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By Deepak Chopra, Jean Houston, Neale Donald Walsch, Michael Bernard Beckwith, Marci Shimoff, John Gray, Jack Canfield, Claire Zammit, Craig Hamilton, Stephen Dinan, Arielle Ford, Mary Morrissey, Gabby Bernstein, Marie Forleo, Kris Carr, Seane Corn, Devaa Haley Mitchell, Jennifer Mclean, and Jordan Bach.

To all students, teachers, practitioners, and members of our transformational communities:

The people of the United States are urgently in need of a consciousness uplift.

Marianne Williamson’s candidacy for President of the United States is an evolutionary call to Americans to wake up to our higher destiny as a country and to reclaim our democracy.

We need a voice of wisdom, a voice of love that can bring the healing and unification we desperately need.

We need someone who can address the root cause of issues, both nationally and with our foreign policy.

We need someone who speaks in a way that reminds us who we truly are.

There is no one in the world today who is more uniquely gifted and able to be this voice than Marianne.

This may be the only opportunity in our lifetime to have someone who represents our values and ideals and our hopes for a more enlightened world reach this level of visibility and potentially global influence.

Some of the top reasons that her candidacy is essential:

  1. She speaks beyond partisan divides to that which unites us as Americans in terms of our deeper values and aspirations as citizens. It’s remarkable to us how many conservatives have responded positively to her campaign.
  2. Rather than surface symptoms she focuses on deeper causes in our consciousness on subjects from race to poverty to political polarization, and offers a paradigm of self-responsibility rather than blaming of the other.
  3. She is rightly putting the raising of children at the center of her campaign, a critical shift from temporary, short-term solutions to making the long-term investments in our future that will ensure a better world for all for many generations to come.
  4. She offers moral leadership that can lift our country’s aspirations beyond narrow short-term self-interest into what can truly propel the next stage of cultural evolution.
  5. She’s willing to champion bold, out-of-the-box solutions to vexing long-term problems such as reparations to address our legacy of racism and a holistic approach to health-care reform.
  6. By speaking powerful truths outside of conventional political-speak, she is inspiring other candidates to move their own thinking forward.
  7. She understands that collective and personal healing are intertwined, and that it’s not about winning a political battle but healing America’s consciousness at a deep level.
  8. She is giving transformational seekers motive and inspiration to enter the political process in a way that is conscious and has integrity, which is essential for our future.

To propel all those things forward, it’s not enough just to vote for her.

Actually, the MOST important thing we can do is to empower her RIGHT NOW with real money and real momentum to activate the full potential of her candidacy.

She needs to be in the upper tier of candidates to have the most beneficial effect she can have on the consciousness of this country.

Keeping Marianne in the debates and well-funded in her campaign will ensure that her critical message continues to be amplified on the national stage.

There are 3 THINGS we want to invite you to join us in doing:

  1. DONATE $5, $10, $50, $100, $1,000 up to the maximum of $2,800 at Marianne2020.com.
  2. If a pollster calls you and asks you who you’re going to vote for in the Democratic primary, say MARIANNE WILLIAMSON — she needs the support of 2% of respondents to stay in the race.
  3. VOLUNTEER! Join the dedicated community supporting Marianne’s campaign from your own home or your local area through text banking, phone banking, and canvassing efforts. Find out more at https://www.marianne2020.com/volunteer

By ensuring Marianne is on the next debate stage, where there will be a lot fewer candidates, we’ll be taking the national conversation to a new level of truth-telling.

And again, even if you’re planning to vote for someone else in the actual primary, saying she’s your choice to a pollster right now will help to ensure that we will continue to have Marianne’s holistic, transformational voice in the debates moving forward, championing peace, love, healing, and our country’s need to continue to evolve.

This will send a loud-and-clear message to the other candidates that these kinds of issues are important to a lot of people and not just a fringe few.

We all personally know and support Marianne as a woman of unquestionable integrity, with a deep commitment to uplifting and bettering our country and lives of everyone in every possible way.

All of us in the transformation movement have benefited from Marianne’s pioneering work in our field. She has done more to mainstream and advance consciousness work than virtually anyone and we are all the better for it…

Imagine if that voice were president.

Marianne IS our voice to heal our country.

Please watch this SHORT VIDEO and hear Marianne share her vision for America:

We encourage you to share this post with your friends and community with the hashtags #istandwithmarianne #Marianne2020.

Thank you for your consideration and for everything you’re doing to uplift and evolve the world.


Deepak Chopra ~ Jean Houston ~ Neale Donald Walsch ~ Michael Bernard Beckwith ~ Marci Shimoff ~ John Gray ~ Jack Canfield ~ Claire Zammit ~ Craig Hamilton ~ Stephen Dinan ~ Arielle Ford ~ Mary Morrissey ~ Gabby Bernstein ~ Marie Forleo ~ Kris Carr ~ Seane Corn ~ Devaa Haley Mitchell ~ Jennifer Mclean ~ Jordan Bach

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