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Thank you for your interest in Art of Love Inner Circle, this program is paused for the summer, as we’re working hard on our free series—Attract Your Soulmate: The 5 Keys Conscious Women Need to Know to Meet the Right Partner and Create Life-Long Love. You can learn all about the series here.

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You Deserve an Extraordinary Relationship…

If Your Desire is to Attract Your Soulmate, Or To Go Deeper with “The One” You’re With, Create a Thriving, Loving Relationship, and Experience Deep Intimacy and Lasting Connection, then the Inner Circle is for You!

arielle-ford_225x205 claire-zammit_225x205“Love is an Art, just as living is an Art. If we want to learn how to love we must proceed in the way we should learn any other art, say music, painting, or medical engineering.”
—Erich Fromm, The Art of Loving

If you’re reading this page, it’s probably because you desire a great relationship—actually, even more than that: An extraordinary love! The kind of loving partnership where you can wake up every morning with someone who is so happy to see you, someone who gives you big hugs and tells you how beautiful you are, and how much they love living life with you.

You’re seeking a life-long love with a best friend, lover, partner-for-life who drenches you in love while being kind, and devoted to your success and happiness.

We know this kind of love is possible for you!

However, we also know that you’ve probably had enough experience by now in relationships to know that true love doesn’t just happen. In addition to meeting the right partner, you need to cultivate the skills of love. And this is especially true if you want to create a true soulmate relationship with a partner who’s a true equal and experience the life-transforming power of deep, healthy, committed, life-long, passionate, soul-activating love.

This is the reason we created the Art of Love Inner Circle! Our vision is to create the world’s leading ongoing online membership community dedicated to providing you with the most potent tools and wisdom to support you to create and sustain extraordinary, conscious, loving relationships. It’s hosted by us—bestselling author Arielle Ford and Claire Zammit, founder of the Feminine Power courses for women—along with our amazing network of Love Masters.

Create Extraordinary Love & Watch Your Health, Wealth and Overall Success in Life Expand Beyond Your Wildest Expectations

And having a great love in your life won’t just make life more fun and exciting. It can also expand your wealth, and transform your health. In fact, the latest studies on happiness, health and longevity all are coming to the same conclusion: The #1 predictor of a long, healthy, fulfilling life is a satisfying marriage. Couples in happy marriages not only have a constant playmate to share life with, studies show they heal faster on the occasions when they do fall ill. A new study from Harvard found that one of the most negative things that impacts health is loneliness…it actually suppresses the immune system. If you are someone who puts a lot of attention on exercise, eating healthy, and personal growth, the #1 thing you can do to assure a healthy life is to focus on having a happy marriage.

We feel passionately that you, and all of us, deserve to have this kind of love, and it’s our commitment to you, whether you’re in a relationship now or in the process of preparing to meet your soulmate, to provide you with the world’s best resources.

Every month you’ll have access to brand new leading-edge wisdom from a Love Master on a key topic along with the support of a global community of conscious love manifestors. The result: the power to create the love you are destined for. Combining that with the support of an online community of like-minded participants attending LIVE monthly Coaching Calls, and access to our “Love Manifesting Vault” of more than 200 exceptional seminars, the Art of Love Inner Circle will provide you with the full set of tools and support that you need to let your soul fully blossom and attract, create, and sustain a love that keeps deepening!

What Do I Get?

Core Components of the Art of Love Inner Circle: The Master Keys to Attracting, Creating and Sustaining Extraordinary Love program


Brand New LIVE 2-Hour Virtual Monthly Masterclasses with Today’s Leading Love & Relationship Experts hosted by Arielle and/or Claire (Value: $2400 a year)


In these once-a-month LIVE masterclass virtual workshops, you‘ll get access to the latest, cutting-edge research from our Love Masters, who will not only share this important and practical wisdom but also take you through experiential processes so that you can begin using it instantly in your own life.

We’ll switch back and forth every other month on attracting love and sustaining love. Manifesting your soulmate is the first step, but even more important is committing yourself to being a lifetime student of love so you can deepen, grow, and enjoy the life you’ve always dreamed of with your beloved.


Unlimited streaming access to the Complete Art of Love Library of 200 exclusive seminars on all aspects of attracting, creating and sustaining extraordinary love, with the world’s leading luminaries & relationship experts. (Value: $10,000)

You’re also going to have access to the the archive of over 200 seminars featuring the world’s leading experts on the most important topics related to both attracting love and sustaining love.


Should I stay or should I leave? How do I recover from a betrayal? How do I ask for what I need? Is he “The One”? How do I flirt? How do I keep the passion alive? How do I feel confident when I’m insecure about my weight/age/history? When should I introduce my partner to my kids? If I want children and the guy I’m in love with doesn’t, should I leave?

You’ve got questions! We’ve got answers!

With this exclusive collection you will have access to specialized seminars on a wide array of topics related to attracting and sustaining an extraordinary, loving, conscious, committed relationship.

Our Love Masters are among today’s leading luminaries and relationship experts, and include…

Dr. John Gray, Dr. Helen Fisher, Marianne Williamson, Alison Armstrong, Harville Hendricks, Neale Donald Walsch, Marci Shimoff, Jack Canfield, Bruce Lipton, Esther Perel, Dr. Jean Houston, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Deepak Chopra, Craig Hamilton, Dr. Diana Kirschner, Gabrielle Bernstein, SARK, Arielle Ford, Claire Zammit, Carol Look, Christy Whitman, Jennifer McLean, Rick Hanson, Lisa Nichols, Evan Marc Katz, Ocean Robbins, Mary Morrissey, don Miguel Ruiz, Mat Boggs, David Bach, Nick Ortner, Robert Holden, Lisa Garr, Dr. Jen Mann, Dr. Laura Berman, Panache Desai, Dawson Church, Jerry Jampolsky and Diane Cirincione, Lara and Johnny Fernandez, Lauren Frances, Kute Blackson, Mama Gena, Mastin Kipp, and so many more!

Here’s a sample of Seminars from our “Love Vault” archives that you’ll have unlimited streaming access to listen to during your membership in our Inner Circle:

Why He Disappeared: The Game-Changing Real Dish for Understanding Men

Evan Marc Katz

Evan Marc KatzTwo of the biggest questions women have about men are why does he leave, and what can I do to make him stay? When you understand what truly drives men you’ll be able to show up confidently and connect in ways that support a future loving partnership together. This seminar gives you access to the “Men’s Secret Handbook.”

You’ll learn:

  • The #1 thing a man wants from a woman (it’s not what you think)
  • Why you can’t change a man
  • How changing your “picture of love” is the key to your success
  • If your dates are always disappearing, the must-do “exit interview”
  • What happens in between dates will tell you “everything” you need to know
  • The 2 most important ways to evaluate a first date
  • The best possible way to get more dates

Evan Marc Katz is a dating coach and author of several books, including Why He Disappeared. As a personal trainer for smart, strong, successful women, Evan has been helping singles find love since 2003.

Becoming Magnetic to Your Soulmate: How to Harness the Secret Power of Prayer and Affirmations to Break Through Negative and Limiting Beliefs

with Lisa Nichols

180x150_Lisa-NicholsTen years ago she had to give herself permission to be chosen for “forever love” because she didn’t think she was worthy of it. Now the internationally-acclaimed “Breakthrough Specialist,” Lisa Nichols, will take you through her foolproof 4-step formula to identify and break through the negative, limiting beliefs that are standing in your way of love.

  • Find out what’s really blocking you, plus . . .
  • Lisa’s most powerful core principle to bring in your beloved
  • The daily prayer that creates natural attraction—and the responsibility that comes with it
  • How being quick to judge can make you miss the one
  • What today’s fiercely independent women have to ask for from a man
  • 3 types of love relationships and the purpose of each
  • Why women need to toss out their biological clocks
  • The critical role divine timing plays in your love life

Having served over 35 million adults and teens globally, Lisa Nichols is a bestselling author of six books translated in over 30 languages. She is also a featured teacher in The Secret.

The Secrets to Attractiveness: How To Become Simply Irresistible To Men

with Alison Armstrong

alison-armstrong_150x170Want to make him positively powerless to resist you? Now you can as internationally acclaimed educator and “understanding men” expert, Alison Armstrong, pulls back the curtain on men, revealing some surprising truths about what really makes them go weak in the knees.

Listen in to discover:

  • The four things men most admire in a woman
  • How to create a surge of testosterone in a man (and why it’s SO important)
  • The two types of attraction and how to have them both
  • What will make a man choose you . . . every time
  • How a man decides if he “can’t afford” you
  • What you actually do need a man for and why you MUST understand this to attract the right one!

Alison Armstrong is a nationally known educator and expert on understanding men and is the CEO and co-founder of PAX Programs Incorporated. She has spent over 20 years teaching women and men what they can do to bring out the best in each other.

Enlightened Relationships: 6 Power Practices to Create an Authentic Spiritual Partnership

with Craig Hamilton and Claire Zammit, Ph.D.(c)

Claire Zammit & Craig HamiltonAt this unprecedented time in human history, we’re being called to realize our highest potentials, make our greatest contributions to the planet, and co-create a more enlightened world . . . but in order to do that, our relationships must also evolve.

A deeply authentic, spiritual partnership is vital for us to cultivate the vast possibilities available to us as individuals and as couples.

As teachers of Feminine Power and Integral Enlightenment, Claire Zammit and Craig Hamilton have applied the same powerful principles from these courses to create their own purpose-driven partnership. They support each other in accomplishing their individual and collective goals to achieve their dreams together—and they can show you how to do the same!

Join us to discover…

  • Power practices to awaken the deepest connection between you and your partner
  • Techniques to take your relationship to a more fulfilling level of co-creative, collaborative partnership
  • Daily exercises to help you step out of false roles and into your personal truths
  • New ways to nurture and nourish yourselves, and each other, at all important levels

Craig Hamilton is the founder of Integral Enlightenment and the online Academy for Evolutionaries, where he guides participants through a process of spiritual awakening into an “evolutionary relationship to life.”

Claire Zammit, Ph.D.(c) is the founder of Feminine Power, the acclaimed online courses and global community of women.

How to Turn Seeming Incompatibility Into Getting the Love You Want

with Harville Hendrix, Ph.D. & Helen LaKelly Hunt, Ph.D.

Harville Hendrix & Helen LaKelly-HuntIt turns out that incompatibility is normal, and that it simply points to the healing reasons we subconsciously choose our partner. Discover the unconscious reasons why you may have chosen your partner and the benefits to creative tension.

You’ll also learn:

  • The detailed 3-step formula for outstanding communication
  • Playful techniques and solutions for “insurmountable differences”
  • Whether you are the Turtle or the Hail Storm, which your partner is, and what it means!
  • How working things out with an incompatible partner delivers you the deep healing you yearn for

Harville Hendrix and his wife Helen LaKelly Hunt co-created Imago Relationship Therapy, a therapy for couples now practiced by over 2,200 certified therapists in 30 countries.

Deepening Intimacy: How to Be Seen and Heard in Love

with Robert Gass & Judith Ansara

Robert Gass & Judith AnsaraThe potential magic and aliveness of your relationship can often be deadened by harmful habits and the pressures of daily life. Rather than connecting, couples begin growing apart. Plus it’s often a woman’s greatest fear—becoming invisible to the one she loves. Understand how to work with your partner to cultivate deep listening and safe space.

You’ll also learn:

  • Several beautiful guided processes, including a leap into your partner’s body and a deeply spiritual journey
  • How to approach the challenges you both face so that the solution is a win-win for both of you
  • Why being 50/50 even partners in the relationship is a dangerous myth, and what to do about it
  • How to get out of the blame game and into personal responsibility

Judith Ansara and Robert Gass are a husband and wife team known around the world for their teachings on Sacred Relationship.

Additional Seminars Include:

The Relationship Catalyst: How to release old relationship patterns and manifest your ideal life partner
With Drs. Gay and Katie Hendricks

When a Woman Gives Too Much & How to Inspire a Man to Do More
with Dr. John Gray

Choosing A King, Becoming A Queen—Dating At Midlife & Beyond
with Alison Armstrong

The Luscious Art and Yummy Outcome of Daily Pleasure
with Mama Gena

Transforming Your Love Identity Core Beliefs to Call In Your Soulmate
with Claire Zammit

The Chemistry of Attraction: Understanding the Science of your Love Personality Type to Attract your Soulmate
with Helen Fisher

The Shadow of the Single LIfe: Unblocking your inner barriers and opening up to love
with Debbie Ford

Getting to “I Do” with your soulmate: How to navigate the process of attracting and creating a lasting bond with the right person
with Dr. Pat Allen

The Attraction Paradox: Understanding the Higher Purpose of Relationships to Ensure You Don’t Accidentally Reject Your Soulmate in the Dating Process
with Harville Hendrix

Awakening the Power To Create the Love You Want
with Deepak Chopra

Sacred Romance: How to Turn Your Relationship Into a Spiritual Adventure
with Marianne Williamson

Soulmate Manifestation Secrets that Really Work!: Becoming a Magnet for the Love You Desire
with Arielle Ford

How Smart Couples Finish Rich (And You Can Too)
with David Bach

Dating, Mating, Flirting and More!
with Carol Allen, Debi Berndt, Lauren Frances, Cherry Morris, and Lisa Steadman

Prayer, Divine Timing, and Unseen Forces For Love
with Gabrielle Bernstein, Rev. Laurie Sue Brockway, and Kute Blackson

And over 180 more!


Monthly Love Manifesting Power Circle Support Calls facilitated by senior Feminine Power certified Love Coaches (Value: $1200 a year)

The Love Manifesting Power Circle live calls are an opportunity to be supported by our highly trained team of certified Feminine Power Love Coaches. You’ll have the opportunity to share your discoveries, ask questions, receive coaching and connect with an extraordinary group of love manifesters each month who will support you to integrate and apply the practices from each month’s new workshop.


Written PDF Transcripts of Each Seminar, Inspiring Love Power Statements & Bonus Practices (Value: $600 a year)

PDF transcripts are a great resource to go back to and quickly reference key concepts and answers to frequently asked questions as you step into living a more loving and passionate life. We’ll provide transcripts for the monthly seminars, as well as powerful love manifestation practices to support you on your journey to lasting love.


Private Art of Love Inner Circle Online Community Site (Value: $600 a year)

Engage online with other Inner Circle participants in this supportive learning community. As you deepen in the program, you will be able to join with new friends online to share your breakthroughs and insights, and support them in opening up to their highest potentials in love. Through this collective engagement, we all experience the exciting connection that comes through doing deeply transformative work in community.

To Summarize, Here’s Everything
You Get For Only $27

  • Brand New 2-Hour Virtual Monthly Masterclasses with Understanding Men Expert & Bestselling author Mat Boggs on “Cracking the MAN Code: What Women Must Know to Attract the Right Partner” (Value $97)
  • Bonus Workshop with renowned psychotherapist Dr. Randi Gunther on Should I Stay or Should I go? (Value $197)
  • Bonus 2 hour Virtual Workshop – Feminine Magic for Manifesting Love: Meet Claire & Arielle from anywhere in the World! (Value $297)
  • One Month of Unlimited streaming access to the Complete Art of Love Library of 200 exclusive seminars on all aspects of attracting, creating and sustaining extraordinary love, with the world’s leading luminaries & relationship experts. (Value $10,000)
  • One Love Manifesting Power Circle Support Call facilitated by senior Feminine Power certified Love Coaches (Value: $120)
  • Written PDF Transcripts of June’s Seminar, Inspiring Love Power Statements & Bonus Practices (Value $60)

Total value = $10,771
but you get this ALL for $27

Your $27 will get you full access to the Inner Circle member’s area with ALL the archive recordings. After the first $27 month you will be auto charged only $67 a month to continue to be part of the Art of Love Inner Circle, and receive access to brand new live monthly Virtual Workshops with our Love Masters, Streaming Access to the “Love Vault Archives, and Monthly Manifesting Love Power Circles. You can cancel easily at any time.

Thank you for your interest in Art of Love Inner Circle, this program is paused for the summer, as we’re working hard on our free series—Attract Your Soulmate: The 5 Keys Conscious Women Need to Know to Meet the Right Partner and Create Life-Long Love. You can learn all about the series here.

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