Chapter 3: Power Center One: Unlocking Your Inner GPS and Forging an Unshakeable Bond with your Inner Wisdom

Chapter 3

A very common experience women have who sense there’s more they can do and be is that they don’t really know what that would look like.

In the masculine system of power, you need to have a very clear goal and then you create a strategy and break it down into steps in order to get there.

But when we’re dealing with things in the domain of the feminine—higher love, belonging, actualization, creative contributions, our natural gifts—we don’t necessarily know what it would look like for us to be fully realized or self-expressed. How would we? We haven’t been there yet!

That’s where Power Center Two comes in. Through this Power Center, you unlock your inner navigation system and forge a deep, unshakable bond with your own wisdom and your deeper source of creative power.

I could never have put myself teaching thousands of women about Feminine Power on a vision board. I could never have imagined, in my wildest dreams, founding a company like Evolving Wisdom, let alone creating a strategy to get there. I couldn’t even pay my next month’s rent!

I couldn’t have imagined the relationship I have with my husband, because that kind of relationship didn’t exist in my history.

These things that women are yearning to create are bigger than we can imagine; we don’t have them in our history, and we simply can’t know what they will look like from where we are now. Even if you have a specific idea or goal in mind, you can’t control the process of it coming into being or the exact shape it will take.

There’s a part of you that’s connected to a deeper intelligence of life. We call it intuition. But in our culture, it’s not highly valued. We have actually been trained to not to trust ourselves and our inner knowing in favor of the more “logical” approaches of strategizing and planning.

The result is that most of us are disconnected from our intuition. And even when we do have flashes of some kind of “inner knowing,” we don’t know how to distinguish whether the messages we receive are coming from our inner wisdom or from fear or some other emotion. Sound familiar?

So we get stuck in this loop in our mind trying to figure out how to get to our destiny. The thing is, you can’t get to your destiny just from your mind. You can’t get there with strategy.

Power Center Two is our connection to the deeper wisdom inside of you and the energy and intelligence of life.

Once you connect to both of these, you unlock the inner compass that will guide you, step by step, to where you need to go. And as you follow this guidance, and see that it will not fail you, you develop the confidence to take risks and start to show up in new, empowered ways that will open all sorts of new doors in your life.

You can’t get to your destiny just from your mind. You can’t get there with strategy.

So if your life isn’t working in some way, consider how much inner-knowing you’re not acting on, whether because you’re afraid to do something other than what is “sensible,” or you don’t feel like you can trust it, or because you can’t see the next step.

The time has come for you to develop an unshakable bond with your inner compass and learn how to trust it completely, because until you do, you won’t be able to access the power to navigate your way to your destiny.

Tanya’s Story

Tanya had a good job working in a realty office. She didn’t feel she was being fully utilized there, but it was steady. She also had a wealthy boyfriend who brought her gifts, took her to nice restaurants, and offered her a sense of security. Again, it was steady.

When she came to Feminine Power, she admitted she had a deep-seated feeling that there was something more she should be doing; she just couldn’t see what it was.

Tanya was a very tentative person. Like a lot of us, she didn’t want to rock the boat. She was very organized around pleasing others and taking care of people. Interestingly, she hoped her boyfriend wouldn’t propose marriage to her; she didn’t want to have to make a decision like that and deal with some of the complexities of figuring out just who she wanted to be in her life.

In doing the Power Center Two practices, Tanya discovered she was deeply disconnected from herself—from her desires and her talents—and she didn’t really trust herself.

She also began to feel this intense desire to create things of beauty. She connected with this creative hunger inside of her that she also realized had always been there but had dismissed as frivolous.

Tanya was blown away about what was opening up for her, so she decided to do an experiment and give herself permission to really listen to her desires. Almost immediately, she got a very strong intuition to start making jewelry.

Now, she had no experience in jewelry making, but just going with her knowing, she signed up for a course. Then, during the course, she remembered that in high school she had been really interested in fashion design. That was it! Through the jewelry course, Tanya ignited her dormant creative spark and began designing and making pocketbooks and jackets. She used recycled materials and made herself dresses. She actually created an entire wardrobe!

Meanwhile, her friends, witnessing this unleashed creativity, were awestruck by her amazing creations, and started asking her to make things for them, too. More and more people started noticing Tanya’s talent and offering to pay for her creations.

Tanya soon quit her job at the realty office and opened a boutique selling her designs.

Soon she was earning a good living, and most of all, she felt so free finally being able to be herself. The women who were her customers also became friends, and she had a deep sense of community and belonging.

Not surprisingly, as she developed herself and her confidence, Tanya came to see that she didn’t really have anything in common with the boyfriend she had been with, and that relationship ended. But she soon manifested an amazing new relationship with someone who shares her values and is a true partner.

I love this story because it illustrates so well the process of realizing your larger destiny. It’s something that happens through you when you are connected to yourself and the deeper truth of who you are, and you usually can’t see it. But when you connect to your deepest desires and listen, you’ll get nudges, hints, and sometimes loud-and-clear messages from your inner wisdom guiding you in the direction you need to go.

Like Tanya, most of us don’t have an unshakable connection to our inner knowing. We don’t trust ourselves and we don’t trust that life is organizing around our success. And until we forge this life-positive connection with ourselves and with an energy and an intelligence that’s bigger than us, it’s impossible to access our inner guidance and start creating along our destiny path.

Now it’s your turn. Think of a decision that you need to make. It could be something really big and important or something relatively minor that’s just been spinning around in your mind.

Notice any tension in your body and breathe into it. Hold this decision you need to make in your awareness, and ask yourself,

What’s the conversation I’ve had in mind about this up until now? Take a moment.

Now—and this is big—just imagine for a moment that all of life is organizing around your success.

Even though you might not have any evidence for this, and even if you’re not sure you really believe it, just for a moment, act as if.

This is a direct way to access your intuition: “If I absolutely believed all of life is organizing around my success, what would I do in this situation? What would my decision be?”

And instead of thinking about the answer, let your awareness drop all the way down into your hips and move into a place of listening.

If I absolutely believed all of life is organizing around my success, what would my decision be?

Drop into listening. Notice any sounds, sensations, feelings, visuals or even things like colors.

Pay attention to what came up for you.

There’s a deep well of wisdom inside of each of us that’s available whenever we need it. But it takes practice to learn the language of intuition. When you forge an unshakable bond with this inner wisdom and learn to partner with life, you’ll gain the clarity you need to start to trust this guidance, your confidence will grow, and you’ll tap into the kind of flow and synchronicity that will move you along your destiny path.

That’s what becomes possible when you unlock Power Center Two.

Chapter 3

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