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The Institute for Woman-Centered
Coaching, Training & Leadership Presents:

The Empowering Women Platinum
Coach & Facilitator Certification

A 12-Month Program to Fast Track Your Cultivation of
the Skills, Frameworks, Tools and Methods that Ignite
Women’s Power and Unleash Their Potentials

Space is Limited

A Life-Changing Opportunity to Work Directly with Me, Our Senior Coaches, and a Global Community of Women to Become a World-Class Coach Who Ignites and Calls Forth GREATNESS in Women!

Enroll Now!

Here’s Everything You’ll Receive When You

Join The Program

NOTE: Some elements will include brand-new content taught LIVE in 2022. The inaugural cohort of this program may be the only group who ever experiences my newest teaching material live, behind the scenes with my curriculum and content team.

($45,000 value)

Get leading-edge comprehensive training to professional standards in Woman-Centered Coaching & Facilitation to create extraordinary results both one-on-one and one-on-many.

This program includes in-depth training in transformational and Feminine Power approaches and methods, as well as cultivation of transformational superpowers. You’ll also have the option to apply for a professional certification credential or receive a certificate of completion from the Institute.

($18,000 value)

Stand on my shoulders (and my millions of dollars of investment in perfecting these processes) and get the Proprietary Transformational Technology I developed to rapidly shift core beliefs so that you can facilitate a decade of growth in a single session with your clients.

You’ll also have access to my “best of” 100 Feminine Power coaching exercises and guided workshop exercises, including ice-breakers and energizers I developed over two decades of work directly coaching more than 50,000 women — and you’ll have my permission to use them in your own work!

($18,000 value)

Discover the underlying design principles of work that transforms lives. This is what you don’t get in other business training programs that simply teach you tactics!

Get direct access to my design methodology and templates to create and deliver winning courses, programs, and masterminds. This is the proprietary approach I used to create Evolving Wisdom programs that resulted in 15+ unique multiple 7-figure products and over $75 million in sales.

This includes training in transformational program design, along with tested and proven, ready-to-use templates for 12-Week Coaching Packages and Workshop Templates you can infuse into your own unique work (or use our Feminine Power model to get started!)

($30,000 value)

9 LIVE, 3-hour Coaching Immersion Events

Observe as I deliver deep, personal coaching in our Mastery community, then join me on my private zoom for a “behind the scenes” debrief, where I’ll deepen your understanding of the transformational skills you witnessed and accelerate your learning exponentially. (Plus, you’ll also integrate your own personal transformation along the way as you bear witness to this powerful coaching!)

($28,000 value)

Integrate and embody the skills you’re discovering in the core training LIVE with me in an accelerated immersive environment. You’ll rapidly increase your confidence and competence to step forward as a leading coach of women, specializing in women’s empowerment, transformational facilitation and content creation.

I will teach from the leading edge of my own practice, experience and learning, and will include the latest ideas and in-the-moment strategies to evoke and deepen your ability to have the most potent, powerful impact in your work.

($15,000 value)

Enjoy an extensive network of LIVE support from brilliant women who motivate your progress, inspire your greatness, amplify your genius and assist you in achieving your goals.

In addition to joining an Elite Peer Pod, which will deepen your sense of community and help you stay both inspired and on track, you’ll also have access to Monthly Mentoring & Skill Development Clinics and receive insightful guidance, feedback and support from our phenomenal team of Mentor Coaches to help you hone your skills.




Business Academy

Virtual Program $100K+ Value
*All workshops are virtual

($15,000 value)

(February/March 2022)

Discover your “Zone of Greatness” — get clear on what your gifts are, who you’re here to serve and the contribution you were born to make. This is the place from which you can create offers, programs, and projects as a vehicle for the full expression of your gifts and genius in a way that they can be fully received so that you experience the greatest impact and success from your work. It’s the exact process I went through to discover my life’s work, the Feminine Power and Academy programs, and it can help you get to the next level of your impact—or to begin the process of launching a coaching or facilitation practice that will enable you to self-actualize and succeed.

($25,000 value)

With Claire Zammit, Ph.D. + Faculty Coaches and Special Guests

For Coaches, Workshop Leaders, Authors and Speakers
Discover the keys to creating profound success in your transformational business, using methodologies that create the highest value for your female clients and at the same time feel authentic and achievable for you as a conscious woman. You’ll learn how to create winning offers that magnetize your ideal clients and enrollment systems that irresistibly convey the distinct value that only you offer.

At the end of our three days together, you’ll walk away with a complete one-year, six-figure Success Business Plan, completely laid out with your unique Winning Offers, Outreach and Enrollment Systems for quickly getting clients.

Next, you’ll be invited to 6 Monthly Group Coaching Sessions/Business Clinics to support you in implementing your plan!

($30,000 value)

Spend three immersive days with me, and by the end, you’ll have the skills to lead, create and launch your program within 90 days — even without an email list, or any prior online marketing or enrollment experience. You’ll leave this “working” boot camp with your entire concept, your group-coaching templates, an offer outline and a clear launch roadmap.

($15,000 value)

Discover a step-by-step conversion funnel that leads your ideal clients through a Free Visioning Workshop to an irresistible $2k coaching package offer + weekend workshop. Plus, enjoy a LIVE 1-Day Immersion training to plan and launch your funnel!

*small materials fee for each program.


($20,000 value)

You’ll also receive 10 Women’s Empowerment Tool Kits to share with clients and friends. These include:

  • 10 Digital Access Passes for the 7-Week Essential Course for the Awakening Woman (Current Tuition Price: $997, Value $9,970)
  • 10 Free Tickets to Feminine Power LIVE! (Regular Tuition: $970, Value $9,700)

Include this as an irresistible bonus to your coaching package for 10 of your clients, and you’ll have paid for your $20K investment in this program!

2021/22 BONUS ONLY!:

Feminine Power Global Spotlight (priceless)

As a member of the Platinum program, you’ll gain support upon certification to launch and accelerate your impact and success by leading a free, in-person workshop in your local area using our Feminine Power methodology. Your event will be featured on our Certified Coach/Facilitator Event Announcement page, and Claire will personally email her global audience with an invitation for them to join your free event! This collective promotion to the Feminine Power and Evolving Wisdom communities will include two emails to over 800,000 unique subscribers and two promoted social media posts broadcasted to over one-million unique, highly targeted people in our custom, curated audience of growth-minded readers. Email promotions to a list of this size are frequently valued at $20,000+.



Empowering Women Platinum Coach & Facilitator Program Total Value
Total Value: $250,000+
Introductory Tuition: $30,000
Event-Only Upgrade Price: $12,000
Pay-In-Full Discount (additional $1,000 off): $11,000
Empowering Women Platinum Coach & Facilitator Program Total Value
Total Value: $250,000+
Introductory Tuition: $30,000
Special Offer Price: $14,000
Pay-In-Full Discount (additional $1,000 off): $13,000

Flexible Payment Plans Available!

ALL IT TAKES to Claim Your Space in the Empowering Women Platinum Coach & Facilitator Program is a
$1,000 Deposit!

Please note: space in the Empowering Women Platinum Coach & Facilitator Program is limited due to the one-to-one nature of the coaching and small group experience.


    $1,000 Deposit Today
    + 1 payment of

    Balance Due is billed 7 days after


    $1,000 Deposit Today
    + 12 payments of

    First Payment automatically billed in 30 days
    (then every 30 days thereafter)



We are committed to providing the highest level of satisfaction on all of our programs, products and events. You can find our Terms & Conditions below.

Terms & Conditions

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We are committed to providing the highest level of satisfaction on all of our programs, products and events. You can find our Terms & Conditions below.

Terms & Conditions

If you have any questions about this program, please email us at and we’ll be glad to assist you.

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