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Evolving Wisdom is one of the fastest growing, internationally acclaimed, online learning companies specializing in transformational personal and professional growth. We are positioned at the leading-edge of the multi-billion-dollar coaching and workshop industry, because our work is based on a solid foundation of groundbreaking doctoral research and more than two decades at the forefront of the human-potential, transformational-education, and female-empowerment movements. Our life-changing principles and practices have already impacted the lives of millions around the globe by empowering people to actualize their true potential and manifest their higher destiny. Through our world-renowned writings, talks, workshops, classes, and conscious community, we are bringing about a radical shift in perspective, out of self-interest and into a larger concern for the well-being of the whole.


Are you looking for just another job or what could be the greatest, most exciting opportunity of your career? Are you looking for just a paycheck or also the freedom to learn, grow, discover, and develop new talents? If you’re seeking meaningful work with mission-oriented, self-actualized peers who are proud to be a part of something bigger than themselves, then look no further.

We have an exciting opportunity for a results-driven, creative direct response marketing professional with a passion for personal growth. You’ll need experience producing online program launches in the personal development or health space.

The Marketing Manager is responsible for adjusting strategy, planning, managing all web pages, email campaigns and overseeing the execution of our online program marketing launches for Feminine Power and Evolving Wisdom programs that will result in tens of thousands of participants joining every year.

Success would look like setting a winning strategy and executing on results-driven marketing initiatives with the aim of growing the Feminine Power brand and transforming millions of lives worldwide.

The Marketing Manager will show accountability, flexibility and foresight, be eager to collaborate in a dynamic, fast-paced environment, and be adept at handling multiple projects on varying time lines.

Charged with keeping initiatives on track and ensuring the successful implementation of our campaign, the Marketing Manager acts as a hub of communication for all stakeholders, including Executive, Marketing, Creative, Customer Service, Web Development and Production teams. The Marketing Manager needs to be flexible/dynamic/responsive to the behavior(s) of our customer base and market trends.

The Marketing Manager is additionally responsible for quality assurance on all brand marketing materials, ensuring that all communications – whether written, visual or spoken – meet quality standards and are a true reflection of the Feminie Power vision, tone and philosophy.

This position is also expected to take the lead in gathering real-time data on individual campaigns or strategies, supporting the Marketing team to suggest and implement course-correcting changes as needed to reach campaign potential.

Feminine Power is the flagship brand of Evolving Wisdom, a virtual transformational education company. We are looking for a team member who is a self-starter, willing to innovate and create new solutions to challenges that emerge in a fast-paced entrepreneurial environment, open to being on a steep learning curve, responsive to the dynamic needs of the campaign and eager to partner with other stakeholders on the team.

The ideal candidate will be driven by success, yet sensitive to the authenticity and integrity required to build our brands with a strong sense of their value and an intention to bring forward their highest contribution in their work.

Evolving Wisdom is a 100% virtual company, and all of our employees work remotely. Candidates must be willing to work roughly on standard Pacific Time hours regardless of where they live.

Flexibility with hours is often required to allow for responsiveness to real-time campaign variables.


  • Leading and executing Direct response marketing campaigns, determining timelines according to fluctuating environmental factors including availability of lists, time frames, and affiliate partnerships, working with cross-functional teams to create assets, analyzing data and pivoting when needed and providing regular status reports and metrics.
  • Ensures projects are executed on time, on budget and achieve key metrics established at the start of the project.
  • Partnering with the creative, marketing and copywriting teams to develop the strategy and document the positioning, product offer, bonuses and other incentives as well as marketing assets for each program launch.
  • Shepherding strategies for long-term brand loyalty, including maintaining related brand websites, coordinating the publication of regular newsletter communications and/or blog posts and managing social media.
  • Project manage all copy, creative, assets, audio/visual needs related to a campaign, including oversight and final review (QA/QC) of all deliverables. Be accountable and drive accountability for all project tasks.
  • Organize Evolving Wisdom Executive, Creative, Web Development, Production and Customer Service teams around the mutual goal of running successful campaigns.
  • Leverages Direct Response best practices, marketing principles and tactics to optimize copy and conversions with a demonstrated knowledge of industry standards for conversions and how to improve, iterate and test across all communications (emails, web pages, social media, ad copy)
  • Plan and oversee marketing-related online events.
  • Oversee production team edits on all promotional audio material.
  • Work in collaboration with production, finance and web development teams to create, test and deliver products, pages, and email marketing.
  • Spearhead data collection and analysis, maintaining the collecting and archiving of metrics and consistently, proactively, communicating results with stakeholders.
  • Drive testing, measuring, and optimization of all marketing efforts.
  • Create and execute social media strategies (acquisition and engagement strategies) and content (posts, videos, imagery) that aligns with campaign objectives
  • Monitor customer service feedback to evaluate the efficacy of campaign and taking corrective action and/or implementing improvements when appropriate
  • Collaborate with the digital marketing team to oversee brand launches and creation of design, copy and strategy for paid advertising and organic reach on social media, google, youtube and all relevant marketing channels.


  • Professional or life experience in the healing, coaching, or transformative fields.
  • Knowledge of the field of Online Learning.


Starting salary depends on skills and experience, plus benefits including medical, vision, dental, and 401k plan.


  1. Please apply ONLY if you meet the qualifications. This is an exciting and inspiring mission that requires experience and specific skill sets as defined above to continue to create massive impact.
  2. Please upload a cover letter + resume saved as one document with your last name and position title. For example: Smith – Position name. Resumes without a cover letter will not be considered.
  3. In your cover letter we will be looking for why you are passionate about working for Evolving Wisdom, how your qualifications have prepared you for this role and why you are the best candidate.

We are honored to get resumes from our loyal Feminine Power graduates. Please be patient, we may only be able to communicate to those applicants that meet the qualifications. We will do our best! Thank you for your commitment to Evolving Wisdom and the Feminine Power community.


Evolving Wisdom is an internationally acclaimed online learning company specializing in personal growth and transformation. Our work is focused on bringing about a transformation in the way human beings see themselves and their place in the world. To learn more about our programs, please visit:

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