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Discover the Keys to Empowering Women with
Feminine Power Principles

Are you a coach, workshop facilitator, healer, therapist, trainer, artist, visionary or leader (or sense the calling to be one!), or simply a caring woman who wants to do what she can to ignite, inspire and catalyze transformation in others, and especially other women?

If so, you’re not alone because there’s a sea change happening for women in our time that’s as revolutionary as the emergence of the internet and social media.

In Dr. Claire Zammit’s two decades of work, including her doctoral research, she’s discovered that millions of women are being held back by invisible and unnamed barriers the majority of personal-growth approaches, spiritual practices, and traditional coaching do not identify or address.

Traditional life coaching and many other approaches that are very goal-oriented and strategic, simply do not work when it comes to the new set of urgent problems and unrealized possibilities women face today.

Understanding how to empower women within the new paradigm is the key to having a profound impact on the world and experiencing unprecedented levels of success in your work and calling.

That system is

Creating with Feminine Power

Manifestation is not another way of saying passivity.

Throwing your hands up and allowing the universe to take control is not going to get you results.

No one ever won an olympic gold medal because it was meant to be. They had coaches, teammates, family, and friends to support them. Most importantly, they knew there was work they must do.

The same can be said of creating with Feminine Power. During the 7-week course, I’m going to show you how you can have a breakthrough in one of 8 Key Areas of Self-Actualization.

I’ll help you find the one area that is best suited for a breakthrough and then focus you throughout the course on reaching your highest potential in that area of your life.

You may be saying, “but I have many areas of my life that need work!”


Feminine Power is a practice that will ignite a chain reaction across all areas of your life.

I’m going to show you how to manifest in

8 Key Areas of Self-Actualization

Confidence and Presence—being visible, seen, truly known, and able to show up with authentic confidence as the most actualized version of yourself. No shame, fear, or apologizing for taking up space.

Purpose and Calling—discovering and cultivating unique gifts and genius, and the power to contribute them in ways that ensure they are received and valued.

Love and Relationships—attracting and creating growth-oriented relationships, where you are “met” on all levels (emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually), supported to self-actualize, loved unconditionally, and encouraged to become the best version of yourself.

Values Aligned Prosperity—expanding prosperity and livelihood by creating a way of making money that is deeply aligned with your values, and having the resources to thrive, prosper and contribute in this life.

Creativity and Self-Expression—manifesting your deepest desires for self-expression, fun and play.

Spirituality and Meditation—forging an unshakable connection to a higher power along with your intuitive knowing so that you can tap into a source of intelligence, love, empathy, creativity and support beyond your mind.

Health and Self Care—feeling at home in your body, being healthy, radiant, feeling vital, and having boundless energy.

Influence and Impact—impacting a greater number of people by uplifting and empowering those around you.

As we work together in the first couple weeks of the Feminine Power course, you will discover which area of your life is most “in season” for a transformation.

Some women come in knowing exactly what they want to do – have a breakthrough in their professional life. And sometimes that is exactly what happens.

Others come in thinking they know what they need and discover their deepest yearnings weren’t even on their radar.

And if you’re not exactly sure what it is you’re in need of, but you’re feeling this calling, this yearning for more, I will help you discover the area in which to work to have a life-altering breakthrough.



The Essential Course for the Visionary Woman

Professional Edition

The professional edition of our flagship program is our most potent to date as it’s designed not only to transform you into a powerful, self-actualized woman, but it will provide you with the core principles and toolkit you need to begin to unleash Feminine Power in the women you serve.

Whether you want to establish or grow your coaching practice, deepen your ability to create stunning results for your clients, or are in a leadership role professionally, or you’re simply a caring woman who wants to lift others up around you, this course will give you the invaluable resources to deliver more powerful results for the women you serve.

Each week you’ll gain access to two teaching sessions within a module. In the first session, I’ll personally guide you through key practices giving you a direct experience of unlocking your Feminine Power. In the second session, I’ll show you how to apply these principles to your work with women. You’ll receive a coaching script with the exact questions to ask, along with a coaching demonstration where you’ll see me model these “empowering women” principles in action!

An Overview of Your Course Journey

Your Journey to Discovering Your Power and Empowering the Women You Serve

Fire Starter Orientation

Coming into the course, you may have an idea of which area of your life needs the most attention. During this first session, you’ll be guided into a space of depth and connection to your most authentic self where you can get in tune to your deepest desires and activate the process of bringing them forth.

Women who have set intentions with this ground-breaking method have experienced immeasurable breakthroughs in the course such as attracting a soulmate, increasing the intimacy of their current relationships, creating more prosperity, discovering their life purpose, upleveling their health and self-care and more, causing a chain reaction of momentum and full self-actualization in their lives.

Get ready to ignite your inner fire!

Module 1:
Awaken Your Feminine Power

You’ll uncover the relationship you’ve had so far with Masculine & Feminine Energies so you can break free from any barriers as you tap into the source of your power.

You will awaken to the deeper meaning of your life, and begin creating a future that lights you up and passionately inspires your creativity.

You’ll also discover how to access and harness the 3 Power Centers of authentic Feminine Power.

In the Igniting Women’s Power & Potentials Masterclass, we kick off our first Visionary Woman’s Masterclass with a high level overview of the extraordinary opportunity to empower women to manifest and create at the level of self-actualization.

Key Take-Aways:

  • Steps to create a “Growth Container”: The key shift in establishing the space to empower women
  • Power Practice: The 3-Part Attention Practice that Deepens Your Your Coaching Presence

Coaching Script: How to Amplify a Woman’s Vision

  • Get the exact questions to ask to disrupt self-doubt and limitation, expand possibility and create genuine excitement.

Module 2:
Break Through Your Inner Glass Ceiling

During this training, you’ll discover how to Unlock Feminine Power Center One: Your Relationship With Yourself so that you can break through your “inner” glass ceiling.

These are the patterns, or the old story, we have that hold us back and keep us from reaching our highest potential.

Get ready because this module will have you experiencing a deeper truth of who you are and what is truly possible in your life!

In the Breaking Free From Shame Masterclass, we take a deep dive into the first power block for conscious, gifted, self-actualizing women: shame.

You will discover the shortcuts that will enable your clients, participants, colleagues, co-workers, and yourself, to shift from a “fixed mindset” into a “growth mindset.” This is one of the most important ways to empower women that we’ll be working with in this series!

Key Takeaways:

  • The steps for supporting others to shift into connection with true power and open up to new possibilities.
  • How to support women to shift from fixed, meaning-making frames to growth-orientated frames in the area of intention.

Coaching Script – Opening to Power and Possibility:

  • A guide to supporting women to become empowered and open up to new pathways of possibility.

Module 3:
Activate Your Feminine Navigation System

During this Training Module, you’ll discover how to Unlock Feminine Power Center Two: Your Relationship with “The Greater Field of Life” or the Universe, so that you can manifest your deepest desires and biggest visions for life!

You’ll gain authentic confidence and attune to your inner compass, giving you the courage to take inspired actions.

Setback, delays, and obstacles become forces propelling you toward your highest possibilities.

In the Breaking Free From Lack Masterclass, we take a deep dive into the second power block for conscious, gifted, self-actualizing women: lack.

You will discover how to support women to create at the level of self-actualization and connect with the source of intelligence, creativity and support to manifest their deepest desires and visions.

Key Takeaways:

  • The steps for supporting others to create from receptivity, creativity, and connection using all the resources of the larger field of life.
  • How to support women to shift from lack and scarcity into curiosity, openness, and wonder.

Coaching Script – Shifting into “Creator Consciousness”:

  • A guide to supporting women to connect with a higher power and intelligence to manifest their deeper desires in an area of their intention.

Module 4:
Magnetize Support & Amplify Your Power

When you Unlock Feminine Power Center Three: Your Relationship with Others, you’ll step into playing your biggest game and make the greatest difference with your gifts!

Discover the profound shift that happens when you magnetize the support of “Power Partnerships” that will up-level your relationships and have you collaborating to fulfill your mutual potentials.

In the Breaking Free From Isolation Masterclass, we take a deep dive into the third power block for conscious, gifted, self-actualizing women: isolation.

You will discover how to support women to shift from isolation into creating from a field of connection to successfully source support and generate access to resources.

Key Takeaways:

  • The steps for supporting others to develop the ability to identify the type of support they need and expand their ability to access resources.
  • How to support women to shift from isolation into consciously extending themselves in connection with others.

Coaching Script – Identifying Needs and Resources:

  • A guide to supporting women to bring awareness to their needs for support and expand their ability to access resources.

Module 5:
Unlocking Feminine Radiance

In this training module, you’ll discover the true source of your own value in ways that will free you to become powerfully and unselfconsciously visible as your most authentic self. This shift into embracing your light and power is critical to fulfilling the highest potentials for your life.

You’ll experience a deep sense of safety and confidence to shine your unique feminie radiance brightly in the world and fall in love with yourself.

In the Women, Power & a New Sisterhood Masterclass, you will discover how to reflect an even greater sense of power, potential and possibility back to those you’re working with to open up the space for other women to shine.

Key Takeaways:

  • The steps for supporting women to connect with their gifts, talents, strengths and become visible.
  • How to support women to shift from competition into sharing resources.

Coaching Script – Sponsorship:

  • A guide for extending resources and creating the conditions of safety and support women need to take the risk to shine and succeed.

Module 6:
Become a Powerful Creator

Begin preparation for the future you are manifesting, rather than attempting to fix the past, and catapult your process of rapid, lasting transformation.

In this session, you’ll begin to powerfully create the future of your life and manifest your vision. You’ll be guided to source your power and identity from the brightest future you’re creating.

You are going to be liberated from your old story and old patterns and let go of the past.

In the Destiny Pathway for Women Masterclass, to create extraordinary results at the level of self-actualization, we need to support those we are working with to shift into creating with a feminine system of power, and a new level of identity. They can then ground those shifts into specific daily practices to develop new habits, skills and capacities.

Key Takeaways:

  • The steps for supporting others to step into an active process of walking or living on their “destiny path.” A path of growth and cultivation of new possibilities.
  • How to support women to shift from waiting to self-generated growth.

Coaching Script – Destiny Pathway of Growth:

  • A guide for supporting others through a process to clearly identify the pathway of growth at the level of self-actualization.

Module 7:
Step Into Influence & Impact

In this session, you’ll take the final step in awakening your Feminine Power—gaining the ability to empower, uplift and ignite the potentials of your family members, colleagues, clients, and community.

You’ll be able to impact the larger world with your gifts, affecting our collective future on a scale larger than you can even imagine.

In the Women Creating the Future Masterclass, to become creators, women need to step into recognizing they have the power and the voice to influence situations.

You will discover how to support those you’re working with to become empowered as creators and cultivate an identity as a powerful leader/ influencer.

Key Takeaways:

  • The steps for supporting women to show up in new ways to influence and impact in the area of their intention.
  • How to support others to shift from powerlessness to being a catalyst for higher potentials.

Coaching Script – The Power to Influence Others for the Better:

  • A guide for supporting others to approach challenging situations from a place of higher possibility and power.

Feminine Power Finale:
Leap into Your Destiny as a Visionary Leader

During this FINALE event, you’ll have the opportunity to AIM HIGHER—and go for the gold in your life by aligning with your Destiny Path.

You’ll be able apply the core Feminine Power practices in an ongoing way and step into your shining light into the world like never before.

In the Leap into Your Destiny as a Visionary Leader Finale, we will explore how the emergence of the world-centric feminine will change the world, and how your whole life — your life experiences, choices, skills, talents, strengths, and gifts — has prepared you for providing what is needed on the planet right now.

Key Takeaways:

  • The pathway to becoming a high-impact change-maker.
  • Understand how focusing on women’s empowerment will support you to have your greatest impact on the world.
  • Support to step into your highest vision for influence and impact.
About Your Instructor

Dr. Claire Zammit

Holding a Ph.D. in Transformational Learning & Change from the California Institute of Integral Studies, Claire is the founder of Evolving Wisdom. She has shared her life-changing principles and practices with millions of women around the globe.

Her groundbreaking doctoral research on the underlying obstacles blocking intelligent, conscious, women from stepping into their greatness has been praised as a seminal contribution to the advancement of women in this century.

Discover the Keys to Empowering
Women with Feminine Power

In our Professional Edition, You’ll Receive Complete Digital + Physical Access to the Flagship Feminine Power Essential Courses for the Awakening Woman, plus 8 Brand New Additional Weekly Masterclasses and resources designs to empower women


Each week you’ll receive:

A Feminine Power Transformational Course Session with Claire Zammit, Ph.D.

Training Modules and guided practices designed to unlock each aspect of your feminine power.

An Empowering Women Masterclass Session

Masterclasses that build on the core Feminine Power modules and include actionable practices you can use in your work.

LIVE Power Circles with Senior Feminine Power Coaches

This is your space to come together with other women from all over the world to practice and apply Feminine Power principles to your own life.

Stay motivated, inspired and energized by stories, breakthrough shares, tips and Weekly Power Statements as you “Power UP” your intentions such as creating a loving life partnership, a fulfilling career, a greater sense of purpose, and more, as you expand your vision during our LIVE Power Circles events!

The coaches will also share insights along with personal stories, and our senior coaches will model the principles in each area through examples from their own lives.

LIVE 30-Minute Conversation Cafes following the LIVE Power Circles

Interact in small groups with other participants around questions designed to deepen engagement and inquiry, exploring the material from that week.

“Power Practices” Guided Audios and PDF Workbook

Guided Audio Feminine Power Practice that will help you to unlock the Feminine Power Centers and manifest your desires and vision.

A 90-Minute Group Coaching Session & Q&A with Claire Zammit, Ph.D.

Exclusive audios answering the most common questions about the course material.

PDF Transcripts of every Course Session

A great resource to quickly reference key concepts as you step fully into the Feminine Power teachings and principles.


To deepen your understanding of the course materials, you’ll also receive:

The Transformation Matrix Ebook

Explores 21 of the most significant patterns blocking women’s greatness. You will quickly discover how false beliefs have been blocking women’s power to create the life of their dreams.

Feminine Power Manifesting Meditations

12 guided meditations to help you awaken and use Feminine Power to manifest your highest potentials in each of the 8 Key Areas of Self-Actualization.

Printed Materials Shipped to Your Door

USB Flash Drive with audio recordings of courses & coaching sessions

Printed Power Practices Workbook

Printed Transformation Matrix Workbook

Printed Course Session Transcript Book

Life-Changing Results in Just 7 Weeks!

  • Jen

    Founded her own consulting company

    Before Feminine Power Course

    • Self-proclaimed control freak due to feelings of anxiety and powerlessness.
    • Passed over for partner at her law firm despite working diligently.
    • So career focused that she neglected pursuing love and supportive relationships
    • Feelings of frustration and confusion because of not receiving recognition for her work.

    After Feminine Power Course

    • Became coachable and tapped into her authentic confidence and began to step forward into visibility in her life.
    • Realized she didn’t need to achieve in her career to be worthy of being loved
    • Attracted an extraordinary life partner
    • Discovered her true calling was to use her legal skills in a different way.
    • Started her own successful consulting business aligning her livelihood with her personal values.
    • Feels fulfilled by her work and personal relationships.
    Jen Founded her own consulting company
  • Maggie

    Fell in love with herself and her husband again

    Before Feminine Power Course

    • New empty nester overwhelmed by feelings of shame in realizing she has been in patterns of self-neglect for decades.
    • Struggling with her weight, self-care and overall health.
    • Beating herself up with the old story that she is weak and undisciplined for not following her diet/exercise plan.
    • Emotionally isolated from her husband believing he could never meet her needs.

    After Feminine Power Course

    • Realized her biggest yearning was a more fulfilling relationship with her husband.
    • Once she gained the confidence to let herself be vulnerable and share her feelings, needs and desires, her husband responded to her in ways that she never imagined possible!
    • Their love blossomed into the intimate friendship and passionate relationship she had always dreamed of with him.
    • As a couple they embraced a healthy and active lifestyle with walks, exercise and cooking.
    • This newly found happiness led Maggie to effortlessly lose 50 lbs and keep it off thanks to her healthy life-style
    • She is experiencing joy, pleasure and self-love and for the first time in decades.
    Maggie Fell in love with herself and her husband again
  • Pamela

    Thriving life-coach expressing her genius gifts

    Before Feminine Power Course

    • Psychotherapist following her higher calling to work as a life-coach empowering women.
    • Struggling to get traction and make enough money to support herself financially in her coaching business.
    • Spending tens of thousands of dollars on business coaching, flashy websites and marketing that didn’t feel authentic but others told her was necessary.
    • Felt defeated as she’d had the courage to “put herself out there” and her gifts were not being valued by the marketplace.

    After Feminine Power Course

    • Reconnected with her strengths, gifts and talents and the value she has to offer others.
    • Began to listen to her own gut and instincts about what to offer in her life-coaching work.
    • Recreated her offers and website based on this breakthrough in Feminine Power.
    • Finally, she began to magazine the clients she always wanted to work with and create stunning results for them.
    • Broke through the 6-figure revenue barrier within 12 months.
    Pamela Thriving life-coach expressing her genius gifts
  • Jada

    Executive women's coach

    Before Feminine Power Course

    • Despite having a successful career in HR, she was feeling stuck and trapped.
    • Had a yearning for "more" in life but couldn't identify what "more" would look like.
    • Went to training and career counselors but came up empty on what she should be doing.
    • Feelings of general unhappiness without being able to pinpoint a reason.

    After Feminine Power Course

    • Reignited her passion for life in connecting with her desire to use her skills to help other women.
    • Began to listen to herself and follow her intuition.
    • Through reaching out for support from others in her exploration she disocvered possibilities she never knew existed.
    • Gain clarity on her next steps and offered a workshop series for executive women navigating major life transitions including divorce, career changes and more which received wide acclaim.
    • Out of the workshop series she launched a thriving new career specializing in serving women going through these changes.
    • Became the vibrant and dynamic woman she always sensed was inside of her.
    Jada Executive women's coach

PLUS You’ll Receive These
FIVE Exclusive Bonuses:

7 Seminars on Amplifying Your Impact and Prosperity with World-Changing Women’s Leaders

In this exclusive Visionary Woman Mentors Series, Claire has brought together her close friends, mentors and colleagues, who are among today’s leading luminaries.

This 7-part series will support you in applying your newfound Feminine Power to create a thriving career inspiring, mentoring and catalyzing other women.

Discover your unique “genius” and identify those whom you are most uniquely positioned to serve

Most coaches or change-makers know they have gifts and talents, but aren’t fully clear on how to bring them forth in ways that will get traction. During this session, you’ll be guided through the process that will enable you to identify the coaching niche and audience who is most hungry for what you have to offer, giving you the power to create winning offers, programs, books, projects, and more.


Unlocking the 8 Feminine Superpowers:

Discover the Deep Skills of Transformational Coaching, Facilitation and Leadership

Video Workshop with Dr. Claire Zammit

Dr. Claire Zammit has identified 8 key transformational “Superpowers.” These are the “deep skills” that exponentially ignite and amplify core coaching, facilitation and leadership skills.

The cultivation of this set of Superpowers is a key to being a high-impact change-maker, especially in working with self-actualizing women.

For the first time ever, Claire is offering a Masterclass to introduce you to them and show you how you can access these powers.

Apply 100% Of Your Visionary Woman’s Tuition Toward Any Feminine Power Professional Certification Training in 2021

Our Visionary Woman’s Professional Edition of our Feminine Power course is the first step on your journey to expanding your power to empower women! Should you feel called to gain even deeper training and join our Feminine Power Academy certification programs in professional transformational coaching and facilitation specializing in women’s empowerment and/or transformational leadership, you’ll have the opportunity to apply 100% of your tuition from this course towards your Academy program.



The 3-DAY
Virtual IMMERSION Experience
With Claire Zammit, Ph.D. in JUNE 2021 ($997 Value)

Step into Your Highest Destiny

From anywhere in the world, join Claire and your global course community for 3 unforgettable and life-changing days!

Our “Feminine Power LIVE Immersion” is in June 2021!

During the Feminine Power LIVE interactive Immersion Intensive, you’ll be guided personally by Claire through the 7-step process of Awakening Your Feminine Power. You’ll be supported to integrate and apply all you’ve discovered in the course to your life at an even higher level.

Over 3 days, you’ll make even deeper shifts to:

  • Become an Unstoppable Feminine Power Creator
  • Break through your inner blocks or barriers
  • Activate your inner GPS and the magnetic power of your deeper desires and intuition
  • Magnetize the support you need to thrive
  • Expand your light and radiance
  • Align with your future self to manifest your vision
  • Gain the power to lift up others around you


As a special THANK YOU for attending today’s event,
you will also receive these additional bonuses when
you join by Midnight Pacific Time TONIGHT:


Bonus #1: A One-to-One, Private,
Breakthrough Coaching Session

The women who register for the Feminine Power Course during this event will receive a powerful, private one-to-one coaching session with one of our certified senior Feminine Power coaches.

This coaching session is designed to help you clarify your vision, remove your inner barriers, connect with your intuitive guidance, and become a magnet for the support of others, so that you can more quickly and easily make the leap into your highest calling.

This session will be an invaluable support to you on the Feminine Power journey!

During your 45-minute private coaching session, you will receive personal support to:

  • Connect with your deeper desires and discover your vision
  • Identify the #1 pattern blocking your power to create in the area of your vision so you can break free of it
  • Deepen self-trust and confidence by activating your “inner GPS”
  • Create with your own customized “Power Statement,” so you can anchor your new unshakable connection to your power

Bonus #2: The Women on the Edge of Evolution
Full Conference Recordings Package

Be inspired by many of the world’s most influential women who joined Claire Zammit in conversations that engage the most important questions about women rising into their power. The series includes Marianne Williamson, Arianna Huffington, Lisa Nichols, Iyanla Vanzant, Mallika Chopra, Vivian Glyck, Sandra Yancey, Dr. Jean Houston, and more.

Together, the speakers at this event have impacted and influenced more than 500 million people worldwide.

When You Join the Course, You’ll Receive:
7 Weekly Feminine Power Course Training Modules + Bonus Orientation & Finale Events – $1,500 Value
8 Empowering Women Masterclass Sessions – $1,500 Value
LIVE Power Circles w/ Senior Feminine Power Coaches & LIVE Conversation Cafes – $350 Value
“Power Practices” Guided Audios and PDF Workbook – $600 Value
Weekly 90-Minute Group Coaching Sessions & Q&A with Claire Zammit, Ph.D. – $1,000 Value
PDF Transcripts of every Course Session – $200 Value
The Transformation Matrix Ebook – $75 Value
12 Feminine Power Manifesting Meditations – $175 Value
USB Flash Drive with audio recordings of courses & coaching sessions – $500 Value
Printed Power Practices Workbook – $200 Value
Printed Transformation Matrix Workbook – $85 Value
Printed Course Session Transcript Book – $300 Value
Exclusive Course Bonuses
Visionary Woman Mentors Seminar Series – $700 Value
Zone of Greatness Video Workshop – $150 Value
Unlocking the 8 Feminine Superpowers Video Workshop – $150 Value
Plus 100% of Tuition Applied towards Feminine Power Professional Trainings
Total Value: $9,682
Regular Tuition: $1,997
Register Today: $797

Step Into Your Feminine Power for a

Fraction of the Regular Tuition

When Feminine Power first began, it was originally taught as a live three-day intensive in Los Angeles. Women would fly in from all over the world, spending thousands of dollars in airfare, hotel and conference fees to work with Claire and learn some of the specific skills she’ll be teaching you in this 7-week online course (along with many more).

These women shared with us again and again that the money they’d spent on those conferences was the best investment they’d ever made in their growth and development.

Now, thanks to the modern world of online learning we’re grateful to be able to offer the entire course at a price that will hopefully make it affordable for everyone.

In addition to the life-changing core Feminine Power practices in this program, Claire has also included the proprietary methods, tools and insights we usually only share with women in our certification programs. We are grateful to be able to share these high-impact resources with you at a fraction of the tuition and time investment so that you can join the great work of empowering women in our time.

Doors are now open for this special-limited time offer until Friday, May 14th!

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Visionary Woman Professional Edition

Regular Tuition: $1,997

Limited Time: $797

3 Payments of $297

Join Our Global Community Today to Change
Your Life in Just Seven Weeks and
Receive this Extra Bonus



The 3-DAY
Virtual IMMERSION Experience

With Claire Zammit, Ph.D. in JUNE 2021

Step into Your Highest Destiny

Included with any package you purchase today!

Ashley Fuller Rubin
Feminine Power
Community Director

Try It For 14 Days Risk Free

Our Feminine Power support team is here to answer your questions and ensure your success on your course journey. With our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee you can try the training out for 14 days risk free. If you are not satisfied with the program for any reason, we will gladly refund your tuition.

Terms & Conditions

If you have any questions about this program, please email us at support@femininepower.com and we’ll be glad to assist you.

Here’s Why Others Have Joined Visionary Woman:

  • "I won a huge photography job that paid $30,000 for a week!"

    I went back to the career that I had always wanted: photography. My work is better than ever and I am getting calls from national clients. Last year I won a huge job that paid $30,000 for a week of shooting!

    Rose, San Francisco, California
  • "I lost 185 pounds and have kept it off for more than a year now!"

    When people ask me, 'How do you get up at 5am to go to the gym?' I tell them, 'Well, if you had a loved one who needed to get up at 5am because their life depended on it, would you do it?' Feminine Power showed me how to care for myself in the same way I care for others.

    Angela, New York, New York
  • "I have created a business that I love..."

    Since participating in Feminine Power, I have created a business that I love, working with change-makers and leaders around the world to actualize their missions.

    Kim, Austin, Texas
  • "I have had a powerful shift in my relationship with my husband..."

    I have had a powerful shift in my relationship with my husband that turned our marriage around. We now have an intimate friendship and romantic partnership because of Feminine Power.

    Ildiko, Hill Top, NSW Australia
  • "I finally found my career purpose"

    I'm transitioning my career from sales to writing, and I acquired my dream home in the mountains as a retreat to write from! I finally found my career purpose and identified the perfect place to live that supports, inspires and ignites my soul.

    Kathy, Gauteng, South Africa
  • "It has been an immense joy to connect with women from all over the world..."

    It has been an immense joy to connect with women from all over the world giving and receiving support in realizing our dreams. I feel an added strength and a desire to work with patterns that are not self-serving. And, the course is so affordable!

    LK, Los Angeles, California

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you tell me more about the Physical Product in the Visionary Woman’s Package?

In addition to everything in the Digital Package—full digital access to the course—you’ll also receive the following items shipped to your door:

  • USB Flash Drive of Course Sessions and Coaching Sessions with Claire Zammit, Ph.D. – $500 Value
  • Power Practices Workbook – Paperback Book – $200 Value
  • Course Session Transcript Book – Paperback Book – $300 Value
  • Feminine Power Manifesting Meditations with Dr. Claire Zammit – Physical Copy – $175 Value
  • Feminine Power Transformation Matrix Workbook – Paperback Book – $85 Value
Will it be shipped to all countries?

Yes, we ship to all countries.

When will it be shipped?

All orders will be processed and shipped within 60 business days following the completion of the course.

Can you tell me more about the 14 Day Satisfaction Guarantee?

We are committed to providing the highest level of satisfaction on all of our programs and products, and fully stand behind our courses.

If you find within 14 days of the date of purchase that you are not satisfied with the program, you may request a form to implement a refund or cancellation of your tuition. Refunds will be issued in the same form of payment made and may take up to three weeks to process.

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How long will I have access to the Course?

You’ll have access to the training for the lifetime it’s available online! You can also download the materials to your personal computer or device so you can keep them with you and deepen into your discoveries long after the program has ended. Plus, you’ll own the full program in physical form forever 🙂

How is the Feminine Power approach different from other transformational courses?

Feminine Power is the only approach that addresses the underlying shift to a new system of power that will especially support conscious women to create in 8 Key Areas of Self-Actualization.

Creating from a Feminine system of power is critical if you desire to:

  • Express your authentic presence and be visible, seen and known
  • Attract and create growth-oriented relationships where you are loved unconditionally for who you are and are fiercely supported in who you’re becoming
  • Desire to discover your genius and gifts and contribute these to others in meaningful ways
  • Create a thriving livelihood that’s aligned with your values to live in a field of prosperous flow, having more than enough to take care of yourself and your family as well as be generous and contribute to causes
  • Express your creativity and manifest your desires
  • Deepen your spiritual connection and live in alignment and partnership with a higher power
  • Expand your power to influence and impact others and make the world a better place

If you’re struggling to create an outer life that reflects your inner possibilities chances are:

  • You’re not yet expressing your most powerful, authentic self
  • You don’t yet know how to access your intuitive knowing and create in partnership with the energy of the universe
  • You have blocks to receiving the love and support you need to play your biggest game and impact others (and the world!) with your gifts

Unlocking the Three Power Centers of Feminine Power is the most direct pathway to overcoming these barriers to creating the life and future that you sense are possible for you.

What kind of tangible results can I expect in 7 weeks?

While the process of realizing your own destiny is a lifelong process, in 7 weeks you can make the key shift to creating with a Feminine system of power that can enable you to:

  • Connect to the deeper truth of who you are and the story of your power as a creator of your life.
  • Discover and start living into your higher purpose.
  • Feel a sense of authentic confidence in your ability to attract and create the resources you need to thrive.
  • Begin to shift the patterns in your relationships so that they mirror and match your true value.
  • Discover how to express your gifts not for just self-expression’s sake, but in ways that go on to really impact others, where they’re valued and received.
  • Begin to feel spiritually connected and attuned to your own inner compass and develop an unshakable bond with your intuition.
  • In a very powerful way, begin to show up in ways that empower your family, your partner, your children, and your community so they start to flourish and thrive.

Over 175,000 women have now participated in the 7 Week Course, and these are the kinds of results we’ve seen graduates create:

1) They Discover Their Life Purpose Women are here for something BIG. Imagine using your gifts and talents in new, unprecedented ways which allow you to make an even bigger impact on your family, community, and world.

“I moved out of a ‘stuck’ place of wondering what to do with my life at age 56… Since attending Feminine Power, I have become an entrepreneur!” —Cate, North Vancouver, Canada

2) They Create More Prosperity in Their Lives When you invoke the natural creative force of Feminine Power, you break free from limiting beliefs around money.

“My income is steadily increasing as I straddle creating products for my new business and making vital connections.” —Karen, Nottingham, United Kingdom

“Thanks to Feminine Power I have a job in my field that pays me more than I have ever earned!” —Annabella, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

3) They Create Careers that Mirror Their Passions Picture discovering a career of your dreams that sustains you in joyful support and love.

“I came to the Feminine Power 7 Week Course with some false beliefs: I’m just a nobody; I’m just a little person. And now, through the work I’ve been able to do, my program [for the prevention and treatment of flat-head syndrome] has the opportunity to affect hundreds of thousands of babies and their families.” —Veronica, Winchester, Massachusetts

4) They Improve Their Health & Well-Being With Feminine Power, you’ll join a sisterhood of women who have experienced big shifts in their physical and emotional well-being.

“Because of Feminine Power I lost 70 lbs, traveled solo in foreign countries where I didn’t speak the language, and celebrated my new body by riding elephants, zip lining, and hiking to the Tiger’s Nest in Bhutan (+12,000 ft)!” —Carolyn, Camano Island, Washington

“Since attending Feminine Power I have released a lifelong, nearly debilitating eating disorder. The course revealed to me that I get to choose how I live my life. And I choose to live free from addictions that keep me chained to the past.” —Heather, Costa Mesa, California

5) They Unlock their Creativity Women are naturally creative vessels, but often these gifts are unexpressed and shut down. Yet your authentic self yearns to be liberated. It’s bubbling and brewing inside of you.

“Since attending Feminine Power I finished a book, got it published, started promoting it, and am now in the process of developing a workshop and workbook based on the lessons I learned.” —Patricia, Friendswood, Texas

How many hours a week do I need to dedicate to the course?

If you want to create a breakthrough in any area of your life you’ll need to commit to at least 20 minutes a day to see a transformation. We recommend setting aside 60 minutes to listen to the Course Session, and 5-15 minutes to go through the Power Practices each week. Listening to the 60-Minute Group Coaching Sessions is a wonderful support to to integrate all you’ll be learning, but it is not necessary to get the full benefit of the course.

How can I become a Feminine Power Coach and/or Facilitator?

Very soon, Claire will be offering a Professional Transformational Certification Trainings with tracks in Coaching, Facilitation, and Leadership, where you can be mentored by Claire directly to become a Certified Feminine Power Transformational Coach, Facilitator, and/or Leader. This is a deep-dive training in becoming a specialist in empowering and igniting women’s potentials, either one-on-one, in groups, or through entrepreneurship, speaking, writing, organization building and/or catalyzing world-changing projects.

Claire will be sharing the “Feminine Super Powers,” which are the skills that you need to cultivate that are going to be the difference makers in your being able to impact women with your gifts and being able to catalyze transformation for them at the deepest level. It’s a comprehensive program that includes business training to amplify your influence, impact and success.

And should you decide to be part of that training, you’re going to be able to apply 100% of your tuition from the Visionary Women’s Track to join those Professional Certification Trainings. You do not need to know in advance if you want to be a part of that training, but taking the Feminine Power Essential Course is the foundation and perfect first-step, and the Visionary Women’s Professional Track will introduce you to the principles of empowering women through Feminine Power.

What Luminaries are Saying About 
Dr. Claire Zammit

  • "Claire is a woman whose work I deeply admire and a friend who I myself turn to for wisdom and counsel."

    Marianne Williamson
    Marianne Williamson Author of Everyday Grace, A Woman's Worth, and Return to Love
  • "Claire's work empowering women is masterful and her training offers the key at this critical time in human history."

    Jean Houston
    Jean Houston Author of Jump Time and A Passion for The Possible
  • "Unique, original and inspired, Feminine Power catapults a leap in our collective consciousness, offering insights and brilliance from the leading edge!"

    Marci Shimoff
    Marci Shimoff Author of Happy for No Reason: 7 Steps to Being Happy from the Inside Out
  • "Claire’s message-as-movement, at its core, is one of activation, responsibility, humanity, compassion, service, integrity, nurturance and excitement. She unceasingly holds the vision for women at the highest version of ourselves possible, for this I will be forever inspired by and grateful to her."

    Alanis Morissette
    Alanis Morissette Grammy Award Winning Singer/Songwriter and Record Producer
  • "Claire’s approach is so simple and straightforward, like a powerful sigh of relief. It reaffirmed my own sense of motivation, creativity, desire and inspiration."

    Kris Carr
    Kris Carr New York Times best-selling author of Crazy Sexy Cancer and wellness activist
  • "Claire has such a deep knowledge and brilliant insight on how women can create the lives they desire using Feminine Power. I highly recommend her course."

    Nick Ortner
    Nick Ortner CEO of The Tapping Solution and New York Times best-selling author of The Tapping Solution: A Revolutionary System for Stress-Free Living
  • "As Claire's husband, I've had the chance to witness firsthand the profound, life-changing transformations that occur for women who engage the Feminine Power process—and I've seen them emerge as powerful leaders, coaches, and agents of change."

    Craig Hamilton
    Craig Hamilton Spiritual Teacher and Founder of Integral Enlightenment
  • "Claire Zammit is leading the way in the evolution of the feminine for our time. In the midst of so much work on behalf of women, Claire is of prime importance. She is offering the largest possible context to encourage us to give birth to the feminine co-creator, the woman who is expressing the process and power of creation itself. She has been blessed with a mysterious piece of the 'holy grail' of feminine leadership toward the evolution of a new humanity within a co-creative society."

    Barbara Marx Hubbard
    Barbara Marx Hubbard Author of Conscious Evolution and The Hunger of Eve
  • "What my dear friend Claire skillfully transmits and teaches is what the feminine is, and how every woman can activate its energy within her, thereby releasing her authentic gifts into her own individual life and into our world, and contributing to a cultural shift of literally cosmic proportions."

    Michael Beckwith
    Michael Beckwith Author of Spiritual Liberation and star of The Secret

Visionary Woman Professional Edition

Regular Tuition: $1,997

Limited Time: $797

3 Payments of $297

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What You Will Receive Personal Power Digital Package Personal Power Plus Package Visionary Woman’s Package
When you register for the Feminine Power 7-Week Online Course Full Digital Access to The Feminine Power 7-Week Course & Bonuses Everything in Personal Power Digital Package, PLUS Physical Product Shipped to Your Door and Exclusive Bonus Offer Everything in Personal Power Plus Package + Exclusive Program for Coaches, Influencers and Leaders
Program Materials
Seven 90-minute Transformational Course Sessions with Claire Zammit, Ph.D. + BONUS Orientation & Finale events – $1,500 Value
Weekly 90-minute Group Coaching Sessions with Claire Zammit, Ph.D. – $1,000 Value
Weekly “Power Practices” Guided Audios and PDF Workbook – $600 Value
PDF Transcripts of every Course Session – $200 Value
Exclusive Access to our Private Feminine Power Online Community – Priceless!
USB Flash Drive of Course Sessions and Coaching Sessions with Claire Zammit, Ph.D. – $500 Value
Power Practices Workbook – Paperback Book – $200 Value
Course Session Transcript Book – Paperback Book – $300 Value
Eight Empowering Women with Feminine Power Masterclass Sessions with Dr. Claire Zammit – $1,500 Value
Plus, 100% of Tuition Applied towards Feminine Power Professional Trainings
Program Bonuses
**Special BONUS OFFER** The “Unlock Your Brilliance” Bonus Package – Value $2000
Feminine Power Manifesting Meditations with Dr. Claire Zammit – Digital Copy – $175 Value
The Feminine Power Transformation Matrix Book – Digital Copy – $75 Value
LIVE Power Circles followed by 30-Minute “Fempower Conversation Cafes” – $350 Value
Feminine Power Manifesting Meditations with Dr. Claire Zammit – Physical Copy – $175 Value
Feminine Power Transformation Matrix Workbook – Paperback Book – $85 Value
“Living Your Destiny” Key Life Area 7 Seminar Package – $700 Value
Visionary Woman Mentors Series of Seven Seminars – $700 Value
Leading from Your Zone of Greatness – $150 Value
Unlocking The 8 Feminine Superpowers – $150 Value
Total Value: $4,900 $6,860 $9,360
Regular Tuition: $997 $1,597 $2,497
Register Today: $397 $597 $797
About Your Instructor

Dr. Claire Zammit, Founder, Feminine Power

There are few women alive today who have done more to empower conscious women to actualize their potential and realize their destiny than Dr. Claire Zammit. In her two decades as a transformational teacher and leader, Claire has shared her life-changing Feminine Power principles and practices with millions of women around the globe.

Her groundbreaking doctoral research on the underlying obstacles blocking intelligent, conscious, women from stepping into their greatness has been praised as a seminal contribution to the advancement of women in this century.

Over 40,000 women from more than 100 countries have graduated from her innovative online Feminine Power Academy, and her Feminine Power Professional Certification Trainings have trained hundreds more to create fulfilling, impactful and successful careers as transformational coaches, facilitators and leaders in their fields. She is fast becoming known as the “mentor of mentors” for gifted, conscious women.

In addition to building the Feminine Power global community, Claire is also a wildly successful conscious entrepreneur. In 2010, she co-founded Evolving Wisdom, LLC which under her leadership rapidly grew to become one of the world’s most successful online transformational learning enterprises. In 2013, Evolving Wisdom was ranked #83 on the Inc. 500 list of America’s fastest growing private companies, and since its inception, it has generated over $50 million in revenue and reached millions of people from more than 180 countries.

A dedicated philanthropist, Claire’s personal contributions and fundraising efforts have been hailed as a major catalyst for the growth of the Girl Power Project which is on track to bring self-esteem and leadership training to over one million low-income girls in Uganda by 2021.

Claire is an active member of Jack Canfield’s Transformational Leadership Council and was the recipient of its Achievement Award, and is also a participant in Deepak Chopra’s Evolutionary Leaders Forum. She is also the recipient of the Just Like My Child Foundation Women’s Leadership Award.

She holds a Ph.D. in Transformational Learning & Change from the California Institute of Integral Studies and lives in Lake Tahoe, California with her husband of eleven years, spiritual teacher Craig Hamilton.

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