Orchestrating Time


This 9-Minute audio is from Session 3 of Dr. Jean Houston’s 7-Week Unlock Your Quantum Powers Training Program, hosted by Evolving Wisdom.

Session 3 is called “The Power to Orchestrate Time,” and in this short excerpt, Jean will guide you through an exercise designed to help you quickly enter a state where time is expanded and enriched.

Once you’ve completed the exercise, scroll down and share your experience of it with us and the rest of our community in the comment section below!


Listen here.



  1. Hello Jean, I just published a blog about the treasures of the right hemisphere (in Dutch).
    One of these treasures is experiencing flow, where clock time is absent. I didn’t mention this in the blog yet, but I will add it. Thank you very much for this sneak peek. Love and light, Kees.

  2. I actually entered a space of timelessness where everything seemed to happen simultaneously. Not multi tasking but multi happening. I will try this exercise again. Thank you very much for the inspiration!

  3. that was fun — I had a great trip remembering experiences I had in real time in England, Spain, Italy, Greece, Turkey and Rome, but added some new places I would like to see and imagined how it would be in Ireland and France — ran out of time before I could get to China!!

  4. I have done this for years (at bedtime) without knowing what it was that I was actually doing.
    The practice does help a great deal! I have advanced my skills, solved problems, over come fears and so much more…
    As a child I use to do this as we were in the car traveling to and from places. My favorite was to “travel” home well before my physical body got there. Once I was home (in my thoughts) I would complete tasks and be happy with how they turned out.
    Sometimes (during the practice) I would be shocked when I opened my eyes and found that I was still in the car and we were only half way home.
    Even now, as an adult in her 50s, I have to really work at slowing my mind down at times.
    On the other side of the coin, when I am focused on a project and I have no real interruptions, physical time seems to melt away.
    My work needs to be to balance the two..
    For me, linear time is frustrating because I know that there’s so much more..
    Interesting side note….. I’ve noticed that certain material objects tend to lock me into the holds of the linear and don’t let me leap ahead in thought exercises.

  5. I imagined being the n Paris, Rome, SwitzerlandvWashingtonvDC seeing the Site House, meeting the President. I then traveled down to o New Mexico to see my Aunt. hi t definitely seems d longer than a minute in the his exercize

  6. Felt an expansion of space within filling the whole body with light as it emanated out of a huge bottle , shooting out into the universe . It felt like love filling the universe and everyone in it .

  7. Hi, thanks for sending this clip, I have experienced atp in meditation and when doing energy healing. What a valuable resource to use often in these times of feeling crunched for time! Hadn’t thought of using it in daily life. Look forward to learning more of this to release areas that have been “stuck” for years.!

  8. Thank you very much! It was a very interesting experience. Visiting a master in skills is a great idea! I will definitely try that!

  9. Yes it is a good practice and find it quite powerful. It feels like my skills are improving after even one minute. I am also curious about earlier example of person who can see in the future. On one hand people say we create our reality and we can change it. It sounds good. But than why it is possible to see into the future from earlier time? Is future predetermined? Than are creating our life or we don’t have actually complete power to create our life. Because something is already coming from the future and it is fixed already.
    That is my question.???

  10. Dear Jean,

    Many thanks, indeed, for this great gift, whatever it was – whether it was a guided meditation, an hypnosis and/or a channeled blessing from Joan of Arc.

    The second time around, during that timed minute, I Know that I finally wrote my first book, the autobiographical one I have been struggling with these past seven years, almost, the one I have previously asked Joan of Arc/Jeanne/Jehanne d’Arc to help me with, and the first chapter of which, featuring Joan of Arc, I now realize I already had written.

    Heart- and soul-felt thanks!


    Tom Kelly, Escondido, California.

  11. My ‘clock’ one minute experience felt like just a few seconds. My travel was instant to the exact place and ‘time’ I wanted to experience. Time as we know it was non existant. Amazing!

  12. Hi Jean

    I love how you show us how to transcend the constraints of our time-space bound and very persistent ‘optical illusion’ as Einstein described it! I did this exercise along with your guidance and what a lot I accomplished in 1 min! How far I traveled and what delightful experiences I had 🙂

    I also love sitting with a Master and learning their skills in ‘no time’ at all :). Such powerful tools which I have been using in various ways and will continue to! Thank you for reinforcing the value of these tools!

    Much Love, Lucy

  13. The minute gave me the experience of hiking to an island that is about a mile off of the hike I do, it means I have to take my boots off many times and I did that and then I arrived to take pictures of the place I normally stand and look. Amazing, I was there, and with ease. And then I pretended I had the 3 minutes, I painted the place as I believe I want a painter to do, I share this with talented people in the area and the just don’t go there… Wow,, I see my mission more clearly…

    thank you

  14. When you take the restriction of ‘time’ (which doesn’t exist anyway) away from the creative playful part of the brain of course you are going to expand beyond realms no longer bound. Delightful exercise.

  15. Ive just experienced visiting family and friends in 3 countries in one minute! How does it get any better than that! I also got to feel the freedom of creating my own business in one minute! Thankyou. X

  16. Took my trip around the world and visited Sweden, France, England, and Greece. Wow. It was amazing. Reminded me of one of the stories in one of the Mary Poppins books. And when Jean said we could add a little more clock time, I did. Rewrote a poem to share in a memoir class I am am taking. The words just flowed. Then I realized it had been only 3 minutes of clock time and Jean had already finished. But her inspiration stayed with me as I enjoyed the expanding in the Quatum Time. Thank You! Will keep experimenting and join one of Jean’s classes when I have the means…… Love your work Jean. And thank The Evolving Wisdom’s team.

  17. My experience with my 1 minute of my life taken following you offer; I felt myself waking up the hill in the Parioli Roma; what I am telling you it happens about 45 years ago, that really I had practical forgotten. At that time I was finishing my Architectural course in Roma, and I sow myself arriving to the front of an very old Church from the middle age , not in good condition and located about 50 m for from a crowded street , I sow myself contemplating the site, where I had been designing a multi-storey apartment building, for an Italian girl last year student for which I was been paid, to cover my studies.
    I look around and I so myself walking again to her home, but that was the end. Thanks for this minute, I will remember for the rest of my life. It was as it happens. Thanks again.

  18. I was a bit irritated by the often said “one min in clock time” – when I have experiences of different perception of time – say- different to “clock time” normal experience …. there are several experiences-
    There are sometimes days- when I am looking at something in the internet- or writing an e-mail – and I think- will haven taken 10 min and it can be up to one hour- the extreme- I was far out – where-ever …
    On the other hand- when I deliberatley manipulate the time – say – I have to go from A to B – or as was recently from A to B and also doing a short task at C …………. would need normally longer than I had time left to be at an appointment … So I said I will be at C (in between A-B) at 1.45 and I will arrive at B 2.30 …
    Funny – was a day where I was obviously in the right state of being- at the minute I was at 1.45 and 2.30
    where I wanted to be . So I am able to stretch the time – when necessary — I do not do it all the time since I am retired ! so bit lack of practice! and then sometimes when I am fascinated by something- can be out of 3 D 100 % and come back and have lost track of time completely ……………

    So the trip around the world – ok was at VIE airport- took a plane to Rome- landed in Rome …
    felt uneasy- with the “clock min” thought – ok I go now to Athens …….. but then one min had passed
    and clock time end ….

    I know a teacher who said- if we can stop on a clock the hand that shows the seconds- if this stands still
    more than one second – we are in some way- beyond this —– whatever- dare not to quote incorrectly …
    bit difficult all the termini technici – and even used differently by different teachers
    I am the practial one !

  19. Thank you! I was just given one of Jean’s books so this was perfect timing. I love her voice and message. I look forward to hearing more of her training. In my work I teach individuals to connect with their right brain in relation with making a more meaningful connection with those they just meet and those who are already close to them. Wonderful connections are made from this place of social empathy!

  20. Dear Jean,
    I want to thank you for sending this e-mails that give me a vision of where expanding our quantum powers may drive us… It is fascinating.
    In the exercise, I decided to travel to Argentina where a friend from my childhood is living now. I felt that she needed a huge…and I gave it to her. I loved the experience.