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Evolving Wisdom is a fast-growing, internationally acclaimed pioneer in the world of online learning. We specialize in personal growth and spiritual transformation, and our programs focus on bringing about changes in the way human beings see themselves and their place in the world.

Through our leading-edge courses, workshops, seminars, talks, writings and retreats, we are working to help bring about a radical shift in human perspective—away from mere self-interest and toward a larger concern for the wellbeing of the whole of humanity and the planet on which we reside. Our goal is for everyone to live happy, fulfilling, and evolving lives, including and especially our employees (which is why we provide such excellent benefits and vacation time).

And because Evolving Wisdom exists in a virtual workplace, it allows you to engage instantly with anyone in the company from the comfort of your own home. Combine this luxury with the chance to work in such a dynamic and creative environment, and it probably starts to sound like it might be a dream job to have, and once you get to know us and find out more about who we are and where we’re headed, you’ll realize that it is!

Our current openings are listed below:

Application Instructions:

Instructions for applying are included with each job description. Please follow these instructions carefully in order for your application to be considered. We’ll send you a confirmation email after we receive your application. We always contact all applicants to let them know the final outcome of their application, though this can sometimes take several weeks.

Please note that all applicants must live in the US and be eligible to work in the US.

We thank you for your interest in being a part of our team!

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