with us and the rest of our community in the comment section below!




  1. Perfect timing on this one! I went into it feeling like I could never or would ever understand anything because I’m just not the kind of brain that gets these things. Had to listen to it twice because there was so much information.. But, I got it. I have those things and I really must be the smartest girl ever! Thank you Jean. Thank you universe. Thank you Divine God.

  2. I would listen to jean read the phone book ‼️‼️‼️She carries the quickened vibration of the risen Christ in her voice and every breath ✨✨✨ this was a surprise and wonderfully jean meditation , passionate , alive and fun ‼️‼️✨✨☝️ . Thank you all so much for your tireless song of HOME ‼️‼️✨✨✨love ☝️✨, Vicki

  3. Very interesting. But thing is that I do similar exercise quiet long time and nothing good happend. Actually I think that everythig goes worse….

  4. What a vibrational and emotionally profound
    experience. I could feel and hear the tone and vibration going through my whole being in the humming! Thank you for this gift.

  5. It was really lovely and powerful exercise. I love the idea as I am a great believer in the power of the heart and I know our hearts are the main harddrives of who we are. Many problems in this world is created by people using their brains to live their lives, to solve problems. Brain tricks us, it’s analytical, based on previous experiences. The heart is pure and ‘new’ every moment. It doesn’t hold to the past. Lets open our hearts and let the love flow.

  6. As a life long student of personal development, self actualisation and learning the “how” part of training the Mind, I can truly say, hand on heart, that Jean Houston’s training surpasses all other for a number of reasons not least of all because she has such a vast knowledge of the cultural and spiritual commonalities that link humans across all cultures and therefore her training speaks to the Divinity and coded potential within each and every one of us.

    Thank you Jean and thank you EvolvingWisdom for brining Jeans work to a much broader audience as she nears her 80th year. Truly a global Grandmother for our times!

  7. This is an amazing coincidence that this week I’d been thinking on dreams and the feeling of being connected to the whole dream and if one couldn’t transpose that feeling into daily waking life feeling connected on some ethereal level or below the thought threshold to everything and this sound meditation seems to open up a doorway to this feeling. Thank you. I’m working hard to be able to afford at least the cd course. Keep up with sharing with the world. It is truly a privilege to have access to your audios.

  8. Jean:

    Right on point – THANK YOU – your passion and dedication, discipline and courage are seen, heard and deeply acknowledge. Know this in your heart of hearts….

    God’s Love and Blessing to YOU – Mother Natures continued support
    Rmk Wintura