Most of us live without interacting with our soul in any way. We know that we’re three-part beings, made up of body, mind, and soul. But we live as if we’re two-part beings: a body, with a mind. The soul’s agenda, wisdom, and knowledge are largely ignored. And it’s simply because we don’t know how to hear our soul speak.

So, how do we do it? How do we access the wisdom of the soul on a regular basis? Not just every once in a while. But when we choose to, when we need to. In the very moment that connecting with our soul is most urgently and earnestly desired.

The answer may surprise you: With your mind. Your mind is the greatest tool that you have on the journey to your soul. Frankly, it’s the only way to get there.

Contrary to popular belief, and many spiritual teachings, one does not journey to the soul by leaving the mind. The process is not about turning the mind off, but redirecting it and changing the frequency of its thought pattern.

Trust me on this: Your mind is your most wonderful friend. It’s not your enemy; it’s not what’s opposing you or an obstacle. Your mind only wants to help you to survive. That’s its assignment. That is its singular task.

So, do not reject the mind. Rather, use your mind as your most direct and efficient pathway to the upper reaches of your being.

Now, you may be asking, how exactly do I do that? It’s easy. Tell your mind what you need.

See, most of us let our mind take in data about every present moment, compare and analyze the data with past data, and then draw a conclusion about the present based on the past. And then, we let our mind to tell them what to do based on that analysis.

But you can tell your mind exactly what to do. Your mind loves this when you do that! It hates being left to its own devices. It’s happy to keep doing what it’s been doing, but it can’t guarantee the efficacy of the results.

If you really want fantastic results for your life, your mind wishes that you would tell it what to do. Tell it where you are going, how you want to get you there, and how you want life to happen for you.

This is a powerful manifesting tool that most people never use.

But beyond its power to manifest your next reality, the mind’s most useful, and most beneficial ability, is its skill of opening the doorway to your soul.

Yet your mind will not do this on its own. It will not use this marvelous ability that it is has to take you to the doorway of your soul, until it is told to do so.


And the reason is that the mind harbors the biggest fear of all, one built into the cellular structure of all human beings—the fear of being alone. The fear of being left all by itself.

While you were in utero, the body’s data, the mind’s experience, and the soul’s knowledge all matched perfectly. They each said, We are one. There is no separation from the source of life. That was your experience, your knowledge, and your sensory data.

But at the moment of your birth, the data of the body and the experience of the mind dramatically shifted. It veered away from the knowledge held by the soul. That is, what the soul knows was not what the mind experienced, nor what the body sensed. What the body sensed was separation. That’s the data that it sent to the mind, which filed that data as experience—in other words, as truth.

What you experienced at the moment of your birth felt very much like abandonment, and you made up your mind in that instant never to allow yourself to be abandoned again. And so, rejection and abandonment became your greatest protectorate and your greatest fear. All your life you seek to shield yourself from it, even as you brace yourself for it.

So your mind has no intention of willingly giving up its place of seniority in your life, to your soul. It doesn’t know your soul. Since birth, your soul has been a virtual stranger. It’s up to you to allay any fears you mind has about its importance in your life, and to empower it as a partner to reacquaint yourself with your soul.

It may sounds silly, but it works. Respect your mind—for all of its innate skill, for the amazing it’s work it’s done up until now, and for its very natural fears—and it will be your biggest ally.

Try this:

1. Thank your mind. Tell your mind, “Thank you, mind. Thank you, good friend. Thank you for your warning and for warning me of the danger of imagining that I could go even one moment without you.”

2. Assure your mind that you have no intention of stepping one foot away from it. But merely seek to move into the territory of your soul, with your mind right there at your side, as it always has been from your first moment of life in physicality.

3. Tell your mind that you need it as a partner to reunite with your soul—where the mind and the soul work together as equal collaborators—in the co-creation of what you choose to know as your next reality.

4. Instruct your mind as to what information you want from your soul. Give your mind instructions and directions, telling it what you want to do and where you want to go, and giving it the power to get you there.

Then release any need you may have that all of this shows up in a certain way. Let everything go, on a conscious level. Your mind will tell you what to do next.

Your mind will lead you to just the right book, or just the right song, or just the right person, or just the right place. Just let life reveal life to you through the process of life itself.


Supercharge this exercise

You can go through the four steps above at any time and in any place. But to get even more clarity and hear more clearly the whispers of your soul, it’s helpful to put yourself into a highly receptive state.

Meditation. This one of the best tools to assist your mind in leading you to your soul. And it can look any myriad ways. Walking meditation, mindfulness practices, writing or losing yourself in some other activity can all work.

But it’s important to note, the purpose of meditation is not to shut down the mind. Frankly, that’s impossible. You can’t turn off your mind. It’s about refocusing the mind, pointing it in a different direction, toward the highest idea you ever held about who you are and who you choose to be.

Slow Down. This sounds like a direction to relax, and in a way it is. But in the context of supporting your mind to communicate with your soul, it means to actually slow down the vibration of your mind to match the slower vibration of the soul.

The first thing your mind wants to do when incoming data is deluging you, is to analyze the data. And then present you with all the options, with regard to how you can respond. It does this very rapidly, very quickly.

In order for you to short circuit that process, you literally stop your mind from going there. Then you reroute your energy to a place of pure awareness.

This will drop the vibration of the mind to the level of your soul’s frequency, which is very slow. It’s slow and deep; the primal sound.

So journeying to the soul is about more than simply being quiet with yourself. It’s directing the mind to focus away from its own chatter, and from its never-ending story, and focusing instead on a state of being and awareness. The totality of you.

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