What I and many others understand these words to mean is simply this: You have two options in life—you can either be a seeker or Be The Source.

There are two places, two squares on the playing board of life, that you can choose to stand on.

It’s easy to be on the square that is called “I seek.”

On this square, you might be thinking things like, “I seek my life partner. I seek a better job. I seek more income.” Or even: “I seek the truth.”

Or, you can stand on the second square on the playing board, where you emanate a different truth, that you are the source of that which you desire.

When you become the source of that which you desire rather than the seeker of it, you experience yourself as already having that very thing.

But you need to prove to yourself fully that you already have it, and so you simply give it to somebody else. Now I can almost hear some of you saying, “Why on earth, Neale, would you do that?”

Because by giving away what it is you choose to experience in your life, you suddenly have a direct encounter with the truth—the truth that you are the source of that experience.

Even if what you most long for is something you don’t think you can give away, like the perfect relationship, it’s actually very simple: make the decision that you are the perfect partner for every single person you encounter in life, the perfect companion to support them as they walk down life’s path.

When you decide you are that perfect person and walk around knowing it, within 90 days you’ll have so many people wanting to be with you that you’ll be almost overwhelmed.

When you declare, “I am the source rather than the seeker of that which I desire,” it’s like magic. In that moment you become a kind of sorcerer.

We usually move through life like sorcerers who have forgotten our own magic.

You already are a sorcerer, you already are The Source. Yet as that forgetful magician, you might pull a rabbit out of the hat, be astonished, and think it’s someone else’s magic at work, or that you are tricking somebody.

But you were the one who put the rabbit there, even if it was long ago or in some part of yourself you don’t feel connected to right now.

When you become a magician who understands your own tricks, then you become the master of your life.

If you use this process, you’ll discover an aspect of yourself that’s way ahead of you. This is the “Big You”—not the “small you” that you usually think of as being all of you.

But this is simply what happens when you use God as a practical tool, as a practical partner in your everyday life.

You discover that there’s more to you than meets the eye, and you find yourself saying, doing, and thinking things that you never even knew you were capable of saying, doing, or thinking, including manifesting.

You might even do something astonishing.

To help you better understand and use the magic that comes when you live from The Source, I invite you to join me for my new 12-Month Online Masterclass Mentoring Program, ‘Living Your Life From The Source.’

Over the course of the next year, I will guide you every step of the way to fully integrating God into every area of your life, including income, relationships, health, career, self-confidence, and spirituality.



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