Photo credit: Harpo, Inc 2012, George Burns

Have you ever had a chance to watch Oprah interview Jean on an episode of Super Soul Sunday?

During the episode, Jean discusses the power of knowing exactly what you want and truly believing you have the power to make it happen in your life and in the world…

And she encourages us all to embrace and be grateful for the privilege of being human so we can then follow “the lure of becoming” and rise to the next level of our humanness.

Jean even turns the tables in the middle of this excerpt and starts asking Oprah questions!

Oprah said in the introduction to the episode that it was a first for her… the first time a guest had brought so much wisdom to the show that she had to request a transcript afterwards so she could more deeply take in everything Jean shared!

Click on the video to watch Jean and Oprah. It’s one of our favorites here at Evolving Wisdom!

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