Vice President of Marketing and Communications: Digital Marketing, Creative Expertise

Evolving Wisdom is one of the fastest growing, internationally acclaimed, online learning companies specializing in transformational personal and professional growth. We are positioned at the leading-edge of the multi-billion-dollar coaching and workshop industry because our work is based on a solid foundation of groundbreaking doctoral research and more than two decades at the forefront of the human-potential, transformational-education, and female-empowerment movements. Our life-changing principles and practices have already impacted the lives of millions around the globe by empowering people to actualize their true potential and manifest their higher destiny. Through our world-renowned writings, talks, workshops, classes, and conscious community, we are bringing about a radical shift in perspective, out of self-interest and into a larger concern for the well-being of the whole.

Opportunity Description

Are you looking for just another job or what could be the greatest, most exciting opportunity of your career? Are you looking for just a paycheck or also the freedom to learn, grow, discover, and develop new talents? If you’re seeking meaningful work with mission-oriented, self-actualized peers who are proud to be a part of something bigger than themselves, then look no further.

Evolving Wisdom is currently looking for a full-time Vice President of Marketing and Communications for our Evolving Wisdom and Feminine Power programs and to oversee marketing functions in support of all of our online trainings but with focus and energy around the Feminine Power Brand.

Feminine Power is the flagship brand of Evolving Wisdom. It is a teaching for women created by Claire Zammit, Ph.D. The mission of Feminine Power is to inspire women around the world to awaken their power to realize their highest creative potential and make their greatest contributions to the world.

The Feminine Power online academy has trained more women to awaken their Feminine Power than any organization in the world today. Our online community currently consists of 500,000 subscribers, 40,000+ graduates of the Essential Course for the Awakening Woman, Love Codes, Influencer’s Masterclass, and other Feminine Power-branded online courses, along with thousands of graduates of our advanced 9-month personal-growth Mastery training and coaching, facilitation, and women’s transformational leadership certification trainings.

We are looking for an exceptionally bright, creative, passionate, committed, conscious individual to contribute their gifts and expertise to serve the Feminine Power brand and community to realize its highest potential to impact and contribute to women’s evolution in our time.

The Vice President of Marketing and Communications is responsible for maximizing revenues from all marketing campaigns via existing channels, and expanding and opening up new marketing channels.

Success looks like growth both in terms of revenues, as well as overall reach, brand awareness/position, and impact in the marketplace. In addition to maximizing existing channels, success will look like opening up new channels that will enable Feminine Power programs to scale. The Vice President of Marketing and Communications will build a world-class, high-performing marketing team of both internal team members and external contractors who will collaborate to support Feminine Power to fulfill its mission of empowering and serving millions of women over the next decade. The successful candidate will be an expert in digital marketing, direct response marketing and be an extraordinary leader that can unleash the potential of direct reports and peers. Leadership and management skills and experience will contribute to the success of this role.

Working closely with the Marketing Team, the Director of Programming, the Program Managers, the Vice President of Sales along with external agencies and contractors, the Vice President of Marketing and Communications will take the lead in creating the conditions for success and high performance on all marketing endeavors including setting performance goals and creating a culture of results driven accountability.

Key leadership & management abilities for success include strong project management skills, high quality and production standards for outstanding results driving creative, process development and management skills, operational design and oversight, as well as high-performance team management skills.

Key marketing abilities include a depth understanding of lead-generation and conversion psychology/strategy in the context of the personal-growth industry that specializes in direct response/relationship/experience-marketing targeted to ideal personal-growth-oriented clients.

The Vice President of Marketing and Communications is responsible for the quality and effectiveness of all creative and strategic marketing work products that are developed by all marketing team members and contractors.

Also essential for this role is the passion and discipline to stay at the forefront of new marketing strategies and technologies, and having an awareness of the key strategies both for lead-generation and conversions that are being utilized in the marketplace by the top 20 competitors.

The Vice President of Marketing and Communications will develop winning strategies and projects that will maximize our existing affiliate marketing channel, as well as expand lead generation channels to include Facebook, Google, SEO, and paid advertising, social media marketing and product channels (e.g. Rakuten or Commission Junction). The Vice President of Marketing and Communications will also develop key marketing initiatives that will increase conversions, such as improving existing marketing campaigns by developing new creative/assets, content marketing, experience marketing, developing evergreen/automated marketing funnels and touch points with the enrollment team, and will map out and prioritize the pathways to the fastest ROI on all new initiatives.

The Vice President of Marketing and Communications will also be a part of the Evolving Wisdom/Feminine Power leadership team and be a stakeholder in key company decision making, and will report directly to the CEO and Founder of Feminine Power who will be available for ongoing strategic planning, thought partnership, and mentoring.

Direct reports include all marketing directors or managers, marketing contractors and agencies.

Shared reporting includes Customer Service manager and operational managers, as well as the production team as it relates to marketing managers.

We are a 100% virtual company, and all of our employees work remotely. Candidates must be willing to work roughly standard Pacific Time hours, regardless of where they live.

In addition, as our course delivery involves evening and weekend course sessions, evening and weekend hours are required, and additional hours and flexibility may be required during peak times.


  • Oversight and leading continuing evolution of Feminine Power as a world-class brand.
  • Responsible for driving acquisition growth of new customers to Evolving Wisdom and expanding the lifetime value of existing customers across all channels with a focus on Feminine Power
  • Develop and continually refine our customer acquisition and retention strategy across all digital channels including: search, social, affiliate, influencer and email
  • Develop an omnichannel strategy with a goal to measurably drive traffic to funnels or sales landing pages from paid channels, while also driving our existing customers to digital experiences through retention marketing efforts
  • Understand and measure the Feminine Power customer lifecycle and develop growth strategies to improve retention and increase customer lifetime value
  • Define best-in-class practices for each digital marketing channel to drive sales, profit and engagement while also testing and launching new channels
  • Serve as a digital leader to Evolving Wisdom by clearly articulating and communicating your goals, roadmap, key decisions, and relevant learnings to company leadership and key stakeholders
  • Input and planning around the annual calendar of product launches and revenue goals.
  • Strategy and project plans to achieve revenue goals on programs on the annual calendar.
  • Supervision and recruitment of team members and resources to accomplish project outcomes.
  • Will engage with the content-development team to integrate marketing and sales objectives into programming while maintaining an extraordinary customer experience.
  • Oversight and development of search and paid media strategy to drive traffic into evergreen funnels through internal resources or outside agency.
  • Oversight and development of marketing and offers to support JV/Affiliate program.
  • Launches and campaigns to align with revenue goals.
  • Create, update and communicate written marketing plans to support and align with program calendar and revenue goals.
  • Develop, update and distribute regular reporting on metrics that track progress towards revenue goals.
  • Manage marketing team along with freelance or contract support or agencies in support of the overall goals, and be responsible for ensuring that this group delivers or exceeds goals and continues to evolve through training, mentorship and leadership.
  • Development of best practices and systems aimed at creating accountability for all marketing projects and the cross-functional teams they impact.

Required Qualifications

  • Must have experience working with personal development training or other closely related adult training or education.
  • Minimum 10 years in a brand-marketing and program-leadership position, with at least 5 direct reports in the last 3 years
  • Exceptional written and oral communications skills including copywriting, presentation skills and editing marketing copy for conversion and impact.
  • Knowledge of conversion marketing and how to build nurture campaigns and funnels. Must understand how to optimize marketing for conversion and sales.
  • Strong direct response marketing acumen and paid advertising, email campaigns, building nurture funnels, social media and content development.
  • Proficient and courageous in navigating emergent technology.
  • Attention to detail, and strong organizational skills.
  • Ability to manage & prioritize a demanding schedule and be comfortable in a constantly evolving environment of rapid change.
  • Flexibility to adapt work schedule to align with the emergent/creative process and the dynamic needs of the community and the program, which may mean occasionally unpredictable work hours.
  • Ability to work remotely and align with PST/PDT (must own personal laptop, phone and have high-speed broadband internet access).
  • Strong dedication/commitment to team collaboration, personal and team accountability and success.
  • Experience with Maropost, WordPress, Infusionsoft, Google Suite (including Google Drive and Google Analytics), Asana, and Social Media platforms.

Strongly Preferred Qualifications

  • Graduate of one of our Feminine Power programs (Mastery or Mastery Leadership Grad preferred)
  • Minimum Bachelor’s Degree, prefer Masters Degree

How to Apply

  1. Please apply ONLY if you meet the qualifications. This is an exciting and inspiring mission that requires experience and specific skill-sets as defined above to continue to create massive impact.
  2. Please upload a cover letter + resume saved as one document with your last name and position title. For example: Smith – Vice President of Marketing and Communications
  3. In your cover letter, we will be looking for why you are passionate about working for Evolving Wisdom, how your qualifications have prepared you for this role, and why you are the best candidate.

We are honored to get resumes from our loyal Feminine Power graduates, but please be patient, as we may only be able to communicate to those applicants who meet the qualifications. We will do our best to respond in a timely manner! Thank you for your commitment to Evolving Wisdom and the Feminine Power community.

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