It’s easy to feel overwhelmed, discouraged, and disconnected in these turbulent times. And when we’re moored in this place of feeling uninspired, it’s extremely difficult to remember what ignites us and propels us forward to make a positive difference in the world.

One way to rekindle your passion and refuel your connection to the things that matter most is to feed yourself good experiences and feelings by pouring blessings from your own heart to all of those things and receive their blessing in return.

Opening to the Universe Meditation

Sit comfortably with your spine upright and your feet on the floor. Close your eyes and take three deep, easy breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth, as you rest your attention on your heart. Feel its rhythmic beat.

There is the space within your chest that your physical heart occupies, and there is the space that your spiritual heart occupies all around you. Thank your heart for all of the beautiful work it does every moment to keep you alive.

As you continue to breathe in and out, imagine your heart gently expanding.

Our hearts hold memories and images, big and small. Think of your favorite spot in nature, a place where you feel strongly connected to the elements. What’s around you? Is it warm or cool? Are there trees? Water? In your mind’s eye, look around; use all of your senses. Imagine this place in all of its expansive grandeur.

Shift your focus now to one specific detail in the scene. It could be a honeybee on a blossom or a tiny shell on the beach. Fill your heart with other images from nature that you particularly love.

Thank these things for blessing you.

Think now of any animals or creatures you love or have loved in the past. Picture them happy and healthy, romping, playing, purring. You might include wild beings you feel drawn to: wolves, ravens, dolphins, elephants.

Imagine their warm fur, light shining on their feathers, their tails splashing the water as they dive. What do they sound like, smell like, feel like?

Fill your heart with images of these beloved creatures and thank them for blessing you.

Now imagine a road that runs from a wonderful place in the distance straight through your heart. Walking, skipping, dancing along the road are all of your favorite people who have ever lived, followed by all your ancestors.

Gently and easily expand your heart to embrace this parade of friends and family. Expand it enough to embrace the miraculous entirety of each one’s life on this Earth—all of the pain and all of the glory.

Now expand your heart to include all human beings, past, present, and future: fishermen in France, weavers in Guatemala, doctors in South Africa, scientists in Japan, sheep shearers in New Zealand. People of all ages everywhere. Bless and thank each person as he or she passes through your heart. Imagine this blessing and gratitude lifting them up, filling their hearts.

Imagine your heart expanding to encompass the entire Earth. Pour your loving energy into the oceans, mountains, forests, cities, villages, and deserts. Think of all of the wonderful things this Earth provides for the creatures that live upon her: the air, water, shelter, food, and beauty. Bless and thank the Earth for all of her love, abundance, and life-sustaining generosity.

Move your heart’s awareness out into space to encompass the sun that gives us warmth and light, to the moon and all of the planets. Move out through the solar system into the expanding Universe, now blessed and enhanced by your conscious thoughts and blessings.

Imagine all of the beings on the other side of the veil that care so much about our welfare—the invisible helpers who assist us the moment we ask. Send them gratitude through your heart.

Expand your awareness out to touch upon the very Source of all Existence—the life force that keeps it all going. Breathe it in. Pour love and gratitude out as you exhale. Do this several times until your heart feels full.

Slowly and easily pull your consciousness back from the Source, back from the solar system, back from the Earth herself, back from all of the beings human and otherwise from both sides of the veil, back from your favorite places in the natural world, and finally back into your radiant heart.

Feel the beating of your physical heart once more in the center of your chest. Know that these things you have cherished are always with you.

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