The One Truth that Will Simplify Your Life Instantly

We humans tend to make life very complicated. And this causes us all manner of stress and worry. But Conversations with God is very clear: life is actually quite simple.

This is not meant to sound trite. All of us have experienced the pain, disappointments and difficulty of being a human be-ing. But know this: For your soul, the driver of this ship, it is pure joy to be incarnate here on Earth, to create and experience all that you do.

And the truth is, things always work out.

Life is a process that allows things to work out in the process of life itself. That doesn’t mean that things always go the way you might have planned or wanted. And it doesn’t always mean that life is easy. But no matter what comes up in life, big or small, it nonetheless always works out in a way that’s just right.

Be clear that the agenda of the soul is what we’re here to serve in this physical life. And that agenda is to feel complete in the expression of divinity that flows through us, in us and as us, in any given moment.

There are no mistakes. There are no wrong turns. What happens in your life is serving a higher purpose, to assist your soul (and the collective in its evolution) along the path to full expression.

When I say this, some people immediately scoff. “What about …” “How could you say …” I know, I know. But when you look back at the trials and upheavals in your life, and then look where you are today, these events often have a very different slant. In fact, you may just see that worst-possible thing as a catalyst for something else, something much better in your life. Maybe it took a week or maybe it took a year, but there’s a good chance that that awful thing turned out to be … the best thing that ever happened to you.

A painful breakup that resulted in you spending time getting to know yourself, trying new things, walking through newly open doors, and, eventually, right into a new and very healthy relationship.

Getting laid off from a job that forced you to take a break to re-evaluate what you really want to do with your life. Maybe some severance pay allowed you to take some time to get new training. Maybe you were finally able to travel, which caused a burst of inspiration about an entirely new path for your life. (Bonus when you find out that your former company nosedived 9 months after your departure!)

There are so many examples that we can look at. But the truth remains that even when life seems challenging, those challenges become simple when we understand exactly what’s going on, that Life always works out, is always working itself out toward the fullest and highest expression of itself. Embrace this truth and it will be held in a place of pure awareness that arises right from your soul.

Still doubtful? Here’s a little exercise to try for yourself:

Get a piece of paper and a pen, and write down 3 negative events that have happened in your life. Make sure to leave ample room under each item. (If you want, you can add a note about how old you were and any other circumstances of that time.)

Then, for each experience, write in the provided space, how it all turned out. What happened? What is your life like now perhaps as a result of that event? How does the event look to you now?

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