Re-Dreaming Your Life


This 11-Minute audio comes from Session 5 of Dr. Jean Houston’s 7-Week Unlock Your Quantum Powers Training Program, hosted by Evolving Wisdom.

Session 5 is called “The Power to Manifest Whatever You Need,” and in this short excerpt, Jean will expertly guide you through two exercises designed to help you begin re-dreaming your life by overcoming the usual limiting sense of past, present and future.

Once you’ve completed the exercises, scroll down and share your experience of them with us and the rest of our community in the comment section!


  1. Jean, you’re just wonderful! You can’t imagine how much your wisdom helps me, and especially this extract, The Power to Manifest Whatever You Need; that I’m able to change my past, present and future in this very NOW. Thank you! Blessings!

  2. Thank You! I like very much this teaching and explanation of different probabilities in creating reality etc. Yoga of Mind is very important to work on creating positive futures. Thank You for this great reminder.

  3. Thank you Jean. I am an active lucid dreamer and often the waking and dreaming worlds are woven together with synchronicity and coincidences that blow me away. I guess they used to blow me away and now, they are just the way life is. I loved your explanation of time. I crumpled my piece of paper up into a ball and threw it in the air as an example of time travel. ha ha. Which in my dream world happens with regularity. Thank you for the awareness that it’s really no different in the waking world. I live in Ashland, OR and one of my life aspirations is to be involved with facilitating dream circles and workshops. I am an aquatic body worker and I find that the time/space for people receiving sessions many times emulates and momentarily captures a sense of “no time”. A place/sensation in between all that ever was and ever will be. The mystery between the in breath and out breath. A pimordial nothingness and all beingness. Somehow this taste touches on something so deep and pure that runs through everything like an invisible thread connecting the physical, energetic and quantum including the concept of time immemorial.