Energy Mastery

A 7 Week Online Course with Master Energy Healer Melanie Roche

Tap into a limitless source of vital energy to get unstuck, create flow, and experience dramatic break-throughs in your health, wellbeing, relationships, and prosperity.

Learn The Whole Spectrum Healing System for Optimal Wellness, Vitality, & Success



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It’s no secret that everything is energy. We see it in everything from how the universe works to how a plant grows. We feel it when we have a special spark and connection with someone. We experience it when we’re in a state of flow. You know those rare times when everything seems to just go our way? That’s being in flow.

We think these moments just happen…

But what if you could consciously harness the energy of the universe and use it to create your best life possible? What if you could access your personal energy so you could stay in this flow, and use it to heal your whole being, create deeply fulfilling relationships, and magnetize to yourself great opportunities and all the resources you need?

The good news is you CAN easily and simply learn how to awaken your personal energy system, get your energy flowing, and align your energy with the energy of the universe, so you can live your fullest potential.

You can probably feel energy—and your disconnection from it—in so many of your experiences…

Energy surrounds us and permeates all of life… It’s what we use to grow yet it’s something beyond just physical matter. It connects us. If you tune in, you can feel it right now…

We think energy just is—that we have no effect on it. We don’t realize how it runs through the very fabric of our lives. And most of us don’t realize that we can affect energy and that doing so can transform your life. The good news is you can use energy as your ally. You can harness it and become adept at channeling it.

Here are a few ways you’ve probably felt energy:

  • Do you remember a time when you were in nature and you felt connected to the universe? That’s your connection to energy.
  • Do you remember a time when you heard some powerful music or saw a photograph or painting that moved you? That’s also energy.
  • Do you remember a time when you felt so connected to someone that you didn’t have to say a single word? You might have even been physically apart, but you still felt them? That’s energy connecting you.

Another way to think about energy is when you experience a flow state. For example:

  • Have you ever been working on a project and everything happens smoothly? The pieces just come together.
  • You feel unstoppable.
  • You have extraordinary clarity and focus.

That’s what life is like when you’re using energy as your ally. Things just open up. It feels like there’s a power around you that moves you forward without your exerting effort.

And the opposite is true too.

It happens when we feel stuck: like when you’re watering a lawn or garden and you get a kink in the hose. The flow of water suddenly stops. You’ve probably had this feeling in some key, important areas in your life where you just struggle… there’s no flow of energy in those areas no matter how hard you try to get unstuck.

Do you have areas in your life right now that feel that way?

That’s what being disconnected from energy feels like.

And you can easily recognize when you’re out of flow because it shows up as problems in your life.

Here are just a few examples:

  • If you run your own business, you’re not getting enough clients coming to you.
  • If you’re single, you go on dozens of dates but you just don’t click with anyone.
  • If you’re restless in your career and you yearn to do something more meaningful but don’t know which direction to go.
  • If you’re dealing with a health issue, you get a lot of conflicting advice and aren’t clear on what the right decisions are.

These are major life areas, but this kind of disconnection can show up in your day-to-day life, too:

  • You might have an argument with your loved one or child and it escalates—even when you want to work it out. What can you do to reconnect to the love you both actually feel underneath the anger?
  • You go out to eat, see a piece of cake and want it badly, but you know eating it goes against how you’ve said you want to lose weight. How do you respond?
  • You get stressed out at work because emails are piling up and your to-do list is too long. How can you get back into flow?

Can you relate to situations like these?

It’s understandable to feel frustrated, but here’s the important thing to realize: it’s not your fault. No one has taught you how to use your energy system.

Get in touch with your unique personal energy system to break through barriers and become unstoppable

We think being in flow or being stuck are things that just happen randomly to us, as opposed to something that we ourselves have the power to direct and control.

But you can actually direct your energy. You’re not powerless; you can shape your life more than you know.

You can harness energy and use it as your ally. The real problem is that you’ve become disconnected from your energy and the energy of the universe…

The good news is you have a personal energy system and can learn how to use it.

Here’s what I mean by your personal energy system…

Your body is like a tuning device for energy. You can receive information. You can harmonize your energy with those around you. You can radiate your energy outward, to the whole world!

Think of your personal energy system as a radio…

If you’re not connected to energy, you get static. It hurts your ears and it’s not pleasant to listen to. This is what it feels like when you’re not in flow or feel stuck in some area.

But by turning the dial, you can tune into the right station. You can align yourself with beautiful music. And you get unstuck and back into the flow.

The trick is in learning to turn the dial. And your physical body and energy within and around you is that dial.

Once you learn how to listen to and tune your energy field, you can align your personal energy field with the field of energy throughout the universe. It feels great and your life transforms as a result – easily and quickly.

Best of all, you can simply and easily learn how to do it.

Imagine if you became aware of your personal energy system and directed it. What could that open up for you?

Once the realm of monks, advanced yogis and intuitive healers, knowledge of the workings of our human energy system is now being made available to us by Melanie Roche, who has deep expertise in teaching people exactly how to tap into the deep source of energy within themselves and make huge shifts in their lives…

When you know how to harness the power of energy you can change your state and get back into flow in any area of your life.

Imagine being in perfect flow in your…

  • Relationships—You get along with everybody, effortlessly say the right things, and attract people and opportunities from every corner.
  • Work—You create with clarity and ease, and your contribution is valued—plus, even when the days are long and stressful, you enjoy working with your team and the mutual creativity and even harmony you experience through collaboration.
  • Health—You’re so in touch with yourself and in tune with your body that you notice issues, advocate for yourself, feel peaceful around your health choices and strategies, and enjoy an excellent quality of life.
  • Prosperity—You feel a calm confidence around your value and work, draw to you all the resources you need and desire, and clients and employers easily trust your wisdom and value your time.
  • And on top of it all, when you’re in this state of flow, everything looks brighter as you start noticing the richness of life all around you.

You feel how wonderful it is to be part of it all—what a privilege being alive is.

Once you discover how to master energy, your life will transform in every realm— physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually—from the inside and out!


Energy Mastery

A 7 Week Online Course with Energy Master Melanie Roche

Dear Friend,

I’m delighted and honored that you’re considering joining me in this first ever Evolving Wisdom course on how to Master Your Energy to create your unique life beyond your wildest dreams.

Developing this course is a fulfillment of my life’s work—I’m so excited now to share it with you.

The truth is, since I was a little girl, I longed to live my life in a way that unified my mind and body. Somehow I knew instinctively that my “smarts” were only one way to get information, and that I needed to bring the wisdom of my body along for the ride.

When I discovered energy, and that energy is palpable and actually affects experience, my passion ignited. I studied with master teachers and became an energy healer, teaching hundreds of people all over the world how to create their lives the way they wanted, using energy.

This was radical twenty-five years ago, especially within the mainstream medical community, which is where I worked and felt the greatest need for the application of knowledge about how to work with energy.

My experiences surviving and thriving through cancer only deepened my questions—and ultimately my appreciation for how we can utilize vital energy to move from being disconnected from ourselves and each other to being closely, intimately connected. This creates a wonderful quality of life.

Now this feels paramount in the world. Today it gives me tremendous joy to share this body of knowledge with you. If you decide to participate in the course, I look forward to getting to know you. I know that by you beaming your unique energy and being fully yourself, this harmonically gives each person permission to be fully themselves, too. Creating this world, with you fully expressing and contributing your unique gifts, is my passion.

With love,


What people are saying

“Melanie Roche draws on the latest research in genomics to help cancer patients chart their own personalized path of resilience.”

Steve Cole, PhD
Director of the UCLA Social Genomics Core Laboratory Professor of Medicine and Psychiatry and Biobehavioral Sciences UCLA School of Medicine

“As a competitor on Shark Tank, and as a highly successful owner and founder of ScotteVest, I already knew how to be successful. Yet working with Melanie taught me how to live optimally.”

Scott Jordan
Founder and CEO, ScottEVest

“Working with Melanie cleared my aches and pains and also helped me connect to my sense of purpose in life.”

Richard Krieger, MD

“I have worked with many wonderful healers in my life and wasn’t necessarily looking for another. But in my first session with Melanie, I knew she was an answer to a prayer that I didn’t even know my heart was making! Besides the general benefits of energy healing, Melanie’s work is helping me to create the inner component to what we are all trying to achieve on the outer plane. I have noticed surprising and wonderful shifts in my confidence and openness (dare I say love?) in business settings that I have never experienced before. So if you want some help opening up those chakras, front and back, I highly recommend Melanie.”

Barbara McCollough
Licensed independent clinical social worker

“Melanie’s compassionate and authentic teaching style combined with the many simple yet profound steps she outlined in her program are clearly a must for every healer who wants to have an abundance of clients, time and fulfillment. For me, the content of one module alone (at least) quadrupled the value of the actual course cost. And a minor tweak Melanie taught me in how to approach prospective clients worked wonders. For the very first time, I booked a new client through a forum I previously couldn’t instill any interest at all. Her course taught me a system that I can rely on for the future instead of keep chasing bright shiny objects.”

Lukas Tobler
Reconnective Healing® Practitioner

“Dear Melanie, I want to thank you for your wonderful content; it got me motivated and proactive. Ever since the second call with you I implemented what you taught and managed to attract six new clients (some of which returned a couple of times already), and another two who are scheduled for the end of the week. I am grateful and I look forward to more success as I implement the rest of your teaching.”

Monika Rudnicka
Esthetician and LMT

Here’s What You’ll Learn

The Seven Core Modules of  Energy Mastery



Activate Your Energy

How to work with energy to make your whole life work


In order to harness your energy, there are two essential foundations:

  1. A clear understanding of how the energy in the universe and the energy in you interact, and
  2. First-hand experience of energy awakening within you.

In this opening session, we will take an experiential journey to awaken your awareness of energy flow in you and as you interact with the world and people around you.

This awakening expands your awareness and allows you to tap into a consciousness beyond your ordinary life.

You’ll learn…

  • How the energy of the universe works
  • How to make the energy of the universe your ally so you can consistently tap into its power to manifest guidance, connection and success.
  • How to change your state and get unstuck fast with a simple but powerful technique (this is especially useful in manifesting opportunities if you’ve been taking actions or working on yourself and nothing’s been working.)
  • How to simply be yourself and get what you truly need in an area that’s been persistently problematic for you.
  • How to discern the difference between fear and doubt and your true intention.



Master Your Physical Energy

How to use energy to boost your physical well-being


While it’s human to have health issues, you might struggle trying to solve those health issues. Maybe you’ve tried medicines, therapies, programs, and diets to resolve physical challenges.

The problem isn’t with any of these healing tools in and of themselves. We need them. The problem is that we haven’t learned how to use energy to guide us. We haven’t learned how to ally with and listen to what our body is telling us we need. So we struggle to make decisions that are right for us for our optimal health.

In this module you’ll learn how to listen to your body energetically.

As a result, when you work with energy in conjunction with all the diagnostic tools of medicine and complementary modalities of healing, you’ll be empowered to make better health decisions.

You’ll learn…

  • How to blast through and dissolve the one fundamental block that causes all the stuckness.
  • How to never feel disconnected from yourself again.
  • How to connect with yourself instantly, in any situation, even in the midst of your busy day so you can know what you need.
  • How to stop listening to outside voices or your superego for what you “should” do or how you “should” be.
  • Instead, how to listen to your own inner knowing to guide you around physical issues (like whether you want or don’t want to eat that piece of cake).
  • How to call on and actually ally with the wisdom of the energy of your own body to guide you to your best health on every level.



Master Your Emotional Energy

How to use energy to enhance your relationships


Relationships are a part of life; we don’t live in isolation. Learning how to be in relationship in ways that are enriching to each person is a skill that can be mastered, and working with energy transforms even the most stuck relationship.

If you’re feeling lonely, envied, unheard, unloved or struggling to communicate with anyone you know (partner, kids, family, friends, coworker or boss), or if you’re wanting to attract the right person for you, or if you feel you’re too sensitive and don’t have the “bandwidth” and so must manage your energy to sidestep news, politics or information – in all cases, working with energy is the key to bring relationships back into harmony.

You’ll learn…

  • How to once and for all break free from sabotaging relationship patterns that may have bogged you down your whole life.
  • How to break free from codependency or caretaking anyone in unhealthy ways and instead harmonize so you “sing your unique song,” and harmonically give permission for others to sing their “song,” too
  • How to listen with your body and energy field – so people will feel drawn to you, emotionally safe with you, and heard by you.
  • How to use your energy field as a “tuning fork,” to help people drop into their true feelings even if they’ve been stuck. Now you’re both in flow and you communicate with honesty and love even when you’ve been stuck in resentment and arguments for years.
  • How to work with energy so you feel loved, heard, and supported.



Master Your Mental Energy

How to use energy to design your optimal life blueprint


You can use energy to design your optimal life. As we deepen our ability to work with energy, we next master discernment. This allows us to finally break free from making decisions only from what our minds tells us, or our values, or our beliefs, our feelings, our hopes and fears. Instead, we finally break through and learn how to make decisions in an integrated way, using energy to unify body, mind and spirit. This allows us to finally rest into clarity. Then we can take actions without spinning our wheels. Also, now that we’ve created flow physically, emotionally, and mentally, we design our personalized Optimal Life Plan, which helps us synergistically develop physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. We now know what to do when to keep our lives functioning smoothly.

You’ll learn…

  • How to create your custom Optimal Life Blueprint that takes the guesswork out of how to live your best life.
  • How to use discernment to integrate feedback from your body, mind and spirit along with evidence to make the decisions that are right for you.
  • How to start making decisions that integrate your knowing on every level, including from your mind, your values, your beliefs, and your feelings.
  • How to take action in the world that’s completely free from self-doubt.



Master Your Spiritual Energy

How to use energy to deepen your spiritual connection


When challenging life situations occur, it’s easy to feel knocked off center and disconnected from Spirit. Some of us have backgrounds in organized religion that no longer feel true, or we feel like those rituals or practices don’t address or meet our needs. Others feel spiritual connection is just a delusion or something that applies to everyone else, but not to you. Yet working with energy can give you a sense of wonder and connection—even in the most grueling, arduous adversity.

You’ll learn…

  • How to become the “steward of your state” so you can manage your experience no matter what adversity or challenging situations life gives you.
  • How to connect to your sense of wonder whether you had it and lost it, or have never had it before.
  • How to go from adversity to functioning and from functioning to living an extraordinary life.
  • How to not spiral down and stay stuck, even when life is hard.
  • How to draw on spiritual energy to amplify your energy, for example when going on stage, to hold the room and connect with everyone in the audience.
  • How to not take on other people’s energy.
  • How to protect yourself and make a shield around yourself energetically, especially if you are in a service position, such as being a healer, nurse, doctor or therapist any modality.
  • If you’re an empath or sensitive person, how to use your sensitivity as your greatest asset rather than something that overwhelms you.



Master the Energy of Greater Impact

How to use energy to birth your greatness into the world


Many people are living lives of quiet desperation. They fear, as the poet Mark Strand put it, they’re “slipping away with nothing completed; nothing to prove you existed.” Often our stuckness is a reflection of that. But by this module in the program, you’ll be fully in the flow. Now that you’re connected to yourself and others, it’s natural to feel your own unique, vital life force rising within you. In this module you’ll learn how to connect to and fan the flame of your unique light. You’ll learn how to bring it forward into the world and make it a reality. You’ll learn how to live your purpose.

You’ll learn…

  • How to use energy to connect with, manifest and birth into the world your own unique “kernel” of greatness.
  • How to make your longing a reality.
  • How to magnetize to yourself the opportunities, resources and situations you need to step into your leadership.
  • How to “live your purpose” in the world and align your entire life so you make the contribution you came here to make.



Become an Energy Master

Your Future Life Living with Energy


Now it’s time to fully step into your knowing and contribute to the fabric of the universe. In this module, you’ll master how to work with energy to affect not only yourself but impact everyone around you for the good. You’ll relinquish any vestiges or residue of past stuck patterns and completely step into your power. You’ll harmonically learn how to help everyone be free of suffering in the present and future, rippling out to those around you and those beyond your immediate reach.

You’ll learn…

  • How to fully step into your power. How to work with energy to affect not only yourself but everyone around you so you can make your impact.
  • How to contribute to the web of life—being part of the solution to create freedom from suffering.
  • How to radiate and transmit your energy so that you become a beacon to others whose lives you touch.


Melanie Roche

Melanie Roche is an energy healer and creator of the Energy Mastery System. A pioneer and leader in the fields of energy healing and mind-body complementary healthcare, she brings a wealth of experience in energy healing, meditation, body-oriented and transpersonal therapy, physical actor training, and movement to lead personalized programs for thought leaders, entrepreneurs, patients, and health-care practitioners. Melanie was invited—along with a physician and other holistic practitioners—to inaugurate the Integrative Health and Wellness Program at Canyon Ranch Miami Beach, the mind-body health resort that attracts guests seeking a healthy lifestyle through comprehensive integration between medicine and healing. She also coordinated a program at New York University School of Medicine for high school students who plan to become physicians.

In addition to her training with healing masters, she also holds a BA in comparative religion from Columbia University and an MA in experimental theatre from New York University. Melanie leads workshops internationally.

A published writer as well as a playwright, choreographer and performer, Melanie has written a play, performance pieces, articles about theatre, health and medicine. A cancer survivor herself, she is the author of “Thriving Through Cancer: Tools and Practices to Feel Better and Improve Your Quality of Life – During Cancer and Beyond – An Integrative Method.”

What people are saying

“Melanie has a remarkable talent for gently getting to the root of clients’ issues and facilitating important shifts. She is an engaging presenter that makes graspable the challenging concepts of energy of the body.”

Karen Koffler, MD
Medical Director, Canyon Ranch

“When I want to empower my team, I send them to Melanie Roche. When I want to reconnect to my sense of vision for my company and my life, I work with Melanie.”

Rafael Feliz
Chairman and CEO, Karisma Hotels & Resorts

“Melanie Roche is a remarkable evolutionary healer—her work doesn’t just help us return to our baseline when we get stuck, it enables our whole self to integrate and express at a higher level that we imagined possible. I can’t recommend her program, and the opportunity to learn from her personally, more highly.”

Claire Zammit
Leader of the Feminine Power courses and community

What You’ll Receive

Seven 80-minute Transformational Course Sessions with Melanie Roche.

In these downloadable sessions with Melanie, you’ll discover the principles and practices of Energy Mastery teachings including specific energy practices you will apply in your life right away.

Each week of the program is designed to guide you step-by-step into awakening, using and mastering the power of your personal energy system.

You will be able to instantly access the recordings of all of the course sessions (listen online or download the mp3 files to your iPod or audio player).

Seven 80-minute LIVE Q&A Sessions with Melanie Roche

In these rich sessions, Melanie dialogues with you LIVE. You’ll be able to ask her questions around how to apply Energy Mastery to your own unique personal life situation and experience. In these sessions, she answers the most common questions about each course session to support you in integrating your learning at an even deeper level. There will be time to practice the techniques as part of our worldwide community, get feedback from Melanie and thereby master how to use these valuable tools in your daily life.

You will have instant access to the recordings of all of the Q&A Sessions (listen online or download the mp3 files to your iPod or audio player).

PDF transcripts of each Course Session

PDF transcripts are a great resource to go back to and quickly reference key concepts and answers to questions as you step fully into the Energy Mastery teachings and principles.

Guided Practice & Reflection Questions

Each Course Session is accompanied by a set of Guided Practice and Reflection Questions designed to complement your learning and to support you in truly engaging and integrating this process.

Each set of questions can be downloaded for your use along with the audio recordings and the transcripts.

Custom Online Learning Portal

All of your course materials will be easily accessible throughout the course in our custom Online Learning Portal. Access course audios, feelingizations, practice guides and transcripts anytime from your computer or mobile device. And these course materials are yours to keep! Just download them at the end of the course and continue to draw upon them for inspiration and reinforcement for your ongoing relationship journey.

Online Community Forum for Discussion and Connection

Engage online with other course participants in this supportive learning community. As you go through the course, you will be able to connect with others online to share your breakthroughs and insights, and support each other in deepening into the principles and teachings. Through this collective engagement, you will experience the power that comes through doing deeply transformative work in community.

When you invest in this program, you’ll get:

  • Seven 80-minute Weekly Audio Course Sessions with Melanie
  • Seven 80-minute LIVE Q&A Sessions with Melanie
  • PDF transcripts of each Course Session
  • Guided Practice & Reflection Questions
  • Custom online learning portal
  • Online community forum for discussion and connection

Exclusive Bonus Guest Faculty Workshops

Energy Mastery Bonus #1:

“Should I Stay or Should I Go?”
Audio seminar with Dr. Randi Gunther, author of Heroic Love
Valued at $97

Like many women, you might be in a relationship that’s not fulfilling your desires to be fully met, seen, and known… and yet it’s not all bad! You have a lot in common and even a shared life together….

And many questions might make the decision to stay or leave a tough nut to crack: Does the bad outweigh the good? Are my expectations realistic? Could I create something better? Or is it possible to create a thriving relationship with the partner I’m with—and if so, how?

Dr. Randi Gunther is a highly respected clinical psychologist and marriage counselor practicing in Southern California. In her forty-year career, she has accumulated over 100,000 face-to-face hours with individuals, couples, and families.

Even if you’re not currently in a relationship, her session will be extremely enlightening on your path to love, helping you can gain greater clarity about the qualities of an extraordinary relationship.

Dr. Randi Gunther is a renowned clinical psychologist and marriage counselor. She has inspired thousands of people in her workshops and lectures to go beyond their limitations and create successful relationships. She’s the author of several books including the acclaimed eBook, Heroic Love. Dr. Gunther and her husband met when they were in their teens and have continued their mutual devotion for over sixty years.

Energy Mastery Bonus #2:

Repairing What’s Broken: A Powerful Process To Help Real-Life Couples Move Past Obstacles And Regain Trust

Audio Seminar with Dr. John Gray, #1 New York Times best-selling author of the most popular relationship book of all time: “Men Are from Mars, Women are from Venus”
Valued at $97

Sure, you and your partner might fight about money or sex or household chores. But, what you’re really fighting against is misunderstanding. Listen in as relationship master Dr. John Gray helps two real-life couples move through challenges in a way that creates greater understanding and intimacy between them as opposed to chipping more of it away.

You’ll also learn:

  • Powerful university research that shows how men’s and women’s brains are hardwired to be different — particularly in how we react to stress
  • The #1 communication tool to help men or women with being heard
  • What’s actually at the root of your arguments about finances or what’s happening in the bedroom — or almost anything!
  • The 3-step process for handling the stresses of life as an unstoppable team

Energy Mastery Bonus #3:

Sexual Soulmates: Six essentials to building a solid foundation of erotic love by Susan Bratton
(an e-Book valued at $97)

Married a long time? You’ve probably settled into a “comfortable” pattern in which your sexual relationship begins to take a back seat. In marriage, you have to ignite passion. It doesn’t keep burning on a low flame. A couple needs to make their sexual relationship a high priority. But how can you get him to know what to do when he’ll barely ask for directions when driving? Give him the busy husband cheat-sheet and get him to give you exactly what you want in bed.

You’ll discover…

  • The most authentic way to train a husband
  • How to avoid pointless arguments, a cold bed, and having to work at pleasing each other
  • How to create a checklist to your happiness that he can meet.
  • And how to go from glorified roommates to sexual soulmates

Meditation for Evolutionaries Guided Meditation Collection, Volume One

With Evolving Wisdom Co-Founder and Integral Enlightenment Founder, Craig Hamilton (Valued at $397)

The “Meditation for Evolutionaries” Series presents a practical, contemporary approach to spiritual practice that promotes a rare depth of experience for new and experienced meditators alike. Craig Hamilton’s approach leads to breakthroughs for so many students because it overcomes the misleading expectations, assumptions and myths that are responsible for so much struggle with meditation.

Whether you’ve been curious about meditation, you’re trying to reinvigorate a lapsed practice, or you’ve been meditating for years, you’ll find this collection will serve equally well to start a practice or rekindle and deepen an existing one.

The unique guided meditations in this downloadable 10-audio collection offer accessible support for your spiritual practice, and a comprehensive introduction to meditation.

Guided by Integral Enlightenment Founder Craig Hamilton, each of these 90-minute virtual events includes a thoughtful meditation teaching, a distinctive guided practice, and an enriching question-and-answer dialogue. Discussions offer insights about meditation, as well as how meditation practice relates to everyday life.


And when you register by Midnight Pacific Time MONDAY, March 20th, you’ll also receive

A Special Bonus of a Virtual ‘Living Room’ with Melanie called “Activate Your Energy”

Identify the area of your life where you have the greatest block to success
and begin to break through it.

During the gathering, you’ll discover the area that’s your #1 block to success and begin the process of breaking through it. You’ll also be guided to set a powerful intention for the course and what you most wish to transform and manifest in your life.

And you’ll attune to Your Energy, and start to become aware of how you personally “run your energy” as we begin our journey together. This will give you a sense of where you are right now; you’ll be able to set a meaningful baseline.

Melanie’s favorite part of her programs are her opportunities to connect directly with her students—with YOU—via video like this, and to be able to talk with you face-to-face, share some inspiring stories and wisdom, and provide ideas for how you can use working with energy right away in your daily life.

This is a LIVE Video Gathering with Melanie and a $200 Value


If you register by Midnight Pacific Time on Monday, March 27th, you’ll also receive:

**Early Registration Bonus**
“Elevate Your Life in 2017” Workshops ($795 Value)

One of the goals of Melanie Roche’s Energy Mastery program is for you to tap into the vital force you need in order to unlock your greatness in every area of life through the vehicle of your personal energy system. We want to support the unfoldment of that to its highest potential, so we’re delighted to bring you this very special early registration bonus package that features the wisdom of each of our other Evolving Wisdom faculty members.

If you’d like to use your energy to draw in your soulmate (or become more deeply connected to the soulmate already beside you), create financial abundance, deepen your connection with Spirit, or discover your life purpose, then this series of workshops will support you to do that in every way.

Each member of the Evolving Wisdom faculty created an exclusive seminar for this collection, and all are offering their leading-edge insights and tools to give you support in every area of your life. Those seminars have also been paired with one of each teacher’s most popular bonus workshops from their online courses, in hopes of providing you with even more training and support to set you up to truly make the process of unlocking your personal energy system and making shifts in every area of your life as powerful and transformative as possible!

Enjoy Lifetime Access to the Complete Library of Seminars & Workshops

You’ll receive the Complete Audio Library so you can absorb the wisdom, success formulas, and insights each mentor shares as many times as you need. With the digital recordings, you’ll enjoy convenient access to these teachings 24/7. You can listen online from your computer, or download the mp3 files to your iPod or portable audio player. (This extraordinary collection is valued at $795.)

Here is the powerful lineup of transformative teachers included in this one-of-a-kind Audio Collection:


  • “How to Engage Your True Passions to Inspire Your Life” with Dr. Jean Houston
  • PLUS: “The Cosmic Human” A Three-Part Transformation Mini-Course in Unlocking the Potential of The Physical, Psychological and Spiritual Realms


  • “The Nature of True Abundance and How to Attain It” with Neale Donald Walsch
  • PLUS: “Visioning Your Life From Your Soul” with Michael Bernard Beckwith


  • “How to Make a Living that Actually Affirms Your Life” with Lynne Twist
  • PLUS: “Unlocking True Prosperity: Discover the 4 Feminine Power Practices to Create Wealth” with bestselling author Lynne Twist and financial expert Tammy White


  • “The Secrets to Creating Authentic Success” with Claire Zammit, PhD.c.
  • PLUS: “How to Make 2017 Your Game-Changer Year”


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  • “The Ten Easy Steps to Having More Love, Joy and Freedom in 2017” with Arielle Ford
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