God wants for you what you want for you. It‘s also true that what you want for you, at the deepest part of your being, is what God wants for Divinity itself. You see, Divinity and humanity want the same thing: the highest expression of life that is possible and conceivable in any given moment.

Yet, your human will can be, in a sense, imprisoned. You can be closed off, shut down, locked up, trapped by one’s view of life, by a stubbornness to “give in” to love, by a refusal to use the tools of life that you’ve been given. You can, for sure, build your own jail, step into it, and close the door behind you. Resentment, anger, fear, self-righteousness, and close-mindedness are the roads we take to their own penitentiary.

And we sadly and mistakenly think these pathways will get us to where we earnestly yearn to go: a place of safety. That’s all that any of us can really think about when we’re coming from Small Self. We all want protection from life. We’ve had enough sadness. We’ve had enough suffering. We’ve had enough of being attacked, of being made wrong, of being overwhelmed. So we close the drawbridge, circle the wagons, batten down the hatches, retreat to the fortress of our mind’s limited experience.

At least it’s familiar territory. At least it’s common ground. At least it feels safe for the moment. It may not be fun, it may not be very exciting, it may not offer the glory of arms-wide-open expansion and joyful, wide-open love, but it’s safe.

But here’s what’s true: When we retreat into this false “safety,” we’re not acting from the soul.

If in any moment the thought you hold is a negative one, you are without question coming from your mind alone. You know this because the soul, where eternal awareness resides, is incapable of negativity of any kind. It knows too much. It is too much. It is infinite, while the mind is finite.

Your mind can be either negative or positive, depending (quite literally) upon the mood of the moment. The soul, on the other hand, is incapable of such duplicity. The eternal awareness arising from the soul will, therefore, never produce negative energy of any kind. Your mind, on the other hand, can produce an unending supply of it.

And when you stand where the mind and soul come converge, the soul’s positivity converts whatever negativity the mind may at any moment hold. The sheer uplifting power of the positive supersedes the draining energy of the negative.

Now the question is, how can we access the data of the soul, whenever we wish?

When we no longer consider the primary event of our life to be the focal point of our existence, either across the span of our life or in any particular moment of our life, and replace it with a new event: Pure being.

When being becomes the focal point of your life, the event upon which your mind is focusing, will change dramatically. When you move into pure being, you throw open the doorway between your mind and your soul, because beingness is a quality of both. It is conscious awareness in action.

If you think that just the experience of your mind alone is going to bring you to a place of consciousness—or at least of high consciousness—I believe you’ll find that that does not work.

But with being as the central event of your life, you bridge the gap between the mind and the soul.

Emotions can be shifted and changed, transformed, when informed by the behaviors, belief, perception and perspective that emerge from soul, because the soul’s perspective is eternal and the mind’s perspective is finite, the soul has an infinite amount of data from which to select as it creates its perception of any particular event, moment or circumstance.

Practice: Connect to Your Soul Anytime

Whenever you find yourself caught up in paying the bills, handling business, keeping everybody happy, meeting the deadline, doing what you have to do to get through the day—and especially whenever you encounter a person who is being difficult (or you catch yourself being difficult)—in other words, when you’re decidedly not sensing the deep wisdom and knowledge of your soul, try this: Put your hand over your heart.

Hold it there until you start to feel real love and compassion for yourself. And then, feel love for others, and then open to feel love for life itself. And then you’ll feel love for all that is.

Just close your eyes, take a breath, hold your hand over your heart, and enter the resonance, you’ll feel—not just conceptualize, but feel—that your body, mind, and soul are one—the totality of you as the same as the all of everything.

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