Jean Houston Interviewed by Oprah

Photo credit: Harpo, Inc 2012, George Burns
Have you ever had a chance to watch Oprah interview Jean on an episode of Super Soul Sunday? During the episode, Jean discusses the power of knowing exactly what you want and truly believing you have the power to make it happen in your life and in the world… And she encourages us all to embrace and be grateful for the privilege of being human so we can then follow “the lure of becoming” and rise to the next level of our humanness. Jean even turns the tables in the middle of this excerpt and starts asking Oprah questions! Oprah said in the introduction to the episode that it was a first for her… the first time a guest had brought so much wisdom to the show that she had to request a transcript afterwards so she could more deeply take in everything Jean shared! Click on the video to watch Jean and Oprah. It’s one of our favorites here at Evolving Wisdom! Learn more about Jean Houston’s Unlock Your Quantum Powers online training here.

The Mysterious Power of Letting Things Be – How Meditation Helps Us Evolve

As a longtime teacher of meditation, I’m often asked “What does meditation really have to do with life and how we live it?” That’s a great question — and there’s an important reason why meditation is so essential for living a conscious, awakened life aligned with our deeper purpose. Now, a lot of us already have some experience with meditation — or at least some notions about it. We hear it can soothe stress, calm anxiety, relax our bodies and bring us peace and contentment. It can even evoke bliss or a sense of connection to spirit. And many of us have already experienced some of these benefits. But even if you have had some positive experiences with meditation, you may also be wondering, well…it makes us feel good, but how will it help us DO good? This is an important question to ask once we’ve realized that for our spirituality to really mean something, it has to be lived in the world. If we view meditation as a practice of stepping away from and out of life, then it’s natural to wonder what meditation has to do with having an evolutionary relationship to life — which involves aligning with the most dynamic and passionate force in the cosmos: the impulse of evolution itself. But the truth is, meditation has everything to do with with active, engaged living. It just needs to be a specific kind of meditation. You’re probably aware that, as human beings, we often don’t see things very clearly. Usually that’s because we’re invested in things going a certain way, in our ideas, or in maintaining the illusion of control. And that makes it hard to know the right thing to do — even when we really want to. You can probably think of times in your own experience when, even though you really wanted to have an enlightened response — maybe at work, or in a relationship — you found yourself reacting unconsciously or automatically. Our basic human “conditioning” can cloud or distort our perceptions because it compels us to grasp so tightly to what we already know that we may be unable to see what else is there. Meditation offers us a direct practice of liberation from these dilemmas — including the universal human habits of identifying with our thoughts, feelings, desires, fears, and preferences. So what specific kind of meditation best promotes freedom from our conditioned responses or the “stories” we believe about ourselves? Imagine practicing a “hands-off” relationship to your common patterns of thinking and reacting. Imagine — just for a short period of time — challenging yourself to let go of your preferences and allow everything to be as it is. By practicing letting go, letting things be, and having no relationship to them, we “exercise” our freedom. We flex our liberation from unconsciousness. We strengthen inner muscles that we can really use once we’ve got our feet back in the chaos of life. And as with any exercise, the more we practice, the stronger we get. What’s unique about this meditation is that we’re not trying to achieve a particular state of consciousness, a feeling or an end result. We simply practice being free and awake no matter what “state” we find ourselves in. What starts to happen when we do this regularly is that when we step back into everyday life, we notice that our responses are increasingly grounded in a source of spontaneous wisdom that arises from somewhere our mind can’t grasp. This enables us to have a more accurate and attuned response to life. It’s not about disappearing into enlightenment and living in a state of unattached bliss. It’s a practice that deeply supports our engagement in our evolving lives, selves, and the world with incredibly helpful capacities and qualities. That’s why it’s a crucial practice for people who want to evolve themselves and participate in the evolution of humanity. If you want a little taste of this, here’s one exercise you can try during your week. I encourage you to try it at least once; and, if you can, try it every day for a week. Sit quietly with your eyes closed or open. See if you can let go of the need for things to be any particular way right now.  Allow your experience in this moment to be whatever it is, however it is. See if you can notice the part of yourself or the movement in yourself that insists that your experience right now is not sufficient. Perhaps you’re feeling some tension somewhere in your body, and there’s a belief that that tension should not be there, or that it’s an obstacle to simply allowing everything to be as it is. Rather than try to change any conditions or assume you must have a particular experience in order to let go, just allow everything to be as it is right now. That includes all physical, mental or emotional experiences — whether you might normally consider them “good” or “bad,” desirable or not. This includes whatever is occurring in your environment, in your mind, and in the world. Can you allow everything in the world to be as it is right now, without you needing to control it at all?  Can you let yourself be as you are right now, without needing to be any other way? And how about now?  And now? Notice how everything just changed again — how everything’s always changing. And even if you feel in this moment like you can’t let anything be — and that therefore you’re doing it wrong — can you just let that be?  Even the idea that you’re doing it wrong, or this isn’t it, or you don’t know how? And anything else that’s arising, too? Try this for ten minutes. If you really want to stretch yourself in this experiment, try it for 15 or 20 minutes, every day of the week. If you’d like to get a deeper taste of the type of meditation I’m talking about, here’s a link to a recording of one of my monthly Meditation for Evolutionaries gatherings. This one includes a brief talk in which I explain this form of meditation, along with a series of practices and some question-and-answer interactions between me and live callers. I hope this gives you a sense of why meditation is such an essential foundation for our enlightened action in the world as well as for any spiritual journey hoping to go beyond our outdated human nature and into an “evolutionary relationship to life.” It’s an honor to share my reflections with you, and I hope you’ve found some value in these perspectives and practices.

Authentic Confidence: Discover the Tools to Release Fears, Self-Doubt & Cultivate an Unshakable Trust in Yourself

I was eating dinner with my husband recently, and we were talking about the extraordinary potential of the Feminine Power movement. I was feeling deeply inspired by all of the passionate, committed women who are giving themselves to this work, and the impact we can have on the future of our world. As we were talking about it, I was just feeling an overwhelming sense of gratitude for all of you and I decided I wanted to share something that will help you step forward and give your gifts to the world. It’s an hour-long training that is usually only for participants in my paid programs, but I’d like to offer it to you at no charge. But first, I want to invite you to consider a question:
  • Are you holding yourself back rather than stepping out in boldness?
  • Do you ever hesitate when a new opportunity opens up right before your very eyes?
  • Are you out in the weeds, rather than traveling the broad highway of possibility before you?
As women living in this age of opportunity, we feel an incredible sense of possibility. Yet, at times, we also feel paralyzed by fear and insecurity. The tension between these two polarities makes it difficult to step forward and meet the opportunity of this moment. But the way that we women have experienced our insecurities also puts us in touch with important information: what we don’t know, where we’re not certain, and where we don’t feel confident. In the realm of creative and spiritual actualization, this can become fertile ground from which to source authentic power! I recently taught a class to my ongoing Feminine Power graduate community to expose the hidden power that lies beneath this experience of hesitancy you might be having. I shared the Feminine Power transformational tools to release your fear and move beyond self doubt to a position of empowerment so that you can discover the true source of your own authentic self-confidence. The seminar was so impactful for the women in this program that I wanted to share it with you as a gift — at no charge. You can download the audio seminar by clicking on the link below: Authentic Confidence: Discover the Tools to Release Fears, Self-Doubt & Cultivate an Unshakable Trust in Yourself here at no charge. The women in my programs paid over $100 for this one seminar alone. But I really wanted to do something for you to thank you for participating in this movement. Claire Zammit is the founder of the Feminine Power courses for women, for more information you can listen to an introductory webinar on The Three Keys to Feminine Power here.

10 Steps to Living In Alignment with the Universe

This is based on the wonderful list, “Spiritually Literate New Year’s Resolutions” created by Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat, though I’ve re-envisioned it to be used year-round for anyone wanting to live a Quantum Life. Say aloud and in your heart’s mind (and mind’s heart) the following:
  1. I live in the present moment. I will not obsess about the past or worry about the future. I know that with quantum practice I have access to entering and making whatever changes I wish in the worlds of past and future, for I live in the eternal present.”
  2.  I cultivate the art of making connections—cosmic connections, local connections. I pay attention to how my life is intimately related to all life. I become the friend of nature and preserve her beauty and harmony wherever and whenever I can.
  3.  I am thankful for all the blessings in my life. I spell out my days with the grammar of gratitude. I speak forth my gratitude: “Thank you for this food and all who worked to bring it forth. Thank you, Grandma, wherever you are, for teaching me how to cook.”
  4. I practice hospitality in a world where too often strangers are feared, enemies are hated, and the other is shunned. I see no one as other. I welcome guests and even people with very different ideas from mine with graciousness, with deep seeing of the fullness and wonder of the other.
  5.  I seek liberty and justice for all. I will work for a free and a fair world, a world that works for everyone.
  6.  I add to the planet’s fund of goodwill by practicing little acts of kindness, brief words of encouragement, and manifold expressions of courtesy.
  7.  I cultivate the skills of deep listening. I will cross the great divide of otherness. I remember that all things in the world want to be heard, as do the many voices inside of me.
  8. I practice reverence for life by seeing the sacred in, with, and under all things of the world. Everything exists within the field of the sacred.
  9.  I give up trying to hide, deny, or escape from my imperfections. I listen to what my shadow side says, but I will not just live there. I know that I am releasing many of these old forms, these old shadows, and I am bringing in light to banish shadow and to bring me into luminous light and life.
  10. I am willing to learn from the spiritual teachers all around me, however unlikely or unlike me they may be.
* * * If you found this inspiring, go here to listen to Dr. Jean Houston’s free, audio seminar, ‘The 3 Keys to Unlocking Your Quantum Powers’ ***************************  

Why Nothing That Happens is Truly Bad

You must know that as a soul, as a sacred being, as a Divine entity, you are placing yourself in certain circumstances, situations, and conditions in every given moment of your life for a particular purpose and reason. It’s also important to understand that pain (both physical and emotional) can, in fact, be bidden. It actually can be wanted. It’s hard to believe, I know, but it is, in fact, true that it can be welcomed for any one of a number of reasons. Yet if the Mind thinks that a particular pain is “unwanted,” it will not abide it. It will violently or strenuously fight against it, and that’s precisely what creates the experience of struggle and suffering in one’s life. Underneath this truth lies a deeper one: Nothing that ever happens is “bad” for you.  If it were bad for you, it wouldn’t be happening. Life is incapable of producing an event or condition that does not carry you to the next place in your evolution or that is not designed for your next expression of Divinity. Since the expression of Divinity is the reason you are here, you can be sure that everything is placed before you to serve this Divine purpose; in other words, to serve your purpose because your purpose is the Divine purpose. Life offers you repeated chances—literally millions of chances —to respond differently to conditions and events should you choose to, and by that process to re-create yourself anew.  Indeed, it is the nature of life to seek greater and greater expressions and experiences of what life is and how it is when it flows through you, in you, as you as a means of evolution. And yet, there has to be way to evolve, to expand, to grow without the suffering and struggle. There is. Stay on the path of the soul. And gratitude is what keeps you there. Whatever shows up in your life, allow yourself to see the perfection. Express your sincere gratitude: “Thank you, God, for the perfection of this outcome, for the outcome of this moment, and of this life.” I will also share that only those who are deeply committed to their own growth, to their own personal and spiritual evolution, would spend the time and energy on closing the gap and choosing and changing their emotions, shifting from anger and frustration to gratitude in order to produce new and grander experiences of who they really are of themselves. This requires a very high-level promise to oneself. It entails an acknowledging that there is something larger going on here: A sacred process. An eternal process. A process that serves a Divine purpose. So now the question becomes: What could cause you to decide to feel gratitude in the face of events or conditions that ordinarily would invite condemnation? The master understands that every event in life is part of a contextual field creating a space within which to express the next grandest version of the greatest vision that the master ever held about who the master is and chooses to be. The master, therefore, says yes and only yes to every experience. And the master says it joyfully, gratefully. The master knows that everything occurring has been co-created by many souls, working in collaboration and agreement with the master’s own soul, to produce the circumstance or condition currently presenting itself. Of course, it’s not always easy to “see the perfection” when what is happening seems anything but perfect. The death of a loved one, the loss of a job, the end of a relationship would surely all qualify as events in that category. And there are many others that one could bring to mind. You must be clear about your ideas of self and the reason that you are on the earth, or placing labels of perfection on calamitous events will simply anger the mind and shut it down, turning you away from the only thing that matters. But when you overlay gratitude on every moment, regardless of its content, it literally re-contextualizes the experience and your understanding of why things are happening, and the way they’re happening. This is truly seeing your life and every event in a new way. It’s allowing you to say, “OK, I’m here right now experiencing exactly what I am experiencing for a particular reason having to do with the agenda of my soul and the Divine purpose.” With re-contextualization can come a sudden re-actualization of yourself. And as you become a self-actualized being, rather than a reactive being, everything changes in the way you move through your life. The challenge, if you are to find peace and end the struggle and suffering in your life, is to embrace your identity as a spiritual being, and then to implement that choice consistently. Know this: You are always at choice regarding your experience of any and every event or circumstance, and your ideas about what is happening can be expanded at any time you wish to include the awareness of the soul. With such an expansion of the mind’s data, you can peer down the throat of the lion without fear or recoil at the sight of a spider. You can walk the ledge without trembling, or you can shrink from walking out of your own house. The choice is yours. It has always been yours. The world can do things to you, but it cannot extract things from you that you do not choose to give. A note on forgiveness As Conversations with God puts it: No one does anything inappropriate, given their model of the world. The message of that dialogue simple: evolution is not a sin, and God does not punish confusion. Because of this, God never forgives anyone for anything because forgiveness is not necessary. Forgiveness is replaced in the process of Divine balance with a more searingly powerful energy: Understanding. Just as we understand the child whose simple immaturity and confusion led to his actions, so, too, do we see, when we come from the place of deep understanding, that the exact same thing is true of the adults who act in ways that children often act; in ways persons of lesser awareness might call hurtful and damaging. Forgiveness is thus replaced in the mind of those who have expanded their consciousness to include the awareness of the soul. The soul knows that nobody does anything inappropriate, given his or her model of the world. The soul knows that everyone is doing the best they can at any given moment. The most wonderful thing your mind could do, then, each time you begin to feel that you are or have been hurt or damaged in any way, would be to open yourself to the wisdom of your soul. Stop. Breathe. And then listen. Listen to the reasoning of the soul—what I have called “soul logic.” Doing this invites you to place yourself in the center of the wheel of creation and to envision yourself as collaborating with all other souls around you in the producing of conditions and circumstances that are ideal for the completion of your purpose in placing yourself in any present moment. Exercise On a piece of paper, draw four columns (you may want to turn the page on the horizontal).  In the first column, list three events you felt were, if not the worst thing that could possibly happen to you, at least not very happy occurrences. Maybe you lost a job or had a terrible breakup; there was something awful and painful that happened. Provide space between each event. In the second column, note what you thought would happen as a result of each event: the way you thought about it at the time, the fear or other emotion it brought up, what you thought would happen next. In the third column, write down what actually happened, what actually occurred as a result of that event. And in column number four, write down the benefit of that occurrence. (It might be difficult to imagine any benefit from some very painful events, but stay with it.) What is it that you were given as a result of that event in your life? What happened next, either a series of other events or an outcome that you would have never expected? Want to know more? Listen to Neale’s seminar Activating Your Soul’s Code here.

Generating a Good Money Mood

When we think of creating greater prosperity in our lives, we don’t often consider that our emotions may be influencing that experience. Instead we tend to think of abundance of any kind, as something outside of us that we need to “get” more of. But Tammy White, co-creator with Lynne Twist of the True Prosperity online program, has news for all of us: Your mood absolutely influences your experience of prosperity as well as your ability to generate more of it. Consider for a moment your experience of these different states: Feeling deprived versus feeling grateful Feeling lack or fulfilled Feeling fearful or feeling love Feeling envious or feeling generous Feeling worried or feeling peaceful Feeling protective or feeling curious When we’re in any of those particular kinds of moods, they give rise to a certain kind of action,” White explains. If you’re feeling deprived, fearful or envious, as examples, you’re more likely to hold or hoard things for yourself, go inward, and operate from a “what can I get” mindset. When you’re feeling grateful, loving or curious, on the other hand, there’s an experience of openness, of reaching out and letting things in, and of wanting to share from that place of openness. Clearly when it comes to generating opportunity and any kind of energetic flow, including the flow of abundance in your life, certain moods are going to be more beneficial. And that, White explains, is huge. Simply put, your mood absolutely impacts how prosperous you can be. Now, that doesn’t mean that if you go around smiling and laughing all the time money is going to come pouring into your life. But shifting your mood to one of openness, of connection, of gratitude and curiosity will absolutely put you into a greater state of flow where opportunities, collaborations, and experiences of sufficiency are far more likely. And that is the key to generating prosperity. So, how to do you shift your mood to be a prosperity magnet? There are two ways that she says are no-fail mood shifters. First, just as mood gives rise to action, our actions can give rise to our moods. So, get in action. Move your body, exercise, sing out loud. Anything that gets energy moving through your body will help to shift out of a stuck or stagnant mood. Another is through language or conversation, White says. “The conversations we listen to and engage in, whether they’re internal or with others, are our access to generating and maintaining moods.” When you get caught up in conversations that are all about lack, what you don’t have, how unfair things are, how things aren’t working, it reinforces a certain mindset and mood. Instead, when you recognize that a conversation is going down this road, change it. Transform the negative talk (or self-talk) into one of possibility, of gratitude, of noticing and appreciating the bounty and blessings that you do have. And if it’s not possible to change the negative diatribe, be in action and simply … walk away. Other tips for changing your mood: Engage in daily sufficiency practices Notice what you’re giving, what you’re expressing, what you’re sharing. We all have offerings to give even if we don’t always recognize them. Brainstorm on ways that you can give from exactly where you are right now with what you do have. “When you turn your attention to what you already have and begin to make a difference with it from that wholeness, from that completeness, your resources and your experience of your own true prosperity begins to expand before your eyes,” says Lynne Twist.

A Practice for Magnetizing Love

When we are in states of experiencing love, appreciation and gratitude, it has powerful impact on our physiology and psychology. Our immune systems are stronger, we’re more open to tuning into our deepest desires, and if you were to look at a heart monitor, you would see gentle waves. Based on a HeartMath exercise called the “heart lock-in,” Arielle Ford recommends doing this practice daily to “get us into this state of heart coherence, because it’s from this feeling state that we then drop in our desires, to present moment awareness and to the feeling state of love. Knowing and trusting that what you’ve asked for is already yours.” Start in a comfortable upright seated position, feet flat on the floor, hands resting in your lap, shoulders relaxed. Close your eyes. Take a long, slow, deep breath in through your nose and out through your mouth. Do it again. Allow yourself to sink into your chair as you take another long, slow, deep breath. Drop your attention down to the area around your heart, the center of your chest. Now remember a time when you had the feeling and experience of appreciation. It can be for anything or anyone, recent or a long ago. Just one memory of appreciation. With your attention on your heart center, recall that moment of appreciation and especially recall the feeling you had when you experienced appreciation. Just take a couple of deep breaths while you relive this moment of appreciation. Now let that experience go. Keeping your attention on the area around your heart, call up a time, an experience, a memory where you felt gratitude. It could be yourself or someone else. It could be recent or past, but find the memory and experience of gratitude and relive it right now. Feel the feeling of gratitude in the center of your heart. Now let this feeling of gratitude evaporate. With your attention still held at your heart center, call up a memory or experience of the time when you felt love. It could be as simple as looking into the eyes of a child or a baby. It could be a love experience from long ago; it could be something that happened earlier today. Call up a simple memory of love, and while holding it in the center of your heart, re-experience love. As you’re experiencing this moment of love, let the feeling expand throughout your entire body. Feel it in your arms, your legs, and in your torso. Maybe even see it start to filter out like a fog outside of your body and through the room. Wrap yourself in this cocoon, this feeling of love as if you were back in time when it actually happened. Bring your attention back to the center of your heart. Thank yourself for being so open and willing to experience and re-feel appreciation, gratitude and love. Allow yourself to feel your feet on the floor, the seat underneath you, and the temperature of the air around you. Come back up to consciousness. And when you’re ready, gently open your eyes. Arielle Ford is the author of The Soulmate Secret and host of Evolving Wisdom’s Art of Love series.

An Open Letter from Transformational Leaders about Why We Support Marianne Williamson for President


By Deepak Chopra, Jean Houston, Neale Donald Walsch, Michael Bernard Beckwith, Marci Shimoff, John Gray, Jack Canfield, Claire Zammit, Craig Hamilton, Stephen Dinan, Arielle Ford, Mary Morrissey, Gabby Bernstein, Marie Forleo, Kris Carr, Seane Corn, Devaa Haley Mitchell, Jennifer Mclean, and Jordan Bach. To all students, teachers, practitioners, and members of our transformational communities: The people of the United States are urgently in need of a consciousness uplift. Marianne Williamson’s candidacy for President of the United States is an evolutionary call to Americans to wake up to our higher destiny as a country and to reclaim our democracy. We need a voice of wisdom, a voice of love that can bring the healing and unification we desperately need. We need someone who can address the root cause of issues, both nationally and with our foreign policy. We need someone who speaks in a way that reminds us who we truly are. There is no one in the world today who is more uniquely gifted and able to be this voice than Marianne. This may be the only opportunity in our lifetime to have someone who represents our values and ideals and our hopes for a more enlightened world reach this level of visibility and potentially global influence. Some of the top reasons that her candidacy is essential:
  1. She speaks beyond partisan divides to that which unites us as Americans in terms of our deeper values and aspirations as citizens. It’s remarkable to us how many conservatives have responded positively to her campaign.
  2. Rather than surface symptoms she focuses on deeper causes in our consciousness on subjects from race to poverty to political polarization, and offers a paradigm of self-responsibility rather than blaming of the other.
  3. She is rightly putting the raising of children at the center of her campaign, a critical shift from temporary, short-term solutions to making the long-term investments in our future that will ensure a better world for all for many generations to come.
  4. She offers moral leadership that can lift our country’s aspirations beyond narrow short-term self-interest into what can truly propel the next stage of cultural evolution.
  5. She’s willing to champion bold, out-of-the-box solutions to vexing long-term problems such as reparations to address our legacy of racism and a holistic approach to health-care reform.
  6. By speaking powerful truths outside of conventional political-speak, she is inspiring other candidates to move their own thinking forward.
  7. She understands that collective and personal healing are intertwined, and that it’s not about winning a political battle but healing America’s consciousness at a deep level.
  8. She is giving transformational seekers motive and inspiration to enter the political process in a way that is conscious and has integrity, which is essential for our future.
To propel all those things forward, it’s not enough just to vote for her. Actually, the MOST important thing we can do is to empower her RIGHT NOW with real money and real momentum to activate the full potential of her candidacy. She needs to be in the upper tier of candidates to have the most beneficial effect she can have on the consciousness of this country. Keeping Marianne in the debates and well-funded in her campaign will ensure that her critical message continues to be amplified on the national stage. There are 3 THINGS we want to invite you to join us in doing:
  1. DONATE $5, $10, $50, $100, $1,000 up to the maximum of $2,800 at
  2. If a pollster calls you and asks you who you’re going to vote for in the Democratic primary, say MARIANNE WILLIAMSON — she needs the support of 2% of respondents to stay in the race.
  3. VOLUNTEER! Join the dedicated community supporting Marianne’s campaign from your own home or your local area through text banking, phone banking, and canvassing efforts. Find out more at
By ensuring Marianne is on the next debate stage, where there will be a lot fewer candidates, we’ll be taking the national conversation to a new level of truth-telling. And again, even if you’re planning to vote for someone else in the actual primary, saying she’s your choice to a pollster right now will help to ensure that we will continue to have Marianne’s holistic, transformational voice in the debates moving forward, championing peace, love, healing, and our country’s need to continue to evolve. This will send a loud-and-clear message to the other candidates that these kinds of issues are important to a lot of people and not just a fringe few. We all personally know and support Marianne as a woman of unquestionable integrity, with a deep commitment to uplifting and bettering our country and lives of everyone in every possible way. All of us in the transformation movement have benefited from Marianne’s pioneering work in our field. She has done more to mainstream and advance consciousness work than virtually anyone and we are all the better for it… Imagine if that voice were president. Marianne IS our voice to heal our country. Please watch this SHORT VIDEO and hear Marianne share her vision for America: We encourage you to share this post with your friends and community with the hashtags #istandwithmarianne #Marianne2020. Thank you for your consideration and for everything you’re doing to uplift and evolve the world. Sincerely, Deepak Chopra ~ Jean Houston ~ Neale Donald Walsch ~ Michael Bernard Beckwith ~ Marci Shimoff ~ John Gray ~ Jack Canfield ~ Claire Zammit ~ Craig Hamilton ~ Stephen Dinan ~ Arielle Ford ~ Mary Morrissey ~ Gabby Bernstein ~ Marie Forleo ~ Kris Carr ~ Seane Corn ~ Devaa Haley Mitchell ~ Jennifer Mclean ~ Jordan Bach

A sisterhood that IGNITES, AMPLIFIES and expands our power….

Happy International Women’s Day! Thank you for being part of our Feminine Power global community and for everything that you do in your life to make the world a better place—and to uplift the women around you. Today we celebrate the world-changing brilliance and accomplishments of all women. We also recommit to standing for the potentials that have yet to be realized for all women and girls on the planet. It’s our time to rise into visibility, express our voice and contribute our gifts to shape the future of our world. In two decades of coaching, mentoring and leading women to step into their greatness, I’ve seen firsthand that to have a world where women can rise into the fullness of our power, visibility, creativity and voice, we need to create a culture between women that supports, celebrates and amplifies each other’s power. Adrienne Rich, the famous poet and writer, points out that some of the biggest constraints that we have to coming into the fullness of our potentials are the internal and invisible barriers that keep us living small. She writes:

The most notable fact our culture imprints on women is the sense of our limits. The most important thing one woman can do for another is to illuminate and expand her sense of actual possibilities.

We need to link arms and create a space between us that makes it safe for us to step forward. We need to be mirrored, supported, challenged and championed by each other to come to unleash our brilliance. We can not become ourselves by ourselves.  Let’s commit on this day to creating a new sisterhood. Let’s go out of our way to support each other. When we see a woman stepping up, let’s stand behind her. When she stumbles, we can be there to help her up.  When she is challenged, it’s up to us to fight for her. And when she triumphs, we should celebrate her wildly. Are you with me?  To celebrate International Women’s Day, reach out to a woman in your life and tell her what you appreciate about her—reflect back those qualities that she might not fully see about her own brilliance and power! And take it one step further—reflect a possibility for her life that’s perhaps even bigger than she can see for herself…  And then commit to standing with her to realize it! Together we can change and uplift the world. To our greatness, Claire XOX

Using the Imaginal Realm to Co-Create Your Life

What we wish to manifest in our lives, we must first imagine. Through imagination you enter the realm of the source level of creativity that is itself yearning to be recognized. In this realm, there is much more to you. You have more antennae to receive the genius and the powers of the quantum field. We use the imagination as a portal to this field. And then, even imagination is transcended when the Universe begins to operate through us. We become imaginal. We exist in the quantum field of consciousness. We are no longer caught in our own habits. We are given the blueprint, guidance, forms and patterns, of what, up to now, we have only imagined. Right now your intention exists as a possibility, but it’s not yet a probability. You have to increase the probability, and the way you do that is to imagine this thing you desire so dramatically that it overrides all your old feelings of doubt and dilemma. Invite the quantum field of all potentials to join you in the creation of your intention. Call it in. Reach out and bring its tides and powers into your local field. Swim in it. Immerse yourself totally in this quantum field of all potentials. The Universe, with its infinite ideas and treasures, now is able, by your invitation, to bring to your experience this and so much more, to fill in the gaps and expand your intention. That’s why you should always say, “This or something better!” But to start, you must be able to imagine it. That’s why it’s so important to build internal structures that support the imaginal. This happens on four levels: physical/sensory, physiological, mythic/symbolic, and spiritual. Work diligently to develop your internal sensory system for each of the levels. Imagine them frequently and vividly. This will open the portals of the mind for the imaginal realm wherein your Quantum Powers reside, and this realm has the hooks and eyes, the catchments and casements, to catch the news of the Universe that is waiting to help you to enter into your larger life. You have access to all of this. With practice, you can drop into your intention, enter the imaginal world, and things will rise up in your life to manifest what you desire. The Four Levels of the Imaginal Realm The Physical Sensory Level   This is where your senses are so heightened that you can experience anything in your imagination as if it were occurring in real-time, physical form. Inner taste: Chew an apple in your mind. Feel the juice bursting between your teeth. Have a salad of wild greens that bite back, chastened by a little bit of almond oil and a touch of lemon.   Inner touch: Feel the long, bony nose of a horse. Plunge both hands into a bowl of potato chips and break up as many as you can. Climb a tree and feel the rough, warm bark. Inner smell:  Smell a rose garden. Smell an Italian restaurant. Smell the ocean breeze. Inner sight:  See a sunrise. See a beloved friend’s face. See a group of medieval nuns in great wimples walking two-by-two through an herb garden.   Inner hearing:  Hear the pounding of the waves on the beach. Hear the tapping of high heels on the floor. Hear the birds waking the dawn.   The Physiological Level   This has to do with a shift in your identity. Not the usual ego-bound notion of the self, but rather bringing in one of the many selves that accompany you that do not have your particular ego’s history of doubt and distress. There’s simply a purer, more open available self within you. The Mythic/Symbolic Level   Consider yourself to be on the road of adventure and discovery to bring this intention to life. You are larger than your ordinary self and accept the helpers there to assist you—animals, angels, people, gods and goddesses, the archetype of abundance, and above all, your entelechy or higher self, which provides guidance and opens pathways to the new possibility. The Spiritual Level   This is the source of quantum reality. In this level you feel a drenching that cleanses your entire being. The regrets and sorrows of your life seem to be washed away and your mind is as clear and luminous as the dawn sky. Here, everything is contained. You have only to think of something and it appears. You have entered the mind of the maker, the great creative force at the center of all there is. Ready to try it for yourself? Practice: Enter the Imaginal Realm Close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths. Imagine the reality you wish to manifest. It should be something that has to do with your enhancement, your betterment, and the betterment of the world around you. Imagine it vividly. What does your intention taste like? What does it smell like? What does it feel like? What does it look like? What does it sound like? Travel now to that place of quantum possibilities where you can choose the patterns for your life to come. See them, feel them, and above all, know them as potential realities that can manifest into the space-time world in which you exist. Do this until you feel the living force of their reality. Know that the quantum field is drawn into your own vision and is adding elements, coincidences, resources, appropriate people, ideas, and opportunities to help in the realization of your new life story. This is the interdependent co-arising between you and the Universe. Keep practicing this and it will continue to grow to the point where what began as an imaginative possibility becomes an actualizing probability… And as opportunities come your way, and begin to fit into the new story you have set into motion, meet them with gratitude: Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. If you found this inspiring, go here to listen to Dr. Jean Houston’s free, in-depth audio seminar, ‘Crossing the Quantum Threshold: Your Heroic Journey of Power, Purpose and Becoming the Possible Human’