There’s a great secret in life that so many of us are not clear about: to get things to work consistently in every area of life, stop seeking perfection.

You may have things already working in 3 or 4 areas of your life. For example, maybe your career is working, you’re in good health, and you have a lot of self-confidence.

But somehow or other you can’t get the relationship area of your life to work. Relationships may just be a challenge over and over and over again…

Or perhaps it’s the other way around. Perhaps your relationships are just going beautifully, and you do have a livelihood that at least keeps income flowing into your life…

But you don’t have the self-confidence you’d like to have in order to get to that next place, to go to the highest level in your career and in your life’s work.

The answer to the question is to know that it already is working in every area of your life, and to stop calling anything, the way it now is, “imperfect.”

Rather, you can transform the way you’re holding the areas of your life that you think are not working, transform your thoughts about those areas, simply by holding them in a different way.

You can say: “You know what? Everything is working, and the problem that I’m having here is that I’m calling certain areas of my life, and certain experiences that I’m having, not okay with me.”

Take the example of the young child.

I was one of those who had difficulty learning his multiplication tables. I could not get it. I remember having the direct experience of “I just don’t get this—and I don’t get why I don’t get it.”

I was doing everything I was supposed to be doing: memorizing the tables, understanding the math behind the tables, listening carefully in class, and doing my homework assignments.

Here I was in fourth grade, and I was doing all the right stuff.

So I couldn’t understand why the guy in the next row in the desk next to me could rattle off the multiplication tables like he was born with them, and I couldn’t even get past three times seven.

I couldn’t get it, and the teacher scolded me and talked to me about how I had to work harder, and all the rest. But I couldn’t.

Finally, I went to my father crying. I remember it vividly. Crying to my dad, I said, “Why can’t I get this? This is so simple, but when the teacher asks me to read off something, I can’t do it. I just don’t seem to be able to get this.”

My father looked at me and he said, “Son, it’s part of the process. You need to stop making yourself wrong about this.”

He said, “You already have them in your head. You know you do, but you’re so scared of getting it wrong, it’s a problem of self-confidence. It’s the challenge of not thinking that the answers are already within you.”

He said, “Just let it be okay that you’re not getting it right now. Let it be okay with you, and when you stop worrying so much and being so concerned about it, then find that place of comfort within you from which there can arise exactly what you want to experience when you’re in that class with that math teacher.”

He taught me, in short, to be okay with the fact that I was making mistakes. He taught me that I didn’t have to be perfect, and it was okay to not be getting it.

This important lesson was reinforced 30 years later in my conversations with God:

God said, “Allow yourself to know that what’s going on right now is totally perfect, and needn’t be any different from the way it is right now.

“When you embrace that, you will knock down the doorway between what you are wishing to experience in your life and what you’re now experiencing in your life.”

So the answer is to see the perfection in everything. If your health isn’t the way you wish it were, see the perfection in that. It’s part of a larger process, of which you may not be fully aware.

If you’re not living in right livelihood and you wish you had a different kind of a career, a different kind of a job, see the perfection in the job you’re holding right now.

If your relationship is a bit rocky and it’s not as smooth as you’d like it to be, see the perfection in that “rock in the shoe.” See the perfection in that, and that’s what will dissolve the rock and allow you to use what’s occurring now as a tool in creating what you’d like to experience in your life.

Because what you resist, persists.

That’s another incredible truth from Book One of Conversations With God. I asked God, “How can I see the perfection when it doesn’t feel perfect for me?”

God said, “Neale, Neale, what you resist, persists. The very act of resisting something places it there.

“You can’t lean against air. You have to lean against a wall. So when you resist something, the wall is placed there, figuratively and metaphysically, in your life.

“Then you can’t remove it until you stop resisting what it is that you don’t want to experience right now.

“So do not resist what is now present in your life, but rather, accept it.”

Just like the child whose worries melt when he accepts that he doesn’t have to be perfect—if you accept your life as being perfect just as it is, a doorway will open.

I would like to help you cross that very threshold in my new 12-Month Masterclass Mentoring Program, ‘Living From The Source.’

There I will personally guide you in seeing perfection, manifesting positive change, and integrating God into every area of your life.



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