Entering the Flow


This 9-Minute audio is from Session 2 of Dr. Jean Houston’s 7-Week Unlock Your Quantum Powers Training Program.

Session 2 is called “The Power of the Quantum Self,” and in this short excerpt, Jean will guide you through an exercise designed to help you quickly enter a natural “flow state.”

Once you’ve completed the exercise, scroll down and share your experience of it with us and the rest of our community in the comment section below!



  1. Thank you Jean, I could feel a large ball of energy in front of me, as though I was hugging it. I am a musician and teacher, went straight into a pratice session, there was more spontaneity and flow.

  2. The concept and exercise in Jean Houston’s “The Power of the Quantum Self” ‘Sneak Peek’ audio is an excellent introductory and practice tool. A proponent of mind/body/spirit work, I strongly support sharing these methods and ideas with others. I personally experienced, immediately following the guided sequence, increased warmth from head to toe. I must add, I am entirely receptive to the ideas and practices that I have encountered as a result of tapping into the Heaven on Earth and other components of the Shift network. I appreciate having this audio opportunity in that limited finances prevent me from full-scale access and participation to and in the wonderful events that are offered. Thank you.

  3. Hello,

    I am curious about the possibility of taking the course. I believe the class may be closed for now and wonder when the next class is available.

    Thank you,

  4. I was introduced to Jean and her work in Mystery School in 2002. I have followed her wisdom ever since. But now I face the challenges of rheumatoid arthritis which is an auto immune disease. I know that this exercise will open the door to a whole new treatment approach. We will learn to use our own quantum healing powers in stead of masking our symptoms with drugs. My doctor is amazed at my progress in the past 2 months … with no help from him. Thanks Jean.

  5. Thank you for the release, the connection to the earth from which all creation is birthed, and to the freedom that comes in through the movement and embracing the universe with new vigor. For me, who has bought a new home on a beautiful spot to retire to because of health issues, but found deep contamination of pesticides here, it is a reinforcement that my purpose in being saddled with this huge problem I can ill-afford to handle, physically and financially, is to know that I am charged with somehow cleaning it up and making it a fit piece of reclaimed land and the house a home for me. Thank you for the strength that emerged.

  6. I love Jean. She is brilliant in every possible way. Sometimes I feel she is too brilliant, I get lost so easily with her instructions. I could’ve used a stick figure diagram. Not sure where or what I was doing. But her energy is always loving and positive!

  7. The exercise suggested give you an opportunity to concentrate,meditate and feel the energy flowing through your body,which can further be channelized towards creativity.Excellent

  8. Received this audio from Jean Houston and am so grateful for her wisdom and guidance. It has been such a struggle to live in flow all the time, up until now…I really appreciate the fact that Jean has made this available when I needed it the most. I am very curious as to the reason the Universe blocked my way to letting me into this program, even at a discounted rate I was unable to get the funds to pay. Somehow, I truly believe that I need to be gifted and invited into the program and that I only have to ask. So, I am asking to be invited in and to contribute to the evolution of the human race on this planet and thus, the preservation of many ecosystems…so it is and so it shall be. This is an organic intention. I believe I have paid my dues and it is time to receive.

  9. I really felt this light interweaving from the bottom of my spine to the top of my head and above. It was a beautiful sensation a sensation of reverence. Thank you for sharing this exersice.

  10. Thank you for all your messages and information. It felt that I was among the stars and the universe with energy flowing around and within me open to new positive, beautiful possibilities in oneness and power.

  11. I’m glad I did not invest in this course, because I know and practice this exercise sinece the 90’s, got it AND MUCH MORE and more efficient and relaxed, from my teacher of Hunuan Gong, Mr JONG from Korea, teaching in Aix -en Provence in France.
    Now…..the voice of Jean is so stressful and the vocubulary so imprecise for the correct movements to be done coordinaltly with on top of it even MORE COMPLICATED VOCABULARY, that it is NOT GOOD AT ALL.
    Sorry, but you ask for a genuine feedback.
    I could do much much better or even teach her how to gain a charismatic voice and slow done her enthousiasme that sadly got transforme in stress fir the listener.
    Anyway….all good intension…but the HOW IS MISSING…..
    like msny “masters”teaching and teaching…evensound energie..or mantras…etc…..WITHOUT THE TOOLS FOR IT appart from their wisness.
    But..nobody is interested by my LIFE DISCOVERIES…as a VOICE PLOMBER…..much too arrogance in the spiritual and wellbeing arena.

  12. I loved this exercise, especially since we are made of energy and I feel that when we are ill part of the reason may be because our energy is stemmed somewhere and not able to flow through us as it should.

  13. there was a flash of that light bright spirit a moment before you spoke about it…. like i was almost one step ahead…. Thank you… this was a blessing given……….

  14. feel refreshed that you .. there are a lot of changes going on in many other th lives of the good people I know…. I hope i will increase in awareness

  15. Very exhilarating.
    I am an abstract artist and I need constant fresh motion to permit me to freely allow my paintings to come into being.
    I have felt the force of this Loving Flow since I started painting back in 2012.
    I have no formal training so I have attributed my understanding to God’s Divine Flow of Love.
    The flow imbues each of my works.
    I try to live in a state of patient readiness for every new beginning.
    I am also a Jazz singer so I have a great advantage to have the healing power of music in my life.
    When I share my love of music I feel very in tuned to the service God has called me for.
    I will be honoured to paint and to sing to the end of my days.
    Thank you for this practice.
    I learned a lot

  16. I loved it. Today I did it in front of the ocean and it was even better than yesterday at the lake! Thank you for sharing!

  17. I have missed that voice. In the late 1980’s, I attended a workshop w/Dr. Houston @ the Rev. Dr. Peggy Bassett Church. It has never left me and I have told the story of learning styles,intricate story and movement many times. Ahead of her time then, stirring my Spirit today.
    My body quickly forgot it’s (my) limitations and numbness as I plunged into the energy and stars. I bowed to life, to myself and without words I ‘re-remembered. It is done.

  18. I was feeling exhausted and drained before listening and following your instructions, upon completion I was able to get on with my plans for this morning with energy and enthusiasm. I have had a three nights of very disturbed sleep, I have a minor infection, physically I am rundown and out of balance – I feel so grateful for the burst of energy, Love and Light you bestow with this training video – I will be listening again, and sharing this with others who may benefit from this gift.

    Namaste, so much Love <3