Living in the Light


When you begin Living in the Light, you move outside of your former “cave” of belief, no longer easily fooled by illusions. Not only will you see the true nature of reality, you’ll begin to live with the knowledge that the Universe is always at the ready to co-create with you.

You’ll know this in your very being—and inside this connection, you’ll begin to see beauty, meaning and pattern all around you.

In every activity of your life, you’ll be more efficient, joyful and harmonious, and will no longer live in a reflexive state of opposition to the world or anything in it.

You’ll attract the people and resources you need. And opportunities for more profound actions will begin to come your way, along with inspiring new challenges, urging you to even-higher levels of achievement.

Living in the Light meditation

Sit comfortably with your feet on the floor and spine straight. Begin by taking a few slow, deep breaths. Close your eyes.

Now, in the quiet of your breath, begin to feel that within the center of your mind, there is a calm, quiet lake. It is a lake of light in the center of your consciousness. Serene, peaceful, placid.

As you inhale, the light grows.  As you exhale, the light contracts.

Play with this a bit. As you breathe in, imagine the light expanding and growing brighter. As you breathe out, see the light move throughout your mind/brain system, illuminating it and your entire being.  Do this a few times, fully experiencing any sensations that come with this.

And now, being filled with light, say in your heart-mind:

I am a being of light.

I love the light.

I serve the light.

I am illumined, sustained, and supported by the light.

And I support and sustain the light in return.

The light, which is love, and I are of the same essence.

Within this great sea of light that is you, that is love, you experience your essential nature—calm, serene, centered, illumined.

This light is sustained by and sustains the Universe. It has always been this way, though before this moment you might not have sensed its ever-present power.

Stay for a bit longer in the center of your being, full of light, connected to everything.

And when you open your eyes and return to your day, remember your essential connection to the light.

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